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  1. Hitemnasty, 1st in line if it falls through.
  2. For sale Kenmore Refrigerator freezer combo Located in Freehold NJ $100 Overall Dimensions: Height 65.5" Width 30" Depth to handle 31" Food and contents not included
  3. Shed season is over for us-No time with tball and trout fishing My son and I did pretty good. Usually if we hit double digits its a good year for us. We ended up with 14 with a few nice matches. All public land. P.S. The dog isn't much help. I keep her on a leash and she helps with close ones that I would've walked right by if she wasn't with me.
  4. Anybody know of any local places that make and sell the poly wood type Adirondack chairs? I'm in Freehold but anything in NJ probably will work.
  5. Anyone have recommendations for a soil test? How to do it? Where to go?
  6. Elk County PA Hunt huge public land which borders our property. Cards(mostly cinch, nobody probably knows what that is and texas hold em), Beer, and stories. Usually between 6-8 hunters... this year was an exception with only 3. FU covid. 1 main room with wood burner and a small bunk room in the back. no running water, no cell service. Local radio plays the "2nd week of deer camp"from posting above through out the season. Was built by my late grandpa I believe 5oish years ago. Already looking forward to this season. I need to find some pictures.
  7. Back home in western PA. During lent seems like there is a fish fry around every corner. I don't see it much around here. Anybody know of a good fish fry around the Freehold/Howell Area. Thanks in advance
  8. Looking for a vacation this summer for my wife and I and another couple. I was looking into the Finger Lakes? Anybody have any experience up there? Looking to rent a cabin/house for probably 4 nights or so.
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