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  1. BIG Tarpon and 30 to 50 lb stripers when the water temp is just right...hybred stripers and steeheads in freshwater
  2. No bait required with gulp, at times I will beef up the bucktail with some meat
  3. Nice catch but its a shame you had to run close to 50 miles on the first day by my estimate to put totals like that together
  4. fluke fishing is pitiful, went out on a 10 man charter yesterday, managed 6K and 35S, some sea bass and ling. Hopefully my trip to Rhode Island next weekend makes up for the poor fishing down here, if not I will have a lot of fluke fishing tackle for sale come Monday
  5. I hunt all farmland with small woodlots so when its raining acorns its game on,especially if you find the trees they are keying on
  6. The only saltwater fishery we will have soon is snagging bunker as long as they don't raise the quota next year for the factory ships
  7. The hell with the shell fish,what about the fluke, striper and bluefish issues we are facing... I would say someone better shit or get off the pot, but it appears it's to late for that But thanks for the notice
  8. bucky

    Getting bigger!!

    Nice buck but his true size will show when he sheds his velvet
  9. Acorn crop is looking good this year in zone 12, it should be a good deer season. How about other zones?
  10. You will have to wait until fall for stripers, they are far and few in between during the summer months in our area
  11. We had 69 degree water and the bucktails were coming up cold, some people are saying its too cold, we also had a lot of bait in some areas
  12. But its a far cry from 3-4 years ago when a 5 fish limit was caught on most trips and then went into release mode
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