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  1. Nice bird congrats
  2. Awesome bird Mike incredible spur's
  3. rgw

    Kid got it done

    20 lbs 9.25 beard 3/4 spurs. When he called me he said the girl measured 8". Soon as I saw it I knew it was bigger so I had to measure for myself after work. She must not of even laid a tape on it.
  4. First one on his own. I started running and gunning with him at first light, didn't hear a peep so we left and I went to work. As I was driving him home we discussed some WMA's he could try. I guess it was 10:30 or so maybe a little later I get a call from him all excited, he could barely talk. He got his first one on his own at 15 yds. I am happy for him but sad I missed it. At least the pressure is off now.
  5. Not exactly positive but I herd rumor that they want only resident hunters and million dollar policy to hunt in the township. But like I said this was just rumor
  6. rgw

    Strange Sighting!!!!!

    I saw it too. Had to cover my eyes it hurt to see
  7. I was surprised it wasn't. They were like $35
  8. If any one has extra tags I may go over my daily limit in this spot
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