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  1. When you go to replace tires I'm sure the price of the 20's will be the only difference you will notice
  2. I don't think gobblergetter was made to ride like that..lol
  3. In my teens I couldn't step foot on a boat without getting sick so I gave up saltwater fishing for a few years. I gave it another attempt in my 20's, that trip went well and I never got sick again, so don't be afraid to give it try in the near future. Now I'm out there every chance I get enjoying some of the best fishing NJ has to offer
  4. He showed the big boys how to get it done that day and won the pool
  5. Go with a v-hull, here's mine its 17' v-hull with 50 hp. I have fished lakes, rivers, bays, the ocean and on a couple of occasion it has brought me to hell and back safely
  6. No bashing here, so read again old man, there are good cops and bad cops In my experience the good outweigh the bad
  7. By chance were you a Branchburg cop in the early 80's All they had to do is ask, plus if there was a gun in the car it would of been in the case
  8. My son gave them consent, he thought it was funny and just wanted to get on his way with his overdue inspection ticket. My car was searched illegally while parked in front my friends house and I was inside, I came outside when it was already in progress and told them to get eff out of my car. When I ask what grounds did they have to search, they were looking for guns since there was a empty gun case in the car, I proceeded to tell them it was illegal search and they didn't want to hear it, I was only 18 at the time and wasn't willing to go through the bullshit so I didn't push it and went on m
  9. At least this will stop some of the illegal searches that cops like to do My son was pulled over for overdue inspection and he had cigarette ash on his console which the cop insisted it was weed residue, after he explained to the cop he didn't smoke weed and that it was cig ash, he still ripped his car apart. I have also been through an illegal search when I was 18 just because I had an empty gun case in my car, told the dumb cop if the gun was in the car it would of been in the case...duh Some cops suck balls and need there wings clipped
  10. I just put AT3's on in November and my size is not listed, this is my third set two different trucks with no issues and I'm rough on them
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