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  1. Nice job, did about the same from land tonight
  2. Marked tons of fish but had lock jaw, was able to get one decent one to play though
  3. Definitely a weird run, the schools seem long and narrow like a train, the last two trips moving 10 to 20 feet made the difference if you said you had a great day or if you said well at least I didn’t get skunked, yesterday started off like the latter, saw a boat 200 yds below me doing great so I knew they were coming through so I adjusted right and didn’t do anything for a while then left and instantly 3 rods dropped . There were definitely more bucks then rows last night. None of the fish I caught were contest worthy, seems the rows been coming in the morning but who knows
  4. It was stupid fishing tonight, we were counting to see if we could make it to a minute, at times it was hard to make it to 40 seconds. Might been the first time I caught shad into darkness
  5. That’s interesting, might have to look into that my self
  6. My boy switched to pants style and loves them
  7. Did really good this afternoon, first hour only had 2 but over the next couple hours boated close to 40 if not more, lots of doubles and tripples
  8. Set sail at day break, fished deep and shallow, found some life at each stop but not a lot at any, today’s was just bounce from spot to spot, ended up keeping our limit and let a bunch go, it was a great shakedown trip to start the season.
  9. Starting to stage in bay to go up river to spawn
  10. I saw that, never herd of something like this, is it like a preorder, are you garurenteed the product.
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