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  1. GoodOleBoysinPA

    Let's See Your DIY Mounts

    Got my permit buck done. First attempt at carving a skull. Turned out pretty good I think. Stained it with ebony wood stain. Dallas was the dog that helped on the tracking.
  2. GoodOleBoysinPA

    Best wind indicators?

  3. GoodOleBoysinPA

    Buck Down-Recovery Continuing post from last night

    I can tell ya I got very lucky. Pretty much went through the top of the hind quarter. Must of hit an artery, not enough penetration to hit vitals. He was stiff as a board.
  4. Team: Team 4 Username: GoodoleboysinPA Type: Buck NJDFW Confirmation Number: 862749W Deer Entry Points: Number of Antlers: 9 Inside Spread: 13.75" Inside Spread Group: B Subtotal Deer Entry Points: 10 Subtotal Antler Points: 9 Subtotal Inside Spread Points: 6 Subtotal Picture Points: 6 TOTAL POINTS: 31
  5. Continuing my post from last night. I sat all day only seeing a single doe here and there most of the day, 6 in total. At 4:00pm a doe came in browsing and worked to 20yds by this time its 4:30 and I hear a grunt. I look toward the sound and the buck is 70yds away looking at her. It works its way toward her grunting a few times. Pushes her off and I stop him with a grunt 30yds away. Hes now quartering away, Right when I squeeze the trigger on the release it turned and I hit way back. As you all know I let him lay for the night. Got up this morning and met the dog tracker. The dog made quick time of the track. The buck didn't go real far at most 300yds. I probably would have been able to find him myself but wanted to be safe with getting the dog. Not a huge buck but it got me going. I keep telling myself can't shoot a big one if you don't pass the average ones. Someday I'll listen. A quick Thank You to Paul and his dog Dallas.
  6. GoodOleBoysinPA

    Need Opinions Help!

    I didn't hear a crash. ran 80yds or so until it got out of sight.
  7. GoodOleBoysinPA

    Need Opinions Help!

    Thanks. I got a dog tracker coming in the morning.
  8. GoodOleBoysinPA

    Need Opinions Help!

    Shot a buck at 4:40 Tonight. He was quartering away at 30yds. Right when I shot I believe he turned even more so the shot hit back way further then I wanted. Arrow stuck in him and couldn't tell how much penetration I got. I tracked for 30yds found a few drops of blood and backed out. My question is its 56deg out now suppose to cool down to 42 by 6am. Will the meat be ok if I wait until morning?
  9. GoodOleBoysinPA

    Great Offer-Legendary whitetails

    Not sure how many of you have ordered stuff from Legendary whitetails but they have a cool deal going on now. https://www.legendarywhitetails.com/ Take a picture of your hunting license and go to https://huntonus.com/ Add picture and your email and they will send you $25 ecard. I'm not gaining anything from this just figured I'd let everyone know.
  10. GoodOleBoysinPA

    Best Muzzleloader ????

    I second the T/C encore. I have the encore endeavor shoots just as good as my 30-06 and is easy to clean. Breech plug is removable with no tools needed.
  11. GoodOleBoysinPA

    Bachelor Party Hog Hunt

    I quit reading after "I'll be getting married in November" !! Who agrees to that?!
  12. GoodOleBoysinPA

    Smoked An Early Season Doe! On video

    Why everyone asking draw weight? Quartering away and hit opposite shoulder. Nice shot!
  13. GoodOleBoysinPA


  14. Looking for a used john deere gator peg perego/powerwheel or similiar.
  15. GoodOleBoysinPA

    Grilled Venison Tenderloins!

    Tenderloins! Those are gone night of harvest or next day. Never freeze them.