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  1. Hoping for a speedy and healthy recovery! Definitely part of the family!
  2. Very cool, congrats on a great hunt 10deer!
  3. Unfortunately, received poor HD footage because I did not have my proper head mount with me. Was able to take 2 cool still pics from the video, attached below...The big doe is the one above the orange arrow. A productive hunt overall and was lots of fun.
  4. What a night...just left the property a little while ago..... A big doe came in with 4 smaller deer and offered a great quartering away shot at 16 yards...she bolted off and took the other deer with her..I tagged her, was unable to use the online or phone system as both were down when we went online and called...Nocked another arrow afterwards. 15 minutes later 3 more came back and the Hypodermic was sent. She made into a small group of cattails on the course... Called the deer dragger. He sure got his exercise in tonight. The big doe was a course queen. She is bigger than the last big doe I shot here 2 weeks ago....headed up to Frankie's now..some pics attached below....
  5. Update for Tarhunt. No golfers in sight. Our own special drone called Rusty says there are deer @100 yards behind me....fingers crossed...
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