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  1. Buck154

    How would you have handled this???

    Just go sit in his stand next time you think he will go hunting and say "Oh I just wanted to see what's by your stand" LOL
  2. Buck154

    Venison Quesadillas

  3. Buck154

    Squirrel Hunter Dies

    Why would someone eat the brains Guess it didn't make him smarter
  4. Buck154

    Upright vs Chest Freezers

    For food i would go with the upright over a chest. Easy to see what you have . Chest freezer stuff gets buried to much. Chest freezer are good for bait,deer heads, deer hides or if a trapper all other hides if no time to flesh right away.
  5. Buck154

    free seasoned firewood

    How much do you have and are they Logs that have to be cut to size and split or just rounds not split?
  6. Buck154

    My Tahoe is done!

    The truck is in pretty good shape for the miles. We went shad fishing in the spring together.
  7. Buck154

    Shotgun Choice For 6 Day ?

    Probably the crossbow but you never know i might take the H&R or Muzzleloader
  8. Glad you got some kids finally. Hope they have great success
  9. Buck154

    Compound Bow shooting ?

    Do as you are doing and shoot as much as you can. Join a indoor archery league for the winter time. You will meet some top notch ahooter and a lot will help.
  10. Buck154

    Moose burger

    Looks great . You keep showing off all the great moose dishes to all of us, think yoh need to bring to the W&W get together
  11. See what happens when you put Tink69 in the grass!!!!!
  12. Buck154

    Hog hunt...

    Better find a place quick before she starts looking into other kind of vacation...lol Sounds like you have a keeper
  13. Buck154

    My Tahoe is done!

    Matt she has treated you well. Lot of miles. Might be time for a new or lot newer one. Which way you going,,,new or preowned ?
  14. Buck154

    Poacher Caught !!!

    Nice. He probably saw the pictures online and decided to go hunt it..
  15. Buck154

    First burn with the new insert....

    Nice on those cold nights coming soon. Good weather to teat it out on now.