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  1. We are working on something like that
  2. Please take the time to contact Senator Gopal, who introduced S3611, a bill that would ban trapping for anyone under the age of 18. You can call him at his office: 732-695-3371 or email him at [email protected] If you do email him, please bcc the email to [email protected] Thank you for your support, lets do our best to squash this bill!
  3. This would include the contest we hold on here for deer and turkey
  4. ACTION ALERT: STOP SENATE BILL 3541 Friends and fellow sportsmen, In the past, when faced with a bad piece of legislation, we would fight behind the scenes to stop the bill from becoming law. Very seldom did we ever exert any direct pressure on the bill's actual sponsor. While this tactic has served us well in the past the sponsor feels no pressure and usually continues to promulgate legislation that is counterproductive to our way of life, gun ownership and hunting. I feel it’s time for us to put pressure on the bill's sponsor just like the animal rights and anti-gun ownership factions do to drive their points of view home. That’s why I am asking you to get involved and make calls to the sponsor of Senate bill S-3541, Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez, to let her know how we feel about this legislation. This bill would make all contests involving wildlife illegal, no more big buck contests, no deer classic awards and yes, no squirrel hunts to raise funds for clubs. HOW TO STOP THIS BILL CALL the sponsor of this bill, Senator Nilsa Cruz-Perez at either 856-547-4800 or 856-541-1251 - these are her office numbers. When calling about our opposition to the bill we should identify our self and the organizations we belong to, NJSFSC or NJOA, can identify both. Talking Points To Cover Wildlife is protected by title 23 laws and regulations. Seasons and bag limits are set by law and reviewed by council to ensure that all wildlife is protected. Once an animal is harvested it becomes part of that person’s bag limit Contests have nothing to do with the illegal harvest of wildlife in fact all entries must be legally taken. The misinformation that surrounded the squirrel hunt from the anti-hunting extremists was filled with lies. Among the bogus claims: Hunters were keeping squirrels in cages to kill for the event, hunters had been baiting squirrels for weeks to slaughter them - NONE of which is true. As with all hunting it is just that, hunting, and in this case a total of 3 animals were legally harvested during the event. Squirrels are an under-utilized species that, when left to increase unchecked, have caused numerous problems to home owners through their ability to chew into buildings, destroying attics, ceilings, getting into walls and air vents and other things. There is no need for this type of legislation and it is just a knee jerk reaction to the total distortion of the facts by the anti-hunting extremist organizations. In the future, before you sponsor legislation dealing with wildlife it would be in your best interests to contact someone from either the NJOA or the NJSFSC to get the true facts behind the issue. Once her office receives, I hope, over 300 calls, she will realize that we have a voice and that our voice is based on fact and science not emotion and fiction. If we do not show our passion for our way of life and the sport of hunting, we will continue to be at risk of losing them. For the future of our sports, Ed Markowski, President New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
  5. Nice job. NJTA fur auction is this Saturday and Sunday
  6. I am guessing either too much water or not enough or late frost effected them last year
  7. I use to get ocean waves then I believe Costa. I know ocean waves use to have a great return policy. I use to break them every two years and send them back and they would replace them for next to nothing. Not sure now a days
  8. I actually thought about trying some upside down bucket tomato plants this year. I herd it works really well and would probably help from rodents eating a bunch
  9. I never did a raised garden. Only advice I could give is pick a spot with plenty of sun and protected from deer and rabbits
  10. Awesome. Their numbers are growing big time. Their was some good numbers trapped this year
  11. Would love to get my hands on that call again
  12. That's too much work because you got to feed and water it. I just tied mine up to a tree next to a stream and bean field
  13. I was going to post the same thing, basement gobbler, LoL
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