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  1. Just the kill shot from yesterday

    I can't get the picture....samn it
  2. Check mate

    Good luck. I only saw and heard quads
  3. Caught red handed in gobbler getter territory

    It's a Funky RGW
  4. Different looking rainbow

    Cool. Look like a steelhead
  5. Fishing

    Great pictures again. Guess he fishes there alot
  6. Opening Day Tomorrow

    Good luck Jay and everyone else that's going to get out.
  7. Wide 6ptr mount done

    That a great pair of bucks. Congrats. Both have good mass. The 6 is awesome , always live big 6pts. How wide in side spread is he? Both are mature bucks
  8. Longhorn Tick survived the winter

    All tick Suck and wish there was a sure way to kill all of them
  9. Boycott Yeti

    Screw them any ways, too expensive
  10. Aruba Vaction Week

    Temps are 80-85 year round
  11. Youth Day at the Range

    Great time out with the kids....Big kids.
  12. 4/20/2018 Stocking

  13. Aruba Vaction Week

    Very nice place. Good luck. Some nice snook fishing there
  14. Best Turkey Pic Ever........pic

    Cool picture. Action shot