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  1. I can still get the Blob. With an order of 20 targets, discounts are really good. With enough interest, I'd consider making another run
  2. Booner


    Bacon bets the feather
  3. Booner


    Free to who needs/wants them. Trad guys will make out! Feathers- a bunch of 4"&5", left and right wing. Some barred,some solid. Approx 2-300. Free Vanes- All types for hunting or 3D/target. A ton of them. Most unopened. FREE located in Monmouth county Howell. I work up in northern NJ, so I can meet you on parkway or wherever, around 3pm.
  4. Booner

    Need your votes Please

    Put in a few
  5. Booner

    Quick Fall season

    Great Dan!! Congrats
  6. Booner

    Vane testing.

    Not in production,but I've been messing with the nocturnal Helios vanes. Quiet and shoot great
  7. Booner

    How many points?

    Not enough?
  8. I heard he has/had health issues. He's a great knowledgeable guy!!!
  9. Booner

    Lost the largest bull of my life

    Sorry how this turned out for you. And not trying to kick you when your down but I'ma just curious. Do you practice at 5,6 and 700 yrds?? You and your dad shared the same gun? What type of scope?? Can you dial for LR shots? I shoot out to 1500 yrds. So im asking cause I'd like to know your set up and practice regimen Thx
  10. Booner

    Could it be possible

    Is it wrong I keep asking my wife the same question?? 😃
  11. Booner

    The ultimate "dirt nap" (pic)

    Rough night? Fermented apples??
  12. Booner

    Whats better than a Swarovski? **Pics added**

    Talking about regular glass,not thermal, Schmidt is high quality. There are better though. My first Swarovski scope I put on a new blaser rifle I bought. 30 mm European model. What a step up from a tasco as time goes by, things catch up. Still have the swaro , its ok. Now I own 2 Schmidt's, 2 night force, a thanget theta. if my wife only knew. But once you get the taste for those types of optics, so hard to go back. a little while ago, I bought 2 Leopold vx6hd's. Great scopes for the money. Good quality, so you don't have to spend $4500 on a scope for your muzzy. But long range, there's no comparison. MATT1500, congrats on the new toy. I'm next. Been looking for a while. Need one for NY night coyote. When season gets closer, I'll have one also
  13. Booner

    NJWW Looking Back on 2017 BOW SEASON

    Pretty neat thread! Nice to look back!!