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  1. Booner

    Batsto's 2019 Push Up Challenge

    Push ups are good,,,, but I prefer doing curls
  2. Booner

    Manasquan WMA

    Ok. Was by Sally Ike. Was a green Dodge there
  3. Booner

    Manasquan WMA

    That your green Dodge parked there today?
  4. Booner

    Legal in nj?

    Then why is on shelves in NJ?? My buddy sells them here in NJ and I watched 2 people walk out the door after background check was done. I believe you are wrong by what I saw. I doubt my buddy who has his FFL for 30+ yes is doing anything wrong
  5. Booner

    Hunter's Butcher - Scammer? Help?

    One of the the agencies you mite want to contact is the IRS. Even with the e store, you know cash is being used. I'm sure that doesn't make his earn income column. Just mite be another way to insure he gets what he deserves.
  6. Booner

    Hunters Butcher Permanently Closed

    Use Bret out in creamridge
  7. Booner

    Hunter's Butcher - Scammer? Help?

  8. Booner

    Hunter's Butcher - Scammer? Help?

    Kinda same thing happened to me with him. Few years back dropped off I big doe I was giving to a friend in need. It was peak season,and I knew he was busy,plus the meat wasn't for me. After 2 weeks with no call, I called him. It was complete confusion on his side. Mind you,I went to high school with this dope. Just different grades. Asked if the deer was done,he said I never dropped it off. I said I did ( I had proof) and told him the conversation we had. Then he says he'll call me back. No call that day. Next day I call him n leave a message. His wife calls back and I have to go thru the whole story again. She says she'll call me back. That afternoon I called them again. They said I never dropped a deer off. But I had a picture of the cuts on my phone I selected to give my buddy in need. Still wasn't good enough. Apparently, I just went there to fill out the form and try to get a FREE deer!?!? I called a Warden. He said he'd go over and check. Never took my pic of the selections. After a few days I gave up. I don't know if he sells the meat or what but I wouldn't drop anything off there. Very dirty and nasty. Glad he closed
  9. It is just a barrel,came off a early 70,s gun  Art 609-304-6394

  10. Booner

    Checked Out New Bows at Harrisburg

    I shot the new - New Breed. It was impressive. New Breed is a smaller company and is a quality under rated product. But they all cost the same regardless if it's a major company or micro mom n pop company.
  11. Booner

    Pop Ups again!!

    Happened again!!!!!!!!!!! What should I do if anything??
  12. Booner

    FoxPro Firestorm caller w/Jackattack decoy for sale

    Ok I'll take it. Can meet you by TCNJ /7-11 like last time this week around 3:45-4:00?
  13. Booner

    FoxPro Firestorm caller w/Jackattack decoy for sale

    Does it have crow sounds??
  14. Booner

    Pop Ups again!!

    Happened again
  15. Booner

    Pop Ups again!!

    Next time. I just backed out