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  1. Lphunsjr

    Compound Bow shooting ?

    Thanks for the offer, but I am down in Pork Roll area..Toms River
  2. Lphunsjr

    Compound Bow shooting ?

    Like I said,,,I believe my draw length is correct, as it was measured at Cheyenne Mountain. I do feel however, I may be forcing the knuckle behind the ear. I am going to try some suggestions on here and the video to see if it is more comfortable, with consistent accuracy.
  3. Lphunsjr

    Compound Bow shooting ?

    Some great info here. I will have wife take a pic of me at full draw later. I had bow fitted at Cheyenne so should be good to go. I just wanna feel as comfortable as possible, every time I draw the bow
  4. Lphunsjr

    Compound Bow shooting ?

    I have been practicing w the compound. Get pretty good groups at 20yds. My question is,,,,,how many contact points do you guys use? Im trying 3; Nose to string, kisser to corner of mouth, and I've been putting my knuckle behind my ear as a third,,,,,just feels akward at times. Curious as to others methods and/or suggestions. Thanks in advance
  5. Lphunsjr

    Stir Fry

    Look again Rusty
  6. Lphunsjr

    Stir Fry

    One of the ways my wife and kids enjoy eating venison is with rice. I get the Chinese rice at Shop Rite from the Asian section already cooked. Cut up a scallion and mix in. I took some steak pieces and diced them into 1 inch sections. Season with Garlic powder, salt, pepper, and Adobo. I cook it all together with some olive oil, butter, and Soy Sauce. It really is good and highly recommend it for introducing new ones to the joys of eating venison.
  7. Lphunsjr

    10/16 Zone 7

    Magic Hour,,,good luck Phil
  8. Lphunsjr

    10/16/18 Check in Time for the Afternoon Hunt.

    Hoping the big boy is alive and strolls by me during the rut. New one on the hit list,,,,,doesn't compare to the other, but for my 2nd Buck, I'll take it!
  9. Lphunsjr

    10/16/18 Check in Time for the Afternoon Hunt.

    Was hoping the wind shifted to SW, but not til later. Gonna wait until Friday. Weather looks good end of week. Good luck all
  10. Lphunsjr

    10/14 PM check in

    8 no??
  11. Lphunsjr

    First meal from my moose harvest

    Always heard moose is great,,,,,,and that looks great!
  12. Lphunsjr


    Great read and an unforgettable memory for you and your buddy to say the least
  13. Lphunsjr

    10/14 PM check in

    Good Luck all
  14. Lphunsjr

    NY buck down 10/13

    Nice, and to share w family makes it even better. Well done