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  1. EHD is really taking a toll on my area. I didn’t hunt this weekend. My buddy and his son went and saw nothing. 2 cell cams over bait with no pictures for over 2 weeks and another camera was pulled yesterday with no pics.
  2. I use a Lux Pro. I have a few of them. Bought them at Lowe’s and on Amazon. They have 3 brightness settings, red, and green lights. Plenty bright for me. They are less than $20. I carry a couple extra batteries and sometimes and extra head lamp when I’m in PA.
  3. That’s very cool. Sorry for the loss of your friend. I’m sitting here reading this with my 2 pups. Sucks to lose a friend. Dogs are the best.
  4. Nice work! Great comeback after missing the other buck. Congrats!
  5. Might want to quit the corn and molasses if you are scared of bears.
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