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  1. Katera68

    Deer Down - 12/29

    Congratulations it will be good eating.
  2. Katera68

    Wanted ameristep plastic strap on steps

    I have them where are you located/
  3. Interested in an H&R Ultra slug in 20ga?
  4. Katera68

    FREE GEAR - used/new gear Purge!!! Stockton, NJ

    The stuff is available again, as I will not be taking it to help out fellow hunters in S.J. as I had planned. People on this site are quick to run their mouths when they have nothing else to do. This site is getting as bad as the other site so many complained about, I guess they had to come here. This is my last post Good Bye.
  5. Katera68


    Very nice offer Ron, that deserves another lunch trip.
  6. Katera68

    Looking for a pup

    A lab is hard to beat they are very smart and very devoted.
  7. Katera68

    Lost my Buddy Friday!

    So sorry for your loss. I still miss my lab and she has been gone for almost 20 years.
  8. Katera68

    Inventory Time

    I put mine out yesterday, state woods want to see what survived.
  9. Katera68

    Injured Doe showed up at my feeder last night.

    What a shame I hate to see them injured or killed by a car, usually a waste of good venison.
  10. Katera68

    Spare Breech Plug/?

    I have a spare and I rotate them when cleaning.
  11. Katera68

    New (To Me) Hunting Gun

    Very nice gun you have there. I have a Remington 1100 with the straight stock that I recently purchased haven't shot it yet but feels real nice.
  12. Katera68

    2017 youth day success

    Congrats, way to go patience pays off. Great job to you Dad.
  13. Katera68

    coyotes (8)

    Great keep up the good work, kill them all.