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  1. It is what it is. My brother was the chick magnet.
  2. Good for them! Good luck with Gonzaga.
  3. And they never will be. lol
  4. Go MSU, class of 85'.
  5. I saw that. Maryland opens on April 20th.
  6. Thinking about taking my son on a charter for Stripers over his spring break, April 19-28. I know they get some huge ones down there. Anyone ever go or can recommend a charter captain down there? Thanks.
  7. You always need a spare flintlock.
  8. I used to have permission to fish off the Earle Navy Pier. Drive right out snag bunker and drop, was unreal fishing. Had some great years with my kids there.
  9. I've caught them up to 20 off the beach, but can't get one bigger. Although I only make a few trips down a year.
  10. Glad you reached your goal. I have numerous large garbage bags full of antlers, I don't need anymore.lol
  11. I guess I'll keep fishing the beach then.
  12. Did you forget to mention the 40,000 dollar boat?
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