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  1. bucky

    1/21 check-in

    If the wind wasn't howling I would say yes,sorry guys but Gumps momma always told him" stupid is as stupid does"
  2. bucky

    Start Your Vehicles ASAP

    In my opinion if you're not going to use it don't bother starting it when its this cold because that can create bigger problems internally,wait for it to warm up
  3. bucky

    Hell of a day to have boat troubles...

    Yeah the ones with marbles rolling around in their heads
  4. bucky

    This is gonna be tricky

    A good name for that buck would be the frankenstien buck
  5. bucky

    Proud Moment

    Nice job!
  6. bucky

    Some people have no Etiquette

    I think this thread wondered far away from topic....which was etiquette: the code of ethical behavior regarding professional practice or action among the members of a profession in their dealings with each other. Not who has the rights to what because its public land or not Its called doing the right thing
  7. bucky

    Caught this guy trespassing anyone know him

    That's gobblergetter giving a public speech.
  8. If you can set up within 5 to 10 minutes without making noise its highly effective, there is no way they can pattern you...you beat me to it 3blade
  9. bucky

    Some people have no Etiquette

    I used to put up and take down on every sit unless I was going back that afternoon or the next morning. Now I'm pushing 60 and it isn't so easy anymore. Now I take the gamble by leaving it up except for the first three steps,they come home with me every time
  10. bucky

    1/20/2019 afternoon checkin

    I'm sure the winds will keep them out of the fields tonight,you should of headed for the thickets where its a little warmer. But ya never know
  11. bucky

    Some people have no Etiquette

    I always use folding screw in steps and when I leave I take the bottom three with me, that way they cant use the stand or take my stuff, it works like a charm
  12. bucky

    Some people have no Etiquette

    He's probably playing with his ham sandwich
  13. bucky

    Deer Corn in Old Bridge Area

    I guess this is one of the reasons why you say deer aren't so smart (which I disagree with) because they driven by their stomachs, but they are much smarter when not using bait