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  1. Best of everything with your new place, Little M!
  2. To add insult to injury, my doctor had me drop it off at the hospital lab and it tested positive for Lyme's, so that added to the insult of finding one on my sack.
  3. Oh to be young again! Remember when a hot day and a garden hose was all the entertainment you and your friends ever needed? Way to go, dad.
  4. That was the 2nd time I had to take a round of Doxycycline.
  5. NJ has lots of old eel weirs and they sometimes cause us issues when we are doing river restoration. Basically, if DEP SHPO (State Historic Preservation Office) thinks a given eel weir may have been built by Native Indians, then you can't touch it.
  6. American eels are catadromous meaning they live in freshwater but spawn in saltwater (Sargasso Sea, to be exact). They are in our rivers 24/7/365. I have electro fished tons of eels well upstream of Lake Ocquittunk in the Flatbrook which is many miles from the mouth of the Delaware and in broad daylight hours. They can slither over our lowhead dams and get way upstream. They easily get upstream of the 35' tall Warren Glen Mill dam in the Musky Gorge by slithering up its face.
  7. Biggest eel I have seen so far was in a Musky tributary, West Portal Brook. I was surveying for a stream restoration project when I had one over 3’ go right between my legs in inches of water. I had spooked it out of an undercut bank. The Flatbrook is loaded with them. Electro fishing that river is always eelmania. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. It was typically done to bring in more customers. Of course not everyone is going to walk into whichever store you're checking your game into and buy something, but some will and you hope the return at other times. It was never about making $$ off the check-ins for the business owners.
  9. I was on a farm owned by someone on this site in that township and I have never seen more deer in one area in my entire life. Not one new tree or shrub was growing anywhere on approximately 75 acres due to heavy overbrowsing and everywhere you looked, there were small to medium groups of deer in the wide open during a sunny day. Shutting down hunting in areas like that will be disastrous over a relatively short time.
  10. Jack - ignore my PM. I just sent you the deposit. I don't want to see this trip cancelled and I'm 90%+ good to go as I mentioned.
  11. Seems they made canvas fishing creels, felt hats, and quivers such as yours, but there is not too much info about the company online that I could find quickly. Cool antique.
  12. For me, fooling a huge, wild brown trout with a dry fly is the ultimate in fly fishing. That one would count!
  13. Bucksnbows

    Sick doe

    That they have all the fixins for a tasty soup?
  14. Thanks everyone! My typical birthday means I take the day off and run up to wade the West Branch of the Delaware, but work is too busy and that river is blown out for wading, so I sit in my office banging out DEP permit applications today instead. I'd rather pound nails through the palms of my hands, but this crap has to get done.
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