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  1. Booner

    Day 2 Auburn NY bowhunt

    He just breed her VID_20181110_065302179.mp4
  2. Temps dropped from yesterday, winds picked up to. Right now 30mph gusts. Hard to see but this is a 150" 10pt bedded on a doe at 125yrds. Have another 2yr old 8pt between him and me. We have bigger bucks but I mite pass on him giving the opportunity. He has long main beams that sweep up at the ends which I like so gonna be a hard decision. Buck is on the right
  3. Booner

    Live hunt from Auburn NY

    Well,winds picked up and rain started pouring, deer hunkered down for now it's looking like. See what rest of the day brings.
  4. Booner

    Live hunt from Auburn NY

    Couple live bait. Saw a young 2yr old 10pt. Some chasing,some searching
  5. I know some of you enjoy the live hunt reports. Im up at our property in Auburn NY. Finger Lakes region. Tried taking a few more pics early this morning, but almost got busted, camera flash went off. Had a 3yr old 8pt chasing a doe,125" and he pushed her south. About 40 does and 4 smaller bucks already. I'll do my best with updating the thread, but sometimes tough when covered up. Here's a few views of what I'ma looking at. Im in a Banks tower blind with corn and alfalfa fields surrounded by heavy thickets and woods
  6. Booner

    trail cam pic. huston we have a problem

    Looks to me like she's facing forward,looks like both ears layed straight back parallel with her head, and there something on or by the tree. The object and the deer are very similar in color and you get the impression she's the elephant woman looking right. But I had a few tonight so I mite be off
  7. Booner

    PSA Zone 7 Public Land Hunters

    Sure looks like 57 has something stuck up his ass lately. Nothing but positive comments, always picking on girls I see. First Ms Grit now this woman. While I respect what you do for veterans, how about you STFU!
  8. Booner

    Worst Stand Snack, Ever!

    What, no pop rocks? Sounds like deer walking in your head 😁
  9. Booner

    Fake bear?

    Halloween costume 😃
  10. Booner

    Lone Wolf Flip Top climbers F/S

    What's the weight rating on this one? I'm not overweight, just carry a huge fanny pack
  11. Booner

    How to NOT act after shooting a massive buck!

    He only cries like that one week of the month,, give him a break
  12. Booner

    Same Daddy?

    Different throught patches
  13. Booner

    For those who use ladder stands

    www.purple.com Found it, sorry
  14. Booner

    For those who use ladder stands

    You have a link?
  15. Booner

    The rut is on in New Jersey

    Not by me. Still have bucks traveling together. Not even harassing does.