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  1. Your opinion. If you have a rifle and good glass there's no problem doing it. I've done it so I know. Even killed coyotes to 450.
  2. Looking for some 300 win mag ammo to sight a rifle in. Just to get on paper. Don't want to waste my hand loads. If you have some laying around and don't use plz let me know. 180gr is preferred but not really needed. Thx
  3. Booner

    Buck Down

    Very nice. Congrats
  4. Awesome deer!! Congratulations
  5. Both of those deer are 100% road kills and was directly related to them running away from an anti-mask deer showing signs of the new discovered virus,,,,, Covid-EHD
  6. I'd ask BHC. The most knowledgeable guy out their on trail cameras and accessories.
  7. If I spend a lot of money on a rifle will I shoot better??
  8. Booner


    Kelly's in Neptune. A Sligo. Like Thanksgiving under melted cheese.
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