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  1. Made my own with a 15 amazon sled and PVC tubes..to reinforce ir
  2. I used brain fart. Deer had nose to ground smelling .I made a noise he walked away and came right back. Signal 11 worked for me..
  3. I use 1 pin out to 45. Practice, practice all I can say. Most my deer 22 and under.
  4. It's political and rich privilege..hard work gets you places
  5. Here's mine. All from seeds grown inside
  6. Hat mossy oak hardwoods Beanie mossy oak
  7. going out tomorrow . im gonna sit against a tree ans brush and hope to get one switching from one spot to next..
  8. Strickley archery .Washington nj. Hands down the best. Targeteerscan wipe my .. they are over priced. Over egoed. I'm cover in tattoos n they ignored me. Screw them for 25 yrs they stink
  9. Traditions buckstalker .50 cal combo I Got on gunbroker for 75. Bucks. Took a doe last year with 75 yards..
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