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  1. Count me as one who will vote in person again as I have done since I was 18 with the exception of last year (mail in) and college (absentee ballots). What bothers me are all the unsolicited texts I get and for over a month already saying they haven’t received my mail in ballot yet and to please vote by mail ASAP. Sure, I know all about the Governor’s race, but I’m only just learning about the other races I care about (town/county/state/public questions). I’ll take my time and become an educated voter as is the norm for me, thank you libtards.
  2. Am I the only one that feels bad for Spencer?
  3. Agreed. I live in Mount Olive and drive route 46 all the time and haven’t even noticed the sign. Billboards aren’t helping the anti’s cause, just costing them money.
  4. Welcome to the site and to the hunting and fishing community. Hopefully some hunters near you reach out to help with your learning curve. In the meantime, spend time scouting the area(s) you plan to hunt.
  5. Today hardly felt like Christmas was anywhere near close weather-wise, but wanted to keep this thread active. Set the date now!
  6. Also, most beech will have branches all the way almost to the ground making climbers tough. I love all those branches for cover. The pix are from my NY rifle stand.
  7. I have in two trees, one in PA and the other in NY for at least the last 20 years with no issues.
  8. It ended when furunculosis hit Pequest and the brookies and browns broke out badly compared to the rainbows. That caused the Division to stop raising browns and brookies.
  9. There are no fly-only stretches left in NJ. Just No Kill or TCAs and the TCAs are either year round or seasonal. Toms River has a TCA.
  10. You want to contact Ross Shramko, fisheries biologist at the Lebanon field lab. He coordinates trout stocking issues.
  11. I’ve fished the Tom’s TCA twice over the years. Not much room to cast and the trout were mostly in woody debris. Weird fishing, but I caught a lot on streamers. I like to load a rod and lay some line out, but that’s not happening in that TCA.
  12. I pulled in to the fishing access lot at Changewater on the Musky this morning to make a call knowing I needed to write things down. While there for maybe three minutes, two different guys pulled up next to me to see if I knew if the Musky was stocked. I had no idea as I am a wild trout snob whenever I can be.
  13. Stocked trout in Porkrollville reminds me of a poster I had on my bedroom wall when I was a kid. It was a picture of an oil well in a desert with a human skeleton at the base in a pair of skis. It read: If God wanted Texans to ski, he would have given them mountains. That’s pretty much the story of trout in southern NJ….
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