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  1. Ms Grit

    Not just AI, he is for real ...

    Look who Donna (Lady Bird) and I ran in to while attending the Wanaque FOP Lodge #145 Annual Venison Dinner, our very own, in real life Haskell Hunter !!!
  2. It was great meeting you both and thanks so much for your donation to the youth hunt, but can I please srand on a chair next time we take a picture together? I feel like a pipsqueek, lol. It was great meeting new members and catching up with old friends as well. Merry Christmas Everyone !!!
  3. I don't have the supply I usually do (Mike is having his engagement party next Saturday night and requested my bear fat soaps as favors) but I can bring a dozen or so to add to the door prizes.
  4. So, I hate to be the "I wasn't paying attention" one, but I wasn't . . . sorry, too much going on right now . . . what time tonight please ?
  5. Ms Grit

    Madison is ready for the woods!

    Congratulations !!! What a true blessing . . .
  6. He had an unusually large head for his size. I shot because I could see the distinctive V, but he only weighed in at just over 200 lbs.
  7. I worked this morning. Didn’t even head out until after one. Ten to five this guy tried sneaking behind me. Needless to say, he wasn’t very successful, but I was. Watched him drop 50 yards from where he was when I shot and I got to hear the death moan too.
  8. Ms Grit

    One of our own being attacked

    Guys, it’s the rut ... go hunt ...
  9. Ms Grit

    One of our own being attacked

    They have no way to hurt me. Their internet found “facts” are incorrect. So I sit here in VA hunting amused by their antics.
  10. Scoreboard Updated . . . Congratulations Gentlemen and Lady !!!
  11. Ms Grit

    Bear Meat

    I always use Joe from 57 West. His bear sausage is out of this world great !!! And his prices have always been reasonable too.
  12. Take a look at some of these FB pages. The anti hunters are not just coming after Bear Hunting in New Jersey, they want to stop ALL bear hunting nationwide !!! https://www.facebook.com/groups/840630369292741/ They're also coming after Deer Hunting . . . NOW IS THE TIME TO DONATE !!! NOW IS THE TIME TO BECOME INVOLVED !!! The New Jersey Outdoor Alliance, Safari Club International and the Sportsmen’s Alliance have joined forces to challenge New Jersey Gov. Philip Murphy’s executive order to close state lands to an ongoing legal and scientifically backed black bear hunt. NJOA, SCI and the Sportsmen’s Alliance will file suit in New Jersey state court. Article below . . . https://www.insidernj.com/press-release/hunting-leaders-join-forces-battle-new-jersey-black-bear-hunt-ban/
  13. Congratulations Christopher & David Well done gentlemen !!! Didn't I see on a thread last week (maybe even earlier) where Lily (bushden) got a doe? I don't see her entry here? SCOREBOARD UPDATED