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  1. Put the phone away, he's going to catch you
  2. Duke Farms would be a good start They are into the flora,fauna and the bird thing, they have been jerking around with some bird they call a bobolink for years, pheasants would be a better choice
  3. There is no bulk with a raven,very similar to handling a gun, Skip in Stockton will let you shoot one make sure you bring money because you'll probably walk out the door with it...lol
  4. Another nice feature on the raven, the bolt sits on a rest verses a rail
  5. Two of my buddy's have the raven, they handle well, no complaints...yet. Most crossbows are bulky so whatever you choose stay narrow
  6. Got in at 430, 7 bucks and 12 does,left the bow on the hanger
  7. Right in the ole pinch pipe
  8. That's why I don't like am hunts especially on a full moon,you never know where they will be, at least a pm hunt you know they're in bed. In my experience over the years it seems deer move the least around a full moon as well
  9. Depends on what your'e shooting, if your shooting around 400fps make sure you buy something that is made for that otherwise you'll bury the fletchings every shot which is a pain in the ass and will warp your vanes. Last target I bought I asked if the target would be ok for my fps and he said no problem, but he was full of shit
  10. Did you have the right wind or possibly bump them on the way in?
  11. Success, had a great wind tonight with acorns dropping
  12. But not for long!!!
  13. I know but you do get my drift No pun intended...haha
  14. No one is forced to shoot a doe,EAB season is a choice, if you want to hunt early season and help reduce doe numbers where needed have at it, plus it deals with the "I only kill bucks mentality" which does nothing to improve the health of our herd or forests. I will be out this afternoon at my township deer management property and hopefully put one down, then the game is on if we get some cooler evenings and the winds are right in the next 2 weeks
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