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  1. Turkey Check in Stations

    I called F&G last year just after turkey season ended and told them I’d like to be a check station being that my business is in Lawrenceville and there isn’t another check station remotely close. I’m at my shop by 6:30 am every day and there until 5pm. Offered to do it for free as a convenience to Sportsman in the west central part of the state. They told me thanks but no thanks because it was definitely going to be online for the 2018 season. Told them to let me know if it changes and I could be set up for it in no time. Never heard a thing and here we are again...
  2. Avian x turkey decoys

    Yep, what B.B. said. Bump for a good deal
  3. Found this when going thru some stuf....

  4. As a kid, I was somewhat of a junk hoarder. I loved outdoor magazines and catalogs and kept too many for a long time. Was going thru some stuff yesterday and found this from when I was a sophomore in high school. Thought it was still cool so, I’m not throwing it out yet!
  5. Jordan Spieth

  6. shoot it, or name it?

    I wouldn’t shoot it...til fall. Til then I would call it cracker
  7. any coin or old currency collectors here?

    Sheesh...I have a hard enough time collecting new money...
  8. Turkey Decoys

    Jake and a hen here too although I recently bought a sitting hen cuz it was discounted from $70 to $25. Avian X here too.
  9. Move over Tide Pods.....condom snorting is next!!! WTF

    Just another of our new Constitutional experts. Smh
  10. Favorite/ intriguing Member........

    I don’t want to meet anyone on this site. I have enough friends, know all I need to know about hunting and fishing and, of course, there is the racial barrier...
  11. Immigrant rapes 74 yr old

    Outta ship his ass back to the cesspool he came from. I don’t understand why this “may” get him sent home. He should be on the next flight outta here and never let back in. He’s proved he doesn’t know how to conduct himself.
  12. What do you use?

    2lb. here. Smallest CP Swing and Rooster Tails you can find
  13. If you had to choose ??

    The land I have to hunt I can’t use any firearms anyway. Not that I would t enjoy it anyway but, after having two very major elbow surgeries and a big shoulder job, anything other than a crossbow is out of the question.
  14. What Was Your Best Buy

    Last year I bought an all-around sportsman license for $72.00(?). I bought an extended permit w/buck tag and two weeks of turkey permits. During the early season I go out every day being I work a mile from where I hunt so I can get 2 hrs. in after work. Once the time changes I go every weekend and later in the season I pay for the Fox/coyote permit and get out every weekend for that. Not sure what my total spent was but for the time in the woods, the animals I killed and the memories I make, it’s the best deal I get on anything all year!