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  1. Nope. Brown team. His motto is " if it's brown I am down"
  2. Congrats, heck of a bird
  3. Turkey Tuesday checkin

    Yea this one was rude, she knew exactly what she was doing. I was hoping she would trip and fall, so I could see what all the hipe is about with sea world.
  4. Turkey Tuesday checkin

    I had a big ol woman "real big" come through at 7am walking a dog yelling as loud as she could through the fields "I am walking my dog don't shoot"
  5. Lol. I saw them gg. Avoided them all. Better try some new bait down that hole
  6. Aruba Vaction Week

    Hell yea
  7. Friday scouting, and wondered into some private property, had my pic sent to the office, busted, lol
  8. Hope/Frelinghuysen Border

    I been calling to those birds for s week or more now.
  9. Aruba Vaction Week

    can someone say njw&w get to gether/man day in aruba
  10. Salvage or Not

    thats what i am looking for
  11. Salvage or Not

    Length, looking for a 12 footer
  12. Can't wait till Saturday morning

    It is for sure. I used to do so much prep work for youth day. It was always a great day