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  1. rgw

    Old tree stands?

    I went for that ride 3 times one morning., Pretty sure the deer smelled the skid marks in my underwear
  2. rgw

    Old tree stands?

    My original loggy with the two peggs sucked on wet trees. I never came down so fast in my life. Almost like the tower ride where it take you to top then free falls. The next model with the curved platform with rubber was a 100 times better. Both though once you locked them in weren't going anywhere
  3. Which one was you? Ahhhhh now I know who was sleeping when I gave my speech about being a mod and only posting clean pictures
  4. rgw

    Salmon Time

    Nice I should go back up. It's been a couple years
  5. In the first picture I have a Monster Energy in front of me with my head down. Wish I knew at the time which one was you
  6. rgw

    Backed out last night

    Yup the song dogs got it. It's a shame but happens
  7. It's a great learning experience
  8. he said he was a lutheran priest. i tell you i didnt see that one coming
  9. Normally we have around 50 students, we only had in the 30's this time
  10. Second picture is Mike making sure our own Will Jimeno isn't cheating, lol lol
  11. rgw

    Youth day 11 pointer success for rayna!

    thats awesome, congtats to both of you