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  1. I hate to do this, but I won’t be able to attend after all. Would some would be kind enough to remove me from the list. I wanted to let someone know instead of just simply not showing up. Happy holidays!
  2. A couple of our sons shot deer. My buddies kid shot a nice 6 pointer, then my boy cracked a Doe! They were both using their slug guns. My son also found a dead buck from last year, a shame because he was a good one.
  3. Does anyone know of a reputable Vizsla breeder either here in NJ, or perhaps close by in New York or Pennsylvania? Preferably one that someone you know has bought a dog from in the past. I appreciate any information.
  4. Carson, he gets a ton more carries. Cohen primarily catches passes and normally does better if the Bears are losing in the second half.
  5. hendryhill

    12 Minute Buck

    Good one, congrats!!!
  6. hendryhill

    Youth Day Buck Down

    Congratulations guys! Great buck
  7. 2 dads, 2 sons & 1 German Short Haired Pointer = 6 pheasants on Thanksgiving morning @ Black River! That included 4 cock birds. We actually should have tagged out, but we had a couple misses. Best thanksgiving day pheasant hunt ever and some of you guys know how it can be.
  8. hendryhill

    Coyote down

    Awesome! I just missed one an hour ago with the compound @ 30, he only stopped for a second and I missed over his back. I’m super disappointed. Congratulations on making your shot count. That’s a pretty coyote, I’m jealous!
  9. hendryhill

    Fatso (Bear Pics)

    Where do you need me the first week of December?
  10. I forgot to add this close-up picture and it won’t let me edit the post
  11. I wasn’t able to get off of work yesterday, so my wife took our son out for the 2018 New Jersey youth pheasant day at Black River in Chester. I thought that was pretty cool of her and Junior was able to get a couple of birds that we cooked up last night. However, it didn’t end there. She then drove him to one of our hunting spots in Zone 13 for an afternoon sit for deer with his compound bow. He thought it might be to windy, but I encouraged him to give it a shot. He was able to rattle in this pretty 8 point buck to within 15 yards of his treestand where he made a very nice quartering away shot. The buck only went 40 yards before dropping in sight of the stand. This kid is light years ahead where I was at that age and I can’t wait to see how much better he can get. He has an amazing passion for the sport & I hope he continues to build on this early success when the gun season comes around, but two 8 pointers with the compound bow isn’t bad. Chris Jr. 11/3/18 Somerset County
  12. hendryhill

    Good Luck Youth Pheasant Hunters

    I couldn’t take my son out because of work, so my bride was cool enough to take our son Chris Jr.out in my stead. I think that’s pretty cool!
  13. hendryhill

    9/22 Youth Day Hunt - BUCK DOWN

    I wish you guys the best, hopefully the deer gods cooperate! Shoot Straight kid! How old is you're boy?