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  1. Ms Grit

    Wonder if. Mystery

    Would be nice, but nope, not me . . .
  2. Ms Grit

    When you draw the line .

    Use your phone to video the incident (if it happens again) and call a CO.
  3. Shout out to Mike Bush of Mountain Mike’s Sports Shop !!! Thanks for the Gift Package Donation times 3 for the Youth Contest !!!
  4. Congratulations !!! Waiting on pictures . . .
  5. Ms Grit

    Rainy day Target buck down!

    Nice Buck . . . Congratulations !!!
  6. Awesome job Jr !!! And great job Dad too !!! What awesome memories you 2 keep making !!!
  7. Way To Go Lily !!! Congratulations to you both !!! Lily's on Team 4, so please remember to go post her picture with her deer and also the confirmation number. Please block out any last name, CID number and other information you feel should be kept private. If you have any problems doing this, contact me as I would be more than willing to help you out. Congratulations again !!! What an amazing memory !!!
  8. Posting for High Guy, Chris Jr, Team 5 8 Point Buck
  9. Team 6, Doe on the board 16 points
  10. Ms Grit

    09/08 Opening day check in!

    Been in a blind for over an hour already. Some drizzles here.
  11. Ms Grit

    Good Luck To All The Hunters !!!!

    Best of Luck to everyone !!!
  12. Oh really, but I'm not cheap, Bloody Mary, no wine Thanks
  13. Ms Grit

    Live to Hunt...Got You On Camera !!!

    Why? Just WHY ?