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  1. Lady Bird

    Crabbed good luck point this morning

    Where is good luck point?
  2. Lady Bird

    Sling Shot

    Assault Sling Shots
  3. Wow. Look closely at the picture - does the water look like it has gas/oil slick on it? Or is it just shadows.
  4. Lady Bird

    Looking for Trail Cam Recomendations

    I prefer Moultrie. I won a Browning camera at a game dinner. It takes nice pics. Here is one from yesterday. Turkeys are jerks.
  5. Lady Bird

    Sunrise session between the reefs - Abaco

    Nice! I'm leaving for Key West Friday am. Got my pole and some gear packed. Bought a 1 week license.
  6. Coffee always tastes better when I'm in my tree stand.
  7. Lady Bird

    Bronx Hunter

    Awesome. Nice to see rugby too!
  8. Lady Bird

    New game caller

    Ms Grit picked this up for me in Canada. Better than a fox pro. I'm driving my co workers nuts.
  9. Lady Bird

    So what’s up with fireworks in this state?

    snakes and sparklers...
  10. Lady Bird

    Vegetarian Tacos

    Those 2 words should never be together!
  11. Lady Bird

    Iron Butt Ride

  12. Lady Bird

    good folding hunting knife?

    Me too. I also have my grandfathers Buck knife. Cutco make a phenomenal hunting knife. I have the one with the gut hook. they make it with our without. Lifetime warranty includes sharpening. It's super sharp, have the scars to prove it.
  13. Lady Bird


    That's a Taj Majal of blinds.
  14. Lady Bird

    Murphy Signs The New Gun Laws Today

    backdate the forms to yesterday for a private sale.
  15. Lady Bird

    Man Card Check Poll 2

    Man card?