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  1. 06roadking

    Man Shoots Self With Crossbow

    There’s a lot of easier ways to shoot ones self in the head. Would take a lot of effort to pull this one off...
  2. 06roadking

    So what broadheads everyone using

    How bout that?... I’ve had no problem with them. I actually was concerned that they were a little tight. Maybe either you or I got a bad machined batch. I would contact them. They have always had good customer service for me.
  3. 06roadking

    So what broadheads everyone using

    I’ve always been a fan of G5 products. I shot Montecs for many years. This summer I’ve been shooting the G( Strykers and the Dead Meat mechanicals. The Dead Meat fly the best of all of the broadheads I’ve ever tried and there has been a bunch. I’ll prolly shoot them this year. They fly the best for me so hopefully the mechanical system on them will work the way they are supposed to, which, I see no reason they wouldn’t
  4. 06roadking

    Taylor Pork Roll

    Odd as hell that the guy that owns the factory and the original recipe (yeah, my kid, who works there and knows the owner personally) doesn’t know the name of his own product and continually spells it wrong on the boxes, sleeves, workers uniforms and the god damn paychecks...just odd. Silly guy thinks it’s called pork roll. I’ll have to get my kid to straighten him out. Btw, the mystery meat you speak of, well, my kid watches halves of pigs go ito the grinder all day. Really some strange shit goin on inthe the pork roll world...
  5. 06roadking

    Just got my buck back from Jersey Jays

    Congrats on a nice buck! Can’t go wrong with Jay
  6. 06roadking

    Taylor Pork Roll

    Might wanna tell them to fix their menu...
  7. 06roadking

    Taylor Pork Roll

    My younger son works for them. Great company. Very, very clean factory and they pay great! Plus, I get all the pork roll I want!
  8. 06roadking

    Passing on the savings...deal here for ya

    Bone collector 85 gets it.
  9. Got a deal on some stuff. Way more stuff than I need. Passing on a deal for the extra I can’t use. $20 for everything in the picture all new sealed this years stuff. Located in Ewing. Can bring to work in Lawrenceville if that helps on the meet up. Also will be in new Egypt on Saturday and can meet at the speedway if that helps. First “I’ll take it”, well, takes it!
  10. 06roadking

    Llewellin Setter Pups FS

    Great looking dogs!
  11. 06roadking

    Hunting clothes, decoy etc. for sale

    Sounds good!
  12. 06roadking

    Is This A Sign Of Gayness?

    I think that may be the point...lol
  13. 06roadking

    Is This A Sign Of Gayness?

    Anyone that would own anything with Bea Arthur’s picture on it is at least a fag if not a transtesticle
  14. In for team. Donation coming.