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  1. WOW i am sorry to hear and sending prayers 🙏. The good news is kids bounce back quickly. Wasn't that long ago my boy had a tumor removed from his brain, doc said it could take a year or more for recovery and would have to relearn how to do everything, after 2 weeks he was walking and after a month he was back.
  2. Awesome. First I herd of someone trolling for seabass
  3. Yeah I herd like 30 stitches but dep isn't commenting about it yet
  4. Working on it but most likely course material and test will be on line but probably a field day also. That being said I agree for this fall I think is should just be on line
  5. Awesome job congrats
  6. Broke inlet at dark thirty to be meat with 4 to 5 footers, It was supposed to be 1 foot of less. Any way after some searching we found life. Went 1 for 3 on bluefin, 2 Spanish and 1 king mackerel, had a wahoo chew threw 200 lb leader right at side of boat. Any way it was a fun day with the kid and his friend.
  7. I had a feeling. I was out where you were. We had lines in at 7. I was a hour late due to fog. Even coming back I only did 10 to 12 knot's. We started at the north of the north ridge. Worked the western wall then the eastern wall then went south to south ridge for a while then went back to where we started and started marking fish. On way in I marked good fish just west of ridge in 100 fow. I should have stopped but I had enough at that point.
  8. Nice job, my brother was out there and got one big eye and one sword. I stayed inshore trolling and can tell you the fog was no better
  9. You sure they weren't king's.
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