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  1. Agree. Looks like deer, bear and turkey contests are OK, but somehow all the other animals aren't. Quite inconsistent.
  2. Congrats to Christopher Y sponsored by @iluv2hunt on winning the New Realtree EDGE Tech Hoodie/Sweatshirt w/attached face gaiter (Size-small 34/36) donated by @LPJR! I'll reach out to @LPJR on coordinating shipping to you!
  3. Alright ladies and gents, below are the final results and prizes for the NJ Woods & Water 2021 Adult Turkey Contest! We had a total of $175 in Individual prizes and $325 in Team prizes. Congratulations to all the lucky turkey hunters this season! Team Prizes: Team 2 took the prize for the Team Contest with 75.5000 points! Congrats to @hendryhill and hendryhill Jr! Each will receive $162.50! Individual Prizes: 1st place: @Russ 11 with 35.5000 points wins $100 2nd place: @Cousin Brown with 31.3000 points wins $50 3rd place: @vdep217 with 19.7500 points win
  4. It's finally time for the NJ Woods & Water 2021 Youth Turkey Contest Prizes! This was a slow season with the pandemic still impacting many of our lives, but we're glad many were able to get out there and enjoy the outdoors even if they didn't score on a turkey! We only had one entry for the youth contest by Rayna sponsored by @nb6624! Congrats to Rayna, as she will get the entire cash prize pool of $675!!! @nb6624, I'll PM you to arrange sending the prize! We're going to raffle off the New Realtree EDGE Tech Hoodie/Sweatshirt w/attached face gaiter (Size-small
  5. It is, just need to distribute prizes. Hopefully get to this tomorrow, been crazy busy.
  6. Depends what you need. I have 100s of passwords. And I want to have OTP/MFA everywhere that is important which the app also supports.
  7. @Haskell_Hunter I'm not kidding. Balance the soil now until then, nuke it all in the fall and reseed with a cool season tall fescue blend. You'll have a perfect, uniform lawn by end of fall. No weeds, no differing grasses, etc.
  8. Glyphosate the entire lawn and reseed. Sorry @Rusty
  9. Yeah it shouldn't jump at all. If you see it on one device try clearing that devices website data/cache. That should fix it.
  10. Let me review and get back to you on this, I understand the issue, just not sure why it's happening yet. Sorry I just saw you are using Tapatalk, I can't review anything with Tapatalk ads. Tapatalk isn't part of the site or it's software beyond installing their plugin to allow users to connect to the site via Tapatalk. From the site perspective, we recommend you use a common web browser for viewing rather than Tapatalk.
  11. I can confirm @Haskell_Hunter is a nerd with a bow, and further confirm there is nothing worse. Also Zuck's bow drawing form is terrible, but he does manage to hit bowling pins at range. Of course, my mind goes to "that's one way to ruin your arrows", then I remembered he probably only shoots them once anyway and just buys more.
  12. The vaccine is also avoidable by living naturally in Alaska You can't avoid everything, such as pollution and virus exposure if you live in condensed areas. But I do understand your point about the line between forcing vaccinations and tying essential (practical standard of common living) aspects of daily life versus making it a free/optional choice. IMHO everyone needs to weigh their risk and choose the path that they feel best suits them. At one point when vaccines weren't available, others could potentially impact unvaccinated people. Now, with vaccines readily available, people h
  13. I also highly recommend 1Password. Works extremely well.
  14. Also this doesn't help instill confidence
  15. You can send a password reset to your old account
  16. Kinda relative, we and kids put A LOT of questionable things into our bodies (processed foods, hormone implanted meats, pesticide sprayed plants, modified plants, various medications, chemicals in water and various other drinks, alcohol, tobacco, sunscreen, makeup, deodorant, etc) unless they're living all natural in the wilderness of Alaska somewhere.
  17. BowhunterNJ

    Cow vs Deer

    Thought this was pretty funny...these guys have a lot of videos out there, but this one seemed fitting for the site
  18. Similar bills have been attempted every year but never get much traction. Is this one considered to be getting somewhere it has failed in prior years?
  19. Maybe the article and link go fda gov doc on it you're referencing? https://www.reuters.com/world/us/cdc-heart-inflammation-cases-ages-16-24-higher-than-expected-after-mrna-covid-19-2021-06-10/
  20. Fletching (as drawn in traditional bow and arrow pictures)
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