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  1. I to just order a pair on amazon after read hammer review will see if keep my feet warm i use 800gr leather boot for years cancel the spypoint link micro camera so figured i put the money to good uses
  2. From my house to Clinton on Saturday seen a lot of dead deer but when I get to the property there was nothing chasing I think the rut is coming up in the next week.or to
  3. I bought some cheap ones too the instructions said it work with new SD card you didn't have to format it but then I ended up having to go to computer and format them
  4. This year I get to choose between five different crossbows Parker Excalibur and Killer Instinct I still have some bow and my first target bow like hammer it's memories
  5. hey hammer find the guy on ebay how wide is the webbing did you get and big or small loops on the ends
  6. hey hammer you like the rabbit runner over a rope for the tether on your rch which one you use. been look on amazon at some .
  7. the deer on the island grow big with out crops to eat at all it all natural food if you let deer live to right age you can get big deer on the northeast stop shooting at 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 of age
  8. If you let get old you can get nice deer one found was 17 point said to score around high 190
  9. write up in the paper and some of the nice one on the island
  10. Hey send your clothing to insect shield for $10.00 or less per cloth you send no more spray it last 70 wash or lifetime of garment
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