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  1. LPJR

    How was your year? - Deer Hunting

    Like Rusty and others have said, the times spent together with friends and family while hunting is priceless. The times on stand, in the blind, or in the woods with my son are some of the best times of my entire YEAR. Watching Jr progress into a mature, respectful hunter over the last few years has been what it is all about for me. We made more memories this past year together and were always laughing and having fun. All good stuff......I never want it to end......
  2. LPJR

    How was your year? - Deer Hunting

    Great thread Rusty. Let them go and they will GROW, obvious results shown above!
  3. LPJR

    Found a little set

    Very cool
  4. LPJR

    Today's buck picture

    This thing looks like it is going to turn around and bite you right in the face!
  5. LPJR

    KISS Army Radio on Sirius...

    With a truck like yours, you BETTER like country music old boy....
  6. LPJR


    Dream hunt. Would be out there if I could as discussed. Almost pulled the trigger last fall with you, but I will have 2 in college this fall. Great price, would be almost $5k will all included prices. Still a great deal....Someone should jump all over this, especially with your first hand knowledge of the farmer Jeff, who is also your friend...
  7. LPJR

    Parker bows 60% off

    Agree. Great bows.
  8. LPJR

    Still my fave workout - bar none

    NO gym needed for you Jacko. Nice work. You will sleep like a baby tonight
  9. LPJR

    Anyone ever make their own sushi rolls?

    Never tried sushi actually.... But that does look good...
  10. LPJR

    Sign in

    Never heard of a member that has to sign in w/their password each time once it is saved.... Maybe its a glitch that Matt can correct like LTH said....
  11. LPJR

    Best Way to Cook Deer Heart

    Holy shit I'm dying....Now THAT was funny.
  12. LPJR

    Zone 3 Yote all done...

    Very sharp! Well done