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  1. I started with a PSE Fang w a good scope. More than enough to put a deer down consistently and not break the bank
  2. Looks awesome,,,,,never smoked back straps
  3. Looks great. My 2nd one came out better than my first
  4. Got a limit of clams and did a few drifts and was able to put a keeper in the box in the Barney. Fluke francaise and some grilled clams
  5. Lphunsjr


    Loved my brother in law's 42' yellowfin. Had quad 300's. He would've added some if he could
  6. 23' Sea Ray Laguna,,,,,,just repowered w twin Suzukis
  7. Looks like Zipper squared, lol. Nice job and great gesture Zip
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