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    Co-owner of a river channel restoration and pond construction firm out of Bozeman, MT, Fly fishing (part time as head guide for Shannon's Fly Shop in Califon, NJ), bow and gun hunting, wild bird hunting over pointing dogs.

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  1. Round is a shape (that's what I keep telling myself)
  2. Nothing tears at the heart like losing a loved family pet. Sorry for your loss.
  3. Luckily I haven’t gotten out to chase mature bucks, so I could help cull this tasty deer. Permit bow will be a different story.
  4. Two bears. But they were just passing by.
  5. I want to eradicate every last chipmunk!
  6. So far, no golfers have come in range.
  7. Funny, same thing the reporter from News 12 said to me last week ("we're going live in 30 seconds"). See you clowns around 4ish.
  8. If Lou reminds me one more time it's supposed to be a live hunt, I'm leaving my cell phone in the car and drinking beer with Rusty while buzzing Lou's stand in golf carts. Poor Heavyopp is about to load out timber mats we used to protect the deck for our dam removal while I head off to hunt with Frick and Frack and I won't be there to run traffic interference. Sorry Jeremy!
  9. Only my second sit of the year so far, but now that my dam removal project is done, I'm going to be a hunting fool for a couple of weeks until the next big job in VA.
  10. Not to worry, I'm bringing beer for you as compensation for your dragging prowess.
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