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  1. rgw

    Happy Birthday 06roadking

    Happy birthday
  2. Metal detector to find them but just because you find a iron don't mean it's right, just ask Kevin aka bear crazy. I surveyed his property and found 4 of his corners but when I located the and calculated the boundaries the two on the right side were 5 foot off and 15 foot off. Home owners put in their own and are not correct. It sucks even worse when they set them wrong but are close enough that other surveyors hold them then calc boundaries off of them then it fucks everyone down the line up and everyone ends up in court to straighten it out. As for price if you are doing it in conjunction with a map showing all physical features it would probably be $800 plus $100 per corner. If you are just doing corners $600 - $800. Alot of people don't like the price but it takes 3/4 to a full day and sometimes you have to go back a second day to set the corners after calculating everything, and also we have responsibility because people build stuff to the corners we put in or say are correct.
  3. rgw

    Yo Jack back to business fluking

    Nice job Dan, you always find fish
  4. rgw

    Trapper Coming to my Land

    And that's why people are afraid to let us trap their land. Out of all the places I trap I hunt one but hunted there since I was a kid
  5. rgw

    1:45 am - wake up jack!

    Looks awesome
  6. rgw

    Trapper Coming to my Land

    3b 3c or 3d ?
  7. rgw

    Trapper Coming to my Land

    pick me pick me
  8. I Know what's in my meal
  9. rgw

    2018 Velvet bucks/Trail cam pics

    he showed up last year and disapeared just before rut. other than that i dont know, i was guessing 4 or 5
  10. rgw

    2018 Velvet bucks/Trail cam pics

    bucks are growing
  11. rgw

    No Pictures?!?!

    i am in that club, it sucks but part of the game
  12. rgw

    Lousy fluke fishing

    you in tourniment
  13. rgw

    New found friend

    yea it is crazy. should of told the guy i want half of all future winnings, i know the bird has the stamina to go long distance