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  1. I like them both, but find myself doing more with the ground venison than with muscle meat.
  2. My father worked two years up there for US Fish & Wildlife Service doing salmon counts, clearing log jams for fish passage and the like. Always wanted to get there myself. Have a great trip and please post tons of fish porn.
  3. Love seeing them from the car, hate seeing them from the trail. But beautiful animals with unbelievable power.
  4. Bucksnbows

    Here comes Fay

    1.4 inches so far and falling in western Morris County.
  5. Welcome MM and sorry to hear about your wife's diagnosis. I'm a survivor myself. 27 years this coming December 3rd. And 48 isn't old (I'm 55)
  6. Anyone else notice it dropped 16 degrees in one minute? Buck up on its feet because of a front, most likely.
  7. Bucksnbows

    Here comes Fay

    It's FINALLY raining here in NW NJ. My lawn is hard as concrete! But so far, a perfect steady rain. And it didn't fall on super heated 120F pavement and flash off into our trout rivers. So there's that.
  8. I would doubt they have a policy since there seem to be so few e-bikes. But you can call their offices and ask. I used to mountain bike past lots of Newark patrolmen back in the day and they never said anything. But they did chase motorized dirt bikes and quads. I would think they wouldn't know you are on an e-bike versus just a regular mountain bike.
  9. Bucksnbows

    Flag Vandalism

    That worked for me back in late '69.
  10. What type of bow? If a vertical bow and you plan to hunt out of a treestand, your point of impact when shooting down at an angle changes. It really helps to practice shooting from height. The closer the deer, the steeper the angle. And you need to learn how to bend at your waist to get your shooting mechanics correct. Lots of great YouTube videos out there to pour over.
  11. My wife makes amazing bread and butter pickles, but I don't know her recipe. I just grow her the cucumbers.
  12. Senator Oroho? We grew up together in West Milford. His niece is marrying my best friend's son next year....he's a stand up guy and tells it like it is, even if you don't want to hear it. That alone is refreshing from a politician.
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