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  1. And apparently his whole head. A bunch of consecutive pics with this headless bird. No wonder Jr and I have seen nothing the couple times we have been out. They have no clue where to look for hens and can't for that matter.....
  2. That is awesome. Enjoy some time away from the job! Looks like Rocky has some stories right there. Very cool! Send pics brother....
  3. Yes. They usually go for between $85-$110 for the big tablets depending on where we got them from the past few years.
  4. We can always use my grill this summer for those Tomahawks!
  5. Whoa! Life is good in the Haskell Hunter homestead! Looks great. Gives you something to do since you are not able to ride your BRAND NEW HARLEY this summer... Sorry Tim...I can always learn to ride on it while it sits idle.........Will keep the fuel fresh for you...
  6. 2nd to a good fatty Charbroiled ribeye are jumbo pan seared SCALLOPS for me. Yes Please.....
  7. Robert, do you remember Tingaling's in Newark?
  8. My wife just picked up pool shock and a 25 lb container of chlorine tablets for the pool tonight at Paradise Pools in Hamburg. The chlorine was @$100 for the tub which is normal....
  9. 1st night off tonight. Big guns blazing at 12%. Raging Bitch's cousin by Flying Dog.
  10. Excellent work as always Roon. Well done!
  11. Will be working nights like now.. I'm out. Took off for the last one, was a great time. Have a blast guys.
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