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  1. Just don't pose with it's jaw wide open, you can't help if someone takes your picture while you are releasing it as quickly as possible
  2. The forecast is pretty good well. Make sure you click the cloud in the upper right corner to update the most current weather conditions
  3. I have it, I use free version you just have to close a ad once in a while works great.
  4. Big eye tuna will kick anyone's ass. My last on took me 3 hours to land. After that I spent the next hour puking my guts out. Couldn't keep any liquid down.
  5. Yeah I have seen them before, he is getting some good ones but I don't think 800 big. He is fishing between 1000 to 2000' down for them
  6. My brother is pounding them every day up here
  7. He is just practicing for yo buck season
  8. I been seeing them hit on the road in the pines
  9. I would love to see some one try to use the handicap ramp, LoL
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