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  1. beaverman

    Big Buck down

    The one still in velvet could be an antlered doe, either that or a buck with problems producing testosterone. Pretty rare this late in the year. My dad shot a buck in velvet during 6 day years ago when we still had check stations. After checking it in a CO payed him a visit and wanted to go out and see the gut pile to make sure it was a fresh kill and not something he had in the freezer. That one basically had no testicles,
  2. Out in 27 haven't heard a shot yet. Had 5 does and a young 6 or 7 point come through about 745. Was hoping something bigger would be following them but that wasn't the case. Sent from my SM-S920L using Tapatalk
  3. beaverman

    Would you shoot?

    I had a nice 8 I was after this year that I had seen from the stand a few times but didn't offer a shot. He finally came in on Nov 10th stepped out broadside I drew put the pin on him and he turned his head and his right antler was just a brow tine and small piece of beam. I let down and let him walk. I had seen him that thursday afternoon with a full rack and it was saturday morning when he showed up busted. If you are looking for meat then shoot him.
  4. beaverman

    Cheap Trail Cams

    Those Simmons cameras are the same as the tascos Walmart sells for $25. Tasco, bushnell, simmons, primos, etc are all part of Vista outdoors company now. That is a decent price but it isn't saving you anything as you can get the same camera at Walmart for the same price. I bought 2 of them last year at the end of the season for $18 a piece. They take good day pics but lack ir range in the night time shots. For the price they are decent. I mounted a stealth cam in the same spot as a Tasco to see what would happen and set the same the stealth cam took twice as many pictures. Over bait they are OK on a trail they may miss too much. Sent from my SM-S920L using Tapatalk
  5. beaverman

    Winter gloves?

    I use a muff when it gets cold. I wear light to medium weight gloves then use the muff while I'm sitting. If its real cold I'll throw a handwarmer in the muff. My preferred gloves are cabelas camo skinz in 40grm for cool days and 80grm for cold. They don't make those gloves anymore so once I tear the ones I have up I don't know what I'll go to.
  6. beaverman

    Slow rut

    It all depends on location, where I hunt there has been a ton of activity. I saw bucks chasing does back in October and it kept getting better up through veterans day. I just drove my son to his school and saw 2 big mature bucks chasing does in a bean field that was just cut. It's happening you just need to be in the right place at the right time. Sent from my SM-S920L using Tapatalk
  7. beaverman

    Tree and fruit I/D ?

  8. beaverman

    .22 Marlin Model 60 - $200

    Did you have the tube modified? The original model 60's would hold like 17 rounds in the tube so marlin revised them to only hold 14 to be compliant in locations that had restrictions. I am not aware of any that marlin ever made that only held 9 so just wondering if you had something done to it? As buckndoe stated the only good part of the last magazine legislation in Nj is it lifted the restriction on tube fed 22 semi-autos so now it doesn't matter.
  9. beaverman

    11/11 Veterans Day Check-in

    Shot this guy as he was making a scrape this afternoon. Has 9" brow tines.
  10. beaverman

    Day three

    It's 29 degrees here in NJ too Sent from my SM-S920L using Tapatalk
  11. beaverman

    High Winds Tomorrow...

    I had a lot of buck activity this morning in the wind. The 8 I was hoping to connect with came in and is now missing most of his right antler. Snapped it off just past the brow tine so he got a pass. I also saw 4 other bucks cruising through and 2 chasing a doe so the wind didn't bother them. I'm headed back out to see what moves this afternoon. Hopefully I'll get to see the buck that snapped the 8's antler off. That 8 came through thursday afternoon too far for a shot but his rack was intact so in the last day and a half he snapped it off.
  12. beaverman

    Trail cam problem

    I set up 2 cards for each camera I have and label them either 1 and 2 or a and b etc then only swap those cards out in one specific camera. You can also format the cards in the camera itself which is actually better than doing it on a computer. Since I started dedicating 2 cards to each camera the only issues I've had was a failure of the camera unrelated to the SD card. When I used to just swap them camera to camera I ran into all kinds of weird issues.
  13. beaverman

    Sweet November! 11/4 Check In

    Had a bit of a strange encounter with an 8 point this morning. I saw a 5 point and a doe from the stand, then nothing for a while and I had to take a leak so I decided to get down and check a camera I had on the property. I climbed down and proceeded to take a piss at the base of my tree when I hear something off to my left. Not thinking much of it since there were a couple squirrels over there earlier then I caught movement out of the corner of my eye. I looked up to see an 8 point about 10 feet away from me just standing there watching me pee. He stood there for a good 20 seconds or so before turning around and going back the way he came. He stopped about 30 yards away in an opening offering a perfect quartering away shot. My bow was still attached to my haul rope on the other side of the tree and I wasn't quite finished. After I zipped up I looked over and here he comes again headed right back to the opening he stopped in earlier so I grabbed my bow untied it and nocked an arrow just as he passed through the opening. The next hole he was headed to would give me about a 35 yard shot so I got the bow up and ready to draw as he approached, but he turned and walked straight away from me. I just stood there laughing.
  14. beaverman

    Fake bear?

    Thats what happens when they eat trash every day, plenty of calories to pack on the pounds.
  15. beaverman

    Compound ?

    I've shot plenty of deer sitting with the compound.