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  1. That’s a road kill!!!
  2. Nice Jack! Swhacker? Is that the one you were after?
  3. That stuff is covering everything around here.
  4. You could probably sell them in Camden any time....
  5. Mama hen was back with 10 chicks. 1 less than last time. Getting big.
  6. Now we will see nearly every type and brand of boots recommended....
  7. You can replace the blades on the 150 grain Swhackers, don't know about the others.
  8. The deer I have shot with Swhackers have been from my xbow, which is very loud. Probably cause an all out death run even if I missed. lol
  9. Yeah Jack, when you blow thru the shoulder blade the deer definitely knows something happened. All out death run time! lol I have come to the conclusion that a quiet bow, zipping an arrow thru the ribs(lungs), of an unalarmed deer can equal the deer not going very far at all. Maybe a few big leaps and then standing around and falling over dead. Sound and/or hard impact, can cause a calm or alarmed deer to go on the all out death run. If the shot is good you are going to find them, but some will go further than the others.
  10. Bigger one never showed. Usually with these two. Son had fun, one of them looked right into the window. lol
  11. Got the boy out there, has two bucks in front of him now waiting for the bigger one.
  12. Had to stay late for practice, not going to make it. Bucks will surely come in tonight. lol
  13. Nomad

    New Xbow (pics)

    You did pretty good fishing this summer.....
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