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  1. Looks awesome. You guys are making stuff I can't even say, LOL
  2. My doctor said the same thing. The blood test for lyme disease shows a false negative quite often. There is a much more detailed test that is needed
  3. Sounds delish but def need a pic
  4. Lphunsjr

    LBD, 12/2

    Nice,,,,,sounds like a Bush people hunt, lol. Great work
  5. Slow morning,,,,,heading back out shortly w an itchy trigger finger
  6. I usually hunt from a hang-on, which is my favorite. BUT,,,,,I killed both bucks this year with my climber. I have a Lone Wolf sit and climb and highly recommend it if that's the direction you go. My lock-on is on a bait site, so my big buck I setup on heading to it and with a good wind. Second buck was a rut buck which if you're in the right place anything can happen. If it's a lock on,,,,,only hunt it on a good wind. If you can do both, in time, that's what I would do.
  7. Another vote for the PSE Fang. Great xbow for the money, but upgraded scope is a must. I would def check one out
  8. Looking forward to Monday,,,,,a first for me
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