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  1. Booner

    Rolled my own

    I want some!
  2. Booner

    Can you see him?

    " Can you see him?" It's actually a her
  3. Booner

    Took Inventory

    Yeah,,, if you need some help with those loins I know someone who would take a few
  4. Booner

    Found this little guy today

    Pretty neat. Thx
  5. Booner

    2017 PSE Evolve 35 for sale

    Trade for a same condition Darton Maverick 'll ??
  6. Booner

    AR 15 upper length??

    Thank you
  7. Is there a restriction on length for a AR upper?? PSA is having a great sale and was curious. Thx
  8. Booner

    Nice day on the Big D

    Best of luck with the new boat!!! Looks like you guys had a great time,,,,,#Jealous
  9. Booner

    Food for thought......

    Hope my wife doesn't see it
  10. Booner

    Picked up new jet boat today

  11. Booner

    Sangria Day

    He's doing good. Getting old like the rest of us.
  12. Booner

    Need Some Prayers For My Mom

    Prayers sent
  13. Booner

    Sangria Day

    Have a place or stay in a rental??
  14. Booner

    Sangria Day

    You go to finger lakes winery often?? Our guide service is 5 minutes from there
  15. Booner

    Sangria Day

    What's the recipe? Wouldn't mind that on the back deck.