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  1. And just like that.......Pete is BACK!
  2. LPJR

    Urban Bears

    Just pulled a card today. Now......this is a spot in a back yard in Zone 13. LOTS of YOUNG kids around in the neighborhood. I don't want to think about worst case scenario. This will only get worse if nothing is done in this state. Middle of the day as well. These are only several of the dozens of pics on the Bushnell. Unreal.
  3. LPJR

    High Tower

    Great buck and shot congrats!
  4. No you drunk. The ones I posted.
  5. When we were up in NH hunting recently, SEVERAL guys at the check station/general store were talking about hanging DRYER sheets near where they post up or from their stands.... WTH is that about? Has anyone ever heard about this. Was a first for me. Not only one, but several of the locals swore by using them up there... Then they started talking about Bigfoot...
  6. Nose Jammer works- without a doubt. Told buddies about it and they are shocked how long deer hang out where it is sprayed on the trees near the stand. I have used it in a blind early season and spray it out the window when getting set up. Deer seem to love it. Like said already, it most likely is the vanilla scent.
  7. Awesome Johnboy! Well done. Like said, the buck was nudged into the field by your mom buddy.
  8. Many email addresses-attached below.. Phone/E-mail Contacts The Division has several e-mail addresses and phone numbers for public assistance. Please select the e-mail or phone most related to your inquiry: General Information - 609-292-2965 License System Assistance - NJDFWLicenses@dep.nj.gov Law Enforcement - use regional or Nacote Creek offices below Operation Game Thief - To anonymously report hunting, fishing and trapping violations. Marine Fisheries - 609-292-2083; njmarinefisheries@dep.nj.gov Saltwater Registry - saltwaterregistry@dep.nj.gov Freshwater Fisheries - 908-236-2118; NJfwfish@dep.nj.gov Hunting & Fishing Information - njfishandwildlife@dep.nj.gov Farmer Hunting Licenses and Permits - 609-292-1473; Cathy.Hemingway@dep.nj.gov Trout Stocking Hotline - 609-633-6765 Wildlife Management - 609-292-6685 Wildlife Control - 908-735-8793 Endangered & Nongame Species - 609-292-9400; ENSPTrentonVoicemail@dep.nj.gov Land Management/Wildlife Management Areas - 609-984-0547; Jason.Hearon@dep.nj.gov Mapping (GIS) Applications - DFWGIS@dep.nj.gov Mosquito Control - 609-292-3649; Renae.Yauger@dep.nj.gov Captive Game Permits - 609-984-0530 Exotic Species Permits - 609-984-6213; ExoticPermits@dep.nj.gov Wildlife Relocation Permits - 609-292-2965 Importation Permits - 609-292-2965 Wildlife Rehabilitators Hunter Education - 877-2-HUNT-NJ or 856-629-0552; NJHUNTERED@dep.nj.gov Fishing/Wildlife Education - 908-637-4125 ext. 0; NJFishandWildlife@dep.nj.gov R3 Program - 856-629-1014; r3mentoredhunt@dep.nj.gov
  9. 6 does and a spike yesterday. 8 does and no bucks tonight. Huge swamp donkey horse of a doe started blowing early in the sit. Did not spook entirely and came into the field at 50 yards broadside before dark. Had her in the scope but held off. Did not want to blow the spot up. Was looking for a specific buck that recently is a night rider only.
  10. 20211129_164216.mp4 Rusty must be drinking already. Was only 1 doe in the pic. This beddded doe alerted me to every deer walking within 100 yards of me tonight. Amazing. Unfortunately the deer I was looking for was not one of them..
  11. And this was NOT EVEN EDITED TO SAY THIS. I have no words Michael........
  12. My cousin borrowed a pair of bird pants and forgot a belt... Improvised nicely. With shoelaces. 20211127_075824.mp4
  13. Agreed alabjr.... This is the video he sent me that assisted him in skinning the bird for roasting. Again, he LOVES to cook and enjoys the preparation and has the time to do it. He brought some of the results this morning and it was absolutely delicious.
  14. Sweet! When I saw this post I thought the same happened to us today. When we folded a cockbird, a hawk swooped down out of nowhere and grabbed in when it hit the dirt....
  15. Awesome day. Great pics Bones! Love the pointing & kid pics
  16. A who?? The Black & White setting on my cell Robert......
  17. My cousin has not hunted since he was a kid and moved back home to NJ from Georgia last year. Took him and my Uncle to Flatbrook on Tuesday this past week where we did well without a dog. He was very interested in making the birds several ways not just the breaded cutlets like I usually do. He brined them and made roasted pheasant, chicken fried pheasant, as well as the cutlets. He definitely has way more time and PATIENCE than I do.... We went to a buddy's farm this morning and did well with both pheasants and chukars. Have some HD video of some awesome points by the Vizslas that I will try to post up.
  18. Well done all the way around Dennis! Great buck and memories made..
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