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  1. bucky

    Admit it...Who is addicted to it?

    I refuse to watch lifetime with the wife so I come here when she does, its the lesser of the two drama's..LOL
  2. Ya mount whatever floats your boat
  3. bucky

    A first for me!

    They put them on to prevent cannabilism when raised in pens
  4. When they decided to decimate the deer population at Duke Farm in NJ around 12 years ago they radio collared about a half dozen deer or more, I think they were tracking to see how the deer reacted to a saturated gun hunt. White Buffalo and NJFG was involved at the time but I don't know if that information was ever released or published. It would be interesting to see though
  5. bucky

    Cameras stolen!!!!

    I think you're on to something
  6. bucky

    High Winds Tomorrow...

    Just be aware of the widow makers,I had one come down this year, heard it coming so I covered my head thankfully it just missed
  7. bucky

    Rut action success?

    I have had great success with the grunt call during the rut as long as they're looking, if they are locked up with a doe you can grunt until you're blue in the face , they ain't coming because they have better things to do, its all luck at that point... I like when the doe gives the buck the slip then they become real vulnerable to the call
  8. bucky

    Rut action success?

    This fool bristled up at me today when I hit him with the grunt call
  9. bucky

    Back to decimating the breeding stock

    Here is a prime example of overkill
  10. bucky

    Cameras stolen!!!!

    They have to take your report,but I'm sure they don't put no time investigating your losses unless they stumble across the dirtbag by accident. With all the reports of theft on this site or any hunting site I have never read about someone getting caught so that kind of proves my point
  11. bucky

    Cameras stolen!!!!

    Could be any body so stop jumping the gun and blaming hunters
  12. bucky

    Cameras stolen!!!!

    Cops wont do squat, your pictures do not show him carrying cameras, you need to track the dirt bag down yourself and then turn him in
  13. bucky

    they’re moving...

    Saw a real good one this morning on the way to work,spun around to get a better look at him and a lady jogger came by at the same time hopefully she didn't think I was checking her out, I'll be in trouble...lol
  14. Were you playing with your phone by chance Be honest...lol