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  1. rgw

    New NJW&W Giveaway!

    That's awesome, oh I am not in
  2. rgw


    Awesome congrats
  3. If he is talking where I am thinking there is no bottom to the mud getting out of boat isn't a option. The current ripps and huge tide swing.
  4. rgw

    merganser part deux

    Charcoal grill, you need all the extra flavor you can get
  5. rgw

    Great day

  6. rgw

    Anyone bring their dog trapping

    Sorry to hear newt. I had a lab that would run my line with me. I would let her out and she would take off run the whole line before I could gather equipment. If I had something she would sit and bark till I got there. She passed 5 years ago still debating on getting another.
  7. rgw

    Goose, It's What's for Lunch

    Looks awesome
  8. rgw

    Just hang'n out

    Looks a little sleepy hopefully you gave him nap time and what's that white crap on the other side of the road
  9. Your nuts if you hunt it in canoe or kayak in winter. That's a death sentence. Welcome to the site
  10. rgw

    merganser part deux

    Good luck and godspeed
  11. Should of took pictures. I would like to see a sleeping one
  12. rgw

    Happy Birthday Ken Beam

    Happy birthday ken
  13. rgw

    My boys Buck and cougar

    Never asked, don't want to know I know he walked in at 3 am.
  14. rgw

    My boys Buck and cougar

    The other night I got a call saying my boy got a spike and my brother got a doe, last night he played with the Moore brothers band Artie's bar in frenchtown and had a cougar rush the stage. Couldn't of been prouder. Back to college tonight.