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  1. For the girls and women in your life, learning how to defend yourself from this type of an attack is essential. April is sexual assault awareness month. Sadly, the statistics are horrible. These events are free and taught by women. Please share!
  2. https://www.facebook.com/Island10FishingRetreat/ Anyone?
  3. Anyone on here ever book a fishing trip with them? Looking for a summer fishing vacation. https://island10.com/
  4. Lady Bird

    Hand Guns

    I strongly recommend a NRA pistol basics course. Get 2 or 3 permits, try out lots of guns, which you will get a chance to at the course.
  5. Hope you see him next fall, he will be a great buck!
  6. I'll be out this afternoon in Zone 10 with muzzleloader.
  7. Dad got this pic checking the cameras today.
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