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  1. My son 14 yr old son Chris Jr. shot his 9th career gobbler this morning, but what makes this bird extra special is that he did everything by himself! He set up on his own with a hen decoy and I let him call him into 23 yards using only a box call, before making an outstanding shot just before noon this morning! The Mossberg 20 gauge thunders again! 15lbs, 5 1/2 Inch Beard with 1/4 Inch Spurs
  2. Nice one Mike, congratulations!
  3. Anthony & I went out this morning with our two sons chasing the thunder chickens. We had several birds gobbling on the roost in front of us a short distance away after putting them to bed last night. Myself and Anthony were calling while the two boys were 15 yards out in front of us. Little Ant decided to take this bird at 32 yds after he had been within 10 yards of both shooters initially. I thought they might wait for a Tom or all the other gobblers to hit the ground before deciding, but school was a consideration, so Ant put the smack down on this Eastern when he gave him a shot on his side of the tree they were sitting against! It’s a real pleasure to call for others & for them to then have success, especially kids. This was Anthony’s 3rd career turkey & I have been lucky enough to be there for 2 of them. That’s two different youth hunters that connected this week while I was a part of it. Good Stuff!
  4. Good fish & great eating!
  5. Solid swinger right there guy!
  6. I went out this morning along with my good friend Chino again to one of his spots, but this time we took both of our sons out with us. I called this beautiful swinger to within 26 yards before his son Angel closed escrow on the first Eastern Gobbler of his hunting career! The best part is that he was sporting a blondish/tan beard. I’ve never seen one like it in my 34 years of hunting. A really special bird and a special moment for the father and son! I’m glad me and my own son Chris Jr. were there to experience it with them. 23 lbs, 9 inch beard & 1 inch spurs! Enjoy the photographs. hendryhill
  7. Way to go kid!!! Nice gobbler
  8. My good friend Chino and I went out on Tuesday morning for a little spring turkey action in the New Jersey woods. We hit a couple of spots and both had Toms on the ground before 9 AM! He was celebrating his birthday, so it made it even more satisfying for him. I was doing the calling on this particular morning so he could enjoy the hunt and just focus on making a good shot. My gobbler was 23 pounds with a 9 1/2 inch beard & 1 inch spurs. Chino’s thunder chicken weighed 21 pounds with a 10 inch beard & had 7/8 inch spurs. Not a true double in the sense that we shot them simultaneously but within a couple hours of each other, either way a phenomenal morning!
  9. I hate to do this, but I won’t be able to attend after all. Would some would be kind enough to remove me from the list. I wanted to let someone know instead of just simply not showing up. Happy holidays!
  10. A couple of our sons shot deer. My buddies kid shot a nice 6 pointer, then my boy cracked a Doe! They were both using their slug guns. My son also found a dead buck from last year, a shame because he was a good one.
  11. Does anyone know of a reputable Vizsla breeder either here in NJ, or perhaps close by in New York or Pennsylvania? Preferably one that someone you know has bought a dog from in the past. I appreciate any information.
  12. Carson, he gets a ton more carries. Cohen primarily catches passes and normally does better if the Bears are losing in the second half.
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