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  1. Lphunsjr

    Not a bad day

    And the payoff,,,,,,panko striped bass
  2. Lphunsjr

    Not a bad day

    LOL Yes, he is
  3. Lphunsjr

    Not a bad day

    Managed to troll up 2 nice stripers w Tomski at helm,,,,,40lb range. Much better than work
  4. Lphunsjr

    2018 Vegetable Gardens

    Step 1 complete,,,,,finally. Before and after today. Plants in tomorrow
  5. Lphunsjr

    She's here

    God Bless
  6. Lphunsjr

    50 Jersey foods to try before you die

    I'll Giardinellos, Tom's River. Excellent restaurant in small strip mall. Hidden gem, and BYOB
  7. Lphunsjr

    Your favorite NJ activity

    While I love hunting,,,,,my absolute favorite is snagging bunker for big stripers. Can't wait to get out there,,,,,anyday down by me
  8. Lphunsjr

    2018 Vegetable Gardens

    I'm late to the party too. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get started. Nothing like garden to table eating! Pics to follow
  9. Lphunsjr

    Good shad fishing

  10. Lphunsjr

    Finally hooked into one.

    Can't wait for the run to start. Nice catch
  11. Lphunsjr

    Nice day on the Black River

    Agreed! Great day w my favorite fishing partner
  12. Lphunsjr

    Nice day on the Black River

    Up by the Old Mill. Only a couple people fishing
  13. Wife and I took a ride up to the Black River. Managed 10 for some table fare
  14. Lphunsjr

    Thoughts on this mount?

    Not for me, but great work none the less