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  1. I would hire Rusty. He can make your 5 pointer a 10 pointer just by boiling the skull!
  2. That's a face only a mother can love.
  3. Don’t believe for a minute that our brook trout can’t grow beyond 6”.
  4. I like PBJ because none of those smells will freak out a deer. Then again, if it can smell my sandwich, it can obviously smell me. Use the wind to your advantage at all times as the old saying goes. But PBJ is a great choice for many reasons. You get protein, carbs and sugar, all of which will help keep you fueled up on stand. And eating one makes no noise at all. And they still taste as good now as the first one I pulled out of my Beatles Yellow Submarine lunchbox in the 1st grade on day one of lunch hour.
  5. There has been a pushback against the digital music age as of late, and LPs can't be made fast enough and you can still very much buy high end turntables. I prefer the sound of LPs over digital myself. I find digital too harsh in sound. It lacks the full tonal range that an LP gives you.
  6. Ah, the ziploc baggie is your protection. Just push enough sammich up to eat while leaving the dripping jelly still mostly in the bag as you eat top down. Not that I have given any though to eating a PBJ out of a deer stand over the last 44 years.
  7. While I completely understand not being able to harvest our native freshwater mussels, these are foreign, Asiatic clams and not native mussels. These are Corbicula, not a native bivalve. But NJ requires a clamming license, and does not allow freshwater mussels to be harvested as they are both inedible and perform a critical function to help clean water by filtering out bacteria. Sorry, mussel geek here. They are often encountered in my work and need to be properly handled during restoration efforts. Very little is known about freshwater mussels beyond that more and more of them are landing on the Threatened or Endangered list at the state and federal level across the country.
  8. Don't worry about the stocked trout, they are just like Doritos. Pequest will make more.....
  9. My go to sandwich for every stand sit.
  10. It did suck. I was one of the beta testers and I never used it.
  11. Was that the app the Division came up with that they were so excited about a few years back?
  12. Interesting. I had the opposite experience with both of my Brittanies. Both got the shots and boosters and neither ever got Lyme's although we pulled off literally thousands of ticks off both of them both after hunting and just running in our yard for the 14 and 12 years they lived, respectively. Then again, I have lived in tick country and been bitten more times than I care to think about and I've never contracted it either. But I have been on the Doxy regiment a few times just in case when I wasn't sure how long a tick had been on my body.
  13. Agreed. If you aren’t looking, you may never notice.
  14. Did you look in the back of the truck? Looks like he could get quite a few poached game animals in that rig without anyone knowing.
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