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  1. Ive done that and they are great
  2. Glad you enjoyed it. When my wife first told me about it, I was like "I don't know". Not a huge fan of raisins, but with all the flavors together, it's amazing!
  3. On a side note,,,,my cousin is building me a trout rod i cant wait to use
  4. No wait time opening morning correct? Don't have to wait until 8am??
  5. It is available still, just looked. The Vortex Crossfire, HD. Once in cart comes up $133
  6. Midway has the Vortex 10x42 binoculars on clearance for $133
  7. Mine is rubbed and waiting til tomorrow
  8. Pan fry garlic and an onion and add the venison. Season to liking, I use garlic powder, onion powder, salt pepper and Adobo. Once lightly browned, I put in crock pot. Add a large can of stewed tomatoes, chopped olives, cup of raisins and a tablespoon of capers. Simmer all together. Enjoy. I was skeptical at first, but so darn good.
  9. Man that looks good,,,,I'm smoking some meat tomorrow
  10. One of my favorite meals using ground venison
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