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  1. bucky


    Does all the food come with them
  2. Thats if it doesnt take you 3 hours to get over the GWB then through the Bronx
  3. Nice job! I fished the bay late Saturday afternoon we had good readings at the bug light with a lot of bunker. We put the mojos and hooked up instantly with a big blue, not what we were after,so we picked up and moved on, ocean was rough so we stayed in the bay and only managed one 25lb bass
  4. Also I will suggest bringing some heavy jigs up to 12 ounces or better if you can find them, I barely managed with 10's but the wind was honking that day hopefully I get better weather this year
  5. I have been checking out the Bounty Hunter out of Mass., it looks like they just added a 60 ft party boat to their fleet and running limited marathon trips, so that may be a must for me this year
  6. 9 pounds with many runner ups,in the end I had to split the pool with another guy. The pool is mandatory $20.00 per man on the marathon trips . I think chances are real good up there for double digit fish
  7. Last year on August 13th, this year I booked the end of July because I cant wait to get back up there, if I do well in July I will most likely book another trip towards the end of August
  8. Yes it was on a marathon, 4.5 to a pair of 9 pounders, fishing was insane that day,full boat limit for 40 guys Already booked my trip for this year
  9. Here is a pic of my limit up to 9 lbs from my last Rhode Island excursion
  10. Only problem with Montauk lodging is very expensive since fluking is prime time vacation months.The fishings just as good in Rhode Island , I would give the Francis fleet in Point Judith a try on one of their Monday 12 hour Limited Fluke Marathons 5:30 am to 5:30 pm or go the extra mile to Nantucket where chances are best. I got lucky and caught my biggest double digit doormat in the ocean off of Sandy Hook
  11. Last time i fished for eels was in the 70's, spent many of nights camping with friends on the Raritan River. No tents just sleeping bags,beer, fishing poles, campfire and a lantern if we were lucky enough to get it lit, we caught some big eels up to 3 feet long. I miss the good ole days
  12. I use to love drifting worms under the bridges for schoolies in the salt, I'm sure if you used the same light freshwater tackle the fight would be equal to the hybred
  13. I don't know about that Jack,your left thumb is no wheres to be found in this pic and LPJR is looking pretty happy. Just busting...lol Looks like you guys had a good day
  14. I'm already booked up with 4 charters( here and Rhode Island) for the season plus I'm out there on most weekends in my boat or my brothers. I like the Misty Morn for my after work magic hour fluke trips also my weekends at that time of the year I am chasing big bass around in the ocean, I just don't have enough time to get it all in
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