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  1. beaverman

    Delayed Flights

    The plane was in a maintenance area of the airport, the employee is a ground handler that would typically be in and out of those areas, so there was no security issue with the guy accessing the plane. Obviously getting in and starting it should draw some attention but maintenance areas are not full of people like the main ramps so there really wouldn't be many people around to notice what he was doing. The flight delays today are weather related and have nothing to do with the plane that was stolen yesterday.
  2. beaverman

    Quartering in the field

    I prefer to use the gutless method and quarter in the field. When NJ went to automated check system I did most of my deer that way. I had a system down where I could keep the meat clean and in the time it would take to gut and drag to the truck I would already be back at the truck with the meat quartered up and the head in a bag. When i got home put the meat in a refrigerator and the head in the freezer (for the 48 hours) and I was done. No hanging, skinning, quartering, no mess at the house and no rib cage, hide, etc to fill up the trash can. When they implemented the wanton waste law I had to go back to dragging them out as I am hunting mostly state land where you can only leave entrails now.
  3. beaverman

    Turkey Defys Science & Turkey One OH Ome

    The yellow one is most likely going to be a smoke color phase so it will be a gray/white color
  4. beaverman

    Buying a used shotgun

    The only exemption I read was a transfer between C&R ffl holders, so either you have your C&R FFL or you need to go to a class 1 FFL holder for the transfer, either way there is an FFL involved. Are there other exemptions you were referring to?
  5. beaverman

    Buying a used shotgun

    new law goes into effect October so your method is still legal. After October 1 all firearms must be transferred by FFL in NJ no personal transfers.
  6. beaverman

    Help in Bullet Identify

    Looks like a cast 458 round nose bullet used in the 45-70. Here is a modern casting that is similar https://www.midwayusa.com/product/101075280/montana-precision-swaging-cast-bullets-45-caliber-458-diameter-500-grain-lead-round-nose-spg-lubricant-box-of-50
  7. beaverman

    Check this out cool trail cam video

    Looks like whiskers of something right near the camera.
  8. beaverman

    Snake Id

    Not sure how big it is from the angle of the picture but it could be a juvenile black racer.
  9. beaverman

    So what’s up with fireworks in this state?

    A couple years ago Christy signed something to legalize the sale of certain fireworks in NJ. I don't know the particulars just remember hearing about it. Since them I have seen several of the tents set up like the one pictured.
  10. beaverman

    What is this and how do I get rid of it?

    Do you have any maple trees near by? Hard to see in your picture but they could be maple trees sprouting. I have a bunch of them pop up after every rain this time of year due to the neighbors having a few trees and the samaras blowing into my yard.
  11. beaverman

    BSA Optics

    BSA customer service is great too bad their products are not. BSA has replaced every scope I ever bought of theirs. Some of them multiple times. I had a few platinum and contender target scopes (their top of the line stuff at the time) that all went belly up. One of the replacement scopes they sent me lasted all of 6 rounds at the range before the reticle turned with the power ring. I called them up and bitched and they informed me their eurpoean line (the catseye series) was built different and would withstand recoil better and not have the rotating reticle issue so I sent them all the scopes I had and they replaced all of them (I think it was 4 or 5 at the time) with the catseye scopes. I honestly haven't had any problems with the cats eye models. I have one on a 243, one on a ML and one I just took off of a 17hmr. I would never buy another BSA scope based on the track record I've had with their stuff going bad. I had one go bad on an out of state hunt. I tried to zoom in on a deer that was about 200 yards away and the power ring bound up then the reticle started to rotate. Good thing I had another gun with me to finish out the hunt.
  12. beaverman

    Smoke brine...Alternative for glass

    You can use anything that is non metallic.
  13. Quite a few brands of vanilla ice cream are flavored with beaver castor so a lot of people have already had it.
  14. beaverman

    Shotgun help needed.

    Its your shell stop, either bent, worn, or installed wrong. Its a flat metal piece that has a slight curve to it with a tab at the end . When you slide the action back it gets pressed into a recess allowing the tab at the end to move out of the way releasing the next shell in the tube. Then it pops back into place to stop the next shell. I googled it to see how hard the part is to find and saw some on ebay. This is what the piece looks like. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Smith-Wesson-Model-916A-Shotgun-Cartridge-Cut-Off-12-Gauge/183245991096?hash=item2aaa4fecb8:g:~XQAAOSwTM5YvOYo Your may just need to have a little bend put back into it.
  15. beaverman

    What Kind Of Tree Is This?

    Fraxinus nigra