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  1. Not sure I let Carl pick the form so it’s always a surprise like a birthday present 😂
  2. Just got my buck back from All-Game Taxidermy Carl Osterlund 😁 If anyone is looking for a high quality mount Carl is your guy! Thanks Carl for another awesome job!
  3. It was! I videod the hunt but have no idea how to edit . I need to find someone to help me put it together so I can post it on the site.
  4. Thank you Robin for doing a awesome job with the youth contest and thank you to all the people that donated! My daughter could not believe when she opened the box of all the awesome equipment everyone donated!
  5. Went out hunting on my birthday today with my dad and took this big doe! My dad also took a doe making it a double! Dragging and birthday cake ! My kind of birthday!
  6. We have the donation also for our Deer. Both my doe’s where donated. I kept the buck for myself:) There are only 7 others on the spot I hunt and I don’t want to take Deer from other people until everybody gets a chance at filling there quota. I am a hunter not a killer. I love being able to do my part and also find the joy of being in the woods. They have a separate program geared towards straight killers that can drag 2 Deer a day and they would need to have lots of time on there hands. Killing lots of does is expensive and lots of work.I have 3 kids that keep me very busy and a 500 yard drag so I will shoot as many deer as I can manage.
  7. During are meeting this year they said they where going to drop any guys that did not kill there requirements. I shot both my doe’s before the rut then shot my buck 1st week of December. I am not going to shoot another doe unless the other guys fill both there doe tags. I run cameras nonstop so if I start seeing a heavy influx in doe’s then I will shoot some more in mid -Jan to February .
  8. I hunt hopewell nj and there is a ton of deer! That’s why ever single township property had hunters on it.each person has to shoot 2 does a year to stay in the program and they keep saying we are not shooting enough. The forester for hopewell must shoot at least 50 plus Deer a year him self to try to keep the numbers down because of all the buck only hunters.
  9. My buck had a 16.5 inch spread . So should mine spread score be changed to a C score? Ok I will shoot another doe
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