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  1. bucky

    anyone else experience inconstistent winds?

    The weatherman is just a guideline,they cant predict swirls and back drafts. I usually check the wind at the truck before I head in and if its no good I will move to another location.
  2. bucky

    Giving up on the compound already

    Like other said there is a lot that goes into hunting with a vertical bow ,at 8 months you're just learning how to crawl,sometimes it will take a few years to get it done,once you figure it out it becomes fairly easy. Sorry there is no instant gratification when it comes to hunting with a bow
  3. bucky

    Wayne area deer heard ?

    What did they have to say?
  4. Its a little early for serious fighting, but was thinking maybe a head hit by a car, or someone cracked him in the head with a .22
  5. It may be in central jersey, found this poor guy the other night with no apparent injuries,he stood up and he couldnt move his neck or head out of that position and then would lay back down again and flip around . I didnt want to waste a bolt so I called the police and they pumped 4 rounds into him. I told them about EHD and said they would call fish and game.
  6. bucky

    Hunting the Wind

    He asked and I replied what works for me and I said that's how I hunt 100% of the time, in no way did I suggest that it will work for anyone else
  7. bucky

    Hunting the Wind

    IMO when hunting small bedding area and the wind back drafts toward the bedding area its time bail out
  8. bucky

    Do you Snort Wheeze?

    You don't hear either that often but the roar is a WTF moment...haha I have only heard the roar twice in 40 years
  9. bucky

    Do you Snort Wheeze?

    Mainly grunt but will throw in a wheeze once in while when needed
  10. bucky

    Hunting the Wind

    I guess thats proof even a blind squirrel finds a nut every once and a while
  11. bucky

    Hunting the Wind

    He wanted to kick your ass I had one do the same thing...just once and he didn't win
  12. bucky

    Hunting the Wind

    flatland farms
  13. bucky

    Hunting the Wind

    I have killed quite few nice bucks in my life but never one that came from down wind...go figure
  14. bucky

    Hunting the Wind

    the rest is up to you