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  1. install an ad blocker....problem solved. All I see for ads is an amazon box in the side bar.
  2. All concentrated permethrin has emulsifiers in it which allows it to be carried by water into fabrics. The water evaporates and the permethrin actually bonds to the fabric which is why it has a residual effect for several weeks. It doesn't work well on solid surfaces but on fabric it works very good. There are different emulsifiers in some of the concentrates. I have used both the petroleum based and water based over the years and have seen positive results with both, but I prefer the 36.8% sfr with petroleum based emulsifiers.
  3. Actually it would be 1oz of 10% permethrin and 19 oz of water to get the same 0.5% concentration as sawyers
  4. here you go https://www.njsp.org/info/pdf/sp-634.pdf
  5. To get them white first you need to make sure it is degreased. I used to just use dawn dish soap in the last stages of cleaning the skull but noticed after a year or two you would still see a slight discoloration from the oils/grease that was deep into the bone finally working its way out. Now I wipe the skull down with acetone a couple times then clean up with dawn. I've been told camp fuel also does a good job of pulling grease out of skulls but haven't tried it myself. The last step is using Volume 40 peroxide cream ( a hair salon product used to bleach hair). I wipe on some cream let it sit for a day or 2 them wipe the residue off and its done. Regular liquid peroxide is only like 2 or 3% hydrogen peroxide and the rest water, the salon products are 30 or 40% and come as a cream which is much easier to keep on the skull. If you use the 30 or 40% peroxide make sure you wrap the antlers first so you don't accidentally bleach antlers. I use latex gloves and wipe the peroxide on with my fingers. SO I make sure the antlers are covered with plastic wrap and masking tape so if I touch them somewhere I don't get discoloration.
  6. A friend of mine did one like that and it took several weeks to get it clean, then it had some residual odor after he took it out. I don't think he added yeast so that may be part of the reason it took so long, I guess water temp could also accelerate or slow down the process. Not sure how warm he ran the bucket heater. I prefer to run them on the turkey fryer at a simmer for a few hours.
  7. With All the friggin rain we had this year he's just being prepared
  8. Fish and game should test his dogfood for deer dna. He's probably stealing people's deer to turn into dog food he can sell.
  9. beaverman

    Drone Weaponry

    QDM of the future, just program them to measure antlers put in the minimum score you want and let it fly.
  10. ATF doesn't classify muzzleloaders as firearms so they are not subject to NFA barrel length restrictions. That said NJ does consider them firearms so I would think a rifled ML would have to be at least 16" and a smooth bore 18" but I wouldn't want a barrel that short anyway. I have a couple that are 22" and they are flame throwers I couldn't imagine what a 16" would be like.
  11. its a deer look at the front legs and the tip of the tail sticking up in the rear. No way that's a rabbit
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