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  1. Is anyone selling apples around central nj?
  2. I alway have a ton of crabs at the place I work but my family all thinks there too much work to eat. So the only ones I will take are the soft shell ones for the deep fry😋also tons of bunker and there super easy to catch for bait.
  3. I am selling my Elite energy 35 fully loaded.$500 70 lbs ,right hand and it’s set to a 28inch draw right now. It has 11 Gold tip hunter pro arrows, I Q bow sight with micro keyless adjustments, custom skull cobra weave wrist sling , Apache stabilizer and a ripcord red rest. If you don’t need all the extras it would be $400 bare bow.
  4. Thanks so much! I was going to buy lily a second stand so her winning one is perfect !
  5. I have never tried a jet sled but I have a hawke crawler that works great. It goes over downed trees and rocks very easily with a 180 pound buck on it. On a straight run I can pull with one hand.
  6. If anyone shot a 8pt in December that had 2 busted points I may have found your deer Delaware township zone 11
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