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  1. Its a pile of B.S. that's what that is...even if they did there is no ammo to ship
  2. I'll bet you that will never happen again, so take it as a lesson learned
  3. Better hurry up the big green and yellow blob is getting ready to eat you
  4. Don't sweat it, you all can come out with the big boys on December 7th
  5. Accu- weather zone 12 forecast, gust to 50mph in the afternoon DAY 61°Hi RealFeel® 50° RealFeel Shade™ 50° 11/30 Winds becoming strong; heavy rain and a t-storm, mild; storms can bring flooding and damaging winds Max UV Index0 Low WindSE 21 mph Wind Gusts52 mph Probability of Precipitation80% Probability of Thunderstorms30% Precipitation1.14 in Rain1.14 in Hours of Precipitation11 Hours of Rain11 Cloud Cover98%
  6. Nice job Have to love that kids face getting his ear cleaned by the dog
  7. Yep, you got me by a pound, I think this is the 44 and 45 but not sure, we had a few doubles that day
  8. I guess you can only step in shit once a day
  9. I own one camera my wife bought me for Christmas about 6 years ago, she was smart enough to buy a lock box also, never had any problems. Its a shame you have to, but buy a lock box for around $30.00 and all the problems should go away
  10. You can probably get some better pics of the guy, try baiting him in with some twinkies
  11. The only other thing to consider is ammo availability .270 you can buy almost any where's in the US or Canada just saying if you needed ammo in a pinch on a hunting trip
  12. Yay...Found them in PA., because this would of been my luck
  13. This deer also looks like the typical void shot but not sure, looks like a puss sack on both sides, the arrow might be snapped off in there. Healing up nicely if so
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