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  1. Nice variety! Does it produce year round for all types of game?
  2. My 2019 New Jersey Archery 🏹 Buck is complete and ready for pick up from the taxidermist. 24 inches is truly a wide and legitimate spread to look at, it really adds to his uniqueness! Shout out to Charlie Sahanas and his crew for performing the work! However, the most important thanks goes to my property owner, who has been gracious enough to allow me to hunt on his land for the last 9 years and to allow me to call him a friend. He also happens to be one of the nicest men I’ve ever met during my hunting career that’s given me the blessing to hunt on his property. Thanks Doc for always being so awesome, I’ll never forget it!
  3. I’m interested in buying a used ATV that’s at least 400 cc or larger. I prefer something 2014 or newer. I have money in hand and am ready to rock. It has to have the certificate of ownership so I’m able to register it and take it to Canada for my bear hunt each year. If anybody knows anyone who’s looking to sell please let me know. Thanks, hendryhill
  4. A regular Tweener as I like to call them
  5. After making my son the priority for the majority of the season, (He shot two gobblers 🦃 in New Jersey and one in Pennsylvania), I finally got on the board today with little time to spare. It was a LONG 55 yard shot as he was skirting me after pitching down from his roost. But the Mossberg 835 Ultimag, 3 inch Hevi Shot and Jeb’s choke did the job! He dropped like a ton of bricks 🧱. I wish the shot was 15 yards instead, but I got him... May 20th, 2020 in Zone 10 (Morris County)
  6. Did your friend ever sell this four wheeler?
  7. So will I, I’m sorry I saw this when I did
  8. All I can say is thank God for good friends! I was working yesterday, so a couple of my buddies were kind enough to take out my son for some turkey hunting action. First thing in the morning 2 of the 4 hunters doubled up on nice birds when they pitched down from the roost and came running to the decoys a short while later! Then they hit a couple of other locations without much success before Chris Jr. finally hit pay dirt on his 2nd gobbler of the 2020 season shortly after 11 AM at the 3rd spot they tried. They said it was about a 35 yard shot and the whole hunt took less than 30 minutes. I let my son shoot my Mossberg 835 Ultimag on Monday for his 1st bird of the season and now he’s hooked, because he used it again yesterday to shoot this beautiful swinger! 21 lbs, 9 1/2 Inch Beard & 1 Inch Spurs When he was done hunting, he fished 🎣 until I finished work and he boated 17 large mouth bass!
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