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  1. I will confirm great seller, I just bought broad heads from him and they arrived as promised
  2. Years ago I had the opportunity to shoot a beautiful albino 8 pointer 3 years in a row, I would have loved to take him but the farmer said that deer was off limits, the fourth year guy on neighboring property got him, given another opportunity without restrictions I would
  3. Yea 2000, been wanting to switch to new versions but hard when you know one version, everyone tells me the new versions suck
  4. I was just going to say the same thing, it was just ruled 21 is unconstitutional
  5. I never waited more than a month, quickest was 2 weeks hunterdon county
  6. That is a shame but you are using ocean clams for bait not the ones we are catching
  7. I will take pictures of mine tonight, you can have a lot of fun building this one
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