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  1. Tough to choose. I had Ataris but Nintendo was bigger for me and my generation. I’d have to go with either Legend of Zelda or Mike Tyson’s Punch Out.
  2. Welcome to the site and thank you for your service. I’ll be sure to keep your wife and family in my prayers Stay strong and keep a positive attitude. brother. All of your girls need it. on another note, great buck, on Veterans Day no less. Very cool.
  3. The best way to prevent injuring the animal and to ensure you harvest it is practice, practice, and more practice. Shoot from any and all positions to see how it impacts your shots. Also, be sure to study anatomy as it pertains a to shot placement. There is good post on it somewhere here that I’m sure someone else can find and add the link. Good luck.
  4. They’ve undermined my garage floor and caused a large crack across the entire thing. My goal is to have zero in a couple of weeks
  5. Wow. They’re all great mounts but those turkeys are absolutely incredible. Nice job, Jay.
  6. Integracingsr

    Bug ID

  7. Nice trip. Can’t beat a day on the boat with family, friends, and big fish to top it all off.
  8. I’m blown away every time I see those pictures, Jack. Absolutely incredible deer.
  9. Congrats to your boy. And way to put him on a big fish, Hammer.
  10. I bet the first one was a great shot and the last two were off target. Fools the crowd every time.
  11. That was quick! Good luck to everyone today.
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