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  1. Yeah the cell phones were going off with the Alert last night. Hope they get him. One thing I don't get is the mother that is only 19 years old sat in her car with her 2 kids which are only 5 and 3 years old to play by themselves while she sat in the car. Sad cause she is basically still a kid her self and wasn't thinking letting that young of kids out of her sight.
  2. Buck154

    9/18 hunting

    Anyone out this morning. I couldn't cause I have to be at work by 5am but it feel like it may have been a good morning. Temps were around 50 and I bet in the 40's up north. Not sure if i'm going to get out and hunt this afternoon yet. Good luck if anyone else gets out.
  3. Good luck up there. Hope to see some good moose pictures.
  4. Heavy bases. Beams are a lot shorter than they look. Great buck what ever the score.
  5. Just find a younger friend or two and call them to help. Or post on here and I bet there will be someone not to far that would be willing to help out. Lots of good guys here.
  6. Hope for a speedy recovery.
  7. Congrats Jack on another mature 5.5 year old .
  8. Awesome video as always. Love the Luma nock coming through camera angle .
  9. Good luck Mako! He is young and will recover quickly
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