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  1. bucky

    Early rut

    I think most guys are holding off due to the 80 degree weather, I don't care what the deer are doing when its hot. Now that the nicer weather moved in its time to hunt
  2. eWe arrived at the ramp before daylight and the wind was already blowing as predicted but we already decide we were going regardless of the conditions. Headed out, made bait in two throws and we were off to the fishing grounds. First drift we wacked a over and lost another big fish then it slowed down due to rough fishing conditions, by days end we boated one more jumbo, dropped three more big fish and a 30" keeper that came home for dinner. It was a good trip but it would of been a lot better if we could of stayed on the fish
  3. Apparently it hits overpopulated properties worse than ones that are kept in check
  4. That always amazes me lots of bait ,plenty of water and no fish...wtf
  5. I counted 3 dead bucks on a short stretch of rt.202 today, rut must be winding up , breakout the grunt calls
  6. At that point I would of introduced them to Big Jim and the twins
  7. bucky

    Wile E Coyote

    Agreed, there are calves on this farm ,chickens and the owner has small dogs and I'm sure he was keeping the deer on edge as well
  8. This is the first time I've heard a PA. store won't sell to a NJ resident in person, if so they will never see another order from me again. Sounds like they are turning into DICK'S
  9. Since your hunting on a golf course do you guys have to yell out "FOUR" before the shot LOL Nice job!
  10. didn't make it this time, it was slow night for deer only seeing a young 8 and five does then this guy came in just before dark at 40 yards, gave a bark to stop him and down he went
  11. If you had your flavor flave scent on they would of never picked you off
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