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  1. BEAR

    Tom the butcher

    Thanks kanigie Glad he is open l’ll see him soon
  2. BEAR

    Tom the butcher

    Has anyone used Tom this year.
  3. BEAR

    10 Pt down...

    Congrats!!!!! Mike
  4. BEAR

    Bergen county buck pic

    Saw this one there a few weeks ago
  5. BEAR

    Recall Booker

    Booker is a tool.. He screwed up in Newark... Booker for PRESIDENT LMFAO
  6. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE August 21, 2018 CONTACT: Assembly Press Office / 609-847-3400 Senate Press Office / 609-847-3600 Oroho, Space, Wirths denounce Murphy’s bear hunt order Sen. Steve Oroho and Assemblymen Parker Space and Hal Wirths today called Gov. Phil Murphy’s executive order stopping bear hunts on state lands a dangerous play that increases the likelihood of human encounters with the animals. “The Murphy administration needs to put aside politics and personal feelings about hunting and look at the bigger picture,” said Oroho (R-Sussex, Warren, Morris). “This issue is and always will be a serious matter of public safety. There are a number of examples, including people being killed.” Oroho said that when Gov. Jon Corzine canceled the hunt in 2006, adults and children were afraid to go outside because the bear population was not adequately controlled, and sightings in neighborhoods occurred multiple times daily. “We don’t want to go back to not managing the bear population properly,” continue Oroho. “It is ironic that when a bear is sighted in urban settings, schools get locked down and multiple police departments respond to tranquilize the bear before relocating it. If safety isn’t an issue what’s the reason for concern?” “This is a self-serving attempt to placate extremists while increasing the likelihood of a dangerous encounter with a bear,” said Space (R-Sussex, Warren, Morris). “Once again, Murphy is more concerned about politics.”
  7. BEAR

    Sussex county butcher.

    Huntington Butcher Jimmy Riccardo 51 Old Franklin School RD. Pittstown, NJ 08867 908-797-2315
  8. My 2017 nine pointer , Another Great Job by Jay , I put him up next to some friends.
  9. BEAR

    Summit stand and safety vest

    Thanks we did nice meeting you also good luck hunting
  10. BEAR

    Summit stand and safety vest

    TTT $75 summit climber and safety vest
  11. Has anything changed or has this been upgraded ?