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  1. Buck154

    Cam check

    Good luck with the new spot
  2. Buck154

    Fathers Day feast

    Wow they look great. Nothing better than giant size Surf and Turf
  3. Buck154

    When you know it's Hot out!!!

    Going be bad today. The sun was red at 5:30am and bright. Calling for a high of 97 in Jackson today
  4. Buck154

    When you know it's Hot out!!!

  5. Very cool but we need pictures
  6. Best trail cams ALWAYS. Keep them coming
  7. Buck154

    When you know it's Hot out!!!

    Till they run half way across the road and then turn back and get hit...lol
  8. Buck154

    When you know it's Hot out!!!

    Here it is going in and out of the shade
  9. Buck154

    When you know it's Hot out!!!

    When squirrels don't even want to run around. Today I was eating a snack sitting in my work truck when there was a couple squirrels running around there. I had peanuts I was eating so I threw a few to the squirrel. I ate everyone I threw out there. Smart one too, if the peanut was in the sun it would run into the shade to eat it. After I was done and there were no more peanuts the squirrel just laid out flat in the shade. Looked funny so I took a few pictures.
  10. Buck154

    Nice One on Cam

    Very nice buck. Has junk off the bases an a flyer/drop tine off the right beam . Will be a shooter for sure... Good luck
  11. It's only allowing the criminals to have guns and us none to protect our selves. Illegal guns will always be around.
  12. https://www.cnn.com/2018/06/17/us/new-jersey-art-festival-shooting/index.html My wife and couple friends were there yesterday but were gone before dark (Thank God) People are nuts any more!!!!!!!
  13. Buck154

    Camera Check This Morning !!!

    They will not refund the $2 cause that is a application fee. Just like if you put in for a turkey permit and didn't draw it they don't refund the $2
  14. Buck154

    Great Mixed bag

    Smallmouth are not shy to hit a big bait
  15. Buck154

    Monster Smallies!

    Keitechs have been a great bait for large and smallmouth. Been using the the past couple years and have done very well