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  1. 06roadking

    Picked up my mount from Jay today.

    Yeah, Jay is starting to get the hang of it...great buck and great mount. Jay does great work
  2. 06roadking

    Christmas Wish Lists???

    I bought a bunch of Sitka gear a little while ago and really, I need nothing. Gonna be getting another hip soon so the relief I get from that will be the the best gift I could ask for. This will be my 19th bone surgery and I’m weary from it but, they putting me back together and keep me in the game. My wife, kids and father are all healthy so I can’t ask for much more!
  3. 06roadking

    Christmas Wish Lists???

    Ah, horsepower...the gift that keeps on giving!
  4. 06roadking

    Snow Plowing Question

    I’ve been doing the same driveways for 30 years. Here’s my deal. Every driveway is a different price. Each has its own personality as far as design, landscaping, how many cars you leave in my way, etc. I only plow blacktop. I don’t plow fancy stone or block driveways. I don’t do walks. I’m in a hurry so I don’t stop to get paid. You mail me a check within 10 days. If I don’t get the check in 10 days, I’m done plowing your driveway. I don’t need to chase people for money. I have people begging to be on my list. I only have as many people on my list as I can Service properly. I will not plow any driveway that I haven’t seen without snow on it and in the daylight. I am fully insured and my list is done in the same rotation each storm. I don’t care if your a doctor, lawyer or whatever. You can’t buy your way to the top of the list and no one is more important than the other. If this doesn’t suit some people, I’m the wrong guy for the job. It’s a system that has worked for me for 30 years and for my dad for 20 years before that.
  5. 06roadking

    Hockey Pucks to stop school shooter?

    Don’t give’em any ideas...
  6. These stores seem to forget that the same folks buying their guns there are the same people that buy their camping stuff, sneakers, lacrosse, soccer, football (etc.) equipment, fishing equipment and various other sporting goods there. I haven’t stepped foot in a DSG since they changed their gun policy. And, I think you will find that us sportsman are more dedicated customers than a lot of consumers. And with social media, if you piss off one hunter, that one hunter has the ability to spread the word to literally thousands of other hunters with the same mindset. It’s a shame in a way. Way back Dicks was a great place to buy common guns cheap. If you were looking to buy a Savage Axis or a Mossberg 500 and could wait for a sale, it was tough to beat their prices. The Dicks over in Langhorne PA had some nice guys working in there. Not the most knowledgeable but, good guys. I bought a Savage Axis .17 cal. over there quite some time ago. They dug around in there and found me enough coupons to get the gun at almost half price and it was already on sale. Then when I got home I found that the salesman forgot to take the trigger lock off. I had to go back the next day and get them to unlock it. A small hassle but no huge deal. Went back and the manager of the gun dept. took it off and was so apologetic that he gave me 5 boxes of high dollar .17 ammo and a card for b40 percent off my next firearm purchase there. Couldn’t beat that! As someone has already mentioned, you don’t shit where you eat. They haven’t learned that...
  7. 06roadking

    Filson Shearling Mackinaw Coat for sale $400

    Great quality coats! Glws
  8. Sincerest condolences sir. As I be stated on here elsewhere, I dread the day. Be strong and Godspeed to your Pop
  9. 06roadking

    RIP Dad 1935-2018

    My sincerest condolences. Godspeed sir! I’ve worked side by side with my Pop since I was 12 years old. He’s 80 and still comes to work every day. Just a better generation. I dread the day. My heart goes out to you....
  10. 06roadking

    Unique 12 pointer fell to the Muzzy!

    Damn, that’s 12 points the hard way! Congrats on a beauty!
  11. 06roadking

    Finally got in range

  12. 06roadking


  13. 06roadking

    His Biggest Buck To Date! 132" 10pt

  14. 06roadking

    His Biggest Buck To Date! 132" 10pt

    Exactly what my football coach used to say. He wasn’t much for end zone celebrations
  15. 06roadking

    Sunday Funday Check-in.. 11/25

    Out in 14. Could have used hip boots to get to my stand...