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  1. Buck154


    Contact any CO and show them when turkey season comes in and they will show you how
  2. I know some guys have put in for it for over 15 years and haven't drawn yet and other guys that drew in a couple.
  3. Good luck. I plan on going this afternoon for a doe hunt. Required to take at least one more.
  4. Never seen any animals take a trophy rock so if you are not in a bear area it could be another hunter. Hide another cam up high to see.
  5. Buck154

    Doe Rescue

    That's cool. She didn't move till they set her on the solid ground and then she went like nothing ever happened.
  6. Spread the word.... the Birds are coming The birds are coming
  7. Buck154


    Cool looking!!! I would let it walk
  8. Buck154

    Coyote Killed By Dad

    Yeah i doubt he can choke it out but maybe was able to stump on him to death
  9. I'm shooting the 300 gr. Hornady SST's with 100 grains of BlackHorn.
  10. If a heavy deer then drag the sled up on a hill if possible. In this case there is a wood chip pile on my property I was able to back up to.
  11. Yeah there's no way a 180# if so the one I shot in bow season was 250#+...on scale was 190#.
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