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  1. Awesome Mark. Great pics and memories. Like I always have said, Don't Blink.....
  2. Over my dead body. Never. Have had them since '84 and '85 no issues, workhorses.
  3. Attaching it to Hunterbob1 and JerseyJay! LMAO
  4. Looks great Joe! You definitely earned him with the amount of time you put in...congrats bro
  5. Nice job Ryan, great last day fishing before school starts with your son!
  6. Check your stands. Took a ride in the back with junior today to check the double ladder. One of the lower ratchet straps was chewed apart and dangling. This is why we change out the straps every 2 years sometimes earlier if damaged....Gonna replace all with new ratchet straps next week... Minimal cost for each=No brainer..... Never know. Be safe.
  7. Masterbaiters everywhere.
  8. Great buck John. BUT, Jack said you posted him on facebook? That buck now will have a bounty on his head. Especially after you dared guys to try.....
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