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  1. I'm not a sea bass man, but gulp might get a little expensive since they love chewing the tails off..JMO
  2. I'm glad your all ok But i know quite a few family's that were hit with covid that were not vaccinated and only half of the family members came down with covid, husbands and wives sleeping in the same bed and only one or the other contracted the virus. There are still a lot of unknowns
  3. Call me when your ready to give it a try, but don't listen to Hammer, instead of dramamine eat some fresh bunker and drink a 30 pack the night before just in case you do throw up, I love auto chummers, keeps the hands clean
  4. My wife hates fish, I asked her one day why she eats canned tuna her response was it's not fish because it comes in a can
  5. Maybe China will give them a helping hand since they unleashed this hell on the world...
  6. We launch at daybreak, filled the livewell and headed out on a flat sea, arrived at the fishing grounds and the bottom was paved with stripers. Everything looked promising but I guess the fish didn't get the memo, only managed to boat five and had fish playing with the baits. We took a little ride and found some better fish that were hungry but of course the weather decided to take a crap, wind, rain, whitecaps, had some lighting and hail at the ramp. Oh well that's fishing!
  7. bucky


    All females are released for me, sounds kind of gay but if I keep one for the table I try to make sure they are males
  8. You will be back to smiling in no time
  9. With a 1.4 billion population with most living in squander what do expect is going to happen
  10. Its not good to pull teeth, I have a great dentist that always talked me out of pulling them, I have had several root canals over the years and still have all my teeth thanks to him
  11. That's why I'm sitting back and giving it some time, waiting to see what happens to the human guinea pigs, waiting for some real data before I make my decision
  12. True story...lmao @ Luny, I had one done on a single root tooth with no issues...so suck it up buttercup...JK...LOL Tooth pain SUCKS!!!
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