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  1. Ok guys, I have to give it up. If you really want a bear you need to get Redneck Prides Bear Stuff. It is the real deal. Bears go crazy for the stuff. I have them walking by bait barrels just to get a cup full of bear stuff laying on the ground. Like Ron says..... I’ll believe ya but nobody else will. Just get ahold of Ron( who is one of the nicest most knowledgeable person I know). He will steer you in the right direction of what you need and how to use it. This stuff works!
  2. Cousin Brown

    Lighted Nock Bear Pic

    Dead Ringers The Butcher.
  3. Cousin Brown

    Got my bear.

    Light Nock pic is in another post.
  4. Cousin Brown

    Lighted Nock Bear Pic

    My apologies for not adding it to previous post..
  5. Cousin Brown

    Got my bear.

    Not my 1st bear but my 1st with a compound bow. Shot at 20 yds. Not my biggest but it was a great week of hunting. Glad I can do my part in reducing the numbers. Dead Ringers broadhead The Butcher did an awesome job, Phenomenal blood trail and went only 50-60 yards.
  6. Cousin Brown

    Hunting On My Anniversary

    Happy anniversary, Its mine also! Good Luck!
  7. Cousin Brown

    Deciding when it's time

    I feel for ya, Its never easy. My 2 labs are turning 13 in a couple of weeks. Same as yours, sleep, arthritis , no stairs, etc...... Not an easy decision. Remember is quality of life not quantity.
  8. Cousin Brown

    Not a lot of bear posts

    My buddy got one Tuesday, on Wednesday I had 8 bears show up, I was waiting for the one I saw who was huge. Saturday will be a different story if they show up! The numbers need to be reduced bad !
  9. Cousin Brown

    Mom Shoots Big 8pt!

  10. Cousin Brown

    Whose ready for the opener?

    Im not even close to being ready...
  11. Cousin Brown

    Tyler Childers - Whitehouse Road

    Nice! Love country music but I’m really a metal head. Had to post this pic.
  12. Got me thinking , what chairs do you guys use to hunt with? I’m tired of the walmart fold outs. They are perfect but always seem to make noise. What type/brand of chair to you recommend using for hunting. ( and kids football games)?
  13. Cousin Brown

    Head lamp

    I look into all the suggestions ,thanks!
  14. Cousin Brown

    Gonna be a long night

    Sorry to hear
  15. Cousin Brown

    Who Remembers This Old Timer?

    That’s so awesome. Congrats!