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  1. Obviously could have been much worse but glad she's going to be ok.
  2. A few days ago mr12guage offered up some free jerky to try. He messaged me a few times but I had so many messages going on I forgot to get back to him. Anyways, just a few minutes ago, I have a knock at the door. First thing I think it's the cops and they finally caught up to me. But to my great relief it's him with some jerky and venison bacon. I'm waiting impatiently for it to defrost so my son and I can devour it. For no reason and the goodness of his heart he came and delivered it. Very kind!! So if you guys want jerky, just post your address here and he can swing by wit
  3. Mid Atlantic? Not unless you like drama.
  4. Try Turner, Barham, Armistead,J Moore.
  5. I like the later start date. Last year fish didn't show up till later and would have loved a later end date.
  6. Ever since I bought a boat, I now realize how much I really enjoy fluke fishing with my son. And I agree about the slot fish. We need to protect our fishery and future. You fish hard all day and keep the breeders.Throw back someborderline fish that worth be just fine for the table. We don't keep everything but a few comes home every trip.
  7. Thank you but not copper plated. Un plated does pattern goon in the guns
  8. Sure!! Thank you. I've been to your house before. I bought the boots from you. I can stop on way home from work next week if your available. Pm me a price and what days are best. Thx again
  9. I'm awful low on buckshot. Been looking for 6-7 months. I have two guns that pattern very good with either Federal or Winchester copper plated buckshot. If you have any 3" that your willing to part with please let me know. Thx!
  10. Ruger super black eagle ( stainless) with about 200 rounds. 44 mag and about 100 44 special
  11. I'm going with Bonefreak's brother to Canada. We were canceled in 2020. Rebooked for 2021. I'm pretty confident we'll be up there this year. With masks and a covid test yes. All outfitters are really hurting. Not there fault. They want you to hunt. And of course need the money. The money you pay goes to leases,lisences maintenance etc for that year. Now these poor guys had no income from hunting and still need to pay for everything mentioned previously. Where's that come from?
  12. Booner

    Be Careful Driving

    In Hackensack. Early start today at work. Left house at 2:45 from shore. It was warm the ride up. 40degrees. No ice but snow melting and lots of laying water on Parkway. Going to make for a tricky morning commute
  13. Cayuga. North East corner of Cayuga Lake
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