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  1. Ill be out in the pines later ,,,,brown and down hunt
  2. Back at it,,,,last day in this zone
  3. Good luck,,,,,trying to get my daughter's boyfriend his first harvest
  4. Lphunsjr

    Target doe.

    I have a doe that busted me 3 times this year. Once in my climber! I'll get her,,,,,,, eventually. Killing a big, smart old doe is a challenge for sure
  5. Compound for me, hands down
  6. Looks great. I have this one and love it. What kind of dough is that? https://www.wayfair.com/outdoor/pdp/gyber-fremont-stainless-steel-countertop-wood-fired-pizza-oven-in-silver-eybg1007.html?categoryid=1797679&placement=1&slot=5&sponsoredid=06ccfb98228fc3e4509f149d31745b7a39d69e9b5c1f5672acca7a0463bea569&_txid=I%2FWEwl%2B%2BdYMb0DKRdl5gAg%3D%3D&isB2b=0&auctionId=b5159088-ef30-48f0-b065-8ca86e647386
  7. Was gonna do that, but was afraid it would just ooze out. Next time
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