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  1. rgw

    Unicorn buck.

    Awesome job congrats
  2. Saw a guy today in pa posted he was buying #1 reds for $2. I will burn them to keep warm before I sell #1 reds for $2
  3. rgw

    Scat ID?

    Looks like eaten walnut not scat
  4. rgw

    Target buck down

    Congratulations, way to go teammate.
  5. Awesome congratulations
  6. A friend emailed the company that took over the ammo. This was their response
  7. I just bought 2 boxes for $70
  8. Good luck, sitting in a swamp with my boy
  9. Rest up. Maybe get some muscle relaxers but don't go for the bottle, not worth it
  10. Yes it will happen eventually but that said I set a lot of state land and only had it happen a few times. Each time it was buck week, snow on ground to follow my tracks or near a trail. If you advoid those three your odds are good of keeping your stuff. Now with everyone being home due to covid all bets are off
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