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  1. Mine were bad this year. I'm pretty sure it was from the black weed guard. To many very hot sunny days burned them up. Got some but nothing like the past. And I have used the black weed guard before.
  2. My tomatoes are already done for the year. Sucks
  3. Buck154

    New Cell cam

    You know me I have no transition between season. Deer are a year round thing for me. Love watching them grow.
  4. ...Time for a new boat for sure
  5. Get Federation of sportsman membership and that covers it
  6. Has a deep thick body. Head/face almost looks like a doe. But like someone else said I think a doe won't shed but you never know. But cool looking either way
  7. Buck154

    New Cell cam

    About time Mark. You haven't fished much so it's about time to get the hunting thing rolling!!!!
  8. Looks like some awesome time with your daughter
  9. Nice. Better off shooting different spot each shot
  10. Yeah I never cut them out of seabass but I bet they would be great!!
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