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  1. Booner

    Thank you

    Great news. Think we l needed a positive story
  2. Old is the discontinued original 700ml. New is the 700 ultimate
  3. Mr Cook. That comment wasn't directed to you. Didn't even know you owned one. But what I meant by the comment, the old regular 700ml compared to the new 700 ultimate is a huge difference. While the ultimate claims long range thru high doses of propellant and long barrel, its not needed with the old 700. Two entirely different barrels and actions. Now I'm talking black powder not smokeless here. The old 700 was designed around the same specs and materials as a centerfire rifle. Yes the bolt/breach at first was crappy, but with a few extras that problem is gone( blowback ). W
  4. Really two reasons. First is I was building long range muzzy's. I wanted to most consistent system for the breachplug. Say you go to the range last year, shoot a bit. Then hunt and shoot some more. Then this year play with loads and shoot a bunch more. Now I see my groups start to open up and I think I'm going the wrong direction with load development. Instead of abandoning that load, I check the breach plug and its out of spec. Its very simple to change it out for $4 that i have 50 of in my case. Its really for convenience in that sense. Second, Let's say there's muzzy's out there
  5. I drill and tap all my breachplugs and use a screw in vent liner. Every 75 shots or so I just replace it. I use a torch tip cleaning tool to check if the vent liner has opened up too much or closed from fowling.
  6. With ammo in great shortage and people looking. Should we start a Trading Post section??? Just post what you have for trade, not for sale. And members can browse and see if they need anything. Ammo, archery equipment,clothing, tooth brushes etc,,,,,, Anything legal of course. Mite help a few out on here. Just a suggestion
  7. Just curious??? Why 270win? Not bashing.
  8. https://www.browning.com/products/firearms/rifles/x-bolt/current-production/x-bolt-hells-canyon-speed-NDT.html https://www.springfield-armory.com/model-2020-series-rifles/model-2020-waypoint-rifles/
  9. Go to harbor freight or craigslist and buy a stand up tool chest. It locks and secure. Also easy to access and organize
  10. Nice Dan. You hunted hard and well rewarded. Congrats
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