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  1. hendryhill


    Funny looking deer, the horns and snout aren’t normal...
  2. Good story and nice buck! Congratulations on breaking the drought 😁
  3. hendryhill

    9 pt

    An old hog, really nice animal! Congratulations! I love the "ventilated" portion of the story
  4. Great pics guys, have fun the rest of the trip and good luck!!!
  5. The "Orange Army", Congratulations to everyone who connected. The comradery is what binds us as hunters, well done!
  6. I’m pretty sure that he’s going out for Bear that week since I focused on his best friend in October and helped him score on one. My sons turn again!
  7. My son shot a nice buck this afternoon on his final youth firearms day! This buck was special because he had never previously shot anything with my 12 gauge slug gun and he shot him at a location where several people in our family have had success in the past! This deer 🦌 follows up to the 2 beautiful bucks that he shot in the regular season and permit bow. It’s been a great year so far for him and I could tell he was pretty excited! 11/21/20 Morris County
  8. Real nice critter there guy, he’s a good one! Congratulations, I admire your honesty in the story!
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