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  1. Pork Loin cooked in the smoker today. Rubbed with these two spices overnight. Sofa-king good! 🤣
  2. LPJR

    WW II Intelligence

    You are correct. To have taken this as other than a joke is silly.
  3. Definitely good news Mazz. God Bless and let us know on the site if anything is needed.
  4. I attached the link to the hunt at the top of this thread, Splitrock. Definitely a well earned buck. Congrats again Mike!
  5. LPJR

    Tested Today

    Stay healthy bro..
  6. What it's all about right there. Great pics
  7. Awesome Bill! Great pics! This is what it's all about. The good stuff! Don't blink.
  8. Took my son and his future truck to the Big Flatbrook tonight for it's first ride up to Walpack with Mike (TroutandBucks) following us up. Lots of fun, but I learned that I still have no patience for fly fishing...Maybe 1 day when I retire in a couple of years....Maybe. Jr was the high hook, landing and releasing over 14 nice rainbows, including a good one on a Panther Martin. Took some cool pics, attached below. Mike caught some trees that "came out of nowhere" in the blink of an eye, then started to hit them. He actually caught his 1st ever double on a dropper before taking a nice chilly swim. Usually it is me that takes a surprise bath, but just yesterday I installed machine screws in my wader shoes for better traction. All good stuff.
  9. Mark may have a 30 lb monster bird waddling around his back 40...He knows how to keep that gobbler close I am thinking......
  10. Nice Mike. Jr was doing similar today for 2 straight hours in the back yard track on his YZ. Great day to be out indeed.
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