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  1. I have a Winchester 94 XTR in .375 Win. I was on the waiting list at Buds Gun Shop for ammo. Twice they said it was in and twice they cancelled my order after I ordered it. Must be giving it to their friends to sell on ebay. Scum bags.
  2. Nomad

    Well... Truck post?

    Give it to your wife and get a F350.
  3. Sounds just like Pineboy and the gang doing pushes.
  4. Nomad

    Well... Truck post?

    2020? I have one ordered I'm waiting for.
  5. Nomad

    Well... Truck post?

    Cool truck! Looks like about a 6 inch lift on there. What size tires are those?
  6. I like Trump, but I still have to laugh at some of the shit he does and says. lol
  7. I bought some of the Gama's size 10. I caught some fish on my mustad hook and when I lost it on a log, I tied the Gama size 10 on. Had two hits and caught 2 trout. So, 2 for 2 so far. Good start. Thanks.
  8. From the title I thought maybe he drank Clorox or something...
  9. Over the years I seem to have a poor hookup percentage using powerbait and size 10 or 12 mustad baitholder hooks. I tried real small trebles a few years ago, but that didn't seem to help much. Perhaps it is just what it is, and some days they swallow the bait and you do better and other days they are just nibbling. Have you found any hooks that seem to work real well with Powerbait?
  10. Nice pics. I put the rain jacket on and caught a bunch of trout. One big one that gave me a heck of a fight. He lost and now he is in the freezer.
  11. Snagged a few shad in the Paulinskill this evening, throwing spinners.
  12. I wish the VFW would have a big Memorial Day gathering somewhere. I dare Murphy to intervene. That would be his undoing.
  13. Got 12 tonight with my son. Stream loaded with fish.
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