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  1. Good luck to all that are out
  2. Well deserved which makes it all the more special. Great job. The harvests get easier as you put in more time and learn. Glad you are well
  3. Good luck all,,,,,jealous. Tagged out and at work. Sat can't get here fast enough
  4. Always think this. Why is it a "Park"way when u drive and a "drive"way where u park
  5. On a good note,,,,the last buck I shot had very little blood trail. Bled internally. Again, good luck
  6. Quartering to is a bad shot. White hair,,,,you prob gave him a flesh wound on his belly. I had the same scenario a few years ago,,,,,dog owner believed it was a non fatal hit. Either way,,,,,give it you best. If he's dead, the dog will find him. Good luck. Learn from every shot,,,,like JhBowhunter says
  7. Well done after a rough week
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