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  1. Yep. I bought arrows before I left. Worked out better for Bangers than me. Hahaha
  2. I remember that Vito. I shot against you one year. That was fun.
  3. Unfortunately Nate didn’t get out at all this spring. Varsity baseball took all of his time. On the bright side, we are the #1 seed in South Jersey Group 1. Playoffs start today.
  4. Very nice. Congrats!
  5. Hoping the weather holds out to do some trap shooting on Saturday and the UBNJ 3D shoot on Sunday.
  6. Nice. I’m smoking some boneless chicken thighs for dinner. They are marinating in a jerk sauce now.
  7. Good luck. Hoping to get out later today with my son. He has baseball this morning.
  8. This is the way I do mine too. I have done about a half dozen this way and they come out great.
  9. Leave it be. Let everyone else enjoy laughing at him too.
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