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  1. Sadly it looks like everything is getting in line with the rest of our world...over and out
  2. Support your local dealers, when they are all gone we will have no wheres to turn
  3. Who wants to watch over paid men smacking each others asses...NOT ME I would rather watch womens beach volley ball any day of the week
  4. WOULD NOT... Thats what your'e missing luny, I think your'e reading it as would
  5. That's a part of the big problem, they want come here and live our lives but they want to bring their cultures,religions,behaviors,etc... with them They should leave it all behind, enjoy and respect their new life's in our country
  6. There was always litter but this is excessive and will only get worse if towns continue to ignore the problem, they should of nipped this in the bud years ago when the gatherings were smaller.If our kids were doing this or better yet if we were doing it we would of been locked up a long time ago
  7. You forgot the tires
  8. My buddy just drove by and said there was a lot of law enforcement in the area, I would say the parties over
  9. I was just telling my kids yesterday how nice it was back in the day, just the neighborhood kids that swam in the river now its like a effing amusement park
  10. I went kayaking yesterday on the South Branch, Three Bridges in Hunterdon looks no better, loud music,swimming and overcrowding with a park ranger sitting back by no swimming signs in spanish and english and watching the whole show...wtf
  11. Looks like he's twerking for the camera
  12. bucky

    Holy Ticks

    Most likely flies and with no way to escape i am sure that sucks
  13. bucky

    Holy Ticks

    They look more like flies than ticks
  14. bucky

    Deer Corn

    Everyone has no time to hunt but they always have time to bait
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