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  1. bucky

    Would You Do It?

    NJ hell no, out in the mid west I would have to consider, that's what they make light switches for
  2. I have had no issues with these nocks by ten point, very easy to use, pull the nock off,reset the light and then snap the nock back on
  3. Did you ever hunt Anticosti Island, I have and believe me the deer have plenty of places to go, like 3,100 square miles of bush so that was a very bad comparison .lmao I don't think its a question of fair chase, the real question is it ethical? If they legalized shooting deer at night with the aid of spotlight would it be ok because its legal or would you consider it unethical and not do it?
  4. My buddy clicked this picture just at the right time catching this rooster slipping on his ass while crossing the road in front of us, I'm sure stepping on the gas didn't help..lol
  5. That's the only difference Did you ever hunt a buck that lived in a 50 or 100 acre cornfield until it was cut? Been there done that, the difference, deer do not hide under corn piles for months,also there are no magical x's where deer will enter or exit a crop field,the difference, there's always an x on a corn pile. Not all oak flats or trees produce every year, you have to scout for trees that are dropping, the difference, a bait pile will drop at the same time and location every year . I could go on but I will leave it at that
  6. Maybe not check my edit
  7. Last time I fished SR there were thousands of them drowning on the surface and did not see one fish rise for them
  8. This was the stand I pulled the other day, I was wondering wtf happened to my seat, it was green at one time...eff China!!!
  9. I switched my stand out the other day,this tree had around 20 in it last year now there is hundreds and of course its the tree my stand is in so I killed about 100 before I left
  10. Took this big doe yesterday at 6:30, she caught my scent and came looking for me but like the old saying goes curiosity killed the cat, 30 yard shot she ran 70 yards and died 10 ft off the farm lane,very short drag in the warm temps
  11. Posted at the same time...lol
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