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  1. Im not a fresh water fisherman but for saltwater .......Pound for Pound..... Mahi without a doubt.
  2. I thought it was Pork Rollers in a bargain bin at a garage sale........
  3. Like others said , check easy stuff first, bulb , line , etc.....Run Super gasoline & use Seafoam.
  4. I had a Treager, didn't like it, Couldn't get enough smoke taste for my liking. Also, when doing a long smoke it can snuff itself out. Still prefer a stick burner or my electric which really kicks ass. However pellets are pretty simple if you want a set it & forget it.
  5. IMO....Yamaha then Merc .( I always been a yami guy but the new mercurys are really nice also) Heard good things about the Honda but not many places around services them which is probably your biggest issue. The E-Tech's heard nothing good about them, there is a reason why there are so many e-techs thrown in a pile behind the marine police station.
  6. Wow, so many to choose from.....Hmmmmm......
  7. Maybe I should start inviting some NJW&W members.....
  8. I did throw poppers and jigs, wouldn't touch anything. The sand eel dance was unreal! Safety is a big concern, I did a lot this year to the boat to make it even safer. Also know a lot of people around me. Have 2 epirbs , life raft, satellite phone & a garmin InReach.
  9. Did another solo trip out to Toms Canyon on friday . Very calm & beautiful water, clear and blue as can be. Very slow action but did manage to put 2 small yellowfin in the box. I had a big eye hit & it snapped my rigger...not sure why... either the clip got hung up or there was a weak spot in the pole. (I caught one of the YFT on the same clip and had no issues.) Decided to move to where i got the bluefin, came across Bluefins chasing bait all over. I threw every option at them but couldn't get them to bite. I also saw 3 makos, 3 hammerheads & a dusky shark all sunning them selves with a bunch of molas & turtles to boot. Not much in the box but a beautiful day on the water, racked up a bunch of miles & loved every minute it. IMG_0059.mov
  10. Crazy stuff right there!
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