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  1. Team 9 Buck - 9 points + 10 inside spread 12"=12 Left tine 6.25"=6 Right tine 7.625"=8 Pic credit 6 points Total points- 51.00
  2. Let's start the story on Saturday Nov. 2. Got in my stand before daylight. At around 8 am I see a buck chasing a doe around 100yds out. They run out of sight, minutes later I see another deer coming from same area. I get my binos up, its a good buck with nose to ground searching. I give a grunt its stops then keeps going. A couple more grunts and its charging toward me and closing fast. It's going to trot through one of my opening. I draw back and grunt with my mouth when it hits the opening . It takes an extra step and a half through my opening and I don't have a shot. It eventually trots out of sight. An hr later I believe the same buck is pushing a doe my way. She beds down in thick shit 50yds to my left. The buck rakes a few trees with his antlers and they hang out there for 20min. Finally the doe gets up and the buck follows. She actually runs away from him and gets out of sight. I grunt he turns and looks. He then puts his head down. I grunt again. Same thing. Third grunt he turns and starts running my way. He gets in one of my openings not sure the range I figured 30yds. I rush myself and shoot to quick and also think he ducked the arrow some. I just barely shoot over his back. It was 31yds. FML. He goes trouting off. I couldn't sit the rest of the day due to family stuff. Flash forward to this morning. I see the winds going to be good but I have to work. I can sit til 8:15 so figured I'd give it a try. I get in before daylight. About 6:30 I see a buck slowly coming my way possible the same one I missed. It only gets within 50yds . Freshens up a scrape. Then sees another buck and heads toward him. Its a decent 5 pt. The bigger one postures up, thought they were going to fight but they didn't. The bigger one walks out of sight and the 5 pt come to my right. He's just browsing around. I'm sitting now, not going to shoot the 5pt. Out of no where another buck works his way toward the 5pt. The 5pt walks off. The other buck starts walking away so I give him a grunt. He stops then keeps going. A few more grunts and hes running my way. I get ready. I try to stop him in my first opening and he doesn't stop. I get him to stop in my last opening and let an arrow fly. Double lung, goes 20yds and falls over. No bait. Public Land. My biggest buck to date. Now to do shoulder mount or euro...that is the question?
  3. Do it yourself, more satisfying.
  4. I bought mine directly through Hawk. They had the best deal as well. 877-269-8490
  5. Looking for a cheap hang on stand near Freehold. My brothers brother in law wants to start archery hunting and ask me If I could show him the ropes. I am looking for a cheap hang on to put up so I can sit with him in the same tree. Thanks in advance.
  6. yeah. I've I subscribe to them on youtube. They kill some giants.
  7. I paint my face. I don't feel comfortable shooting my bow with face mask on.
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