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  1. I have a few how many you need I'm in woodbridge nj

  2. Another nice gun that won't break the bank is the Stevens 555 Enhanced, it comes in 12,20,28 and .410. I have been shooting the 410 for 3 years without issues...yet. They are offering a $50.00 rebate right now
  3. I heard they were moving,but who knows
  4. It appears there's a shortage on Lightfields, hopefully they get some on the shelves soon
  5. bucky

    Pygmy Buck Is Back

    I would use one of my shotgun tags on his fat ass
  6. bucky


    On my way to work one morning I stopped for deer crossing the road, some toolbag following to close decided to go around me crossing over the double yellow lines, at that point he saw the deer in the road,locked it up stopping next to me just missing the deer. I looked over and gave the guy the WTF look and continued on my way ..lmao
  7. bucky


    I love tailgaters on back roads when your doing the speed limit, its always a great time for a brake check or downshift so there is no brake lights when you slow
  8. That's a beauty, nice job! Congrats
  9. bucky

    Big Buck Down!!!

    Heres some music while we wait
  10. I am looking for a few boxes,if you have them and want to sell please shoot me a PM. Thanks!
  11. Leaning in the wrong direction is very common with novice shooters
  12. Best of luck with her! But you have to lean into her when shooting
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