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  1. Nice,,,agreed..crabbing is heating up. Enjoy
  2. Made some garlic crabs with a marechiara, garlic red sauce. Venison and jalapeno wrapped with bacon and some venison cooked in a jalapeno red sauce. Yes please
  3. Sunnies are one of the best tasting fish,,,,,many people don't even try them
  4. What was the boat Zip? Thinking about a trip
  5. I'm a big fan of Garmin,,,the last Echomap at bottom of page would be my choice
  6. That looks awesome..great job pal
  7. You are the man Hammer. Great rrip
  8. Try adding Lem seasoning. Don't know if you make your own, but the andouille mixture is really good. Also the snack sticks
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