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  1. they just punch a hole and dont cut the skin and hair out of the way
  2. those pieces of shit shouldnt be allowed to be sold. i wish someone told me what i told you before i bought 3 packs of them
  3. killed a few deer the last two years with them, one heart shot, 3 double lungs prpbably 20 yards worth of blood between the 4, one i saw fall in a field 75 yds from me the others i tracked by foot prints untill you get close to where it died
  4. this is the truth, i sware i would get more blood out of a practice head
  5. a matter of fact i got a pack of 3 two never out of the package one was on arrow but never shot, i would give you those pieces of shit but i would feel bad when you dont get any blood, i take that back you find find blood about 10 yds from where the deer dies
  6. they suck, i never get blood with them, you been warned
  7. Good luck, coho came in good last night but that group will be at hatchery by tonight or close to it. Kings are stacked close to estury. Any East wind will have them flooding the river
  8. I screwed up worse jack. I put what I thought was a perfect shot on a flat head tonight. Quarter away behind front shoulder and stuck through opposite shoulder. Snapped arrow at fletching. After shot she chest plowed for 20 yds and watched her go down around 70 yds. Waited 45 min to get down went to where I saw her go ass over head and no deer. Great bubble lung blood up to that spot then nothing after that. Called dog and nothing. It's like it got up and flew away. I keep replaying it in my head and don't get it.
  9. i gun hunt the dwg and almost never see another person or hear a shot. get a mile in you will have it all to yourself
  10. Hang in there team mate. Hot as hell and I probably just killed 25 mosquitos nope 26 now, but we are in the game.
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