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  1. Interested in the double ladder if you are willing to separate
  2. I was wondering how she made out. Get her back out. Good job Mark, keep at it
  3. Awesome trip guys,,,,,and that looks so much better than the roe dish
  4. Had a velvet 6 and another small buck. Still searching for a flatty. Nice job Beard
  5. He was w ya. Sorry for the loss of your friend
  6. Up and on stand. First hunt of the season. Looking for a slick head
  7. Good luck,,,,,I'll be out on my first sit on a doe mission as well
  8. Great Read,,,,congrats to you both
  9. Well Done,,,,,looks wide
  10. Made some today,,,,,baked with the last of my blowfish. Delish
  11. I will def cook the bacon a bit first next time. The smoke is the key here. Best backstrap I ever ate
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