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  1. Lphunsjr

    Diy Gc, my biggest project

    Looks beautiful
  2. Lphunsjr

    Permit bow buck.

    Well done
  3. Lphunsjr

    Madison is ready for the woods!

  4. Lphunsjr

    Pse fang crossbow package for sale

    Great deal,,,,have same one. GLWS
  5. Lphunsjr

    Pics of deer you passed this week

    Passed on this guy last Friday
  6. Lphunsjr

    12/9/18 check-in

    Nice Blend
  7. Lphunsjr

    12/8 Zone 7

    Any luck?
  8. Lphunsjr

    Ozarks results

    That sux,,,,,couldn't be over fast enough to me
  9. Lphunsjr

    Got'er done today

    Great day fellas
  10. Lphunsjr

    Some euros I did

  11. Lphunsjr

    Target buck down

    Awesome, Congrats
  12. Lphunsjr

    Baby Inbound! **Madison Rose has arrived!!

    Congrats to you and the wife
  13. Lphunsjr

    Good 8 down boys!! (and ladies)

    Wide one Lou,,,,,nice work. Your daughter is your clone! Great pics
  14. Lphunsjr

    Good 8 down boys!! (and ladies)

    Suspense is killing me