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  1. Includes light, 2 rechargeable battery’s w/ wall charger and car charger, scope mount, pressure switch. Perfect condition. Used 2 times. Red LED. $50.00 obo. Think it was about $90 when I bought it 2 years ago. Located in Ewing near Lawrenceville, Hopewell, Trenton
  2. 06roadking

    Parlin Buck Club

    Is was on here multiple times 1st&2nd.
  3. 06roadking

    Parlin Buck Club

    Someone more in the know would have to fill this in. The kill was light this year compared to others. I don’t know if it was the warm weather or what but I saw way less activity than normal as did most of the guys
  4. 06roadking

    Parlin Buck Club

    Entered the Parlin Buck Clubs Predator hunting contest over the weekend. Just wanted to say that if your not busy next year, this is a great event. Nice bunch of guys. Very friendly and accommodating with lots to eat and drink. Couple of old timers there filled me in on the history of the club and it was very interesting. They go back a long way. Thanks Parlin Buck Club for a great event. I’ll be back next year!
  5. 06roadking

    Parkin Buck Club. Physical address?

    Thank you sirs. I’ll be there! Looks like fun. I like fun...
  6. 06roadking

    New toy

    I have the Katana 385. Great xbows. You will love it. Very quiet and great triggers. And, you can decock it without shooting it!
  7. Anyone have it? Looking to go to the predator contest and need the address. Don’t need to cut out of work early just to not be able to find the place. Thanks!
  8. 06roadking


    Bet the goat smelled better than the guides...just sayin’
  9. 06roadking

    22 LR Rifle

    Henry rifles are awesome and their service is absolutely second to none. I’ve had a lot of personal contact with Anthony Imperato, the owner, and he’s a great businessman and a true gentleman. He sends me hats and stuff as giveaways at New Egypt Speedway and asks for nothing in return other than some kind words about their products which, is easy with the quality guns they are making. I’m dying for one of their .410 lever actions!
  10. 06roadking

    Mr. Heater Big Buddy heater for sale

    Thank you sir. Hope your well
  11. 06roadking

    .32 short rimfire and .32 short centerfire ammo for sale

    It’s yours Tony
  12. Have a perfect box of Western .32 short rimfire ammo for sale. Excellent box and no corrosion on ammo. $60 which is a steal if you can even find it. Also have a box of Remington.32 centerfire shorts for sale. Box isn’t great but ammo looks ok. $20. Located in Ewing, work in Lawrenceville near Princeton, Hopewell, Trenton
  13. 06roadking

    I Am The Majority

    Dude is my hero. I wish I was articulate enough to stand up in front of people with no written speech and be able to put together a speech like that with the authority and passion that can move listeners. And, he is damn straight right too!
  14. 06roadking

    Mr. Heater Big Buddy heater for sale

    Doing ok. Got my other hip done. Wife just had surgery so busy takin care of her. Thanks for asking