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  1. Yeah but you might be famous for getting the bear season reinstated.
  2. On another note I would keep biking the white trail as much as possible, we need somebody to be the sacrificial lamb.
  3. You better start practicing jingling your keys, blowing your whistle, and spraying your 2 ounces of bear spray at the same time. It’s not as easy as one would think, especially while pedaling at full speed.
  4. No self respecting fish would bite on that jimmy rigged pole!
  5. They will get them all someday anyway! Nice that you have a kid that appreciates it. Hope she has great luck with it!
  6. I don't always fish for marlin in the surf, but when I do I usually catch sea robins.
  7. I might get one so I can watch TV without having to watch out the window at the bait pile all the time...
  8. You mean in the tree next to the cedar with the peeling bark? I think that's a clump of leaves.
  9. Nice. I biked down to the Paulinskill Trail and ran 3 miles and then biked back. So, it was a 3 mile run and 10 mile bike.
  10. Thank you. that’s what I was asking.
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