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  1. I’m jealous. Mods can’t ignore anyone 😁
  2. You really are fast and loose with your language. In no way did the bakery owner say he hates homosexuals. He simply believes homosexuality is a sin and he cannot support a sin. Words matter. Obviously not to a liberal such as yourself, but they matter to most Americans.
  3. Really? Then you shouldn't have any problems quickly replying with a list of all of the moderate and conservative anti-cop groups out there. Who is rationalizing now???
  4. A few of us from this site are headed out Saturday out of Barnegat Inlet and we will make sure to post a report on how we did and on what.
  5. Don’t overthink it, just get out there and grill!
  6. Turns out this pipeline at least had woefully inadequate safety protocols when it came to cyber security. Maybe it will be the wake up call to other significant infrastructure to better protect themselves from cyber attacks. Let’s hope they get this pipeline back up ASAP.
  7. I’m fishing with Troutandbucks that day, so I’m out again unfortunately.
  8. Something similar happened to my college roommate one drunken night. And yes, she was that big.
  9. Prescription drugs and vaccines are two different things and are not treated the same way.
  10. We ate Mexican last night in celebration. The restaurant was slammed. We’re in the Harpers Ferry, WV area on a project in VA just over the river.
  11. Last time they predicted a huge hatch by us it was a bust.
  12. Yes, because when it comes to medical issues as big as a pandemic, you want to rely on an associate professor in anthropology
  13. Six women out of 8 million vaccinated. Women being placed on birth control for the first time have an 8X higher chance of developing blood clotting than Covid vaccines. Facts matter, nickmarch.
  14. Awesome. Being a parent has been the greatest thing in my life. Our one and only turns 21 in June.
  15. Oliver, I saw and responded to your poll. For some reason, it got hidden. I just un hid it.
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