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  1. Cousin Brown

    Got # 3

    Horrible terrain for any equipment! Thanks Mike.
  2. Cousin Brown

    Got # 3

    no, but it does look like it from how the arrow hits, however I am elevated a bit. The broadhead hooked on the wing bone and broke it.
  3. Cousin Brown

    Got # 3

  4. Cousin Brown

    Got # 3

    Im not picky when it comes to turkey , Got my 3rd bird with a bow this year....a nice jake, same spot as the previous two! Think I found a hot spot! Here are the pics.
  5. Cousin Brown

    Zone 11. He’s not fat, just big boned!!

    Wow, thats a fatty!!! Congrats!!!!
  6. Team 3 & Individual Upgrade 22lbs 8oz 9 7/8" Beard 7/8" Spurs NWTF Score=59.75
  7. Cousin Brown

    Bird #2

    Got Bird number 2 today in the exact same spot as the last bird! 22lbs 8oz, 7/8" Spurs, 9 7/8"Beard. 13 yards.
  8. Cousin Brown

    Need Some Prayers For My Mom

    Prayers sent
  9. Cousin Brown

    Redneck Blinds Soft Sided Guille Blind

  10. Cousin Brown

    Redneck Blinds Soft Sided Guille Blind

    Looks good! How are the size of the windows ? Can you shoot out of them w/ a compound bow? Also, is there a door you can lock?
  11. Cousin Brown

    Mountain bird

    Congrats again Mike!
  12. Cousin Brown

    Turkey Broadhead Question.

    Do any of you use a fixed blade broadhead for turkey? If so which one? Everyone I know seems to use mechanicals.
  13. Cousin Brown

    Bird Down

    Didn't hear the 1st gobble till about 7:15, I hit the pot call once and he gobbled closer, then a 3rd time. He came into the Jake decoy and was spitting & drumming at 13 yards I let the arrow fly. I anchored him on the spot , dead once he hit the ground. 19lbs 14 oz. 1" & 6/8" spurs, 9 3/8"Beard. It was a Nice hunt this morning! I also included pics of the arrow in flight.
  14. Cousin Brown

    looking to buy a good fillet knife

    Dexter Russel & the Bubba blade isn't bad at all!