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  1. Let them Go and they will grow. Nice looking 2.5-3.5 year old
  2. Buck154

    Buck down

    Congrats Vito. I knew you would get one. You have been putting your time
  3. Buck154

    first buck

    Congrats and hope for many more
  4. Congrats to him Russ. Awesome buck. Lots of giants shot this year. By the way tell him keep looking for another super buck cause that shed is doubt full it's from the same buck. To many many differences on it. Brows rarely jump that much and the beams are different. Bet there is another big one around from that shed.
  5. Congrats again Jack on a amazing Buck. Great shot too. That's a shooter any where's. People say having bait out you can't kill a mature buck but this is another one that shows if you have the doe's feeding on bait then you never know what can come in checking them. Nice to get a surprise buck once in a while. Hopefully you have a few local bucks that live and have some history with for next season.
  6. Must be using Jays Irish Spring cover scent
  7. Looks great. Big test is how did the wife like it?
  8. Good luck on a very brisk morning
  9. Congrats. Love having history with certain bucks year to year. Post up the picture from the past 2 years please.
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