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  1. You should be fine with slugs its the light target loads that cause the issue. If you check one of the shotgun sites like shotgunworld you can find plenty of folks that have run into issues with the older guns and the new piston seal when running light loads through it.
  2. If you have an older 1100 and put the new piston seal in it you can expect to have failure to eject/cycle with light loads. They do not work well in the older guns.
  3. Does the automated check system allow the input of weight, beard length, or spur length?
  4. I prefer tapatalk because it's streamlined cleaner. and faster than any of the browsers I've tried in my phone. Sent from my SM-S920L using Tapatalk
  5. The only way I view this site from my phone is on tapatalk.
  6. beaverman

    My New Ride

    Smurf Mobile, Good luck with the new ride.
  7. If you are looking to keep fur a 25 caliber rifle isn't an ideal choice. I've shot quite a few critters with 25-06's over the years with a wide variety of bullets. The lightest bullets I've loaded are the 75 gr v-max and 70 gr Blitz and they both blow huge holes in coyotes and foxes. Bullets that would hold together and punch through are too heavy to be used in NJ and the lighter (60 gr) 257 bullets are mostly for the 25-20 and would blow up at roberts or 25-06 velocities. If you want a deer rifle you can use for predators without concern for fur damage they would be great.
  8. Not sure what you mean there is a better range of bullets for the roberts as they use the exact same bullets as the 25-06 so as a handloader you have the same exact range. The 25-06 will have about 100 fps advantage over the roberts, and is much easier to get brass or loaded ammo for.
  9. beaverman

    Air fryer

    With wings you need to keep them in a single layer to get crisp. Wherever they are piled on top of each other it holds the moisture in and doesn't allow them to crisp. I move mine around every 8-10 min when I make a batch too big for a single layer. I found 390 degrees for 37-40 min usually gets them pretty crispy. My air fryer is a 7qt and I do about 3lbs of wings at a time in it.
  10. beaverman

    Skull Id?

    Its a woodchuck
  11. The walmart in Pennsville has a few of those stands if anyone in that area is looking. They had 5 in the back that they brought out when I asked about them. I bought 2 so there was 3 left on a flatbed cart that they planned to move up front.
  12. Herd reduction through years of unlimited anterless finally got the herd where it needs to be making more resources available per deer. Couple that with mild winters and a couple good mast years and you will see plenty of bigger bucks.
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