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  1. Central area check with 06roadking from the site here. He has a shop. Should be able to get him as he can't be out killing any more coyotes this time of year.
  2. Fluking many years ago I hooked a 7'G-Loomis Crankbait rod with a Penn International 965 on it. Wasn't in there long as nothing was growing on it. Took the reel apart and cleaned and greased it. Used the reel for few years. Still used the the rod all the time.
  3. Hunterbob1 nose looks similar too
  4. Yeah some guys. They make great catfish bait too.
  5. Nice one and will be bigger hopefully this coming season.
  6. Nothing to go by. No special marking.
  7. That bat probably died of old age since this thread was started
  8. Cool. I have a couple around too.
  9. Awesome. I love walking finding sheds. I'm about done to as everything is greening up and ticks are out in full force. Great that you get your son out there with you doing it. Nice hanger. I have no hangers this year.
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