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  1. Balls deep bow bird

    That's great!! I mean you all wet ,,and nice bird!
  2. I love this!!!

    Shot him in the head,broke his feet LMAO
  3. Set scope back to zero

    Very good to know,,,,thx
  4. Tuna

  5. Tuning

    When your ready,pm me. Im in Howell.Monmouth Cty also
  6. Night vision/thermal scope ???

    I was first really interested in the thermals. Been watching,saving and reading the pros and cons of them. Besides the price difference, obviously thermals being a lot more than a nv, seasoned predator hunters recommend a good nv scope and a hand held thermal scanner. I think I'm gonna grab the Pulsar NV. Could always throw it up for sale and double my money if I don't use it
  7. Night vision/thermal scope ???

    I can get a Pulsar N750A brand new for $550. Discountinued,but trending still at $1300-1500. I may still just buy it
  8. Heater roof vent fix

    Yes they should hold. Mite be tuff cutting thru the spot welds so take your time. Use one sell tapper to cut half way thru then use a brand new tapper to finish cutting and fasten it tight
  9. Can we use night vision/thermal scopes during special coyote night season on a shotgun? I can get a wicked deal on a pulsar but don't want to buy it if I can't use it
  10. Huge thank you to Booner!!

    Awesome!!!! Very happy your excited! Put some glass on it and lets hits the range.
  11. Free Printable Targets

    Neat idea
  12. Homemade striker

    Very cool!

    Matt,, stripped or complete?

    Im looking to build another AR. If you have any lowers, complete or stripped,please let me know. Thx