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  1. Nomad

    How can i find out if my 870 shoots 3in

    Oh well you can please everybody LOL
  2. Nomad

    Is my venison bad?

    Eat it.
  3. They have a right to fly their drone, and you have a right to practice your weighted treble hook, distance casting.
  4. Nomad

    Just stared to rain

    I think a "confused" emogi may be in order here.
  5. Nomad

    How can i find out if my 870 shoots 3in

    Put a 3 inch in, close your eyes and yank the trigger like usual, and see if she fires and ejects.
  6. Nomad

    Trapper Coming to my Land

    Farmer probably figured you were going to put a bullet thru his house or sue him. lol
  7. Nomad

    Trapper Coming to my Land

    I think they are just afraid of you and Mazzgolf.
  8. Nomad

    Trapper Coming to my Land

    I’ll trap there if I can deer hunt.
  9. Nomad

    Is this your box blind?

    I saw you on the tracks and don't call me creepy...
  10. I would like one of those shirts
  11. He didn't actually do any of the above. Keep friends close and enemies closer. He knows exactly what he is doing. And so far is doing an exemplary job on all fronts.
  12. Nomad

    Thousand Islands Fishing

    No, what are they getting, salmon?