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  1. No. March 14 is steak and bj day. google it.
  2. Also, Don't forget 9 months from now is November.
  3. On youtube: The Hunting Public Leatherwoods outdoors Whitetail instinct The everyday outdoorsman KEO Vlogs TV: Alone Yellowstone
  4. My season was pretty good. Shot a doe in early season with the bow in NJ. Then shot a doe in PA in early muzzleloader. Shot a pretty nice 9pt in permit bow. Passed a few legal bucks in PA big woods gun season. then shot my first winter bow buck an 8pt Jan 17. All public land.
  5. I've made this and loved it as well. Malcom Reed has some good stuff! Smoked Party wings are probably my fav.
  6. Nice! The first one is always hard for me.
  7. ttt.. Freezer filled? Get another one.
  8. pending pick up. Not Just22s is next in line.
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