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  1. If you are hunting with a club in south Jersey there may be rules against using a muzzleloader. Usually only buckshot allowed.
  2. I started hunting in 1988 and it was a lottery by zone. So was extended bow and muzzleloader. If you drew all 3 it was a miracle.
  3. Probably nobody hunting with a muzzleloader because muzzleloader season doesn’t come back in for another week and a half.
  4. Sure do. I hunted zone 20 that’s not even a zone anymore.
  5. Devil Horns

    Thank you

    Great news. Glad he will be ok
  6. At least you will be dry tomorrow. I won’t be hunting tomorrow but I’ll still be working outside in this crap weather.
  7. Hunting with my son. Saw one doe and a handful of longbeards so far.
  8. Very cool. Nice work. Enjoy the rest of the day.
  9. Great first buck. Too bad the critters got to him first. Congrats!
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