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  1. My brother has one of these too. Lots of fun. If I come across one in a store, I will definitely buy it.
  2. Almost forgot to enter my son’s buck from youth day. I did a thread when he killed it but never entered it into the contest. Nate Buck=10 pts Pic=4 pts (No shotgun in pic) Alters=6pts (Short Brows) 12” inside spread 6” Left Antler 5” Right Antler Total = 43 pts
  3. Lots of conflicting info on the web but I believe what I stated is unfortunately correct.
  4. I believe PA only recognizes CCW permits from your resident state. I don’t think they will accept and out of state NH permit.
  5. Agreed. I have one and this is what I was told is the appropriate answer.
  6. April 26th is my birthday so I like the start date this year. Hopefully I get an A week permit.
  7. Love it when a plan comes together. Congrats!
  8. My boys had a virtual half day of school today. They just finished school and are out shoveling my house first. They already lined up their friends to head out shoveling once they all get their own houses done. There are still some good kids around.
  9. Nice. Congrats! Every year I say that this will be the year that I’m going to practice and kill one with the recurve. The plan never seems to materialize. Next year will be the year.
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