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  1. Great build. Very creative. But seriously Jay,,, post that you looking for that type of material. I could have given you half that stuff off my job. Saved you a bunch of money. I just had my guys fill half a dumpster with all that stuff. I know a little late but for the future. I'll be out of work for my surgery in a week, but can get you what you need in the near future.
  2. If you ever get the time,you should come up to NY. It's like hunting in the mid west.
  3. Jeez Dan. Beautiful deer. Very symmetrical! No need to take to you to NY. You find them here. Great job!!
  4. Blobtargets.net or bbatargets.com
  5. For field points, use a big boy target. For broad heads, use the Blob
  6. Where's Hammer? He definitely knows
  7. A plane is involved but very short flight. Consider Anticosti Island? Very reasonable. And you won't shoot a giant. But you will see a bunch of deer. Be treated like a king and eat to it comes out your ears. I did it for 6 yrs. It was fun. Kill 2 deer either sex per Hunter. But don't go to Sepaq. It's government owned. Go to Port Menier,I believe it's Lake Genviere( it's been a while and spelling mite be off ) the community runs there own hunt. It's fun but included in the price is a short plane flight from the mainland to the island. It's no big deal
  8. Booner

    Torn Bicep

    Thanks Dan. I'm trying to push but these people on a schedule of their own. If I can't bow hunt NY, ( no xbows,till last two weeks) You can go up and hunt my spot. But I'm gonna sure try and be good by then.
  9. Booner

    Torn Bicep

    My company opened a comp case. Tried all day to get an appointment today. No luck. They said tomorrow I'll have an appointment, but I told them not in two weeks. Want it Tuesday or Wednesday. Thank you for asking!
  10. Booner

    Torn Bicep

    I'm not liking the picture you guys are painting. But thx for the info
  11. Booner

    Torn Bicep

    What is this nerve blocker?
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