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  1. Happy Birthday Jay!!
  2. I signed my wife and my self up to the NJ vaccine scheduling site in January and any other site I could find. I kept trying 24/7. I finally get an email you can get a shot We had to go to Gloucester Mega site 2hr ride ,( Bergen county resident) but we were happy to get shots. So I am not computer savvy, but I know seniors who were actually in tears that they didn't even know how to sign up om the NJ site. I tried 24/7 for them and a few other 65+ friends that are not computer people. I did manage to get everyone appointments and all have received at least one shot . I sent people
  3. Sorry for your loss Jay . May she rest in Peace.
  4. BEAR

    Post Office!!!

    Last week I had a package from California to me Tracked it all the way across country to Hackensack , Last tracking days, out for delivery. NO DELIVERY. Checked the next day for tracking ,Package LOST!! contact sender.. WTF!!!
  5. Congrats !! Welcome to the Club. I retired 5 years ago after 42 yrs on the railroad ! I don't miss a day of it. The BEST is YET to Come for you!!!
  6. Cat watching deer c
  7. film bobcat with phone in Nov trying to get tree rats
  8. BEAR


    GilV was first Sorry
  9. BEAR


    All sold in a bundle for $150 pending pickup
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