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  1. It looks just under and its on a angle. Should be shown from straight down from center. Just my thoughts. Maybe ask our state scorer "Sugar". He replied and gave clarity on measuring tines.
  2. Buck154

    Big Monmouth County 10 point

    Congrats and Welcome to the sight. Great buck. Post trail cam pictures from last year. Love to seethe growth difference.
  3. Buck154

    Madison is ready for the woods!

  4. Buck154

    AccuTip ballistics - zero

    I always did 25 yds for that reason. And then take one shot at 100 to check.
  5. Buck154

    12/12 Check In

    Good luck
  6. Buck154

    Beaver and Otter Lotery

    Yeah it is a surprise there was that many left. Most zones only had one left
  7. Buck154

    Permit bow buck.

    Congrats. Nice one
  8. Buck154

    I Like Big Bucks and I......

    That's the ones you need Matt
  9. Think it was Lou, Jack and I
  10. Shhhhhh.....me going hunting
  11. Buck154


    You mean you answer the phone if she calls you when hunting Not!!!!!!!
  12. Buck154

    Rancocas zone 48

    Good luck
  13. Buck154

    Let’s see your Holiday decorated mounts.

    Think you should put a red nose on Mako and antlers. He looks left out
  14. Buck154

    Let’s see your Holiday decorated mounts.

    Sorry to hear that. Deer hunting came before her so heads WILL go on the wall
  15. Buck154

    Let’s see your Holiday decorated mounts.

    Can't do that to them Jack