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  1. BEAR

    4/20 still holding

    two bucks with him started growing
  2. BEAR


    out yesterday April 4th, still holding
  3. Still holding!! I seen theses bucks about a month ago and haven't seen them again until today. I have been checking the area for their sheds regularly but couldn't find any . Today I know why.. LOL IMG_2297_Trim.mp4 IMG_2297_Trim.mp4
  4. BEAR

    Funeral Service

    Condolences Jack
  5. I agree!!! Be thankful you are still doing it. I 'm grateful at 64 still going strong ,but I feel like a whimp ,when I'm out with my friend Arnold who still going strong at 91 and my brother who has stage four cancer Lungs and colon still out with me all the time.. Neither one letting the OLD man in
  6. Booker, Murphy, and Menendez should have all burned in the MARCAL fire . 3 biggest NJ pieces of shit !!!!!! Can't wait until the Dem's tear each other apart . Booker couldn't make a pimple on TRUMPS ass.....
  7. BEAR


    thanks got at Davis
  8. BEAR


    Where can you purchase pyrodex 50/50 in NJ ???
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