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  1. Un-friggen-real! I loved following this story and I cannot believe you found it. Hell of an ending to this story. Can’t wait to see the mount when it’s done. And way to go Gobblengrunt to offer up your day to help someone else find a needle in the haystack knowing how much it would mean to them. My hat is off to you, sir.
  2. RV style here too with all the luxuries. Only way to still get out there for a few days with two kids under three. Looking forward to getting back to bare bones tent camping as they get older.
  3. Thanks for posting that. I appreciate it.
  4. I am also looking for a scorer up North for P&Y. I’m in Morris County.
  5. Thanks for sharing the recipe. Definitely trying this one.
  6. Looks delicious. What’s the recipe?
  7. Tarhunt - Which sous vide cooker did you go with?
  8. Integracingsr

    need prayers

    Prayers for your son and family. So sorry to hear of this challenging time for your family. Be strong!
  9. Damn! Congrats to the huntress!
  10. Integracingsr

    How Old?

    I’m not good at the age guessing game but that body sure is bulky. Those hind quarters are huge and that neck is beefy and blown out to the sides. Hell of a deer you took, Rusty.
  11. Good luck to all who are out
  12. I thought it was open all year on the ocean side.
  13. Congrats on finally catching up with that old boy.
  14. Congrats on that cool, gnarly old buck. He’s a beauty.
  15. This is good news. There seems to be less and less each year. The Spring still brings the gators to the surf, albeit less and less. Nearly nothing in the Fall. I’m glad to see a change.
  16. Those are some cool videos. Simpler times for sure. Certainly not the NJ we know of today.
  17. How do you make the cherry pepper aoili? Looks great.
  18. Looks like a great morning. I recognize that dog and owner. Do you work with Derek?
  19. How about a pheasant mount? I’ve got an old one from 25 years ago that’s in dire need of a good cleaning.
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