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  1. I received the same gun as a present in 1971 Purchased at Targeteers $75 They gave discounts then LOL
  2. BEAR

    Anyone concern??

    I agree 100% with you !! I've seen so much in the last few weeks its' Crazy just an example, in Sandy Hook Sunday No Dogs allowed (March 15 to sept 15) But a person of color comes on beach with dog. Ranger comes up to her and said you can't have dog on beach this time of year This woman flipped out on the ranger, her rights are being violated , called him every name in the book and that he is racially profiling her. His back up came 3 other rangers. After 1/2 hour of her speaking her mind they finally got her to walk off with the dog , JUST SAYING!! RULES DONT APPLY TO EVERYONE ANY MORE airport was 10 times worse
  3. Happy Birthday Jay!!
  4. I signed my wife and my self up to the NJ vaccine scheduling site in January and any other site I could find. I kept trying 24/7. I finally get an email you can get a shot We had to go to Gloucester Mega site 2hr ride ,( Bergen county resident) but we were happy to get shots. So I am not computer savvy, but I know seniors who were actually in tears that they didn't even know how to sign up om the NJ site. I tried 24/7 for them and a few other 65+ friends that are not computer people. I did manage to get everyone appointments and all have received at least one shot . I sent people from Toms river to CVS in Brigantine. And the rest to Gloucester county Mega site which I drove them because it was to far for them to drive. I am not looking for any kudos . I am just PISSED off at the way the state is not taking care of seniors. Then I find out people had code words to get appointments in Bergen county , plus others computer savvy .under age limit, just put they had underlying conditions (because the vaccine sites can't ask what condition you have)and they got in . NJ should take care of the seniors first. The politicians know how to reach out to them when they need a vote. vented!!
  5. Sorry for your loss Jay . May she rest in Peace.
  6. BEAR

    Post Office!!!

    Last week I had a package from California to me Tracked it all the way across country to Hackensack , Last tracking days, out for delivery. NO DELIVERY. Checked the next day for tracking ,Package LOST!! contact sender.. WTF!!!
  7. Congrats !! Welcome to the Club. I retired 5 years ago after 42 yrs on the railroad ! I don't miss a day of it. The BEST is YET to Come for you!!!
  8. Cat watching deer c
  9. film bobcat with phone in Nov trying to get tree rats
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