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  1. I've been looking at these since I am not supposed to lift more than 50 pounds at a time. I bought a quad last fall to help me drag my deer or bear out, but I still need to load it and the cardiologists says no bueno with that even though I feel fine and lifted my NY rifle buck all alone onto the back rack of my quad last November. So I may add one of these to my arsenal so I get to keep hunting without giving myself another heart attack over the coming years.
  2. I noticed some movement out of the corner of my eye a few minutes ago and found my red shouldered hawks had pulled down one of my suet feeders I have real beef suet in and began to ravage it in my yard. I had to do some sneaking to get any shots and some aren't as good as others. State endangered but very common here as we have nesting pairs every year. I did get the suet back
  3. I understand and that does suck for you, but you have to put yourself in the county's hands. They are obviously squeamish libs that are afraid of hunting to begin with, but they also know they can't live with a couple hundred deer per square mile either. In an effort to appease their left leaning base, they make as many restrictions as they can and shooting down at what is usually a fairly steep angle is a safety thing. Even though we all know that nobody is getting shot with arrows, it's the tree stand falls we need to watch out for.
  4. I'm not sure what you mean when you say we hunters are out of the loop? Archery hunting is Union County's management plan. So hunters are directly in the loop. They are probably the most densely populated county in the state, so comparing them to Morris or Hunterdon Parks which are in more rural areas with large tracts of land in Republican territory doesn't make any sense. And you keep saying that the county is not the landowner, the taxpayers are. True, but in the US, we assign public properties to towns, counties, states, and feds as overseers of that land. So those county government in this case absolutely has the right to hold a hunt or not hold a hunt. If you don't like the votes they take, vote in a new candidate.
  5. I do so miss The Really Nice Tree stand......damned wind storm!
  6. He's already been impeached. My guess is you mean found guilty by the Senate. There is less than a 1% chance that will happen. But it would trigger some bad stuff across the country, and financials would only be one area.
  7. Yeah, I was thinking of the field pod which I bought for my daughter to use with her crossbow out of a ground blind. But again, I don't want to lug any extra crap to my stand that I don't see myself as needing, and having a shooting bar is all I have ever needed when shooting from any ladder stand (rifle or shotgun for me).
  8. That had to be a decade ago now, and too far in the past to make any difference in today's herd. My guess is they are yarded up as deer do this time of year and are all on a small piece of Garrett Mountain somewhere since there haven't been any cull hunts recently nor have they tried to sterilize any bucks there like they have on Staten Island.
  9. I would only use it from a ground blind. A one or two man stand gives you a shooting rail which is more than sufficient and you don't have to worry about another piece of unnecessary gear or metal banging on metal as you get ready for the shot. Just my two cents.
  10. Bruce did a great job as he always does, but he got one thing incorrect. This dam removal will improve spawning habitat for American shad and habitat in general for river herring and striped bass once Headgates Dam is removed on the mainstem of the Raritan River downstream a few miles. But for now, this removal helps the wild smallmouth and stocked trout among other fish and it reconnects critical freshwater mussel habitat for some sensitive species of those important animals. Can't wait to see the site in late spring when everything greens up! And for you trout anglers that fish this stretch, you now have three major areas to fish. The huge and very obvious pool below the former concrete dam, a "hidden" pool just upstream of that, and the deep run below the lower riffle down to the old green metal bridge. And all three areas can be fished from either side of the river.
  11. Bucksnbows

    Real ID

    I have a current passport, but my NJ license expires on 10/31, so I will make an appointment soon if it takes at least 3 months. NJ was one of the last states to get off the ball on this, hence the long waits. If you don't fly, this won't really affect you. But for those like me that do, it's nice not to have to carry a passport on top of my driver's license for domestic travel.
  12. I'll take 1 # 1 and 1 # 2. Looking forward to flying the NJWW colors.
  13. Thought you owned the first machine crossgun at first....
  14. Go get 'em Rusty! And no shooting through the mesh like you-know-who.
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