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  1. This is true. When Sportsman center was on its way out, they treated people like they should be honored to be able to buy guns from them. Not just me either. I witnessed other guys getting talked to like they were shit. I be been involved in a small family business, and now run it, for all my life. Once you lose sight of the fact that people can spend their $ anywhere they want, you are done. And you don’t have to kiss peoples asses either. Just treat them like you are happy they came to you(which you should be), answer their questions and treat them fairly. I try to treat every customer I have as if they are a friend. Some small gun stores have a “cliqueish” air about them. I buy a lot from Cheyenne Mountain Outfitters. Their prices aren’t the best. I can live with that. But, they always seem happy you came there. Of course, if you go there on a Saturday afternoon right before the season, they may not be able to shoot the bull with you because they are swamped but, they aren’t rude or nasty to you like I was treated more than once at Sportsman Center. SC must have done something wrong because that place used to be packed with people and products. A couple of years before the end, they stocked nothing and the place was a ghost town. You reap what you sow, I guess...
  2. I did a lousy job getting my kids into hunting. When my kids were little, I worked 12-14 hr. days 5 days a week and 10 hr. days on weekends just to buy a house and groceries. I didn’t hunt at all during those years. Then at middle school age, my son started travel lacrosse and we were away at tournaments throughout the northeast. Then my son played for school and played on the NJ state travel team and I didn’t hunt those years. The boys went off to college and I started hunting again but, they weren’t around. I feel bad about it but, they grew up happy and successful so, I can’t bitch I guess...
  3. I guess so! That’s a steal after seeing how much these things are....sheesh!
  4. If you are interested in predator hunting, this is a must attend. Lots of good speakers, lots of new products and lots and lots of door prizes. Big Chinese auction too.
  5. My local fave near me is a Jan’s Boardwalk Pie from Wildflowers in Pennington. Slices stand straight out when you grab one. Not flopping over dumping all the topping into a wad on the pie pan. Not over cheesy and great sauce. And no puddle of oil under it.
  6. I was pretty sure he was gonna launch his bottom teeth into the third row when he got pissed off at the debate the other night. Aside from his ridiculous “everything for free” bs, he’s just generally a repulsive person..JMO
  7. Feel free to eat my share...I’m good.
  8. I run an extra strap over my canoe in the back of my truck for Christ sake. If that was my boat, I would have Jose’ make sure it’s right!
  9. When I was 16, I was standing in the woods, ears tuned in. I heard something coming from quite a ways off and kept my eyes peeled. From a long ways off, I could see a guy walking through the woods. As he got closer I saw that he didn’t have any orange on and had no gun. Then I could see the uniform. Well, I wasn’t doing anything wrong so I just stood still and he walked up to me and never said hello or how ya doin just, “turn around and let me see your license”. I turned around and he stated that he couldn’t get it out of the holder. Bullshit. So, I unloaded my gun, took my jacket off and took it out of the holder to hand to him. He said” put it away, I can see what I need to see”. He the asked for my ID which I have to him. He checked for the plug in my gun, checked my shells, asked me if I had a knife which I showed him. He gave me shit about pulling out my knife. He said he didn’t ask to see it, just wanted to know if I had one. He then proceeded to check the rest of my shells in my pocket, gave me more shit for jacking my shells out on the ground and told me to hang my jacket on a branch. It was cold and slightly sleeting. I had one a hunter orange sock style hat with about 3/4 inch turned up over my ears. That 3/4 inch was brown as it was a reversible hat. He wrote me a $60 ticket for the hat not being 100% hunter orange. This was like 1979 and $60 to a 16 year old then was a lot of pumping gas. Oh, did I mention that this was the first day of shotgun back when it was a week with a doe day on Monday? And, I didn’t bow hunt back then so this was basically it because of school until Saturday. He then questioned whether or not I had permission to be where I was. My dad and I posted this ground and had some permission to be there. He said that he would be gracious enough to believe me, gave me the ticket and walked off basically ruining hunting in that part of the woods for the day. Karma got his wise ass though. Later in life he had become a prison guard and got busted screwing some inmate then beating her up and he went to prison. Would have loved to be at his trial to give him a kind send off and tell him that I didn’t think he had enough orange in his new jumpsuit...Since then, never a problem
  10. Gorgeous piece. Best of luck with it!
  11. Absolutely can compare the two. Has nothing to do with the purse. It has everything to do with NASCAR promoting sensationalism. For years NASCAR has allowed drivers to “move” other drivers. Sometimes it results in a car just wiggling making a driver lift just enough for the car behind him to get by. Sometimes it results in someone dying. NASCAR likes to say shit like “they locked bumpers”. The bumpers on those cars don’t lock. They are flat fiberglass panels that are smooth as a babies ass. On open wheel cars with tube bumpers, bumpers can “lock”. NASCAR knows that the cats they have come up with are too even and that makes for boring racing and promotes “pack” racing which causes crashes. Without the possibility of “the big one”, the stands would be even emptier than they are now. I know it looked full but, that’s because they have removed almost half of the grandstands. When I used to go to Daytona yearly in the 80’s, that place was packed all the way around...
  12. 06roadking

    Daytona 500

    No problem at all.
  13. 06roadking

    Daytona 500

    Let me know when your coming...I’ll get you in. I know a guy...
  14. When I was a kid hunting in my small area, before the interweb, everybody knew where each other hunted. If you killed a big buck, you told very few people. Otherwise, one of those clowns would drive the deer out of your area the night before. Also, everyone didn’t have a camera in their pocket. I know that I have very few pics of deer I killed as a kid. Also, look at the equipment we are hunting with now compared to 40 years ago. Also, when I was a kid, there were no game cameras so when you saw a buck, you shot it thinking you may not see another. Now, with game cameras, you have an idea of what’s cruising around. I know that I pass bucks regularly that 40 years ago I would have shot not knowing what else was around to hold out for. JMO
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