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  1. Built mine also, started off with one barrel then added a second, what a difference.
  2. I was getting dressed to go but my camera started sending me pictures and I didn't want to spook them out walking in.
  3. BBD they say he is 154.5
  4. Huge buck just walked by
  5. A majority of the Woodies moved south. You can still find them up north if you know where to look. I have killed Woodies in January but not many. Mallards, blacks, gadies, ring necks, redheads, and divers will be the new game. Knowing where to go is the key. Tons and tons of scouting. Good luck
  6. I just ordered the lacrosse alphaburly to try. I always bought muck Boots but couldn't make them last a season without tearing them up. I am rough on boots walking countless miles up and down mountains trapping. I always have boots blow out in the ankle area. Will see how these hold up, not holding my breath
  7. Good luck. Better than being in the office
  8. Just to show you how my season is going. 7 freaking minutes
  9. I am trying. Passed a lot of bucks the last 2 weeks and had a screw up on a good one. Hell or high water I will fill the tag because trapping season starts soon. Been holding off for a good one before I burn a tag on a scrapper.
  10. After hunting every morning for 2 weeks straight I must of hit the snooze button this morning. Mad at myself right now but my body must or needed the rest at least that's what I am telling myself. Back at it tomorrow
  11. I saw seven bucks today only small scrapers came within range. I spent the majority of both Saturday and Sunday on a 1 foot by 1.5 foot stand 20 ' in a tree. I am wooped running on very little sleep
  12. Nice buck wasn't hunterdon county by any chance
  13. rgw

    Happy Birthday Buck154!!

    Happy Birthday 🎉 john
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