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  1. H&R model 88 single shot 20 ga
  2. Yes Eastern Musk aka stinkpot
  3. How is your tank vented?
  4. The 264 Win is a pretty hot round, it is basically a 7mm Rem mag necked to 6.5mm. That 20 thousandths of bore reduction results in a pretty severe overbore cartridge which means barrel life is short an using the slower burn rate powders you get a ton of muzzleblast. They also generate a fair amount of recoil. It would not even be on my list of possible first rifle choices for someone starting out. To use all of that energy you need a long barrel which combined with the long action equals a heavier longer firearm for them to deal with. If they are at all sensitive to recoil or muzzleblast they will most likely never shoot it well. If you are looking for something for deer that isn't real common possibly take a look at the 257 roberts.
  5. Probably got kicked in the face trying to get some milk when ma wasn't having it.
  6. I posted about that in the other thread. In chrome on my laptop if I start in recent activity and click on anything when I hit the back arrow it goes to all activity almost every time.
  7. So here is something new for me. On my laptop in Chrome when I open the site it goes to recent topics, if I open a topic when I hit the back arrow it takes me to all activity instead of recent topics and the format changes to where I have lines of text between the topic banners. Never had it do that and never saw that format before. The text it shows is recent posts and emojis for the next topic down. Is that related to the updates or is my computer/chrome doing something?
  8. I'm surprised you didn't get an exit on either. I load 55 vmax for my 22-250's and my 223's and the few woodchuck I've shot with that bullet from the 22-250 made a mess. I'm not loading it real hot either so it wouldn't be any faster than they typical factory load. I wouldn't think the 5 grains would make much difference.
  9. 22-250 is a great round but not based on the 30-06 in any way. It is a necked down 250-3000 savage case
  10. That or he walked over there when it was frozen this winter
  11. beaverman

    TN or SC?

    I lived in the lowcountry of SC for a while, moved back to NJ about 20 years ago. Things have changed a bit since then but overall many things are still the same. We lived an hour from Charleston and an hour from myrtle beach, could be surf fishing in pawleys island in about 35 min. Had thousands of acres in francis marion national forest to hunt. Deer season opened August 15th and ran until December 31 and you could take 2 deer a day all season. Now they have season bag limits (at least for bucks, not sure about does). The first 2 weeks of the season were primitive weapons so bow or ML then Sept 1st it was any weapon for the remainder of the season. Most people who deer hunt the lowcountry do so by running deer with dogs. On public land there are dog days and non dog days, private land you can pretty much run dogs all season. So even on public during non dog days you will get guys that turn dogs out on adjacent private lands that wind up in the public land. Many guys never set foot in the woods deer hunting. They turn dogs loose and stand on the shoulder of the road and shoot them as they cross the road. It is pretty crazy to see how they hunt down there. They also don't gut deer in the field down there. I used to bow hunt and bring deer out dressed so they all knew I wasn't from there. Its hot and humid about 9 months a year with mosquitoes that look like humming birds. Plenty of snakes and gators to play with in the swamps too. I liked living there, the people are great, but the heat and humidity most of the year didn't so anything for me. I prefer to hunt in cooler weather. Down there about the time it cools off to where you could wear a sweatshirt or jacket it is coming up on the end of hunting season. The other thing that I don't care for is you pay property tax on your vehicles down there when you renew the registration.
  12. Here is a list of current GM certified oils https://www.gmdexos.com/brands/dexos1/index.html this is based on 2010/11 and newer vehicles but highly recommended for older models as well. Any 5W-30 on that list would be fine. I have always run mobile 1 in my chevy/GM engines.
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