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  1. Nice buck congratulations
  2. https://t.fieldandstreamshop.com/p/field-stream-outpost-xl-17-ladder-stand-15fnsufstpstxlxxxtsb/15fnsufstpstxlxxxtsb
  3. The Roches used to work for Bishop's in the earlier days the old man used to cut deer with another guy without the Son for years son cut deer for bishop's
  4. This is from last year Bishop's will do vacuum sealing butcher paper vacuum sealers was $15 extra I use Bishop's I've use Roche in the past both are good
  5. I can get in to both phone /computers no problem is morning
  6. Nice buck Danny congratulations
  7. can i put a bag on it with some hole in it or maybe daughter look better i can hunt half the land
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