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  1. I was driving out to hike Mt. Tammany with the wife today for her bday and saw the sign and remembered reading this post from @nmc02 so we stopped in to check the place out. Great place, great staff, good beers and outstanding wings. I went with the General Tso flavor and can’t wait to go back. Thanks for the recommendation. Anyone whose in the area should check them out.
  2. Love catching them Brookies. Nice catch.
  3. Where are you located?
  4. Great show. Big fan as well. Checking out The Hunting Public on YouTube also. Not as well produced but its a great show about the camaraderie and the pure joy that hunting and the outdoors provide.
  5. Great firepit. One of the guys at work has one. Love how clean they burn.
  6. My condolences Jay. Sounds like one heck of a woman and a life well lived.
  7. That’s how I do it too. The flour before the egg wash makes a big difference in the final taste.
  8. Integracingsr


    Hope it’s nothing and he’s just been busy.
  9. Done. I’d be good with this. I’d like a decent fishery for my kids in the years to come. Thanks for sharing for us all to get our input in.
  10. Glad he is well and went unscathed. That whole scenario could have been much worse.
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