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    bowhunting,all other hunting and fishing.Especially with my kids.
  1. I read it over there also. And i think i lostba i.q. point.from reading it.
  2. I got my trigger for my AR for 120 .I looked it up on my phone n sold 165. Plus shipping. Few knives I got for a good price
  3. Team 8 Permit Bow Buck Nj# 632624w 3 point buck Entry: 10 points Number of points: 3 points Spread credit: 3 points Picture credit: 6 points (Edit BowhunterNJ, since you posted two pics with all the elements) Total points: 22 points
  4. jerseyboy32


    Keep strong n keep positive all around you
  5. I couldn't stand the zone 10 Rut reports..and like I said br. Once the seasons over so am I with that site.. I have reloading question but afraid to ask over there..lol
  6. I'm done with other once the seasons over..
  7. Remington 870 hastings rifled slug. Nikon scope Traditions buckstalker .50 nikon scope 100 white smoke
  8. Been in since 3..2 deer no shot..hopefully the golden hour will produce a deer or 2
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