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  1. Gross score this year?
  2. Come over to my house I have plenty of logs in all kinds of assorted weights you can lift. lol
  3. I have two, don't need this one. Multi Fletcher and 6 straight clamps. $60. For NJWW members with 100 posts or more. Warren County.
  4. Would love to, but will be in Maine that week, freezing and seeing little if anything. lol
  5. I have this one from Tractor Supply. Runs my whole house been great so far. Bought it on LPJR's recommendation. Reasonable price. https://www.tractorsupply.com/tsc/product/champion-power-equipment-100296-7500-watt-dual-fuel-portable-generator-with-electric-start
  6. Nomad

    Any guesses?

    Just got the enhanced pic back.
  7. Had many, many, bear encounters, like some others on here. In the woods hunting, hiking, around the house and professionally. I would say they are nothing to worry about for the most part. Never had any problems with females with cubs, although I'm sure they can be a problem. Some of the males have no fear, but they will usually move off. Don't trust them, that's all I will say. Good to have some kind of defense. Spray, gun, or a fat, slow friend.
  8. The problem I have with the bear spray is I keep spraying it all over myself as I am running.
  9. The wasp spray works pretty good.
  10. Nomad

    Any guesses?

    Looking more like a mountain lion now...
  11. Nomad

    Any guesses?

    Maybe a dog.
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