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  1. Wow. Great video of a fun journey. I enjoyed watching that. I’ve seen a lot of fishing videos of Kamchatka. It looks like a beautiful, untainted wilderness.
  2. Nice catch! I was fishing down at IBSP this Monday and the bonita were busting up the bait right in front of me just out of casting range for quite a while. Never did come in close enough but enjoyed watching them and managed 2 keeper fluke and one short on the day.
  3. I’m just looking forward to getting out there and spending some quality time with the family.
  4. I still haven’t had anything cooked soups vide but that looks damn good.
  5. My GSP is the same way. Not gun shy in the least. However, when she hears thunder or fireworks she shivers in fear. As for the pudelpointer, she plays it cool and could care less about the thunder or fireworks.
  6. Another union member here who didn’t vote for that loser.
  7. Great job by the Trooper putting his life on the line to help those two.
  8. Looks like some really nice hunting habitat out there.
  9. I bought a sleep number 5 years ago after a friend of ours raved about theirs and I’m so glad that I did. Never had any problems and find it extremely comfortable. The lowest class one felt like an air mattress so I’d steer clear of that. I went with a higher end one and paid just over 4K for a king size. A couple of things led me to purchase this as I would not normally spend this much on a bed. First and foremost, it’s extremely comfortable. Second, my wife likes a soft mattress ans I like mine fairly hard so this accommodates both of us. Third, it comes with something like a 28 year warranty IIRC. And lastly, it comes apart and goes together in pieces approximately 3’x3’ and it easy to get up stairs and around corners and they assemble easily. This was important for us with a King sized mattress. Check out a how-to on YouTube if you’re interested. I hope this helps. Personally, I never liked the Tempurpedic beds but it’s all preferences. Try them all out and see what works best for you.
  10. I'm terribly sorry for your loss Jack. May he rest in peace.
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