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  1. Our one and only, could have sunk the boat with all endangered geese flying by
  2. Boy got one woodie, really not seeing anything except all these endangered geese
  3. Did you call spy point, my boy had a micro with issues, he called and they sent him a new one after not getting it to work over phone
  4. The boy and his friend want to go, wish I knew a walk in spot, I just won’t feel safe putting 3 in the canoe
  5. That’s what I do but you still have to wait for each picture to load individually and sometimes it takes a while if I get a lot of pictures, I need to get a couple more but I am torn, I like having option to send 4 or 6 times a day this way I can set it to send pictures just before I walk in to know if I am going to spook anything but I feel tactacam is better quality, so torn
  6. I have both spypoint and Tactacam, the tactacam has better service but I like having more sending options with spy point. I also like getting one notification that my pictures were sent with spy point vs a notification for each photo delivered by tactacam
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