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  1. Which scope did you go with for this setup Tim? Hope it was a decent one...this bow deserves nothing less...
  2. OMG. Jacko- I cannot stop this train from rolling, even as a mod. Sorry, not sorry. This is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay toooooooooooooooooo funnyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy. And creepy- all at the same time.
  3. She would like to as of now after she graduates from college first. She loved the experience.
  4. So proud of my Goddaughter who completed the 112th class of the Trooper Youth Week sponsored by the NJSP last week in Sea Girt.. Her dedication and commitment was a true testament to her tenacity as she did very well during the week. Only 4 months ago she underwent emergency surgery for sustaining a broken leg during her high school wrestling match.
  5. That's what it is all about! Great post Ronnie. Good stuff!
  6. LPJR

    My First Smoke!!!

    Epic fail Joe. Either finish strong with good pics or save the posting for when you have some sleepies......
  7. I posted the link to our last one in 2019 at 199 on the 1st page. Scheduled to work that night but putting in for vac time off. Will be there. Always a great time.....
  8. LPJR

    I’m not Roon

    Excellent job, looks great
  9. Looks great Mike. But those FEET......
  10. Great pics and animals Mark. The typical whitetail in the second pic has it all. Do you know what it scored by chance?
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