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  1. Yeah. 2019 was his best rack. Definitely on the down side this year. I'm not 100% but I'm pretty sure he got shot.
  2. I have so so many. Had this 8pt the past few years around. Had one opportunity at him and I let him walk. Would have been legal to shoot for the state but I was on a management hunt that required 2 doe shot before a buck in every season, well come winter bow i did not have my 2 does down yet and here he came. Had him at 25-40 yards for 45 minutes. That was the only time I ever saw him. I'm pretty sure someone shot him the day we had that pretty good snow storm. Was on camera right up to the night before. I got that picture with him sticking his tongue out like he knew
  3. Good luck. I might run a small mink line soon and hope for a muskrat or two.
  4. Good luck if you could find any...
  5. Great pictures. I never been there but one of these days I will
  6. Welcome to the site. Keep the kids in the sport as it is the future of our sport.
  7. Bucks&Bows needs to reply here. He works on streams all over and is a Fly nut. He will give you some ideas.
  8. I was out. Saw 2 small ones, a spike and a mature doe. I was out for a doe but the spike ran the mature doe off. She left as he was checking her, she tucked her tail like like it was November with a buck on her a$$. Going back this afternoon again.
  9. Mine was a 1966 Chevelle station wagon that was painted camo. I bought it off my dads good friend. Don't know if I have any pictures of it. I will look.
  10. Nice. I haven't rabbit hunted in a Long time
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