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NJ Woods & Water 2023-2024 Adult Deer Hunting Contest Rules and Signup

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Welcome to the NJ Woods & Water 2023-2024 Adult Deer Hunting Contest!!!



Reference Links:

Members Entered:

Individual based contest (SIGNUPS OPEN FOR ENTIRE SEASON)

  1. @browning44 (PAID)
  2. @nb6624 (PAID)
  3. @LPJR (PAID)
  4. @CPJR (PAID)
  5. @GoodOleBoysinPA (PAID)
  6. @Cousin Brown (PAID)
  7. @Jcol6268 (PAID)
  8. @electric10162 (PAID)
  9. @Bushnlo (PAID)
  10. @Lphunsjr (PAID)
  11. @KBfishing (PAID)
  12. @Buck154 (PAID)
  13. @electricstart (PAID)
  14. @JerseyJaysTaxidermy (PAID)
  15. @BEAR (PAID)
  16. @vdep217 (PAID)
  17. @Addicted2Snags (PAID)
  18. @Nomad (PAID)
  19. @3Blade (PAID)
  20. @Russ 11 (PAID)
  21. @iluv2hunt (PAID)
  22. @KRuss (PAID)


Team based contest (SIGNUPS CLOSED)

  1. @Ms Grit
  2. @Lady Bird
  3. @browning44
  4. @nb6624
  5. @Bone collector 85
  6. @LPJR
  7. @CPJR
  8. @Rjtfd
  9. @Integracingsr
  10. @GoodOleBoysinPA
  11. @Cousin Brown
  12. @Jcol6268
  13. @06roadking
  14. @electric10162
  15. @jerseyboy32
  16. @hendryhill
  17. @hendryhilljr
  18. @Bushnlo
  19. @Lphunsjr
  20. @KBfishing
  21. @Buck154
  22. @electricstart
  23. @JerseyJaysTaxidermy
  24. @BEAR
  25. @vdep217
  26. @Addicted2Snags
  27. @Nomad
  28. @3Blade
  29. @Russ 11
  30. @iluv2hunt
  31. @KRuss
  32. @rgw


Entry Rules/Fees:

  • Team based:
    • Randomly chosen teams of N members, N to be determined based on the number of entries.
    • Entry fee is FREE
    • Prizes awarded approximately 60% of donations/contributions. 
  • Individual based:
    • Members can enter both Team and Individual contests
    • Entry fee is $10
    • Prizes awarded approximately 40% of donations/contributions plus individual entry fees.

How to Enter the Contest(s):

  • Reply to this topic indicating what contest(s) you are in.
  • Submit applicable payment to enter any fee based contests.
  • If you need to send payment other than PayPal, please PM me and we will arrange for it some other way.
  • Once payment is received, I will update your signup entry to indicate you are PAID! :up:

Official Rules:

  • NJ Woods & Water registered members only are permitted to enter the contest.
  • All deer entered must be from a valid participant in the Team or Individual based contests.
  • Members must enter the Team contest before 2:00PM EDT Thursday September 7th, 2023.
  • Teams will be randomly drawn after 2:00PM EDT Thursday September 7th, 2023.
  • Members can enter the Individual contest any time throughout the season, but contest entries will only be accepted if the animal entered is taken after the member's contest signup date.
  • All entries must be submitted in the NJ Woods & Water 2023-2024 Deer Hunting Contest Teams and Entries topic
  • All deer must be legally harvested in New Jersey.
  • All entries must include the NJDFW Confirmation Number.
  • Hunters may enter TWO deer. Only ONE may be antlered.
  • All deer must be submitted within 14 days after the season in which they were harvested ending, per the zone regulation set dates.
  • Upgrades to existing entries are accepted per the submission guidelines and rules above. No limitations on the number of upgrades.


  • Doe Entries:
    • 10 points each
    • Plus Picture Credit (see below)
  • Buck Entries:
    • 10 points
    • Plus the number of points 1" or longer without rounding up
    • Plus their inside spread to nearest 1/2"
    • Plus the longest tine on the left beam to nearest 1/2"
    • Plus the longest tine on the right beam to nearest 1/2"
    • Plus Picture Credit (see below)

Scoring Credit System:

  • Picture Scoring Credit:
    • Picture of deer only: 2 point
    • Picture of you with the deer: 4 points
    • Picture of you with the deer and weapon used: 6 points
  • Buck Point Credit Scoring:
    • Measurement requirements:
      • Minimum point length is 1" measured from the base of where the tine meets the beam.
        • Rounding up measurement is not permitted in 1" requirement.
      • Measure to the nearest 1/2"
        • Example:
          • 1.0" to 1.24" = 1.0"  (Rounded down)
          • 1.25" to 1.49" = 1.5"  (Rounded up)
          • 1.5" to 1.74" = 1.5" (Rounded down)
          • 1.75" to 2.0" = 2.0" (Rounded up)
      • A rigid or flexible tape may be used.
    • Closeup photos of points not clearly visible or of questionable length must be provided if needed/requested by NJ Woods & Water admin/moderators.  Please do your best, this rarely comes up as an issue.
    • Spike bucks are considered to have only beams and therefore no tines and no qualifying tine measurements.  However a spike with a left and right beam does qualify for spread measurements.
  • Measurement Guideline Videos:
  • Measurement Guideline Pictures:




Contest Entry Format:


Team: {Team Number & Name}
Username: {NJ Woods & Water member username}
Type: {Buck/Doe}
NJDFW Confirmation Number: {confirmation number}
Deer Entry Points: {10 points for doe or buck}
Number of Antlers: {number of antlers measuring 1" or longer without rounding up}
Inside Spread: {inside spread length, rounded to nearest 1/2 "}
Longest Tine on Left Beam: {tine length, rounded to nearest 1/2 "}
Longest Tine on Right Beam: {tine length, rounded to nearest 1/2 "}

10 points  + Picture Credit
Buck:  10 points + Number of Antlers + Inside Spread + Longest Tine on Left Beam + Longest Tine on Right Beam + Picture Credit

Contest Entry Example:


Team: Team 1
Username: Hunter 123
Type: Buck
NJDFW Confirmation Number: 123ABCD
Deer Entry Points: 10 points
Number of Antlers: 10
Inside Spread: 21.5"
Longest Tine on Left Beam: 10.5"
Longest Tine on Right Beam:  11.0"

Buck:  10 points + Number of Antlers + Inside Spread + Longest Tine on Left Beam + Longest Tine on Right Beam + Picture Credit

TOTAL POINTS: 69 points ( 10 + 10 + 21.5 + 10.5 + 11.0 + 6)

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