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  1. Integracingsr

    RIP Dad 1935-2018

    I'm terribly sorry for your loss Jack. May he rest in peace.
  2. Awesome story. I wish you a speedy recovery. Great deer too!
  3. Integracingsr

    10-5, Z5 buck mission = Slammer down

    WOW, he's a beauty. Nice going, Jack.
  4. Integracingsr

    Son's First Bow Deer

    Congrats to you and your son!
  5. Integracingsr

    Arrowed one on my first sit of the year

    Hey guys. Sorry for the delay. I fell in a hole, was mauled by a bear, and had a hell of a time getting out. As for the deer.. Unfortunately, we never made a recovery. We found more blood but once again the trail went cold. After Darren left I continued to search the surrounding area until dark but couldn't locate the deer after nearly 12 hours. I'm doubtful this deer made it but hope that it did.
  6. Integracingsr

    Arrowed one on my first sit of the year

    I found some more blood but then it trailed off again. Darren was nice enough to head out here to help me out with his tracking dog. Waiting on him now. Man I hate this feeling! Thanks again for everyone's well wishes.
  7. Integracingsr

    Arrowed one on my first sit of the year

    Looking away. Out of curiosity. what made ya think that this was gonna be a bad one? I thought the blood color and amount look great.
  8. Integracingsr

    Arrowed one on my first sit of the year

    The trail went cold after some great blood. Thought this was gonna be an easy one based on initial blood. Oh well. It's all part of the adventure. Time to start the grid and find where she left off. Hopefully I'll have some pics to follow shortly. Thanks for all of the well wishes.
  9. Integracingsr

    Arrowed one on my first sit of the year

    No blood for the first 20 yards followed by some good gushes.
  10. First sit of the year this morning. I wanted to get out earlier in the season but having a one year old at home and a new job doesn't lend much time to the hobbies right now. However, I finally had a morning open and took the opportunity to get in the stand. Got in the stand around 5:45 this morning. Enjoyed the nice cool temps as the sun came up. Right at 7 AM a nice doe came walking directly downwind. Sniffed around a bit and did a few back and forths deciding which way to proceed. Decided to come up the ridge toward me. Took the 25 yard shot. Waited an hour and climbed down and found good blood. Marked it and I'm returning to the truck now to take my gear off before coming back to finish the track. Wish me luck!
  11. Integracingsr

    1:45 am - wake up jack!

    Nice work Jay. I remember following this live hunt.
  12. Integracingsr

    Climber Recommendation

    I love my Summit Viper SD. Extremely lightweight and very comfortable. Only con that I can say is that sometimes the teeth make a squeaking noise when you put weight on it. This is fixed by a minor adjustment in placement (up or down an inch on the tree) and seems to be more prominent when the angle of the platform is incorrect (bad guess on which notch on the cable I should use when staring up a tree 20').
  13. Integracingsr

    Got my first WHITE MARLIN today

    Nice day with your boy. Congrats Jack. And get the mount!
  14. Integracingsr

    Time goes by way too fast.....

    I have a little guy who is 1 and I can't wait to share with him what my Dad taught me. Last year, I gave up my own hunt to sit in a ladder stand with my Dad for the first time in a very long time. I can't believe what I've been missing. We scared off several deer due to our horsing around and laughing but it is one of my favorite hunting memories of all time. I wouldn't trade that day for 10 harvests.