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  1. I've been using plant hangers and screw them in the tree hang my feeders on or use a Wildgame treehugger it's straps to the tree and just poured through the top it within a half hour deer eating out of them I didn't have a squirrel eat them up last year the tree huggers work good for me
  2. thank for offer but i own six crossbow now at one time own 8
  3. On eBay 370frt for sale said use but it look like it never been put together it need cable I got my 9.5pro that way for dirt cheap it was not registered ask if it been registered l got both 370 frt and95.pro to like both killer instinct send me part missing on mine! .
  4. Okay I wasn't getting into full in the discussion but for first-year wearing a green light I got out of blind and out of tree stands with deer in front of me and had deer walking by me or coming at me to walk around me they can't figure out what you are and you don't make enough noise the deer walk around you
  5. i have some like that but use this more time fit nice on hat .
  6. tracy did nice work A1 in my book
  7. dan my free hanging with camera cable lock no box and sheet rock screw and metal band with hole in it for screws
  8. my camera take good night pictures i still have it on 100 free plan and still got first set of battery in have 60% left i using duracell optimum battery i drop to 47% and came back up to 60% great battery camera out in wood 6 month
  9. i bought one for deer hunt adjust height from 30"to 60"
  10. i bought one for deer hunt height is 30 to 60
  11. making some today with vensin sausage
  12. Timbuk2

    People suck

    Hey Hammer mine don't say stolen anymore it doesn't even open on the other options anymore
  13. Hey when you're working at Fishing, show why don't you bring me a couple? Nice job.
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