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  1. Two years ago and it was my friend’s father in the community I grew up in.
  2. Looks like a typical yote to me. Not necessarily black, just darker in coloration which is very normal around the state.
  3. It’s sulphur time on the West Branch! I was recently at Dreamcatcher myself for five days over the holiday weekend. Good luck!
  4. Ah, I see I struck a nerve. You can go through my various posts over the last few months to see I completely agree with you about us not being forced to take the vaccine. You missed my point which is how you constantly rail against the vaccines. That’s a liberal thing, to tell others how to live their lives. I stand by that. You’re doing it daily. I chose to get myself vaccinated after studying the three vaccines approved in the US to date and reached the conclusion for myself that given my past health issues with cancer, the vaccine was the way to go for me. I have many friends and family
  5. I think what I find fascinating is how hard you have worked on a hunting and fishing forum to stop others from getting the Covid vaccine. While I know you are not, it is a liberal move to try to impose your beliefs on others. I don’t mind reading the odd post on vaccines, but not everyday with a new post on why I shouldn’t have gotten the vaccine. Let’s give it a rest and get back to the outdoors.
  6. Our fishing outfitter told us two days ago he thought he was losing a second year of bookings. Canada had no vaccination plans and are scrambling to find doses for their people. Not sure what’s changed.
  7. For what little it’s worth, I had no side effects from either Pfizer vaccine shot and have been fully vaccinated since mid March.
  8. Great job to all involved. This is the kind of thing that will ensure hunting for the next generation, something I know concerns us all.
  9. No worries. You’re not a habitual offender 😁
  10. Nickmarch, I’m saving you the further embarrassment of not admitting when you’re wrong. Thread now locked. Please call the owner and discuss this matter with him since you clearly don’t believe anyone who has posted here including those of us in the know.
  11. Please post political topics in our News, Media and Politics forum. Topic moved. Go Trump
  12. It is being appealed of course. These things take years to work out. But a good first step.
  13. Holy crap, what don’t you get??? The club and the Airbnb are two separate entities using the same home. The club has a busy weekend schedule apparently. We were downstairs using the fly tying room to film interviews with several of us involved in the West Portal Creek restoration. Since you are a keyboard cowboy, go ahead and look at the Google earth image of the home and you tell me if it’s limited to three bedrooms or not. I’m guessing somewhere in the vicinity of a 5000 square-foot two story home.
  14. We are removing a dam on upper Spruce Run Creek and the old beach of the lake saw lots of snapping turtle nests. Coyotes were the number one predators of those particular nests. Raccoons were number two. First time I saw coyote predation of a turtle nest.
  15. Same format. There is still an active fishing club, but the house is so big they can rent a small part of it upstairs to Airbnb.
  16. My God are you just thick headed. The owner is Richard Cotton, well known Warren County developer. He does NOT live in that house, he purchased it for the fishing club when his neighbor sold it to him. He lives in the next house downstream. His son did live in the clubhouse as the house is enormous and has plenty of room in one wing for the club members to sleep in and another for Airbnb. Airbnb does NOT have full access to the home. I realize some of this is hard for you to accept since you keep doubling down on being wrong.
  17. Nothing from the one I sent you to? PM me if that is correct and I can likely help. But clubs are suddenly all packed because fishing was one thing you could do during Covid.
  18. So I was talking to the owner today whom I’ve known maybe 13 years now. He apologized that we couldn’t use the house this weekend because the fishing club members would be up and several were planning to spend the weekend. Yes, upstairs in one small part of a nearly 5000 square-foot home or rooms to rent under Airbnb. He could never fill a building that size with club members because it has so many rooms. Some members come to fish for the day and others come and spend a night or more. But it is still very much a fishing club according to the man who owns and runs it.
  19. You sit behind a computer having absolutely no idea whatsoever what you are talking about while I sit in the clubhouse for a on film interview about river restoration while telling me I’m not in the lodge that I am in. What does that say about you?
  20. I learned long ago not to delve into Jack’s mind. It’s a very dark place ….
  21. My wife and I have had some surgeries on knees and ankles and have been very happy with this group although neither of us has had a knee replacement. https://orthopedicnj.com
  22. Well, I’m sitting in the fishing lodge that doesn’t exist as I reply to your once again incorrect post.
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