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  1. Cousin Brown

    Muzzle Loader Buck Down

  2. Cousin Brown

    Venison Stromboli

    Looks Great!
  3. Cousin Brown

    Buck Down!

  4. Cousin Brown

    H&r barked this morning

    awesome, congrats
  5. Cousin Brown

    A couple of bucks from today

  6. Cousin Brown

    Big Buck down

  7. Cousin Brown

    Public Land 8 Down!

  8. Cousin Brown

    RIP Dad 1935-2018

    Sorry for your loss
  9. Looks like im going to miss this week, had 2 deaths in the family 24 hours apart. Good luck to all going out. However , and my wife suggested I go to my blind at the homestead and sit for 5 min so I can say & continue my streak for opening day....#36. Bottom line is ....... Somethings are more important than hunting. Family !!!! Again, Good luck all, cant wait to hear the stories and see the pics!!!!
  10. Cousin Brown

    Jimmy @ Hunterdon Deer Butcher

    Excellent butcher!
  11. So sorry for your loss.
  12. Cousin Brown

    Loosing my best friend

    Sorry to hear
  13. Cousin Brown

    Something I'm Proud Of - Family Hat Trick