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  1. Nomad

    R.I.P. Nanny

    Sorry for your loss. Great woman!
  2. Nomad

    These NEVER get old!

    Was talking to a tree climber a while back. Kind of guy who climbs up to the top of trees hanging and cutting 60 feet up. He said one thing he would never do is stand on a ladder to cut a tree.
  3. Damn attic was probably so damn hot that the thing passed out. You saved it by getting out into the fresh air. Nice job.
  4. I like the shore I hate the traffic and people.
  5. Put it in the bushes and tonight it will find it's Mom and they will fly away to Disney Land.
  6. Great area. Have hunted and vacationed in that area a lot.
  7. Have not seen one in a while. Cool!
  8. Nomad


    Oh, stop it!!
  9. Nomad


    Ha, ha, what will they think of next!
  10. Been all around there, but never in Jackman. They get a lot of snow there. If I moved up there it would be "Down East", along the coast. They get hit with some of the coastal storms there, but don't get the snow depth all winter like inland.
  11. I got an estimate from OK, they seemed very high.
  12. Engel's Repair in Hope and A Tech in Blairstown. Having a 6.5 inch lift put in at Engel's on Monday.
  13. No matter how big a shed you get it is never big enough. lol
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