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  1. Added an alert to top of page announcements and also added a menu item under Hunting Resources that will take you to the NJDFW EHD Alert Form page.
  2. Pinned, but the pinning only works in the forum the topic is created in (which is the NJDFW forum). I could add something to the sidebar of the site.
  3. Location: Southampton, NJ 08088 Four (4) Goodyear Wrangler Fortitude HT 265/65r18 112t 7k miles on tires One tire had a patch documented by the dealer and had no issue holding air while I drove them for a month and 1K miles or so. Replaced these with an off-road tire and had them bagged by Ken's shop. Was saving them for a friend but he doesn't need them anymore. They've been sitting bagged in my garage since 11/2020.
  4. Yeah videos are a pain with browsers and devices. YouTube or Vimeo are best bets to handle conversion and linking. I'll upload it to the NJW&W YouTube later today.
  5. Very cool trip! Looks like you guys had a great time!
  6. What's a rough price for a replacement of a standard 8x7 steel insulated door and opener? I have two I definitely need to do but may also do two others on a detached garage at the same time. They're all prob 30-35 years old now. One opener failed already. Doors are just pretty beat now
  7. What do you guys like for garage doors and openers?
  8. My first thought was red fox, but it is a big nose pad.
  9. That's awesome! Way to go Stephen!!! Congrats young man!!!
  10. Bear spray legal to possess but not carry?
  11. I guess he wasn't really serious after all or just a passer by
  12. The better question is does bear spray work and can we try it on @3Blade to verify? He will probably want to bury us in concrete but he shouldn't be able to see...we will confirm at the annual holiday party this year!
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