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  1. I was up salmon fishing with my kid a few years ago. The guys camped next to us cooked up some moose they soaked in Italian dressing. They gave us a plate of it. It was by far the best game meat I’ve ever tasted. My son and I agreed that it rivaled the best beef we’ve ever had. Outstanding!
  2. Stryker Katana 385. 4th season with it. Had new string ad cables put on it for this season. Kinda heavy compared to the latest and greatest but, great trigger, extremely accurate, great scope from the factory(IMO), and I can decock it with the cocking rope. Shooting Victory arrows w/G5 Deadmeat broadheads. Have killed a ton of deer with this thing. Never had a bit of trouble with it though, I probably shouldn’t have said that...
  3. Where are you guys finding half dozens w/ lighted nocks for $20?
  4. 06roadking

    Jr's new bike

    I call bullish!t on this post. This is 2019. Kids don’t work hard and save up for something they want these days! Just ask the government, they will provide you with whatever you desire! Seriously, this post is does my heart good. Work hard, save up and bask in the rewards. Glad there’s still some young people that believe in this. It’s gotten clouded lately but, that is truly the American dream. Congrats to the young man!
  5. Where I hunt I’m sure it 7-8/1. But, that’s mainly cuz the farmers near me mow down bucks all summer. They obviously think the bucks eat their crops and the does don’t cuz when approached about it they will tell you that they shoot them all regardless of sex while thinking I can’t see the pile of antlers behind them in the corner of the barn. It’s hard to miss being the pile shows on both sides of them as well as above their head. Literally...
  6. I have always used Elys and will continue to do so. After having Elys do my butchering my wife, who has always hated venison, absolutely loves the stuff we get back from them. I tried 5 or 6 others and she didn’t like it at all. I get her to try some of the seasoned chops from Elys and she’s instantly a big fan. The maple bacon is incredible and I always make a big pot of venison sausage with onions, pepper and sauce for our shop Christmas party and I get mugged bringing it in. Worth every penny to me
  7. Just a bit of insight...when I bought my Sitka stuff, I originally bought the incinerator coat and bibs. I get cold easy and it was just way too hot. Even coyote hunting on the coldest night in January. I returned it and went with the fanatic stuff. I can’t imagine needing anything warmer in NJ. It even kept me warm coyote hunting at night in Vermont.
  8. After trying one piece of Sitka, I sold everything I own and bought all Sitka gear. The fit is close which is great for bow hunting. The warm stuff is very warm. I can’t imagine ever needing any more jacket than the fanatic in NJ. I ended up buying their lightweight stuff for early season and it is second to none. I know it is really expensive but, I’m sure it will all last a lifetime the way it is built.
  9. One hell of a first buck! I know guys that have hunted 20 years and haven’t shot on that nice
  10. Great buck! Hope things get easier for you and the Mrs. Keep your chin up...those kids are worth it!
  11. I feel, and of course I could be wrong, that the buck to doe ratio in this part of the country is so skewed that it’s hard to beat the real thing with something out of a bottle. I have had success with special golden estrous and tinks. But not consistent success. I guess if you catch a lonely enough buck or the mood is right, it’s can work. But, again, not consistently. Just my thoughts for what they’re worth...
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