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  1. Less than 10 shots total at Black River this morning by 9 AM? What’s wrong with that picture?
  2. My son and one of his best friends will both be out tomorrow in Zone 13 in Morris County
  3. I don’t bother much with sharing trail cam pictures, but I thought this one was pretty cool.
  4. Really cool 😎 buck guy, way to go!!!
  5. That looks like an awesome setting, congratulations on the success!
  6. My son Chris Jr. shot this real pretty 8 point buck last night after putting a significant amount of time in the woods and passing on several smaller bucks over the course of the last few weeks. Like most of us, each year he’s becoming a better and better hunter and is exercising greater discretion with what he harvests. This beautiful whitetail comes on the heels of his first Black 🐻 Bear back in October, so he’s having a pretty good fall season to say the least!
  7. Chris Hopf Jr. (hendryhill) TEAM # 2 8 Point Buck on 11/15/19
  8. Bow hunting in the morning & afternoon with a youth pheasant hunt squeezed in between! Junior cleaned his own birds 🐦 & cooked up the breasts himself as well. I’m trying to raise him up in the right. We passed plenty of deer 🦌 today, just didn’t see any shooter/target bucks.
  9. I’m not big on posting animals that other people harvest, but last night one of my best buddies called me and asked if I could help his 83-year-old grandfather get his buck out of the woods. I’ve known Poppy for close to 15 years and he still has the passion needed to be successful. He puts his time in and is selective in what he harvests, not to mention he’s still a good shot w/ his crossbow! I thought 💭 the photos may be proof that you can still hunt as you get older & his success may encourage someone else to get out there who’s been putting it off.
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