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  1. He’s legit and he’s in the middle of the fight. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Bucksnbows

    Salmon Time

    Those will bend an 8 weight just fine. I’ll also be headed up in November for chromers. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Bucksnbows

    Old tree stands?

    I sold my late father's Anderson Tree Sling to someone on here, I don't recall who anymore. And I still have a Loggy Bayou in the garage. No Baker stands though, I was still building wooden ones on private properties back then.
  4. I don't want to say something that could impact our fight negatively in any way as in because Trenton lawyers are reading these posts, but at least one lead organization in this fight has deep pockets and is very much nationally based if not world wide based.....
  5. The action under the EO is bear hunting on state owned lands, and bear season has not yet begun. Therefor, none of us is an injured party until bear season starts and the EO still stands.
  6. Bucksnbows

    Venison Chili and Corn Bread

    Looks great! Where’s your place in NY? We’re in Garrattseville about 20 minutes from Cooperstown. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. I was first miffed that no attempts were being made for a temporary injunction. That was part of why I started this thread. Now I’m beginning to understand the underpinnings here. This case has national ramifications for certain. If NJ conservation orgs screw the pooch on this, we could see many more liberal states banning certain hunts whenever their Governors feel pressured by their liberal base. This has to be a slam dunk. So far, none of us has suffered because the season has yet to begin. We suffer when we can’t hunt state owned lands we often paid for in a couple weeks when fall archery and muzzy start. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Bucksnbows

    Old Stands, cool history and great scouting tools.

    I’ve found myself taking photos of every old stand I come across for about the last ten years knowing they are slowly rotting away never to be hunted from again. I too think of all the memories made in them and wonder how successful hunters were out of each one. I hunted out of my last wood stand only maybe six years ago, a stand I had built 20+ years before at our former PA hunting camp. I enjoyed your article very much. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Bucksnbows

    Happy Birthday X7!

    Happy birthday Mike Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Bucksnbows

    Stop it, you're killing me!

    A great turkey locator call is the barred owl's "who cooks for you" call. It is very easy to mimic by mouth, and I use it every spring near Sparta Mountain where I turkey hunt because the turkeys are so used to hearing it and gobble while on roost when they do hear it. If you want to shut down a barred owl from calling, just use a great horned owl call. They are mortal enemies and the great horned will easily kill and eat a barred owl.
  11. I didn't think you were. This thread for me came about because I was just getting to the point where I had very little info on what was going on, but was being bombarded by good organizations to send them $$ to fight a fight I wasn't sure was being waged yet. But it is, that much I know after some calls and emails yesterday. Now to stand on my soapbox for a bit to some out there that always complain "this organization did nothing" or "where was X Organization in that battle?", etc. Most of these organizations are run by 100% volunteer efforts. If we don't ALL get involved on some level in some way to protect and enhance the outdoor pursuits we all love, then we are doomed to lose them all, one by one. Sitting back and complaining will solve absolutely zero of your problems. Everyone will say the same BS which is "I don't have time". Really? You have ample time to hunt and to fish, but not a few minutes now and then to attend a meeting, write a letter, call a legislator to make sure you can still enjoy your hunting and fishing and trapping time? End of lecture.
  12. Bucksnbows

    Stop it, you're killing me!

    This is one bird that will come off the T&E list soon as our forests mature, but the anti forestry people mistakenly use the barred owl to demonstrate our need to keep all forests as they are and allow them all to mature to old growth. Their reasoning is only partly true, and it's the other part that is so problematic for modern forestry to be practiced on state-owned lands. The barred owl needs a large tree cavity in which to nest. You will only find larger trees that fit the bill in older forests, so the antis claim the barred owl's only habitat need is a mature, old growth forest. Not true. That is simply for their nesting behavior; they hunt in clearings, young forest habitat, and mature forest habitat. In other words, barred owls like so many other fauna require a diversity of forest habitat types. I have only gotten out one afternoon so far for early fall bow, a week ago today. I had a pair of barred owls calling like mad back and forth from about 2:30 - 3 pm until they finally got about hunting for their food. Sure enough, one of them flew into one of the few trees in my newest clearcut (forestry term is "modified seed tree harvest" because some mature trees are left standing to produce seedlings in the newly cleared forest). From there, he or she began hunting squirrels, snakes, chipmunks, etc. from that tree in the now two year old clearing and it caught something and was tearing into it while I sat on my stand. I have seen them hunt this new clearing for two years now and it's great to watch. But antis will tell you all they really need is old growth forest habitat. That is false.
  13. Yes, UBNJ is working with partners on this. This effort is being coordinated between many parties, and there are many things to work out. But I know there is a concerted effort and that it will bear fruit soon. Sometimes it’s best not to show the other side your cards right away.... Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  14. Thanks for what I now know you are doing to put an end to Murphy's madness.
  15. There are several other organizations also working together. UBNJ just to name one of several. I'm not sure if some wish to remain behind the scenes right now or not, so I won't add to the list. But leadership in any of those orgs not mentioned, please do feel free to state your position here or on another topic of your starting. One thing is for certain, we need to pull together because this is about a WHOLE LOT MORE than just public lands NJ bear hunting. Please send what you can to those working on this issue. As non-profits, they are bound to honor a donor's wish, so you can state on the memo line of your check or in an online donation that you want it to go towards fighting the Governor to get public lands back and to leave fish and game decision making to the adults in the room.......and that ain't Buck Tooth.