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  1. Good luck out in SD. What will you be hunting out there?
  2. Prayers sent. I hope this is a one time thing but either way you should be prepared with how to handle one should it ever occur in the future. Most resolve in time and the child is fine but protect your child from falling and/or hitting her head and continually monitor her airway to ensure she isn’t choking on flem or anything else. If so, roll her on her side to clear her airway. Best of luck and keep us updated. We’re praying for her.
  3. I don’t know of a good engineer but Kuiken Lumber in Succasunna can spec the beam for you and give you a certificate for the town. I’d imagine Morristown Lumber offers this service as well.
  4. I’m with Birdshot here. It’s only logical. An eye for an eye.
  5. Saw one today also and was blown away by its size. My first thought was the same as yours.. “is that a murder hornet?”
  6. Love Steve Rinella’s stuff. I can’t believe I used to discard the shanks of the deer until I saw him cook up an osso bucco recipe. Now it’s one of my favorite cuts. Definitely going to try this ham recipe this year. Looks delicious.
  7. I’m drooling over these pics. Up here in Northern Jersey, I just got my first couple of cherry tomatoes off of the vine this weekend. I’ve got a bunch of green beefsteak coming in and the peppers seem to be coming in slowly albeit one or two at a time. It’s my first year going at it though so I’ll be happy with what I get. how often are you guys fertilizing and what are you using, if anything?
  8. Very nice. Who did you have do the taxi work for you?
  9. You’ve got some nice options this season
  10. Love these behind the scenes post. Congrats Lady Bird on that beast!
  11. I haven’t seen her post in quite a while but always enjoyed when she did post. What has she been up to? A few years back when she harvested her bear she made homemade lip balm from the rendered bear fat and was nice of to send me some.
  12. Congrats to all of those hunters on some awesome animals and beautiful mounts. That bear with the mouth open is a mean pose. Excellent job as usual bringing them back to life. Crazy realistic. I’m glad my buck from this past season is with you to get done. I’m with @Live to Hunt I keep opening these threads excited and hoping to see mine hanging on that tree.
  13. What are the different cell plan costs for these cams? This is definitely one of the deciding factors for me. I, incorrectly, assumed Verizon or the carrier set the pricing and thought it would be the same regardless of the camera chosen.
  14. Very cool. Love seeing a good point. Looking forward to getting my girls back out there this Fall. Where were ya training at?
  15. Great story. As Jack said, this is actual news worthy of reporting.
  16. Great story. Thanks for sharing Lou. And God bless Scott.
  17. Looks like you guys are really enjoying the new boat. Best of luck on the rest of your trip.
  18. Tough to choose. I had Ataris but Nintendo was bigger for me and my generation. I’d have to go with either Legend of Zelda or Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.
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