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  1. Oh WOW !!! Congratulations !!! Ride that high !!!
  2. Please tell her the buck is only a bonus. It’s the memories with you that makes it a successful hunt. But also tell her to keep the faith and it will all come together when it’s supposed to and that it will be worth the wait. Patience and persistence ...
  3. Beautiful Buck ... Congratulations !!!
  4. What an awesome trophy! Congratulations!
  5. With my 92 yr old dad out of the hospital again, I came down here for a DIY Hunt on private property I have access to hunt. I have a cell camera I have here year-round and haven’t seen anything spectacular but have had a several unique rack bucks that I would shoot on the camera. Well, two days ago dad was readmitted into the hospital with not only pneumonia but a positive test for Covid. He is in quarantine. Mom, although tested negative for Covid is at home under quarantine. I cannot see either one of them and there is absolutely nothing I can do if I return home so I decided to stay here an
  6. Awesome !!! Congratulations to your wife !!!
  7. First off, there’s always 3 sides to every story, person A, person B and the truth which is usually somewhere in between. Right now my 92 year old father is still/again in the hospital DIEING, so excuse me for not really giving 2 shits about anybody else’s problems or wanting to get involved in them.
  8. I find that very strange as I’ve had barrels there for two years, cameras there since the beginning of August, a receipt for my payment, a placard for my truck, and was given the lock code when it was changed. I also have insurance through the New Jersey Federation of Sportsmen.
  9. Ms Grit

    Piebald Doe

    Absolutely. You can laugh at me, but when I first saw her coming through the trees I thought she looked like a friend’s llama. Then when she got closer I wondered if she were a big dog. I had to do a double take to make sure she was really a deer. Then, with my dad in the hospital, I wondered if she were a sign. I finally decided that no matter what, he would encourage me to shoot a once in a lifetime deer. And then as I was standing next to a tree where she dropped, after circling me several times while I was on the phone with my mom checking on my dad, a spike came in within 15 feet of me. T
  10. Nice One. Congratulations to your brother !!!
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