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  1. I am the lady who shot the bear. I was on the lease last year and have a paypal receipt for being on the lease again this year. I baited the property several times and hunted it once. Sorry for not responding sooner, but since August, my 92 year old dad has been in the hospital more than home. My hunting and social media time has been limited. I am not privy to all of what is or has gone on in reference to others leasing the property and/or the land owner.
  2. Thank you for asking. I won't be able to run the youth contest this year, so thank you for taking over. I will send a donation as soon as the donation thread is up.
  3. Check out the facebook page "The Truth about Jersey Blue Claw Crabs." There's always great information there and Nick, the page owner, crabs several days a week and is always willing to share hot spot information.
  4. I was stuck in Costa Rica for almost 3 months. Right now I’m in Lake Ontario fishing. Been making lots of rendered bear fat soaps.
  5. I should have stayed stuck in Costa Rica . . .
  6. And that’s why I’m staying put for at least the next 30 days, very little to minimal exposure risk here.
  7. We went souvenir shopping, lol
  8. As many of you know I spend several weeks of March here in Costa Rica, but this year it seems it will be several months. My flight home has been cancelled and my choices are to take a flight a week later with 3-4 stops costing me 3 times my original cost or wait til May 5th. Since I’m staying in a small fishing village, my only true exposure is to my boat captain whose other charters already cancelled. It’s a no brainer for me since as the world as we know it is falling apart, I’m down here having the best time I’ve ever had here. Now dontcha all feel sorry for me ? lol
  9. And a big Thank You to LPJR for filling in for me during my absent times . . .
  10. NJ Woods & Water 2019-2020 Youth Deer Hunting Contest Results First Place: Tie Between Team 1 and Team 2 Each of the youth of both teams will receive a $85 Cabelas Gift Card Team 1...........................................35 Christopher (LPJR).....................11 Cabelas Gift Card Ordered 3/1/20 Rayna (nb6624). . . . . . . . . . . . . 13 Cabelas Gift Card Ordered 3/1/20 Declan (Bonefreak).....................11 Cabelas Gift Card Ordered 3/1/20 Maria (resquecfd) Cabelas Gift Card Ordered 3/1/20
  11. I should have everything wrapped up by this week-end . . . going CRAZY at work right now . . .
  12. From the sign up page: In case of a tie, the highest total number of antler points will decide the winner. If this does not resolve the tie, total number of bucks taken will be next. If this still does not decide, the winning team will be drawn from a hat.
  13. Just giving you a "Heads Up" . . . getting Declan's 6 pt posted will result in a tie for first place !!! You have until midnight on Saturday, February 22, 2020 to post the required information.
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