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  1. I try various types of rigs, my go to is a 8 to 12" dropper loop for the bucktail (bait or gulp attached)and 24 to 30" trailer with 6" gulp on a 6/0 hook
  2. We had a hammerhead shark cruise past the boat Saturday real close to the beach
  3. Hard fighting fish until the end..nice job
  4. Charter out of Manasquan Inlet
  5. Headed out fluking yesterday under a full moon which had me nervous because of a strong tide. The fishing started out slow but the captain worked the throttle to slow the drift down and the crew went to work. We ended up with our limit by 11:30 and went into catch and release mode, then called it an early day. Next weekend its off to Montauk in search of the elusive double D
  6. I will pass up young piebald bucks in hopes they grow into something special but in most cases they don't make it, a doe is doe no matter what color they are so they do not get the pass
  7. If you look on google earth there is a power sub station on the north side of the property with set power lines heading west then zigs zags to the parkway and then heads north, it hooks up to a bunch of little fingers
  8. It looked like a nice little piece, still a lot of tracks even though its cleared, they are amazing animals
  9. I took a ride to a jobsite today thats located on Route 21 , had to look twice but there were deer tracks going through the site. Couldn't believe my eyes, do any members live in Belleville, if so how's your deer herd?
  10. I pretty sure it was kype and luny, kype was heading out to our new marks on the shoals in his kayak and luny rammed him in a highjacked commuter boat
  11. I guess the line isn't to long if you're trying recruit on the internet
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