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  1. Anyone doing a deer contest this year?
  2. Long Range for hunting... Schmidt Bender. Incredible light gathering. Expensive but worth every penny.
  3. What kind of snake is this? Located in PA.
  4. Went out this morning and here he comes walking up the skidder trail. 20 yards, Darton Maverick XT 40lb limbs, 100gr. Ares Broadhead. 23.26 lbs. 9" Beard 3/4" Spurs
  5. Awesome, Congrats!
  6. Get a 6.5 x55 Swede....much cooler! All 6.5's are great. Might want to look at a .260 rem also.
  7. Does anyone here use a thumb release for hunting? What are the advantages of a thumb release over a trigger?
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