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    bowhunting,all other hunting and fishing.Especially with my kids.
  1. jerseyboy32

    11/14 Check in

    Windy in z7.. 1 doe
  2. jerseyboy32

    Permit bow check in

    Busted twice this morning
  3. jerseyboy32

    10/14 Check In

    In zone 7. Peaceful
  4. I read it over there also. And i think i lostba i.q. point.from reading it.
  5. jerseyboy32

    Great American Outdoor Show - Harrisburg

    I got my trigger for my AR for 120 .I looked it up on my phone n sold 165. Plus shipping. Few knives I got for a good price
  6. Team 8 Permit Bow Buck Nj# 632624w 3 point buck Entry: 10 points Number of points: 3 points Spread credit: 3 points Picture credit: 6 points (Edit BowhunterNJ, since you posted two pics with all the elements) Total points: 22 points
  7. jerseyboy32


    Keep strong n keep positive all around you
  8. jerseyboy32


    I couldn't stand the zone 10 Rut reports..and like I said br. Once the seasons over so am I with that site.. I have reloading question but afraid to ask over there..lol
  9. jerseyboy32

    W&W site

    I'm done with other once the seasons over..
  10. jerseyboy32

    Muzzleloader & Shotgun Season.....

    Remington 870 hastings rifled slug. Nikon scope Traditions buckstalker .50 nikon scope 100 white smoke
  11. jerseyboy32

    Ms Grit---Censored!

    Love it
  12. jerseyboy32

    So, what does everyone do for work around here?

    Auto mechanic
  13. jerseyboy32


    Been in since 3..2 deer no shot..hopefully the golden hour will produce a deer or 2