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  1. 2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    That's a wrap for this morning. Did some running and gunning. Not a gobble to be heard for miles. No idea where the dozen or so we heard from the roost went off to. Probably down to zone 21 where Thunderchicken is! We had a good time with the traditional jerky and canolis that I brought into the blind this morning. Good luck to all out and most of all have fun together!
  2. 2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    lol. This is why I let my son sleep when he wants to in the blind and not bust his chops about it. It's all good..
  3. 2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    Yup. I just woke up myself..
  4. 2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    Ha! It's quiet now. He will be ready and up if one shows trust me
  5. 2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    And Christopher is out....if a bird comes in one nudge and he is ready and on the gun. Best sleeps are in the blind. Love it.
  6. 2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    Holy cow. Never have I seen this. A hen flew from her roost and headed straight for us. She landed in a tree 25 yards above our blind checking everything out. She just came down and 3 hens are at the decoys now. Jr is telling me to put the phone away haha!
  7. 2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    Can't see them but they are there. 3 Jake's just sounded off.
  8. 2018 Youth Turkey Live Hunt

    3-5 gobblers just sounded off 75 yards away. Game ON!
  9. NWTF mentored youth hunt

    Knock one down!
  10. We got settled in the blind at 0515 hours. Going to do a limited live hunt and see what happens. Roosters crowing from a nearby farm. The heater is cranking, fingers crossed. Hoping for some action!
  11. I love this!!!

    Similar video below Jay.........
  12. How did you get Nomad's pic when he took down the grizzly in Alaska with it ??
  13. Roosted at least 2 gobblers tonight

    Best of luck Russ. I dread the day it is my son's last youth day. Enjoy each second!
  14. 4/20/2018 Stocking

    Nice pics and fish 57
  15. Can you feel it

    Can't feel whatever you posted, since I don't have facebook ....But I am like a kid on Christmas Eve waiting for the morning GG!