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  1. 06roadking

    How can this be? OUTRAGE

    Imagine, insulting a porn stars character
  2. 06roadking

    Cold weather gear...

    I mean get used to it in a good way. I was used to bulky, loose fitting coats that bunched in the elbows when I bent my arm all the way. Bulky as in when I say in my stand my coat would bunch up in the front for the length of the zipper. Bulky as in having to wear suspenders to hold heavy, baggy pants up and that got caught on stickers constantly. The fit is so much better on the Sitka Gear that all of these problems are gone. I’m just trying to give my honest opinion to someone that asked for it before he drops a bunch of money. I don’t get a dime out of it and really don’t care what you wear. If you warm and happy, it’s all good with me. But, it does work as advertised.
  3. 06roadking

    Cold weather gear...

    Believe me. It is. It’s just different feeling to me. Once I wore it a few times, and got used to it feeling different, it is absolutely the most comfortable hunting gear I’ve ever worn. Not tight or uncomfortable, just different.
  4. 06roadking

    Cold weather gear...

    Yup, that’s the deal. I wear my fanatic jacket, stratus bibs with nothing but Sitka thermals underneath and am warmer than when I used to wear 4-5 layers Predator hunting on January mornings. I’m not gonna say it doesn’t take some getting used to cuz it does. The sleeves are tighter than any hunting coat I’ve ever worn. But, the complete lack of bulk when putting up my rifle is unbelievable. I’m 5’7, have big arms(I’ve been an auto mechanic for 35 years) and have a too big belly. An xl is what I wear
  5. 06roadking

    Cold weather gear...

    Just another note pertaining to Sitka Gear. I had the Incinerator bibs and they were just too warm for me in NJ. Called Sitka customer service to ask their advice. They were like talking to family on the phone. I told them I wanted something more versatile. I didn’t want to have a high priced pair of bibs that I could only use 1-2 days a year. They told me to send them back and that they would set me up. They sent me a pair of Stratus bibs with a light weight and a heavy weight set of thermals. Between this combo, I have the whole season covered. Other than early season when it’s still 75-90 degrees(at which time I wear their Equinox pants and shirt) I’m set for the whole season with a Fanatic jacket. No money changed hands. That the kind of company they are and the quality of their clothing is absolutely second to none. I was very hesitant to drop the coin on this stuff. It is expensive. But, I’ve spent almost the same amount on clothes that I wasn’t even near as pleased with. Between their quality and their customer service, I seriously doubt I will buy any other brand ever.
  6. 06roadking

    Cold weather gear...

    Sitka for me too. By far the best stuff I’ve ever owned. Not only warm but their clothes are so well thought out. Pockets in the right places and little details that I’ve never seen before. Plus, it’s the most comfortable clothes I own. Not just hunting clothes, more comfortable than anything I own. Can’t say enough good about it. Worth every penny
  7. 06roadking

    Talk about a big waste of money.

    Surely you jest. The governor prolly has family in the sign business. They will put up new ones every year
  8. 06roadking

    BBD! 1PM Recurve!

    Congrats buddy!
  9. 06roadking

    Excalibur Crossbows

    Well, I wouldn’t say nothing to go wrong. I’ve had 2 buddy’s that have broken limbs on Excalibur’s and another that broke the string The 3rd time he cocked it. But that can happen to any crossbow. I’m on my second Stryker and haven’t had any problems but they had some bad limbs on the strykezone 380’s. They made good on thembut still...not sure what others are talking about with adjustments on compounds. I’ve had about a dozen different xbows and after the initial setup, I’ve had to do nothing but wax the string and the rail. And I can decock my Stryker without firing it using the cocking rope. Same as Excalibur’s. Though, Excalibur and Stryker are the same company and they share some parts so I would assume they would share technology as well
  10. 06roadking

    Anybody else had it with this weather?

    Try running a dirt race track with this shot weather. We had 10 Saturday’s this summer that it either rained or was so wet from rain all week that i couldn’t get on the track to open it up to let it dry. Funny, the mortgage company doesn’t give a rats ass about the weather....
  11. 06roadking

    10-5, Z5 buck mission = Slammer down

    Well played sir...congrats! A true beauty
  12. 06roadking

    Buck Down

    Beauty! Well done
  13. 06roadking

    Like new Badlands pack for sale

    Sold pending meet up!
  14. 06roadking

    Like new Badlands pack for sale

    Badlands pack in like new condition for sale. Only a couple months old and used maybe 4 times. I don’t know what model it is but it’s one of the new ones with all of the silent buckles and softer material than their old ones. Asking $70 which is a steal. Located in Ewing near Trenton, Lawrenceville, Hopewell and I will be in New Egypt tomorrow if that helps