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  1. It’s all part of the new “Entitlement” attitude. I tend to go over the line now and then but I’ve very seriously considered pulling up and pushing the car ahead when I’m in my tow truck with the rubber covered push bumper. Very seriously considered...
  2. Run my AC flat out in this shit. I make up for it in the winter by keeping it cold in my house. I detest every bit of summer. I love winter. Can’t get too cold for me...
  3. Can’t stand IPA’s. I know some of you will say I’m not a real beer drinker but, I don’t like beer I can patch my driveway with, fruit in my beer, tobacco spit or garlic sprigs in my beer or any of the other shit they put in there now. Just don’t have a taste for it. Give me a cold Rolling Rock and I’m a happy boy.
  4. Used to go there for lunch almost every day when I was up at my place in Bridgewater corners.
  5. Yeah I know but I’m cleaning out my garage and want it gone
  6. Have a FoxPro Inferno in brand new condition for sale. Has the mounted decoy and remote. I had to send my other one back for service and bought this one to use til mine came back and only took it out once. Everything about it works just like the day it was made. Has 75 factory sounds and can hold 100’s more that can be easily downloaded directly the the unit from the FoxPro website. The unit itself was $199.00 and the decoy was $40-$50 more. Looks, works and does what it’s supposed to do just like new. I’m asking $100.00 for a quick sale. Located in Ewing near Pennington, Lawrenceville, hopewell and Trenton
  7. “If yer gonna be stupid, ya gotta be tough”. “If you do that, you’ll spend the rest of the day trying to figure how to get my foot outta yer ass”. ”Yer as god damn dumb as you look!” ”You got all the brains of a 5 pound bag of hammers” Quite the loving man he is...
  8. Will do. They had 4 guys there running the estate sale. I asked if any of them were able to give a hand. The guy I asked was about 35 and looked fit. He said that Pete had a bad foot, Bill had a bad back, Joe was just too old and, himself well, he said he just didn’t feel up for it. Great bunch of guys...,
  9. Update: the door was open so that meant a lot. Did some investigating on the electronic lock mechanism and found that the locking assembly was available at Amazon for $99.00. Ordered it, got it, disassembled the door and installed it. Works perfectly. Believe it or not, my son and I were able to get it in the back of my pickup, get it home, unload it and install it ourselves. It weighs over 650lbs. It was a back breaking dangerous undertaking and I don’t recommend doing it with just 2 people. Problem was, it had to be out of their house that day due to an estate sale. We called damn near everyone we know and nobody was around. But, it’s done and I’m very happy. It’s a 30 gun Liberty and I got it for $200 cuz the guy who knew the combo had died. I guess he knew his days were numbered cuz the guns were gone and he left the door open...
  10. I’d burn that shed to the ground with everything in it....
  11. I’m getting a great deal from a guy on a very nice Liberty gun safe with an electronic lock but....the reason I’m getting such a good deal is because he doesn’t have the combination. Anyone gone thru the process of getting a combo for a Liberty?
  12. Damn...I had a shovel recently. Damn grave digging deer...
  13. It 15 years old I bought a ‘67 Mercury Cougar with money I had saved working in my fathers shop. In the 2 years I had before I got my license, I stripped it down, put a 428 super cobra jet motor, a 4 speed trans and a Ford 9” rear in it. My dad helped me reinforce the frame to keep it from twisting, put big block ford springs in the front and a massive radiator. To you guys in the know on this stuff, you know how much modifying it took on the shock towers and such to make this fit. A huge job. Luckily my dad was willing to help plus I had a shop to do it in with all the tools needed. Had it painted jet black and stuffed L-60’s under the back. How I wish I still had it. Thing was bad-ass. I won more money with that car in my 1st month legally driving than I did the whole rest of the year working...needed most of the money to pay tickets...
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