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  1. beaverman

    Smoke brine...Alternative for glass

    You can use anything that is non metallic.
  2. Quite a few brands of vanilla ice cream are flavored with beaver castor so a lot of people have already had it.
  3. beaverman

    Shotgun help needed.

    Its your shell stop, either bent, worn, or installed wrong. Its a flat metal piece that has a slight curve to it with a tab at the end . When you slide the action back it gets pressed into a recess allowing the tab at the end to move out of the way releasing the next shell in the tube. Then it pops back into place to stop the next shell. I googled it to see how hard the part is to find and saw some on ebay. This is what the piece looks like. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Smith-Wesson-Model-916A-Shotgun-Cartridge-Cut-Off-12-Gauge/183245991096?hash=item2aaa4fecb8:g:~XQAAOSwTM5YvOYo Your may just need to have a little bend put back into it.
  4. beaverman

    What Kind Of Tree Is This?

    Fraxinus nigra
  5. beaverman

    Problem With My Turkey Shotgun

    You most likely have a displaced shell latch. They are supposed to be staked in place and sometimes they come loose. If it comes loose and moves a bit the tip that protrudes will often sit too far out hitting the shell as you load/unload and marking your shells as shown in the picture. Pulling the gun apart to replace the o-ring may have been enough to have it go back into place. I would pull the trigger assembly and see if the latch is in place properly.
  6. beaverman

    22 Rossi vs. 22 Mossberg

    how did the Rossi group? I would suspect the bullet was wobbling when shot from the rossi thus keyholing and more likely to not hit the wood straight on. Unless you had an extremely oversized chamber or a barrel that is bored too big, or worn out allowing blow-by when the bullet obturates you shouldn't see too much difference in velocity, unless gas is getting passed the bullet in the barrel.
  7. beaverman

    mechanic advice

    In the s10 there is a speed sensor in the transmission tailshaft housing and one connected to each front hub assembly. There is not any other speed sensors for the rear wheels. The rear wheel info is coming from the sensor in the tailshaft housing. Changing the rear brakes should not have any risk of doing anything to a sensor since there isn't anything there to directly come into contact with.
  8. beaverman

    mechanic advice

    The wheel speed sensors for ABS on your truck are only in the front hubs. There shouldn't be anything in the rear brakes that would trip the abs light. You probably have a sensor going bad or a hub bearing with enough play the sensor is getting an erratic reading. Have you ever replaced the front hubs?
  9. beaverman

    Gun Violence?

    First thing I would do is get real data. Based on the source I would not believe those numbers, I would also like to know their definition of incident and the sources they used. They include defensive use in the description at the bottom.
  10. beaverman

    page shift

    Happens to me running chrome on my laptop. Im on my phone and tapatalk right now so I can't tell you if its still happening. Sent from my SM-S920L using Tapatalk
  11. beaverman

    page shift

    I hate that about this site. The way I got around it is to go to the latest topic section. It has all the same content and doesn't refresh. Sent from my SM-S920L using Tapatalk
  12. beaverman

    Great Day to be in a tree in NJ

    I'm out in 35 actually a bit too warm. I hope they move before dark. Sent from my SM-S920L using Tapatalk
  13. beaverman

    West Virginia camping experience anyone?

    What part of the state are you interested in? I've camped in several places in WV. Went to college out there 20+ years ago and bought a lifetime hunting license when I was a student. I went back to hunt/fish every year for the first 15 or so years after school. Now I get out there once every 2-3 years.
  14. beaverman

    Teriyaki/General Tso Venison Stir-Fry (PIX)

    Looks good I may have to try that some time.
  15. beaverman

    Stockton Market SELLING LOCAL venison

    In 2013, State Farm Insurance estimates there were 26,860 deer-vehicle collisions. However, unreported impacts and other factors mean the figure is likely much higher, Stanko said. New Jersey has gradually made headway in reducing deer numbers. From a high of 200,000 deer in the Garden State in the mid-1990s, the last estimate places the total population at 105,535 These are from an article written in 2014, not sure what the latest estimates on deer/vehicle collisions are