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  1. This site is a social media site. I think many here don't think of it that way, but it is 100% that. Given the slight uptick in license sales recently after major blood loss from a hunting numbers standpoint, I'll say there is more positive than negative.
  2. You're lucky in that you only drive it less than 3,500 miles/year. I put those miles on in a week sometimes.
  3. Wait, Jack shot a big buck? I hadn’t heard. Good for you, buddy.
  4. The new Comprehensive Black Bear Management Plan created by Division biologists and staff, firmly based in science, was approved by the independent Fish & Game Council. Hunting was one of the many strategies to limit bear to human contact. To make it official, it must be signed by the DEP Commissioner. That is per NJ Supreme Court rulings about the hunt in the somewhat recent past. Being a political appointee for a Governor against the hunt, our Commissioner simply has refused to sign it. That’s how Murphy did this.
  5. Because you said you plan to go out of state with your muzzy and/or shotgun, you first need to know at what distances you may encounter game in that state. If it's 50 yards and under like your NJ hunts, no need to worry. But if they tell you up to 150 yards, then you need to understand exactly where your rounds will hit at that distance.
  6. I should add that the property I manage for a friend is ground zero for NJ's bear "herd". I say herd because many years we have more bear than deer. I have had several close encounters on that property and on Rusty's cull hunt nearby as well. Always because we were retrieving a deer we shot. @TroutandBuckswas present once to see this. It happened on his first ever deer kill with his crossbow and we had first a big sow with her three cubs challenge us for the deer, then a lone boar, and then the sow and her cubs came back a second time and I had to run her off again. All that in the span of maybe ten minutes.
  7. I do believe that if all 5 young men stood together, even that bear would have wandered off. Black bears don't enter fights they may not win, and five grown men is a lot more than a black bear would ever think of taking on. Instead, they panicked and split up and ran, and they did that with food in their backpacks. I think most if not all here know better than to do any of those things, especially when first warned of an aggressive bear on the same trail you are about to walk down....
  8. Welcome to normal, everyday life in northern NJ. Neither of those encounters was dangerous to either of you, and the bears were just being bears. When they show too much interest in you, simply talk to them while standing tall in a confident voice and they will wander off in short time. The only time you need to be more forceful than that would be if you're dragging out a deer, let's say, and the bear wants some of your kill. Even then, the bear will leave when he/she knows you won't back down.
  9. It’s very good. You will enjoy it. Never a bad meal.
  10. For any newbies, this is an annual Christmas time get together to meet new faces, tell hunting/fishing/trapping lies, eat lots of food, and have a good time. We often have raffled gifts donated by our members. Dinner is cash only, so plan accordingly.
  11. Some PM @Kilbo and tell him to go home. It’s not for a few more months yet.
  12. Exact same thing people said about a second Corzine administration. Didn’t work out so well for him.
  13. Okay, so almost annual after having to take off last year. But we’re back for ‘21! Friday evening of December 17th around 6pm will be our annual gathering of the NJWW faithful as well as newbies. All are welcome and bring your significant other and/or your family. Remember, cash ONLY. This is a great time as others will attest. Maybe we’ll switch it up and move back to the “fish room” this year. I hear the fireplace opening is larger in that room…. ** Link to our last Christmas Get-Together, 2019.
  14. When I saw the title, I thought maybe the state opened the weed stores early. 😁 You’re in for about 12 hours…..
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