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  1. Good idea. How's it work?? Where you purchase?
  2. Back in yesteryear, this was very common. Builders used Wall bays as a chase. Problem with it is it's very dirty,, returning a lot of crap back into the unit. But you must confirm that it is connected to some sort of a return plenum or pan. Lots of times the return duct just goes up to floor rafters. Thre will be a sheet of metal nailed to the rafters and blocked off to create a plenum. Check and see what you have. If it's even a plenum return. Or you were jipped.
  3. I bought one container. I'll shrink wrap it and sit on it. Probably should find a few calibers I can use this with
  4. Booner

    Sold Jr's 6.0 F350

    Congratulations. Nice truck. Buy here's why I never bought a 6.0. Why spend north of $65k for a brand new truck then have to fix it?? I never had to do that to any of my 7.3 or Cummings. Ford should have addressed that issue from the start IMO. But enjoy it and good luck
  5. You check the guage?? Mite not be accurate
  6. My Saskatchewan outfitter is optimistic.
  7. arluk outfitters newfoundland

  8. Who and where is your outfitter?
  9. They had 2 3/4" there goes my kids college.
  10. I'm in Howell also. I can help you. Super simple
  11. Nice job. What you do with the fish?
  12. Does he come with a free bowl of soup??
  13. Booner


    No FFL required. He accepts real ID'S only
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