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  1. Damn...I had a shovel recently. Damn grave digging deer...
  2. It 15 years old I bought a ‘67 Mercury Cougar with money I had saved working in my fathers shop. In the 2 years I had before I got my license, I stripped it down, put a 428 super cobra jet motor, a 4 speed trans and a Ford 9” rear in it. My dad helped me reinforce the frame to keep it from twisting, put big block ford springs in the front and a massive radiator. To you guys in the know on this stuff, you know how much modifying it took on the shock towers and such to make this fit. A huge job. Luckily my dad was willing to help plus I had a shop to do it in with all the tools needed. Had it painted jet black and stuffed L-60’s under the back. How I wish I still had it. Thing was bad-ass. I won more money with that car in my 1st month legally driving than I did the whole rest of the year working...needed most of the money to pay tickets...
  3. Didn’t know they had them...thanks
  4. Needs a couple of decent boat seats for a golf cart. Let me know what you have. Thanks!
  5. So sorry. Had to put mine down a few weeks ago. I still come home from work expecting to see him waiting for me. Tough loss. I feel you pain...
  6. 2012 Kubota x900 4x4 UTV. Following parts are brand new. Tires, starter, upper and lower ball joints, tie rod ends, seats. 3 cylinder diesel. Power steering, hydraulic dump, tilt wheel, front and rear trailer hitch receivers. Starts,runs and operates perfect. This is no toy. This is a heavy duty piece of machinery. Hydrostatic drive with wet line attachment. This thing can carry all the corn you need into the woods and bring out all the deer you can stack on it plus prep ground for food plots. This is a $20,000 plus machine new. If I needed it it wouldn’t be leaving. $8700.00. Located in Lawrenceville near Princeton.
  7. Believe it or not, they get full sides of pork, grind it, spice it, add a little corn meal and smoke it. There really is no bad stuff in it. My son has worked for Taylor Pork Roll for a few years and says the ingredients are good, the place is clean as a whistle and the pay is great. It is a really hard place to get a job cuz no one ever leaves. Taylor also makes Trenton Pork Roll. Just a different spice package. Really, no ears and assholes as some people seem to think
  8. Thought this was another post about the beaver quiver...
  9. I believe that’s a Beaver Brand quiver out of Rome, N.Y.
  10. Boy...talk about the dark side....
  11. Sorry for your loss. I know how you feel. Just put my dog down 2 weeks ago. Very hard thing to do.
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