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  1. 06roadking

    I miss the snow

    Got home from work yesterday and first thing I said to my wife was “I miss winter”...
  2. As said above, I peel back the breast skin, cut out the breast meat and skin and take the legs.
  3. Ha! No I didn’t but glad it’s being used!
  4. In my opinion, Ram and Toyota are on top right now. Not saying that can’t change as time passes. Nothing really wrong with the Chevy/gmc’s, depending on the engine you get. I’m not impressed with the fords but, bear in mind, most, if not all of what I work on is 4-5 years old. Most of the newer stuff goes back to the dealer under warranty/factory service work.
  5. You should do less imagining of men...in bed no less...
  6. As most of you know, I’ve been an auto mechanic all of my life. I work on lots of trucks. Lots of trucks. After, on my dads truck alone(2009 f150 4.6 with 79,000 miles), putting 2 left side and 1 right side exhaust manifolds, 1 steering rack, 2 steeeing shafts, 1 intake manifold, rethreading 3 spark plug holes and watching the poor guy having to put 2 bed sides on the left and 1 on the right due to rust, a set of transmission cooler lines, fords weren’t even on my long list, let alone my short list....
  7. Looks like a great time. I miss going up there. The guys I used to go with yearly for 10-12 years all moved down south. Congrats!
  8. Well, new to me. 2012 Ram 4x4 with the 5.7 Hemi. 66,000 miles on it. Rides like a car. The 4 link suspension in the rear with coils really is a long way from my old Dakota with the leaves in the rear. Lovin’ it!
  9. He needs to call the Russians...they know how to get things done! Or not...
  10. I’m on my 5th year with a pair of Lacrosse Aerohead boots. But, I don’t use the much for deer hunting. Mostly predator and turkey hunting boots. My feet sweat too much in them to walk to a stand and then sit. I have other boots I use for that. I’m pleased with the Aeroheads but they mostly see field and tall grass use which most any boot could handle. But, they do keep my feet dry
  11. Very impressive. Great work and a beautiful home.
  12. Yeah, that’s why I didn’t sign up for it.
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