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  1. Very cool looking buck
  2. Someone will jump all over this!
  3. Do u like the trail I made? JK. Hopefully you get one before someone else does. Get in early and play the wind
  4. Man that is light Mike. I use a 16lb tapered leader w 16lb flouro leader at the lightest. Should I step down? I was breaking them off w that setup, lol
  5. DSR while expensive, is worth it. Public Access is an absolute sh.. show
  6. It's a must for anyone that fishes. Went for first time last year and will make it an annual trip. Those fish really pull!!
  7. Wow, it is early. I'll be up Sept 25th to try out the new Temple Fork Deer Creek 7wt
  8. I don't know,,,,,this may be the year to take Giants D first round
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