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  1. So based on the example you answered the questions about, what happens if Hunter A doesn't have OnX?
  2. The system wasn't scheduled to shut down until 9PM today so everything should have been checked as usual today. You don't need to call those numbers until tomorrow. With today being a holiday the offices probably weren't staffed. I shot a doe this evening and checked it in just before 6 PM through their web site as usual. No need to use the alternate check procedure until tomorrow or if you had a late recovery today and it was after 9PM.
  3. The larval stage of a chigger is the small one that bites, the adult stage is a red bug, mite, etc as pictured. The other picture could be a nymph stage https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trombiculidae
  4. The best way to use horse stall mats is to suspend them so they can move when hit. The arrow many times just falls to the ground on lighter bows and it reduces penetration from faster bows. Pulling it tight like that will cause the arrow to penetrate farther.
  5. Having a bow release 1-2" into the draw cycle should not have any adverse affects on the bow. I would suspect you introduced some torque into the bow causing the string to come out of the cam groove. It looks like you are using a bow mounted camera so at full draw moving the bow to keep the camera on the deer it would be easy to torque it enough to cause a derail. Many bow companies started using shallower cam groves to gain a few fps and it makes the bows easier to derail. With a cable slide or roller you will have some cam lean at full draw as well so that coupled with a little torque and the string will pop right off. Hopefully nothing was damaged.
  6. Air rifles are approved for use any time squirrel season is open. There are special dates and areas open for muzzleloading rifle for squirrel. Maybe that is what you were looking at?
  7. centershot is the only one with a shooting rail so I would assume that is what it is
  8. Congrats. That shot on the base of the neck looks to be a couple weeks old, not last year. Is this the same property where you hit one high early in the season???
  9. haha that review is on spypoints website. I saw it a while back when thinking about picking up a micro was wondering if it was the same tcook Sent from my SM-S920L using Tapatalk
  10. beaverman


    any time you have a real wet spring or early summer you will get ideal breeding conditions for the midges that transmit ehd. as wet as it was this year this was expected Sent from my SM-S920L using Tapatalk
  11. Depends on where you hunt. If you have landowner permission you can leave everything except the edible parts identified in the wanton waste law. It is only specifically prohibited to leave stuff other than entrails in WMA's and State parks everything else is legal with owner or tenant permission. As soon as we went to automated check I started using the gutless method, then when they passed wanton waste law I had to stop on most of the properties I hunt. Such a waste to drag all that stuff out of the woods only to bag it and throw it in the trash anyway. I'd much rather leave it for the critters to take care of. With CWD encroaching on us I wonder if they will change the wanton waste law to leave parts on WMA's in the future??
  12. montecs are MIM molded heads. I shot a handful of deer with them about 6-7 years ago. They flew great but didn't leave much of a blood trail on any of the deer I shot. There are several people on other sites that have experienced fracturing of the head that is thought to be caused by a void in the molding process. I have never had any issues like that my only complaints are they don't sharpen that well, they leave poor blood trails, and they whistle out of all of my faster bows. I stopped shooting them due to the poor bloodtrails.
  13. the old style holsters were much better with the strap you can attach them many places in a stand. if it'd over 60 degrees I'm running a thermacell Sent from my SM-S920L using Tapatalk
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