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  1. I was a huge fan of G5 Montecs and killed a pile of deer with them. The only problem I ever had with them was the lack of blood trail. But, that usually wasn’t an issue because they usually dropped them in sight. But, a few went a ways and I consistently was frustrated with the lack of blood. I had an opportunity to try Crimson Talon for free. I was really, really impressed with the accuracy at the range. Shot like darts. So, I tried hunting with them and m, WOW, the blood was incredible. I’ve been using them for 2 seasons now and actually staff for them. They fly incredible and the blood is j
  2. No need to carry anything other than a white Rooster Tail. Unbeatable!
  3. Congrats to you and to her. Most important piece of life advice you can give her is, when she’s at a party, having a good time and blowing off steam, never, ever leave a drink unattended. There are all kinds of people at college, some she may have never had experience with before. Sad but, true. I told my nieces, work hard, manage your time and never leave a drink unattended. On a lighter note, they have a great mens lacrosse program there! I’m a fan.
  4. 2 boxes. $20 each. Located in Ewing near Lawrenceville, Pennington, Hopewell, Trenton
  5. Excalibur Axiom SMF crossbow package in like new cond. for sale. Maybe 10 shots through it. Has xbow, 4 carbonforce charger arrows, 4 Excalibur Firebolt carbon bolts, bunch of practice field tips, quiver, 2.5x32 Excalibur scope, new extra string, Allen wrenches, DVD, owners manual and all paperwork to register the xbow for lifetime warranty. This xbow is absolutely flawless and could pass for new in a shop. Nice, bullet-proof, accurate xbow. Asking $225 obo!Located in Ewing near Pennington, Lawrenceville, Trenton.
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