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  1. Taped it all together how I wanted it and then flipped it over and Drilled a hole at every point where antlers touch without going through other side. Screwed same size bolt in holes and cut off the ends after it was all together.
  2. Put some of my sheds to good use. Made an antler wreath.
  3. Ended up finding 8. All public land. Normally I shoot for at least double digits so fell a little short. Lost a few weeks preparing for the arrival of my newborn daughter. Found one small set side by side. Found my last one Sunday which possibly matched up one I found a month and a half ago . ( Can't 100% confirm but they are similar. Both have curly brow tine. G2 on right side was broke at the tip so it would've been a little longer. what do you think? a match?)
  4. I guess they meant they would tell me in April. Now they are saying "Looking like September is our best estimate at this time" If it was my company, Id want them out before hunting season seems dumb.
  5. Hi all. I have a 2008 Silverado and the stock rims are rusting bad. Currently need to replace one for sure. Anybody have anything. 17in rims. Thanks in advance
  6. they told me April 1. I'm looking into getting a set.. still might mod to 24in length
  7. Nice! Know that area well. Born and raised in Elk County. Elk drop their antlers later then whitetail.
  8. I've done this before. Very good. Malcom Reed is great. Try his smoked party wings.
  9. Here is the one fresh one I found.. forgot to take pic of the other one.
  10. Been putting in some miles. Only found 2 old ones and 2 freshys
  11. looking for a Cabelas coupon.. I usually get them in the mail but haven't seen any in awhile. Thanks in advance.
  12. The new design looks good. I wonder if the price will change?
  13. what are the new Heliums that are coming out?
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