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  1. Great.. another one for Team Pork Roll. just kidding, welcome! respectfully, A Taylor hammer.
  2. Integracingsr

    Defund This!

    That is great. I hope that officer enjoys his retirement and I wish his son a great, safe, healthy career.
  3. That’s awesome. If it happens up North, I want in.
  4. Nice buck. Good luck getting after him
  5. Those fish are insane. I’ve never even heard of a spoonbill. Looks like a blast though. Good luck this coming spring.
  6. Definitely on the list for this year. I saw a cool video on a hike into the (edited out the name so as to not spot burn) for some wild browns and it quickly made its way onto my list.
  7. I guess I won’t be going for bighorn sheep any time soon! great pics, LittleM.
  8. I hope he’s doing well. Always enjoyed reading his content. He also sent my family tickets for some dirt races down in New Egypt.
  9. I saw this post on the TU forum recently but it was only limited to the lower 48 and most of the answers were out West and for good reason.. It’s beautiful, remote, and the trout fishing is excellent many places out there. With that said, I’m looking to do something closer to home this year that doesn’t require a flight and I’d like to utilize our already underutilized truck camper. We do Pulaski just about every year for salmon and steelhead in the fall and then again for steelhead in the February but I’m looking for something different for 2021. So let’s hear it.. What are some of your buck
  10. I bought my dump trailer at Hampton RV in Newton/Hampton. He’s a straight shooter and was easy to deal with.
  11. With today’s low mortgage rates, I’d be more inclined to refi my house at 2.75 percent to take the necessary funds out and leave my 401K to continue earning. Later on, I’d use the earnings from that 401K to payoff said mortgage over time so I didn’t have one big tax bill for one year of cashing out a large sum from the 401K.
  12. Nice DIY project. Look forward to seeing the finished product. My father used to do a ton of fiberglass work and I haven’t the slightest clue where to even start. Thanks for the tutorial.
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