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  1. Booner

    Spare Tire

    Hate to say it,,,that was rated G to some of the stuff they had. Apparently trains pick up left behind debris off the tracks. A train car picked up some metal banding ( like they secure material to a wooden pallet ) well 20 or so guys were working on the tracks when a train came by. Train was going 60mph. Two guys were to close to the passing train. Put it this way,,,,,20 or so guys ended up about 24. Banding was like a laser. Let your imagination fill in the blank.
  2. Booner

    Spare Tire

    Was in the city today,, Hudson Yards. Was getting safety trained for the LIRR. Blue card the call it. Some of the video footage they had on the rails was crazy. Some grown men said it was excessive. Like mentioned above,, when your numbers up,it's up
  3. Unfortunately it'll never happen. Walmart is so dug in the American household. My wife shops at Target and Walmart for that kind of stuff. I already told her to buy more at Target
  4. https://www.ruzshop.com/products/stand-single-l100-safety-safelink-ft-21-ladder-millennium-treestands--includes-line-?zenid=lkl7hv7rfmsrr4o9rodnl0ae95 Here's another one
  5. I'm a huge fan of fleece. As a base layer,, merlino wool. And a wind breaker layer. You get what you pay for. With quality clothing,only need 3 layers. Shop at Dick's, you'll be cold. Boots is Cabela's Saskatchewan, or for regular NJ weather,, Irish Setter Buck tracker boots. They like slippers
  6. https://cnj.craigslist.org/boa/d/south-amboy-55-gallon-drums/6966881020.html
  7. That was funny!
  8. Booner

    The power of BACON

    Bacon?? Wrap them up in pork roll 🤣
  9. Your right!! I think I'm cutting his lawn next Tuesday. On another note,,,, in down here in ocean City. Fishing is horrible. I know it can be better but right now it's horrible. Chartered a private boat with my son. 100-12" fluke. They way these guys rig up to bottom fish is odd. I did it their way, then our way. Our bucktailing out fished their way but not a keeper. 16.5" is their size. Guy said a big fish is 19-20". It's not Nantucket
  10. Pm returned. I wrote bstinger but it is doinker. Sorry. I'm bombed 🍺 on vacation.
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