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  1. And only 10 % of the fishermen catch that 20%
  2. Took my son and daughter out last night, we caught around 25 between us including 6 fish from 16" and 19". My son and I doubled up on two nice ones at the same time!
  3. I saw a Hozay getting in his car tonight with a full stringer
  4. I watched a guy catch real good over the weekend using the pheasant tail nymph
  5. They will almost anything when hungry but have never touched my boxwoods
  6. Hopefully it wasn't as bad as it looks
  7. They put some big fish in but are far and few in between, with the amount of fish they say were stocked there should be a lot more breeders swimming around Here's a good one that was caught last week by a lucky angler
  8. Very slow pick today, caught around 12 including this 19" fatty and had one on that was around 25" for a couple of minutes but she didn't follow the script and threw the hook
  9. Nice job to you and the doc
  10. oooops..I was a second to late with the crickets..lol
  11. I have been using a Shimano Stradic ST CI4 1000 with 4 lb test and when the water gets low I will switch over to 2 lb test. In my opinion go with the 6'6" just make sure its an ultra light rated for 2-6 lb test otherwise it will be to stiff. I also have a 6' foot Fenwick that I use for back-up and there's a big difference when casting and drifting light presentations compared to the 6'6"
  12. 90 percent of our water is put and take ,so bring on the mutants
  13. My 6'6"St. Croix has plenty of action, short rod works great on a small stream but as longer casts are needed with a light presentation the longer rods will prevail
  14. I have used a 6'6" my whole life,like you said helps casting the light stuff and the longer length rods helps control line drag by raising and lowering during the drift which creates a natural drift that is key to trout fishing
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