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  1. There are lots. My cousin was the President of the Cobra club of America for many years. He owns 2 original A/C Cobras. A big block and a small block. He was into documenting each Cobra ever made and finding out if they still existed or not. You would not believe how many million dollar cars were sitting out rotting behind someone’s barn.
  2. There are much prettier guns, no doubt, but it’s tough to beat the accuracy of a Savage. I have an Axis II that is a cheap rifle. I put a decent Nikon scope on it and shoot 3/4” groups at 100 yards. With some trigger work and someone more skilled than I, I’d bet tighter groups would be easy to get
  3. Yes sir. I report all sightings and kills to the state.
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  5. I’m a FoxPro guy but there are lots of good calls out there. Don’t call too loud. I get set up very early...like an hour before daylight. I like to get in and let things settle down before I start calling. Make sure your rifle is dead on. I find that unlike fox, coyotes don’t spend much time standing still. I hunt close to neighbors that don’t like the volume of my 22-250 so I’m hunting them with a 17hmr which, imo, require head shots on coyotes. I’m making head shots with them at best walking, usually trotting so my weapon has to be right on. I know a lot of guys give up on a sit after 15-20 mins but I stay much longer. I’ve shot them after sitting and calling on and off for 1 1/2 hrs.
  6. First light. I go early. Get myself set up by 5am. Sit quiet and wait for first light.
  7. The sequence I’ve been using almost exclusively is Coyote Dinner Bell. If you use it, make sure you have the volume down to around 7-10. It really ramps up towards the end. If you have it too loud to start, I feel that when it ramps up it’s too loud. JMO
  8. I bought the FoxPro Hammerjack. All Predator Calls had a sale on them over the summer. I really like the built in decoy and the new FoxPro’s come programmed with complete sequences and it kind of makes it a set it and forget it deal. It plays a whole sequence of calls for about 7 minutes and changes calls and volume by itself. Very clear and has the volume if you need it. So far I’ve tried it out to 100 yards with no problem with the remote.
  9. My goodness, there are a ton of coyotes around this year. Opening day I got 3, missed one and saw two more that were outta range...all in the same sit. And the 3 I got weren’t together. Shot them about 15 mins. apart. Got one more at the same place as the first day and got another today. The spot I got them is usually my best spot for fox but, I haven’t seen a one. Coyotes have them all run off I guess. Got a new caller for this season and it’s working very good. Got all of them with .17hmr with head shots. My 22-250 barks too loud for this spot and the neighbors get a little antsy with the loud gun. If I would have had it, I prolly would have shot at the two that were way out but, the .17 is too affected by wind so, I have to stay inside of 75 yards or so when there is a breeze. Been squeezing in these hunts being that I had back surgery about a month ago. That got infected and had to make a 3 day visit to the hospital and was back in with pneumonia for 4 days. I hate that we now have so many coyotes but, I do love hunting them!
  10. hello sir, pm me the facebook site for sitka gear,  any for sale from you?  thanks

  11. Yes, you have to love what you are doing to do it right. I’m lucky because I can do everything myself other than paint. It’s hard to tell(that’s the point) but both doors were basically missing the bottom third due to rust. I bought a 4x8 sheet of sheet metal and fabricated new interior, exterior and sides for both doors as well as the floor pan and a big piece of the rear of the cab. It took a ton of time but only cost me $90 for the sheet metal. If I had tried to find used doors, I would have had to bought them from Arizona (no rust) then had them shipped here. I fabricated all of the engine and transmission mounts and got a bunch of small stuff out of junk cars. The seats are from a dodge neon. The gas pedal and cable are from a Chevy Malibu and other small stuff was acquired from junk cars and made to work. I have literally hundreds of hours in it but, less than $15000 including the original purchase price of the truck. If I had to pay someone to do all of this stuff I’m sure I would have over $100000 in it and that wouldn’t have happened. I used to race dirt track stock cars which I ran into the wall and turned upside down more often than I should have but, I gained a ton of fabrication experience fixing it.
  12. I actually rebuilt the flathead and just before I was going to put it in I squire an 86 IROC Z28 Camaro that had a beat up body but great running gear. The car had a very worked 355 Chevy with aluminum heads. I put the engine, transmission and rear differential from the car in the truck which gave me a very strong engine, an automatic transmission and a rear differential with a 3.93 gear and rear disc brakes. I bought a kit to put front disc brakes on it and then adapted the rack and pinion steering to fit. It made for a ton more work but, I ended up with a truck I can ride the interstates with at 70 mph and smoke the tires from here to tomorrow. The truck was pretty much junk when I got it and I started from the ground up. I bought a lot of parts from LMC including an entire bed kit. I worked on it as time and money permitted. Luckily, other than the paint, I was able to do all of the work myself. I could have never paid someone for all of those hours. Working on it on and off, it took me 10 years to complete.
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