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  1. That’s a bitch. I had a very secluded place in central Vermont that I bought when I got out of high school. I had saved a bunch of money for college and didn’t end up going so, my pop said to buy real estate. I kept it til a few years ago and sold it at a huge profit so, my pop was right. Anyway, in all those years I only had two incidents. Once, someone cut down a nice pine tree I had in my side yard. It was about 5 feet tall and shaped perfectly. It was stolen in early December so, put 2 and 2 together and you get a free Christmas tree. When I replaced it, I cut the top off so that ended that problem. I was broken into once. Snowmobilers I assume. They broke out a small side window, lit the wood stove and ate whatever food was in there. The water system was drained down so, nothing to freeze. They were prolly just cold aand hungry. They didn’t screw the place up and the broken window is all I had to fix so, I was very lucky. At least they didn’t trash the place or burn it down fooling with the wood stove. I really never kept anything there to steal other than a single shot .22 and they would have had to be pretty slick to find it. I had a separate generator shed and the generator was an old monster that would take 4 guys to get out. I was very fortunate for all those years...
  2. I love my wife. And, there are some really fine girls out there. But, I’ve yet to see the one that I would trade my guns or my lifestyle for. What kind of a selfish bitch marrys someone and then expects them to change into someone that they never were. And, even more so, who becomes this new person they never were because of the whims of another. What kinda way is that to live?
  3. 06roadking


    Ya just gotta wonder what the hell ails people. Slobs
  4. Nicely done and way to stick with it...congrats!
  5. I gotta keep an eye on my wife. She said if I played it once more, either the pickle or I am being put out. Me and my pickle are gonna miss her...
  6. Yeah but, being able to get one and actually HAVING one are two completely different things. I sir,am the proud owner of one...not the guy waiting for UPS to bring one...don’t let the jealousy get to ya Booner. Remain calm. Yours will be here soon. Meanwhile, I’ll just push the button again and enjoy my brined, garlicky yodeling treasure!
  7. It will be a fight sir. Bring friends...lots of them...
  8. I bought a box of stuff off of a guy I know that cleans out houses. Buried at the bottom, still factory sealed, staring up at me in all its brined glory, is this absolute gem of a treasure. A yodeling pickle. I had to run right out a get battery’s for this priceless gem and, low and behold, it works. Oh, and what a voice it has. My life is complete. IMG_0994.MOV
  9. One for the Pork Rollers! Considering my younger son works for Trenton Pork Roll Co., I know what it’s called. Its on his paycheck for Pete’s Sake! 26lb. 11 inch beard! By far my biggest to date! Thing had a head the size of a cantaloupe!
  10. Whoa...that sucks...
  11. I have a D week permit. I’ve never hunted turkeys other than A & B weeks and I see a drastic change just between those 2. The woods I hunt really grows up quick with underbrush because it’s a really high canopy and the sun can shine in at an angle all the way til noon or so. Visibility drops way done quick in there and walking becomes almost impossible, even on the deer trails...unless your a deer. What should I do differently during D week than I do during A week. I see lots of turkeys during A but, as it eases into B I already start seeing their fly down patterns change whereas they fly down into fields during A but, start flying down and land in the woods during B. During A I sit in a hedgerow along the side of a pasture they tend to roost on the end of. So, I’m 90 degrees from their roost. I put out some decoys, do a few chirps and when everything goes right, they fly down right in front of me. But as it starts to get into B week, instead of flying down to the field, they start flying down into the woods. If they do, I run around the other side and try to head them off. Works sometimes and sometimes not. What strategy do you guys use when the woods get so thick that visibility goes to zero?
  12. Well, I did kill 11 coyotes and 7 fox off that property this past winter so, I’m working on it!
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