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  1. Act in reasonable manner and you will be good. No concrete laws on how you should act as a victim of a crime. Act reasonably, erring on the side of caution. Each case/ scenario will be judged by the totality of the circumstances. Each "judge" may have different perspectives on what is "reasonable", under the circumstances. Best to yell, "get the f away from my car and call 911", unless you are protecting self or family.
  2. Yep, I recognize those lights.
  3. He probably shaved and waxed his head to avoid detection by now...
  4. Ha, ha, I can hear old Judge Cooperman of Rockaway Twp. (many years ago). "Well, we have pictures of you trespassing and with your hands on a stolen stand and you expect me to believe you didn't take it?". "I hope you brought your tooth brush with you". (will be needed in jail).
  5. Shit, our detectives would have this guy strung up a charged in a heartbeat. More than enough evidence. It's very, very rare to have anyone refuse giving a statement if asked, and persuaded in the right way. As far as the court proceeding on the charges, there are some towns that have real good judges that would hang this guy just for the pictures and others that are, lets say, more liberal.
  6. He'll get that one this fall.
  7. F'ing slaughter! Having a minor degree in psychology, I am pretty sure you have a turkey psychosis. Were you ever chased or attacked by a turkey as a child? Congrats.
  8. Setting up where they want to go is good. I have called in many gobblers in the afternoon.
  9. I have the same rifle, with an EOtech and magnifier, have not shot it yet.
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