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  1. I mean I think I'm doing it correct. Trying to follow scent control,hunting the winds,hunting doe bedding areas. I could be wrong though. I mean Frankie drives down the road and takes pictures of them everyday. I'm either hunting Illinois or zone 2 from now on.
  2. That's it?? No big super secret that I should know?
  3. Curious what I have to do to kill one of these big bucks. Any helpful tips?
  4. First off,, great buck and congrats!! But you need to come back down to earth,,,,, did you say MARRY?
  5. Seen second shooter today. Was another messed up situation. I was looking for sign, and my buddy was 150yrds behind me. As I'm standing there looking,, a big 10pt steps out of one of those swamps,, the buck is 30yrds from me looking at my buddy walking towards me. I can't shoot cause my buddy behind the buck. So I stood there and the buck turned inside out. The first buck yesterday is another story for another day. This 10pt was cruising, not locked down
  6. They chasing this morning and yesterday also
  7. Hey gobblengrunt,, where you at?? I'm in muzzy section.
  8. Only one more available on eBay. I grabbed one. See how they compare to the Dexters
  9. I'd say a condom. Completely removed the stress of guessing away :}
  10. "No. Under subsection says nothing in this section shall interfere with legal take of game" But isn't hunting without written permission considered a big no no? So wouldn't that make this statement null and void?
  11. Everyone knows Epstien's death was caused by 800lbs of apples.
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