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  1. Adobe lodge, San Antonio. Skipper Dunkin is the owner. He mite be retired but his kids were up and coming.
  2. Besides FoxPro, what electronic calls you guys recommend?? Looking for the occasion predator hunt, but more for crow. I used to crow hunt a lot I'm my hay days. But figured since deer season basically over for us, it would be fun and great practice for my son. A few decoys and an owl and it's a simple fun hunt. Thx for your time
  3. Thx guys for the offers. I'm still undecided though. I'll keep you guys in mind. Thank you
  4. Looking for a gun for my son. 12ga semi 3" or 3.5 If anyone has something they wanted to part with, please let me know. Thx
  5. Sitting in my son's blind, overlooking a bait pile. 3 squirrels having a meal. I had my head down,but heard a commotion. I look and see a red tail hawk in the pile. Squirrels hide but eventually start to come out and taunt the hawk. Hawk doesn't do much at all at first. I'm thinking this hawk going to pounce on one of the squirrels. Now the squirrels harrass the hawk and the hawk starts to hop towards me. It gets about 10' from my window. It's body facing me but head almost 180 degrees backwards. Looked very small and ill. Squirrels must have seen me looking cause they go on alert barking. Hawk spooks and fly's away from me. It was like it was cork screwing thru the air. Hit some tall saplings and went down again. When I was younger my dad raised pigeons. I slightly recall a few eggs hatched and the pigeons heads were like that. We just killed them. Is it a virus?
  6. Kittery trading post
  7. UPDATE::: Well the camera has been recovered. The thief is being protected but I think he's gotten the hint. Things are a little fuzzy but camera is in hand.
  8. The camera has a stolen button feature. ( hotlink micro ) He reported it. As far as Facebook, the guys commenting about it are as serious as a 3 dollar bill. From what I was told, really no help yet about it. Lunatic's idea about the pictures in the mailbox is a good idea. My buddy mite try that.
  9. That's awesome. You should be proud!
  10. Buddy of mine had a camera in Tom's River. He went in at 12:40ish. Camera gone . Pic taken at 12:30ish. Private property. Buddy tried to find him. No luck. Pics not the best but looking for a name or anything. Guy came in from some houses. Got some boot tracks in mud but not enough to pin point exactly which house. Thx.
  11. My son is 12. Planning on a light goose hunt end of February. I know he doesn't need a waterfowl stamp but still needs his HIP. What about federal?? And I have to get him the light goose permit.
  12. Let me guess. It's loud, bad ass and cool?
  13. There's no sex thru the window???
  14. Spitter for chew?? I always have a beer bottle in my truck to spit into.
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