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  1. Busy Sunday!

    I just split all that wood in my mind with my maul. Looks like nice straight grain for hand splitting.
  2. Opening Day Tomorrow

    I got a picture of one with 7 beards, +10 inch beard, and 2" hooks I'm hoping to see tomorrow. Are the teams picked for the contest yet? Good luck to everyone.
  3. Pre opening day

    Dinner and lodging too!?
  4. Opening Day Tomorrow

    Looks like perfect weather for it.
  5. Hope/Frelinghuysen Border

    I think I'll go over there and practice my calling tomorrow. See what works and what doesn't...
  6. Nice Brown Trout

    They own the Saddle River or just the pond behind the fence? I used to fish the Saddle River that ran behind the club, but that was back in the mid to late 70's. If I had to guess I would say that it would probably be all posted now.
  7. Hope/Frelinghuysen Border

    I just went passed there and saw 2 trucks out in the field and guys setting up pop up blinds. Looked like they were arguing.
  8. Nice Brown Trout

    Very nice fish! When I lived in Oradell as a kid my Mom would drop me off at the Saddle River at day break and then pick me up at dark. Caught some nice browns in there. Fished some of the holes around the Joe Jefferson Club. Brings back memories.
  9. Raynas youth hunt.

    Any feathers missing, from any of em? My oldest daughter was a notorious turkey killer and misser, from age 10-13. lol Just about pulled my hair out with some of her misses. Pretty sure she was jerking the trigger. Best of luck, hope you get one! Enjoy the time together.
  10. 2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    The exact thing happened to us Lou. Gobbling like crazy on the roost, but we couldn't get any of them to come in early.
  11. Gobbler Down!

    Had a gobbler going early. Non stop gobbling. Then we heard some hens. Sounded like he was within 100 yards or so, but never saw him. One hen did pass us at 30 yards. Tried to move in and got him started again, but then heard some crazy yelping, like another hunter and the gobbler was gone. Went to another spot and saw a gobbler and two hens on the drive into the property. We moved into position and had him come in to 30 yards. I could see his head and neck stick up over the hill, and I could see that he spotted us. I told my son to shoot, but he couldn't see the head. A little aggravating, but we moved to another spot. By now it was 10, and this one area I always seem to have birds come thru late in the morning, so we set up there and made some call every so often. All of a sudden this bird comes up the hill and right to us, never made a sound. Son knocked him down at 30 yards. 23#, 1" spurs, and 10.5 inch beard. After we checked it in we stopped and bought another permit. He wants to go Monday before school , so we will give that a try, for an hour and a half and then I will probably go back and hunt for a while longer before getting some work done. Nice morning, heavy frost, clear, no wind.
  12. Youth day 2018

    Very nice! Congrats!!
  13. 2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    No luck here either. Very very close call but he couldn’t get a shot. Going to stay put until 12 and see.