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  1. I'll take them. Where you located?
  2. Yep. Your duct is sweating.
  3. Nitto grapplers g2 35-12.50-22 on 2020 F150 twin turbo
  4. Should have bought your old one when I had the chance. If something pops up, if entertain it. If not , hunting around the corner and mite get better deal come winter. Then I'll follow you around and be your shadow 😝
  5. My son is 13. He's tuff. Never complains,but I'd only take him if the forecast was good. Obviously,, they aren't always correct. But genuinely, he loves it. Anything with Daddy and he's happy.
  6. Thx Nmc02. I've read quite a few of those reviews. I don't know what to believe though. I've fished enough to know what I need and want. I've fished on contender,pursuit,Sea fox ,mako and the likes for a CC. But with all the many manufacturers, I get cold feet. Are they better,the same or different. At this point of the season I'm going to probably wait till next year( this winter) and see if I can get more bang for my buck. Thx
  7. In the market for a boat. Rented a rowboat in shark river half day to get him out and it was $90 for the boat. He really enjoys it and I want to get him out more. Sick of waiting to be invited by friends with boats while my son asks to go. I was thinking of something in the 18'-23'. Center console. Looked at a used Key Largo 23', 2015 with a etec on it. All electronics. Trailer. $30g's. Also a 19' Boston Whaler. $25g's. Not sure what direction to take. I want something for inshore, but when weather permits,, go off in the mud hole or offshore a bit. I have all the rods n gear to shark and tuna fish, just not a vessel. What you guys recommend?? Not looking to break the bank. Consider it a budget boat. Thx!!
  8. And what's your opinion on a center console Key Largo?
  9. Dan,, you know who the fat guy in the inlet was yelling at you??
  10. Cool, thx for posting it. I may try it
  11. Looks good. Ever try jalapeño candy?? Or called cowboy candy. Great stuff!!
  12. Guess both you guys stole my moves
  13. Just got one. Thx guys!
  14. Looking for a window unit. Nothing fancy. Not to big. Just want for our cabin for this weekend. Please let me know what you have if looking to part with it one. Thx!
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