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  1. Only $25 for two birds? Are you a New York resident?
  2. Great gobbler & really nice photographs! Congratulations on your Swinger...
  3. It really is awesome up there and beautiful, best of luck on your trip. Be sure to share some photographs if you get lucky 🍀...
  4. Took a ride with my great friend to Pennsylvania to chase some thunder chickens and we both shot Swingers on consecutive mornings! What an amazing time for $102...
  5. Please add my bird for team # 2, hendryhill with hendryhill Jr. Thanks 19.5 lbs Beard 9 3/4 Inch Beard Spurs both 7/8ths Inches
  6. Who is the guy you referred him toWho is the guy you referred him to
  7. Great job Mom, thanks excellent swinger!!!
  8. I had an overtime job at 10 AM and my son had baseball practice at 9 AM, so we decided to skip an early morning hunt based on those factors and the projected 16 mph winds @ 0500. The plan was for me to go out by myself at around 8 AM and hunt for a couple of hours before I had to be at work. The forecasted wind at that time was only supposed to be around 10 mph. So with that projected break, I headed to my first spot and didn’t have any action after about 20 minutes of calling, but I could hear OK. I then left there and went to another spot only about a mile away. Upon getting out of
  9. I connected @ 8:30 when the wind had died down a little & he was close when I called...
  10. Really good stuff bro, great job on a tough day wind 💨 wise w/ the compound!
  11. Not sure there’s anything more enjoyable than going out with your son to do some turkey 🦃 hunting. It’s different than hunting deer 🦌 or going after a bear 🐻 for so many reasons... While my boy is not as little as he used to be, although he’s still 16, that special bond and camaraderie never gets old. Then, when you’re fortunate and blessed to have some success, it makes the memories that much more sweeter! Chris Jr. connected on a beautiful Eastern Gobbler at 12 yards that I called in for him. This bird was spitting at about 7 yards behind a giant pricker bush and couldn’t even se
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