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  1. I refuse to spend more than $20.00 for a pair because when they sink to bottom its no big loss I watched a pair of buddy's costas float away, it was very comical to watch but he didn't think so
  2. I would say the guy was wrong, probably have to use your SS# first time to get a CID #
  3. bucky

    Reel Advice

    You wont be sorry with the Shimano Stradic 1000 Ci4. I trout fish hard with mine and have had no issues with it yet
  4. Thats a natural reaction,its water under the bridge,hopefully she learned something from it
  5. They would look in my window once...just once
  6. I'm in the process of taking inventory and re-ordering supplies
  7. Interesting, thanks for the heads up
  8. This guy is on to something,the hell with sitting in a tree for months, next hunting season I will start a go fund me page and just have my buck made
  9. I heard the bull drank too much at wood splitting party earlier in the day ,then he became violent when someone tried to hold his sausage
  10. Salmon eggs and mealies were on the menu today
  11. My buddy and I fished the South Branch today for some nice rainbows,we caught 14 total from 14" to 18" all released for another day. Wish I took some pics but I left my phone in the truck,they all had beautiful hold over color and gave up a good fight. Weather was awesome as well
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