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  1. Thanks. I could not figure out what they were from.
  2. And they seam to be from the the ends of the branches by where they are on the ground.
  3. They are under 2 different trees Jack. Both are big mature trees and looks healthy
  4. I have some Oak trees in my yard and I'm finding these flat nut like things under them. Don't remember seeing them before. I found them und at least 2 of the Oaks. Anyone have a idea ? Last picture is the bark of the trees. Red Oak. Few regular acorns from the tree too.
  5. Nice but talking about catching fish and not having pictures is like shooting a big buck and not having a picture on your phone
  6. Would you like a South Jersey P&Y?
  7. Shed hunting energy food for you
  8. I had to force myself to eat some fluke, Think i will live
  9. You are right Rusty cause they grow antler and not horns!!!!! Cows have horns . Your poor kids in class are going to be confused
  10. I have Costas with the 580 lenses. They have been pretty good. There are probably better but but you will pay. Costas are not cheap too. I'm hard on sun glasses and always seem to lose or break them so I have cheap polarized glasses for every day driving and doing things outside. Keep the good ones for just fishing. Might try the Maui Jim next time.
  11. Incredible year with the coyotes for you guys. Congrats
  12. Here's another one. This 10 made a nice jump from 3.5 to 4.5. I had thoughts to pass him at 4.5 but i decided to take him and i was happy with him. Grossed 132". He could have became a giant but I was very happy with him.
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