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  1. Hey Mazz....were you able to get rid of your hide and bones?
  2. I do the same as Rusty if I’m by myself. If one of my buddies are there, we each pick up a side of the jet sled and slide it in the bed of the truck like a coffin in a hearse.
  3. Wooltimate or Cabela’s Berber Fleece. Usually on sale this time of year.
  4. Good luck. Might get out in the afternoon.
  5. Looks like a nice setup. I like the way it packs up compact. Might have to look into it myself.
  6. I saw this floating deer on a job site over the summer.
  7. It doesn’t sound that unreasonable to me.
  8. This is awesome!!!! Congrats on the find!
  9. I have a lot of knives but I always go back to a Schrade USA 152OT Sharpfinger. Been carrying that knife for over 30 years. I bought one for each of my boys when they passed their hunting test.
  10. Sling shots are treated like assault weapons in this state.
  11. I won't think about turkeys until Feb. 1st. Still in the deer hunting mindset.
  12. I hunt until the season is over. I love to hunt and be in the woods.
  13. I have no personal interest in hunting with a muzzleloading pistol but I woudn't be opposed to it being allowed during the existing muzzleloader permit season.
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