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  1. Lady Bird

    She is getting better than me...wtf!

    I LOVE this post!
  2. Lady Bird

    Wet, Daddy, Daughter, Doe

    Awesome, congrats to you both.
  3. Lady Bird

    Hunting with last year's tarsal glands

    Its early, I would wait until late October/Early November to bring them out.
  4. Lady Bird

    Same buck a year apart

    one more
  5. Lady Bird

    Same buck a year apart

    He has a distinctive curved browtine. 2017 by the corn field, 2018 eating pears
  6. Are you bringing any meat home?
  7. Lady Bird

    Best Breakfast Sandwiches

    This is how it's done in Hunterdon County
  8. a couple of years ago I climbed into my stand early morning, still dark. Got settled and was really still just enjoying it. A freakin owl flew at my head. I saw it land in the branch by me and was trying to figure out what I was. Scared the crap out of me.
  9. Lady Bird

    That time of year

    I cleared a path to my stand and to my trail cam. For now anyway. The early morning dew lit them up so it was easy to see.
  10. Lady Bird

    That time of year

    Put a stand up and cleared shooting lanes Saturday with Dad. The woods was filled with these....
  11. Lady Bird

    Trail Cam pics - transition since December

    Beautiful yote!
  12. Lady Bird

    LOOK AT ME! Is this the Demise of Hunting

    Never let them touch the ground!
  13. Lady Bird

    LOOK AT ME! Is this the Demise of Hunting

    To each his own/ I really don't care if people like or don't like my pictures. I try to take a nice pic, stick the tongue in, not too bloody, but it's hunting. Blood happens. My family tradition is to hang the balls on a tree branch. I've shared that picture a few times. The anti's have used my pics on their propaganda sites. Who really cares. we will never change their warped opinion. My non hunting friends know I'm a crazy hunter. Some like my pics, some don't. I can't wait to share my pics, I'm proud of my hunting heritage.
  14. Lady Bird

    Taxidermy competition- the results are in!

    Well deserved