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  1. Nice, Roon! Peach trees are not native, so where you buy doesn’t matter much. Tractor Supply, Lowe’s and the like all sell them and very soon. I bought leftover pears at my Lowe’s late last fall and healed them in my vegetable garden in their pots for the winter. They are doing great and will go in the ground in April.
  2. I’m guessing in your case another Copper dealer would swap them out if recalled and bill back Cooper. Or that is what they should do.
  3. They are definitely stiffer, but not in a way that impedes me in any way. I think their articulated knees help. But I remember the same thing when I first jumped from Orvis to Simms G3s and how much stiffer those were over the Orvis material. And I find all waders "wear in" like a good pair of blue jeans do.
  4. Remember, stocked trout are just like Doritos, Pequest will make more.
  5. I never thought that removing my vest in the old days or chest pack these days when I need to take a pee was a big deal until I got my first pair of zippered waders. I will never go back. I've never had a zipper fail on me, and I'm on my second pair. Nor do I know anyone that has had a leak with their zippers. Mine is a "business expense", so I buy the best. Even with Simms, I can wear them out in three or four seasons. But I kill a pair of Orvis in 6 months, Readingtons in 2 years if I'm lucky, etc.
  6. Snow is still too deep where I’m going, but I’m going to give it the old college try tomorrow when it’s not raining hard.
  7. The word "certain" means I'll wait for specifics for mine. But I just put mine on in maybe November of last year, so chances are that mine are not in this recall.
  8. If you see a bubble form, head to wherever you purchased them knowing they will be replaced for free. I'm going to wait until they announce which models and sizes are in the recall before I worry.
  9. Everyone has their own budget, and I fully recognize that fact. But if money is not an issue for you, Simms is hands down the best waders made. I get my waders for free and can wear any brand made, but I use Simms. I was a G3 guy for years until the front zips came along. Loving that feature!
  10. Starts March 25th and no mention of just which Coopers are effected. I'm running a set myself.
  11. Nothing changes with opening day, still an 8am start. Fishing closes midnight the night before for C&R if I recall correctly.
  12. Camp Snarker, Otsego County, NY outside Garrattsville which is 20 minutes from Cooperstown. Three buddies, their three sons, and two other friends make up this camp over the last 8 years.
  13. Most of the lakes they do stock trout cannot hold them over year round. Many of the streams and rivers can. Plus, trout are a coldwater species that mainly live in running water, certain man made ponds and lakes being the exception. And I'm not sure what hiring people has to do with Covid? Hiring employees doesn't mean placing them within 3 feet of each other all day in an enclosed truck cab. That's the biggest issue with stocking, the deliveries by staff.
  14. Don’t be afraid to negotiate college costs. Things have changed significantly since the pandemic. I got $17,000/year knocked off my daughter’s college bills so far.
  15. I completely agree with you, but you are saying they should go back to the good old days now as in this year. We are a year away from whatever the new normal will be when it comes to trout stocking. I hate stocked trout with a burning passion, but since we have to live with them here in NJ, at least they are dumping them all at once which overwhelms the fish in the bridge holes and forces them to spread out, mostly downstream. So instead of 90% of all trout sitting in a stocking bridge hole at 5pm on spring stocking days, now the fish are spread up and down stream. Again, most stocked trou
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