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  1. I guess it depends how tight a fit you have. I wear them pretty snug up in Maine walking 6-10 miles a day. Feet get soaked in them also from sweat. My feet stay a lot dryer in the Mucks. May not be applicable for NJ hunting with short walks to and from stand.
  2. I believe it. Had mine for 2 years still good. Got a couple gashes thru the sides of my Lacrosse up in Maine. Walking thru those cuts can be bad. I know mucks and briars are not too good, get ripped up if you wear them outside your pants.
  3. Get Mucks, much lighter and easier to get on and off. Wore Lacrosse for many years.
  4. Never wear my Lacrosse now that I have Mucks.
  5. Maybe Donna was pissed and wanted her sign back...
  6. That's a great story. I know where you are going to be spending some time next season also!
  7. Congratulations! Nice big deer. So what about the first one you grunted in, was it really big?
  8. I climbed a tall ladder today to clean my gutters. No safety belt or harness. Call me crazy.
  9. I got one like that yesterday 10:15 am. Have to zoom in to see it. Might be a double beam not sure. Too bad he snapped of the end of his left beam.
  10. I don’t need any more bows, that being said I’m sure you could kill a deer with it and shoot well with it provided it was in serviceable condition.
  11. You’re going back to a real bow Bob?
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