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  1. When I was 17 or 18 it was the only reason to be in early on a Saturday night. My buddies and I would hit the bars but at 11:00pm or so we would all head to my house to watch it. It was that good. I haven’t seen it in years because it got less and Les funny til it was just plain unfunny and somewhat sickening to watch. Now it’s just a bunch of loser liberals just trying to push their agenda with bad jokes and skits done by people without a lick of talent.
  2. Black Widow Deer Lures...It’s Simple...It Just Works!

  3. 06roadking

    Handgun for bear defense

    When I used to hunt in Vermont we were allowed to carry a side arm for bears. At the time(early 80’s) I carried a Ruger .41 mag. Had more knock down power than a .44. Don’t know about today’s ammo though...
  4. 06roadking

    FA/FT : Strykezone 380

    Pm sent
  5. 06roadking

    Need a Prayer

    Good luck to ya!
  6. 06roadking

    Coyote mount complete

    Great work as usual Jay!
  7. 06roadking

    Prince Harry loses man-card

    Amen to that!
  8. 06roadking

    FA/FT : Strykezone 380

    Best trigger ever! Glws
  9. 06roadking

    Shooting bench and rod case/carrier

    I’ll take the bench depending on location
  10. 06roadking

    300+ mile ride leaves Wednesday morning

    Glad all went well. My son had a ball and said he will definitely do it again next year!
  11. 06roadking

    300+ mile ride leaves Wednesday morning

    My son Justin from Ewing P.D. is riding with ya! If you by chance meet him, tell him his pop says hi. Good luck to you all and be safe!
  12. 06roadking

    It's time, will the last one out please turn the lights off

    Congrats! Damn am I jealous. You are living out my plan. I’ve been fishing on lake Anna and it’s great! Good luck to the both of ya
  13. 06roadking

    I'm a daddy!

    Congrats to you and yer wife Jay! I knew you could do it...
  14. 06roadking

    Redemption for my friend and cool find

    Nice turkey! And, I admit it, I love turtles. Glad I got that out. I feel free...