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  1. It’s a video. Just click on it
  2. But hot temps may have wiped those gains in flows out. Time will tell.
  3. I think my partner Eric sent that two days ago when it was hot here. It’s just part of the job and we always have a Plan A, B and C at the very least. Sometimes the weather wins for short durations. We mostly left the Spruce Run Creek dam removal because the soils were just too wet after Ida roared through on the heels of Fred, Henri and random but intense thunderstorms. We have the right weather window and materials and equipment to slog through this project now.
  4. We took a 10 day break in the middle. The rains have been tough on our work locally this year, but this is our final big project of the year for river work. My one partner is trying to button up a huge pond job in Big Sky, Montana, and he’s dealing with lots of snow. So we can’t catch a break and just need to work through it all.
  5. My daughter is living off campus in a house with three other roommates and I sent her off with a BugASalt gun. She tells me everyone fights over who gets the next shot on whatever is bugging them at the time. 😁
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    We have had lots of coyotes in zone 6 for many decades now. Yes, they 100% take adult deer and not just in deep snow years. But anyone that understands the predator/prey balance know it is just that, a constant balancing act. The yotes cannot kill all your deer. They likely take less than car bumpers. But a local pack can influence local deer herds just like EHD can and is doing this year in many places.
  7. Bucksnbows


    Yes, but mostly because they will be the only acorn falling in certain places. If regular white oaks fall, deer hit them first and then move to northern red oaks and finally to others like the chestnut oaks.
  8. If that is just below the bridge against the river left bank (when looking downstream), then that landowner is NJDOT. The woman who owns the old mill house on that side does not own all the way to the river. So in that case, it is public land if I have gotten the location correct.
  9. I took my course there maybe in 78 or 79. I still remember most everything they taught back then. Thanks for what you do for trapping, Mike.
  10. A fellow Morris county (Flanders) hunter. Welcome and I love your screen name. 😁
  11. Perfect shot on that eland. Congrats again. Loved the slo-mo video
  12. We see lots of them up north and have for years. Those ears will never lie; it’s a bobcat
  13. Huge eland! Looking forward to more pix and stories from your hunt.
  14. A good friend that is now retires and fly fishes most every day here in bear country carries an “illegal” bear spray canister on his wading belt. He has regular interactions with COs and none has ever said a word to him. For whatever that is worth.
  15. Sorry for your loss. Your post gives me hope for humanity in today’s crazy world where we are so often polarized against each other. What a fantastic gesture by the artist.
  16. At least you and the “boys” get to survey them for us here in NJ. 👍🏻
  17. Domestic dog, Lou. And “coy wolves” are not a thing. We have Eastern coyotes which are their own species. They have genetics from western coyotes, wolves, and some domesticated dog genes, but they are considered just the Eastern coyotes.
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