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    Could just be your anchor. I doubt there is any stretch that your site would be noticeably off. Either way I would adjust your site if it’s off that much. Have you always shot with no peep?
  2. Rjtfd


    Depending who built strings and material some stretch and some don’t. I had GAS strings installed beginning of year and where I set my site is where it shoots right now and I’ve shit a lot of arrows with it. whatever the case if it’s consistently shooting a spot than adjust your pin if not did you change your anchor point, are you shooting exactly the way you were shooting on first day (sitting,standing, level ground?)
  3. Sucks and I know the feeling. They are tough animals and can go a long way.
  4. So Rob is spypoint not good? I know there are much more expensive ones that I’m sure are better but I purchased spypoint as my first cell cam price and plan seemed good. Thanks
  5. Thank you. Sorry all new to me.
  6. Got it just wasn’t sure the times it would be sent. I understand now. So if it’s 12 times I guess it’s every 2 hours starting at 4 am?
  7. Thank you. Is there a way to have it send me pics more often?
  8. I don’t bait either and I’m new to cell cams. How do I get my pics twice a day like mentioned?
  9. Good luck. Was out this morning in 15. Crisp morning but nada. Did find another dead doe. EHD sucks
  10. Hard to say but head and ears to me looks big for a fox. Was guessing fox at first. Hopefully we’ll get a better pic of it.
  11. I’m thinking fox except head looks more rounded and bigger ears?
  12. I get it. Plenty of season to look forward to. Don’t really have any intention on shooting one just yet. Just wanted to get up in stand on a beautiful cool morning and see what’s around. Good luck
  13. Second sit and nothing so far. Didn’t see a single deer on drive here. Usually see a lot on road getting here. Z15. EHD sucks
  14. Hang in there. Once weather gets colder there are less people around. One thing I’ve noticed on public the deer are use to people. They will hang back and wait for them to pass than go about their business. I sit until dark than sneak out. Legal shooting time is half hour after sunset which there is still plenty of light. I’m usually not getting out of my stand until at least 7:30 this time of year. 6:30 on is magic hour.
  15. Had the same happen to me last season with horse back riders. They came past I whistled just to give a heads up and not startle their horses. I was about 18’ up and they had no idea I was there. They acknowledged went on their way. 5 minutes later came back. Another 5-10 minutes and here they come again. So it was pretty obvious now they’re just doing it to break my balls. The joys of public land. I do find early mornings are much better as far as walkers, joggers, bird watchers and whatever else you want to call them.
  16. Rjtfd

    Baby Boy

  17. Didn’t see a tail which is pretty disappointing. Usually always spot a few or bust some going in. Drive there also normally see deer all over at that time of morning and today I seen one small doe. Fingers crossed we get some cold weather soon and the rest of the herd can survive.
  18. Out in 15. Very warm but really just want to see what EHD has done. Smelled pretty ripe walking in.
  19. That was were I was. 2nd from left. My mom had found that pic in readers digest published about a month or so later. No idea who took it. This was in the afternoon of that day. We just sat to take a blow cause we had just ran cause building 7 just came down. Running as fast as you can and running for what you think is your life are 2 different things. It’s a day unfortunately I’ll never forget and hopefully myself or anyone will never have to experience it again.
  20. https://1strcf.org/meet-a-first-responder/
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