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  1. Bushnlo

    50 Jersey foods to try before you die

    If you want fine food for a date night go to brick farm tavern in hopewell nj. Everything is super fresh grown and raised local food.but be prepared to drop $200-$400 depending on what you get
  2. Bushnlo

    Live edge burl coffee table

    Thanks guys!as soon as I am done my trophy room I will post some pics:)
  3. Bushnlo

    Live edge burl coffee table

    Here is some of the other stuff I made:) the coffee table with the bark on is for my trophy room and the big slab is my wife’s desk. The small burl table and the giant walnut end cut are tables I sold. The walnut is still waiting on finish.
  4. Bushnlo

    Live edge burl coffee table

    No a friend of my does. . He slabs and dries the trees.
  5. Bushnlo

    Live edge burl coffee table

    I just built a live edge burl mulberry coffee table and desk for my house . I bought a couple of extra pieces to sell so here is a crazy table a made from one of the end caps! This coffee table is 26x51 price $1000
  6. Bushnlo

    Crickets.....cmon bear hunters

    This my first time in the bear woods and we have not seen any yet. I am running a video camera trying to film cronk shooting his first bear:)
  7. Bushnlo

    Big fish

  8. Bushnlo

    Big fish

    Starting last week the amount of fish I have been catching has really increased and the sizes have been getting bigger and bigger! I caught my biggest ever pickerel yesterday!
  9. Bushnlo

    Tracking help

    Flemington is really close to me so that would be awesome if you could help us out:) thanks guys!
  10. Bushnlo

    Tracking help

    I need to get my certified tracking dog on lots of real tracks to build up his experience . So if anyone shoots a deer not far from the hopewell (near Trenton)area I would love to have scout track your deer. I am looking for good kills so he can find the deer (no high shoulder shots) guts shots are great tracks for him too.if you see the deer drop even better ! So if you shoot a deer only check the hit site to see if it's a good shot then leave the trail so there is no human scent on it. The better the dog gets from everyone's help the better he will be when you really need him. Thanks in advance and my name is david and my number is 6095100791 .