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  1. Can't see any pictures.
  2. Go get the 10 Saturday. Good luck!
  3. Ruts about over if you listen to Turkeywing. He posted this 10 days ago. With the rut on it's last dey todey i suggest siting tite for a dey or to and we may haves some post rut activity. Post rut can bee as rewarding as full blown out rut if no how to hunt these big neckswollen hogs. Please PM me if you would like sum pointers. The post rut will only last till Friday. Also i have sum reel good doe yourin for the post rut pm me if you want sum Good Luck
  4. You are cold and wet in your pop up blind?
  5. Congrats! What kind of bow do you shoot?
  6. Of course, switch, a chance for 2 bucks instead of 1. And...I would say the chances are good of you tagging out during permit before the 9th.
  7. I'm sure Mallard will answer also. For me, scouting is hunting. You go into the woods and look for a buck and kill him, whether it be still hunting or tracking. During your hunts if you find good sign it may be a spot to sit for a while or a place to come back to and sit for a while again.
  8. Nice group he shot on that buck!
  9. OK, thanks for taking the time to write that up. I'll fill out two each time.
  10. I've read the digest over a few times and it is still a little confusing to me. I always fill out the tag attached to my license and an extra harvest report card. Once the tags are used that are attached to my license I only fill out the harvest report card.
  11. My brother in law keeps his cocked all season, until he shoots something.
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