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  1. They do, only it's usually the same direction as your truck tires are headed.
  2. Does likely know you are there and that's what they are blowing at. Once busted, deer will approach a stand site very cautiously from then on and will quickly blow and run if they catch your scent. This is why hunting the wind direction and not just dumping bait is key to success. If the wind direction is predominant in one direction, move your stand to keep from sending your scent right at the approaching deer. But for as long as you bait, the bears will come in to your site from now on.
  3. Welcome to what we Taylor Hammers have been dealing with for decades. Not baiting makes that go away.
  4. The "gray moguls" tells you it was all original. A skiing reference that reminds me of the Halloween snowstorm that took down the pheasant pens at Rockport and all the birds escaped only to be mowed down all over route 57. It was like driving over feathered moguls for about two weeks.
  5. A good mast crop last year meant a bumper crop of squirrels this year. But this fall so far looks like a poor mast crop year, so all those squirrels need to travel to the few oaks and hickories that are good mast producers. The black walnuts always seem to produce around here, so those are magnets where you find them. In the meantime, we drive over gray moguls.
  6. Many of us in the natural resource restoration field call those dead ash and the woodpeckers removing the bark, "bones" because when you stand back, they almost look skeletal. What it means is that the tree is already dead from being weakened by the emerald ash borer beetle and will fall in coming years. Once you see that, no treatment will make a difference. Tree is dead.
  7. I preach this to any new hunter that first encounters someone else in the area he hunts. Type a nice note and sign it by hand and stick it in a Ziploc bag and attach it to his stand with your contact info. I have always had them reach out, always then had a great conversation, and always left the call with a clear understanding for both of us. Communication is always the best way, and by that I don't mean giving him the middle finger while screaming expletives in the otherwise quiet woods during the hunt.....a nice note and way to communicate always goes a long way.
  8. What is wrong with sportsmen wanting rule changes? If you understand how our hunting, fishing and trapping regulations are made, you would know that the rules are often strongly influenced by sportsmen's requests for changes.
  9. It's worse than that. Back in the late 1800s, groups of like-minded people originally from other nations like England, Scotland, etc. would get together and bring over plants and animals native to where they were from either because they missed them or they thought our natives were ugly or otherwise not worthy. One famous group brought over every bird mentioned by William Shakespeare, hence why we have starlings, European sparrows, and I believe others, and they released them here in North America.
  10. Just pull out your duty weapon and put a few rounds downrange at it.
  11. And if they want a second, it's a climber or pop up they can carry in and out same day. As I mentioned, I don't have a dog in this hunt, so maybe not a limit of one, but certainly not unlimited either. An argument for another day, I guess. I just wish folks would give each other more space unless they meet and agree not to. Maybe I'm just too used to the lesser crowded WMAs up north which also usually have much fewer deer than other parts of the state and crowded woods seem to be less an issue.
  12. There's another thing we haven't mentioned, and that is herd mentality. If an angler is pounding fish, he/she attracts all the other anglers up and downstream who crowd into his/her spot as if the only fish around are in front of the one angler. Deer hunting is no different. How many hunters see stands and assume they must be set up in a good area and feel the need to join the party? I see that with my own friends whenever I'm having success. My own buddies have tried to cut me off from my best NY rifle stand because I put the time in to understand where our pressured bucks head first thi
  13. Civility and respect toward our fellow citizens is as dead as Jimmy Hoffa and it's not coming back in our lifetimes. Sad but true....
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