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  1. Bushnlo

    Buck down:)

    He is a lagotto. Italian truffle/duck dog
  2. Bushnlo

    Buck down:)

    I hunted a archery only area today on township property and got it down with the crossbow during the second day of gun season:) my tracking dog I a training found him for me too!
  3. Bushnlo

    First year hunting

    My daughter turned 10 in January and she has only been hunting 5 times so far. First time I take her out we are in the blind for a hour and 2 big toms come in to 10 yards and she gets one! Second time out was opening day of archery season and we are in the stand for about a hour and she shoots a doe! Third time out we are in the stand for about 4hr and a big velvet 8 comes in but we lost light when he got close enough. Forth time out we see nothing. 5th time out here comes that same 8pt following a doe stops at 20 yards and she takes him!!!! I just got back from elys and now she has tons of beef jerky and snack sticks! I still can’t believe that got blessed us with such a wonderful season!
  4. Bushnlo

    Permits for youth hunters?

    Thanks I will go get one at dicks once they open
  5. Does my 10 year old daughter need a permit to hunt permit bow season? Or is her youth license good for all season until the end of the year?
  6. Thanks guys! Now she wants to shoot a big buck so let the game begin!
  7. Thanks she is super happy! The kill shot is in the Deer video.I recorded everything but have no idea how to edit film so I just recorded a couple clips off by big camera with my phone
  8. 307D0628-289C-412B-86AE-9D281CCC0C3D.MOV A444E3B2-74F3-4702-BD4D-C89CDE291BAA.mp4 920A681C-BB75-4F9A-AAE5-3ECCD3774CD7.MOV
  9. Bushnlo

    Your luckiest hunt

    I killed this buck from the ground at 5 yards and he died only 20 yards from me! I sat down in a funnel next to a dead fall after I spooked a big group of bedded does at 12 pm during the rut. I had a gut feeling a buck would come to smell there bedding area and I was on the down wind side of it waiting for him:)
  10. Bushnlo

    What is your biggest NJ buck?

    This is my biggest buck. I probably should of had his weight checked because his body was giant! I could not drag him at all by my self . I had to get a Deer cart and a friend to move him.
  11. I am in for team. Is there a youth contest for kids too for my daughter? This is here first year Deer hunting:)
  12. Lily wants the scratch box
  13. Bushnlo

    50 Jersey foods to try before you die

    If you want fine food for a date night go to brick farm tavern in hopewell nj. Everything is super fresh grown and raised local food.but be prepared to drop $200-$400 depending on what you get
  14. Bushnlo

    50 Jersey foods to try before you die

    Jersey shore barbecue has some awesome ribs. Real deal smoke house!
  15. Bushnlo

    Live edge burl coffee table

    Thanks guys!as soon as I am done my trophy room I will post some pics:)