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  1. I’ll take the .204 Rugers if still available. Thanks
  2. I’ll take the two yellow jacket bags I still available and the .204 Rugers in you other post if still available. Thanks
  3. I don’t have any good pictures. I’m no photographer. But I did get this video this past turkey season... IMG_0984.MOV
  4. Feel for you buddy. I tore my quad tendon clean off from my knee. Not trying to scare ya but, of my 9 knee surgeries, well, that one stung. Getting blood flow to the area is crucial to the healing of a quad tendon so, doing what they tell you for rehab is key to keeping scar tissue at a minimum which, helps blood flow. Short story about that surgery. Had it done and came home. Felt great! There was a mid week stock car race at the track I work at that night. Told my wife that I thought I could go on my crutches cuz I felt so good. She said no. So, when she went into the bedroom to lay down fo
  5. 06roadking

    Riding today

    At my track! Have fun!
  6. She never fails to impress me. She’s very smart, very articulate and takes no shit from anyone. I’ve seen her light up some congressmen right on the floor of congress. I would vote for her for president if she were to run. Boy, that would piss off the libs, wouldn’t it?
  7. I have a bunch of nice deer rifles. That being said, it’s slmost embarrassing but my favorite is my least expensive one. I have a Savage Axis in .308 with a Nikon scope on it that, in the hands of an expert, could win shooting competitions. Mind blowing accuracy, not heavy, weather proof and it’s ugly as hell so if I scuff it up I truly don’t care. I would never tell my wife but, with that gun, I would never need another deer rifle nor do I need the 6 or 8 others I have.
  8. That’s a bitch. I had a very secluded place in central Vermont that I bought when I got out of high school. I had saved a bunch of money for college and didn’t end up going so, my pop said to buy real estate. I kept it til a few years ago and sold it at a huge profit so, my pop was right. Anyway, in all those years I only had two incidents. Once, someone cut down a nice pine tree I had in my side yard. It was about 5 feet tall and shaped perfectly. It was stolen in early December so, put 2 and 2 together and you get a free Christmas tree. When I replaced it, I cut the top off so that ended tha
  9. I love my wife. And, there are some really fine girls out there. But, I’ve yet to see the one that I would trade my guns or my lifestyle for. What kind of a selfish bitch marrys someone and then expects them to change into someone that they never were. And, even more so, who becomes this new person they never were because of the whims of another. What kinda way is that to live?
  10. Ya just gotta wonder what the hell ails people. Slobs
  11. Nicely done and way to stick with it...congrats!
  12. I gotta keep an eye on my wife. She said if I played it once more, either the pickle or I am being put out. Me and my pickle are gonna miss her...
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