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  1. Congrats,,,,,sounds like a top notch Captain
  2. Both passed. Bring on the gobblers
  3. Anyone else don't the Hunters Ed course tomorrow? I'll be at Ft Dix for my firearm license,,,,,wife will be taking bow and firearm. Gotta get ready for turkeys
  4. Lphunsjr

    1st find

    He was a rescue. My second boxer. Great dogs
  5. Lphunsjr

    1st find

    First shed ever! Fresh rubs too, unreal
  6. Lphunsjr

    Italian Sausage

    Friend's mom does that. It's amazing. Looks great
  7. Lphunsjr

    Where to Retire ?

    I'm heading to West Coast of Florida. 9 years and counting. I'll come up this way to hunt
  8. Lphunsjr

    Harley for sale

    Nice ride. GLWS
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