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  1. Welcome to the site! You are best taking this same post and starting a new thread in our Classified forum where it will get far more attention. Good luck with the sale.
  2. "2 antlered deer (only one buck at a time may be taken)" from the Digest just now. I take that as once you report and receive a confirmation #, you are back in the game for buck # 2 even if same day.
  3. Not older than 3.5. They have lost some body weight by now due to the rut, so many bucks have lost that guy they had only a month ago. But he’s still on the young side with great upside potential.
  4. They are still out on warm days. This one needs another year or two.
  5. It's not shipping or Covid causing shortages, it is demand! I talked to the manager and owner at Ramsey Outdoor, and they sold everything they had in inventory and didn't have to discount end of season items. As fast as merchandise comes in, it goes out at full price. And they are nowhere near alone. People are flocking to the outdoors because of the virus, and some businesses are benefiting greatly.
  6. It's practically High Point. You can't get much more Taylorhamville than that!
  7. Poacher’s Paradise: Teeth Optional
  8. Shoot him if you have a property large enough to manage because he’s a typical six and likely always will be. But otherwise he’s just a broken side typical six and fairly young yet.
  9. You answered your own question. Your zone has low deer numbers, so no need for lengthy seasons. Seasons and bag limits expand and contract with the amount of animals at any given time. Those of us that started hunting in the 70s or earlier remember very short seasons and very limited bag limits because the herd was a small fraction of what it later became.
  10. Great buck, John. Congrats on your biggest to date and many more!
  11. I'm in big woods and also hope to kill a bear, so my 12 gauge Remington 870 slug gun with cantilever barrel and Leupold scope shooting a 2 3/4" Hornady SST.
  12. Wow, sorry to hear Oliver. Glad everyone is safe at least. Everything else is replaceable. We got 3.64” of rain here in Flanders and hours of lightening, but never the real high winds.
  13. This year's failed mast crop will not impact deer numbers until next spring when we see how many twin fawns are born. My guess is a lot of does will only birth a single fawn next year in areas where mast is key like Z3. I grew up hunting and living in Z3 since 1975. Back then, a highly successful 6 Day meant you saw at least one doe and/or cut the tracks of at least one deer. We drove to Potter County, PA to the then famed "Golden Triangle" to actually see and shoot deer. It's big woods without a lot of edge habitat which deer prefer over a mature forest.
  14. That bluefish looks like it's going to explode if it tries to eat even one more sand eel. It was only a few years ago I remember seeing blues caught into December. Looks like the norm now....
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