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  1. Wish i was up north for that ride last year. Sounded like a funny ball busting trip.
  2. They suck. Burn the house down now
  3. Congrats . Lots of bacon wrapped turkey nuggets for you this season.
  4. You there using 6-10lb fluke for giant baits....LOL
  5. Nice. Private boat or party boat? pictures?
  6. Nice bird Vito. Great way to put the icing on the team contest. Will be hard for any team to beat you and BB. Congrats
  7. Haha... I want to keep it a challenge. Go with him and the birds are dead before they know it.
  8. That one don't look to bad either. Little over 3 hours away. Lot less than going to the Salmon River
  9. I like catching those bugle lips. Hard fighters. 19 lber is nice
  10. Congrats. They are fun to catch
  11. Yup already have it. That's a must have.
  12. Buck154

    A sad day....

    5 days left. Go get another permit if any available near you.
  13. Nice. I know someone else that was out there and said they caught around 100 of them.
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