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  1. Very cool. Congrats and thank you for all you do for the sport we all love.
  2. Right. According to that statement it’s up to NJFG to present the plan. Did NJFG propose one in an appropriate timeframe? Did the Commissioner of the DEP reject one?
  3. That was good. The constant squealing was my favorite part.
  4. Deer season isn’t for another month and a half. I think there will still be time for another moon post before then.
  5. Good post Rusty. Thanks for the lesson and intel. Didn’t realize reds took two years to develop while whites take only one.
  6. Please explain this one. Never heard of it.
  7. Looks good, Zipper. Got me craving clams now. I'm going down Thursday with my son to get some more.
  8. I used a stone rake the other day for my first time and did pretty well. It obviously creates a lot more drag than a clam rake and doesn't get quite as deep but I was able to put a meal together in a short amount of time so success can be had with relative ease. With that said, the folks that did have clam rakes were picking up a greater quantity.
  9. Agreed. X2 on the Pat LaFrieda burgers
  10. Nice catching, John. Quite the variety. Looks like a great trip and time well spent with your Dad.
  11. What’s the recipe? Love galumpkis
  12. Congrats on the growing family, Jay
  13. How long do you expect the wood to last for those undercut boxes?
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