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  1. LPJR

    Dilemma need help!!

    Only live once. Get the two. Your kids will love them
  2. One of the pics from our 2018 W&W Christmas Party, minutes after the Exploding Kittens game/door prize was sniped out by Haskell Hunter.... One word....... Epic. Jack is still laughing..
  3. LPJR

    Successful WILD Pheasant Youth Hunt !

    Wild pheasants, pretty cool!
  4. LPJR

    Ohio Crossbow Buck

    r C'mon Jack. You know whose buck that is....It is Tarhunt's cousin's, third sister's, fiance's step son's Uncle's, brother's, father's gumaada's deer. Geeeezzzz...........
  5. LPJR

    Scary moment on opening day of six week

    Glad you are ok and thanks for posting. Hopefully someone will benefit from your experience. Welcome to the site also!
  6. Very cool Rusty. Good job by your student as well as LittleM...
  7. I am @1" high at 50, dead on at 100 yards with 2 3/4" Accutips sighted in on the field pod. Bring extra rounds. Once sighted in you are going to have a blast shooting it. You will be amazed absolutely how surgical you will be with your shots...
  8. LPJR

    Muzzle Loader Buck Down

    Nicely done Mark! You guys always manage to get on mature bucks.....old school!
  9. Same here. I fill to the 90 grain line. Zero issues with the blackhorn tubes since I have bought the Accura....
  10. LPJR

    Parker Bows Going Under

    That sucks indeed.
  11. LPJR

    Permit season prep

    Looks good! Just a heads up, I tried the peanut butter jar attached to a tree thing, and was shocked when it was wiped clean in 2 days. I put a camera on it hoping to see a shooter. 2 days later, the jar was again, licked clean as a whistle. Checked the card and could not believe there were that many raccoons alive, yet alone in my spot. Not one deer touched it. Never know, you may have totally different results. Worth a try..
  12. LPJR

    Savage 220 is awesome!

    Tcook says it best.......You will get several seasons out of 2 boxes of accutips with the 220. One and done. Problem is, it is so much fun to shoot at the range, you need to bring lots of accutips with you after sighted in!
  13. LPJR

    New member here

    Welcome to the site!