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  1. I'm sure that bridge was burned down the first time they met
  2. I don't carry binos, if it's to far to shoot I don't want to see it
  3. I have ordered from Samsung direct, they had the best price with free shipping,ordered it on a Thursday and had it by Saturday afternoon
  4. Now our 1A rights are in jeopardy...This is bull poopy
  5. better get er done shortly
  6. I agree, buy a cheap used 20 gauge double and cut the barrels down to legal minimal length and load it up with 4 buck. Easy to load and nothing to jam up in a panic
  7. I set a young hunter up on state land after watching 20 deer feeding on pin oaks every night on my way home .I suggested he wait for the right wind and yesterday was the day, he shot his biggest doe to date last night
  8. Shoot the buck first you'll find them, if not just have them made
  9. How many acre's is the property, is it worth $1,300.00 per year? Or is it a once in a while payment?
  10. I hope they catch the first asshole that shoots the place up on video
  11. Those cinch ropes for hanging the loc-ons were the best
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