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  1. You ARE having fun now good Sir!
  2. I thought she was coming with me Phil.......Ummmmmm, never mind.
  3. In other words, mission accomplished! Hypodermics were indeed flying early season.
  4. Glad your wife is not on W&W Joe......
  5. Guys. They are gone. Joe just texted me and said he also bought this 4 pack... Best. Heads. Ever. Nice score Joe.
  6. LPJR

    Now that's a funny...

    I am thinking I should move this to Playground. Then again, it is too funny! Matt if you think, move it yo'self!
  7. LPJR

    Now that's a funny...

    Rusty, Rusty, Rusty.........He needed PICS! I thought that 3 blade was joking on our group thread when he said you posted this Roon! ROFLMAO!
  8. John, you would be a fool to not take up this offer. He knows a thing or two about computers. (Our New Hampshire log cabin/deer camp kitchen looked like the server room for all of the North Woods)
  9. Well done electric! Love it when the sand runs out of the hourglass on a target buck. Congrats!
  10. Truly does sucks. I feel for you. Something to be said about getting out and way in past where other guys go. Worth the sit, even if a deer is not seen for me....
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