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  1. Good chart. Seems pretty much right on.
  2. Going to watch for the big second half comeback. Maybe a new quarterback.
  3. Way to show the kid how to do it Pops! Congrats!
  4. I heard they’re finding them dead up in Vermont, first time ever up there.
  5. Coming home last night after a football game I came to stop at a stop sign in a rural area with my headlights illuminating a field. I see eyes out in the field and then see deer running all over. Back and forth, stopping starting, big bucks chasing back and forth, does running, does lying down, bucks coming over, does jumping up, running, total mayhem. Probably 15 deer that I could see. Z5
  6. Pile of sand against a hill.
  7. It's all the new shooters, they are reloading also.
  8. Something is going on and I'm not sure what. And don't give me that, they are making it 24/7, and millions of new gun owners, B.S.! The millions of new gun owners are not finding any ammo either!
  9. Here is some info. for you to review. https://www.ntsb.gov/news/events/Documents/2014_Tire_Safety_SYM_Panel_4b_Kane.pdf
  10. If he was using the vehicle locally, around town with no highway driving or long trips it might be OK.
  11. He doesn't put a lot of miles on his tires. He wants to know if a 10 year old tire with few miles is OK.
  12. Yes, they can come apart at anytime at highway speeds. 5 to 8 is probably good advice, I wouldn't push it pass 10 though even if they are garage kept. IMHO
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