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  1. Way to go. Waiting for the river by me to subside a bit. Can't wait to get out
  2. Good luck w the new power. I'm running 88 blackMax's, lol,
  3. Nice job Zipper,,,,,bay?
  4. Congrats to your beautiful daughter. Wish her much success in the next chapter of her life
  5. Drove by this lone fawn on an access road. Didn't budge. Didn't see momma, but I'm assuming she was near by. Cool pic
  6. Lphunsjr

    Buck Hill Wings

    Thinking about getting bbq wings is like Jack thinking about getting a V6 pickup JK
  7. Lphunsjr

    Buck Hill Wings

    If your ordering wings,,,,,man up and put some heat on those bad boys
  8. Great trip. Capt Mark? Fished w him a few times,,,,,,top notch
  9. 1986 Mustang GT. Wish I had a pic,,,,,I loved that car
  10. Thank God it was a fishing contest,,,,,what a bunch of ugly mugs . JK. Looks like a good time was had, nice job to Mike,,,,,,,again!
  11. I just did one at the Elks using this. Came out great
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