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  1. What kind of ATV are you referring to? I don't know of any adult sized electric ATV's. I know there are a couple UTV's that are electric like the polaris ranger EV and plenty of golf carts but I haven't seen an electric ATV that isn;t marketed toward kids/teens. That polaris EV runs on a 48 volt battery that is about $1000 to replace. That right there is enough to keep me running gas engines.
  2. Your system was airlocked and built backpressure when you opened the main valve. The pressure caused the backflow preventer to open releasing water. You should open a downstream valve before the main to allow air to bleed out of the system as it pressurizes
  3. I have a few I could sell. PSE drive LT (new, never set up never registered warranty) black in color 40-60lb draw wt 25.5-31" draw adjustable with rotating mods. $300 bare bow, or I could probably add a sight and rest for a bit more PSE XForce Hammer EV black in color 40-60lb, 26-31" draw rotating mods, with a QAD drop away and apex 4 pin sight $325 Martin Nemesis camo 55-70lb, 27.5-31" draw with whisker biscuit and extreme 4 pin sight $350 Hoyt avenger 60-70 lb 27-29.5" draw camo with QAD drop away and extreme 4 pin $275
  4. They can't be relocated legally (without jumping through some hoops) since they are a rabies vector species. Best thing to do is catch them in a live trap and then euthanize them. Marshmallows are a great bait for trash pandas.
  5. They snip the vas deferens the testicles stay intact so it should have no effect on hormone production. It will not change antler characteristics.
  6. NJ looked into switching the license from calendar year to fiscal year about 7-8 years ago. They couldn't figure out a way to transition without loosing money so they tabled the idea. They evaluated having a pro rated license valid Jan 1 through june 30, then an annual from July 1-June 30 the next year and decided not enough hunters would buy that short term license, so they looked at increasing fees for a one time license that ran jan 1 though the following june 30th and they couldn't agree on an amount they could charge that would work out by providing the funding yet not decreasing license sales. They figured people would just skip that year and wait for a normal priced license the next year.
  7. They had a game dinner last month down in cape may, they were supposed to propose a charter for a NJ chapter at their annual rendezvous out west last week. I do not know if there was enough interest to actually start a chapter. Haven't heard anything but there was approx 40 people who registered online for the game dinner.
  8. Yeah, I was trying to figure it out. Got 20 email last night from aspira connect. I looked up aspira connect and it is a software company geared toward outdoors. The email coming from db-Dev I would guess that is database Dept of environmental protection. Not sure if the database was hacked or if this is some sort of legit hosting company that just launched their confirmation software. Either way it was messed up to see all those emails.
  9. I got an email with a link to that as well.
  10. install an ad blocker....problem solved. All I see for ads is an amazon box in the side bar.
  11. All concentrated permethrin has emulsifiers in it which allows it to be carried by water into fabrics. The water evaporates and the permethrin actually bonds to the fabric which is why it has a residual effect for several weeks. It doesn't work well on solid surfaces but on fabric it works very good. There are different emulsifiers in some of the concentrates. I have used both the petroleum based and water based over the years and have seen positive results with both, but I prefer the 36.8% sfr with petroleum based emulsifiers.
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