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  1. Nice lightweight hangon(similiar to lonewolf)- New suction cup together sticks.
  2. TTT-Basically brand new Lightweight perfect for carry in/carry out on public land
  3. Ready to hunt. Never used, only practiced on tree with the sticks a few times. I was originally thinking this was going to replace my climber but after trying it, its just not for me. Package includes: XOP Vanish Hang on Stand-Never used, added Molle 2 straps and kidney belt, paracord around front and camo tape for silencing Hawk Helium Sticks new version(3)-only used to practice a few times climbing camo tape Aluminum climbing caribiner See Pictures Total package $300, I have over $350 into it Located in Freehold.
  4. Its is for your whitetail doe tags. Nothing to do with Elk.
  5. The pink envelope is to apply for your doe tags. Most units in PA you can't buy over the counter doe tags.
  6. If your looking for tips or recipes on smoking looking up Malcom Reed. How to BBQ right on youtube. Guy has some good stuff. My favorite is the party wings.
  7. I'm like 2omiles or so from the heart of the elk herd. During hunting season never really see them. They don't wonder our way very often. Normally see a few in the spring. I did find a nice set of sheds the one year.
  8. grew up in Elk County PA. Been hunting there since I was 12. Can't remember the last time I was able to hunt the first day. This year I will be able with it being moved to Saturday. I didn't care either way if it changed. Looking forward to hunting that first day and the last 3 days of the season.
  9. Taped it all together how I wanted it and then flipped it over and Drilled a hole at every point where antlers touch without going through other side. Screwed same size bolt in holes and cut off the ends after it was all together.
  10. Put some of my sheds to good use. Made an antler wreath.
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