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  1. It’s a sad place we are in and I am truly glad I am in the 2nd half of my life. I honestly do not want to be around in 35 years to see what becomes of humanity.
  2. And we all have to respect each other’s freedom (what’s left of it) to make our own choices
  3. So I am probably of a different thought process than the majority of people but since I had been exposed three times, I went to the doctors in February and said just run the antibody test and see if I had it and didn’t know. Well, she’s been bugging me for 10 years to run a general blood work up on me and I have been denying it, but since we were taking blood for the antibody test I finally said OK but I’m not gonna change anything about my life or what I do or what I eat or drink. Well when the blood test came back, everything was perfect so I said good, now leave me alone and let me continue with my life. And that’s pretty much how I feel about the whole Covid stuff ... I refuse to be so afraid of dying that I forget how to live ...
  4. And if the screwball in the White House says I need a card to get on a bus, I’ll just stay home
  5. Ms Grit


    I am confident that I spoke with the correct person at my Township Police Department and gave them a detailed list as I believed there were specific things that needed to be done based on what was in the list and they gave me detailed instructions which again, I believe to be credible instructions. It wasn’t just that because he was my dad they were automatically mine, specific firearms required a will that they were left to me.
  6. Ms Grit


    When my Dad passed away in November (he lived in P.A.) I called my township police department and followed their instructions. I’m not saying what he had or how many, but they gave me what I believe to be legitimate information.
  7. I’ve been directly exposed 3 times, once helping take care of my dad before he passed away, and I did not get sick. I was recently tested for the antibodies, which I do not have. My dr said I must have a good immune system. I’m good with that for me. We all must make whatever decision we believe is best for ourselves.
  8. Good Luck. You couldn’t pay me enough ...
  9. Congratulations to your daughter. The best piece of advice I can give you is that even though she will be away at school, keep her as close to you as possible as colleges are one of the best places for our youth to be indoctrinated into the lunacy of the left wing liberalism. I lost two of my children to the idiotic ideology while they were away at college and I no longer recognize them as the children I raised. My third, who did not go away to college is still normal.
  10. Oh WOW !!! Congratulations !!! Ride that high !!!
  11. Please tell her the buck is only a bonus. It’s the memories with you that makes it a successful hunt. But also tell her to keep the faith and it will all come together when it’s supposed to and that it will be worth the wait. Patience and persistence ...
  12. Beautiful Buck ... Congratulations !!!
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