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  1. Did someone say that is awesome?? How awesome is that! Very cool Larry...
  2. LPJR


    This? Ahhhh. the 2nd one! haha
  3. I am dying. NEED to get this App..................
  4. I am actually interested in this ad that is in this thread haha!
  5. Agree Jacko. Another one off to BHI.. Butt Hurt Island. SMH
  6. LPJR

    What looks better?

    Mark, Jr and my wife just got back from Shrewsbury tonight from picking up this set of 2018 chrome rims to put on his F-350 for winter use. My son made a great find and buy. Nice condition and picked up the set for $200.00. Now he said he is going to save for tires for the winter to put them on.. Good talking to you today, best of luck fishing!
  7. Is THIS the scope that you put on top of your new Ravin?? https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/659042 Let's see pics of that bad ass setup! NO DEER IS SAFE NOW.....................
  8. No. Would not take that shot. A clearer shot will most likely present itself if with the bow. We need them to not travel off of the golf course this fall Rusty..
  9. LPJR

    What looks better?

    Both look good. Clean ride Mark. I like black. Funny, my son says he now wants chrome rims and we were just talking about the same thing. I say his black ones look good on his 350.
  10. Which scope did you go with for this setup Tim? Hope it was a decent one...this bow deserves nothing less...
  11. OMG. Jacko- I cannot stop this train from rolling, even as a mod. Sorry, not sorry. This is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay toooooooooooooooooo funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. And creepy- all at the same time.
  12. She would like to as of now after she graduates from college first. She loved the experience.
  13. So proud of my Goddaughter who completed the 112th class of the Trooper Youth Week sponsored by the NJSP last week in Sea Girt.. Her dedication and commitment was a true testament to her tenacity as she did very well during the week. Only 4 months ago she underwent emergency surgery for sustaining a broken leg during her high school wrestling match.
  14. Nice job George
  15. That's what it is all about! Great post Ronnie. Good stuff!
  16. Ok master chef Emeril Lagasse.
  17. LPJR

    My First Smoke!!!

    Epic fail Joe. Either finish strong with good pics or save the posting for when you have some sleepies......
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