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  1. LPJR

    VA 8 Point Down! - Picture Added

    Nice buck John, congrats. You now have 1 job to do while you are down there. Palmanator is part of that mission. Giterdone!
  2. LPJR

    The Walpack Inn-No longer hunter friendly

    Uncle Carmen! Hahahaha! I am sure your family was a big part of the restaurant crowd back in the day Jack
  3. LPJR

    Big 7pt on public land 10/19/18

    Mature shooter buck! Congrats
  4. LPJR

    10/20 AM CHeck In

    Working OT now. Will be on stand this afternoon. Can change and happen quickly now at any time.......Like said above, keep at it boys.
  5. LPJR

    The Walpack Inn-No longer hunter friendly

    Hard to believe this news about the Walpack Inn. Generations of families have come to the restaurant even from as far as NYC for the atmosphere alone. Like Jack said, it would be equivalent to Cabela's taking down the mounts that have been up since the inception of the store. If the info is true, many people will no longer be patrons, including me and my family. My family built and owned the original Walpack Inn for years. My Uncle Joe Lombardi was the owner, and my family had cabins across the street "up on the hill" for years. If anyone remembers, Joe Lombardi also had an antique store to the right of where the Inn still is now. I can remember walking down to the Flatbrook behind the Inn to trout fish on opening day with my Dad when I was small. Lots of good memories. The legend of Bigfoot in Walpack still is embedded in my head and I have made my kids aware as well, lol. Attached below is pic of several family members, including Uncle Mimi and Uncle Gin with friends at the original bar at the Walpack Inn that was printed in the NJ Herald several years ago. https://www.thewalpackinn.com/our-story/
  6. LPJR

    My little guys first harvest...

    Very cool!
  7. LPJR

    9 Pter Down

    So glad for you Larry! What an awesome buck. Well earned and well deserved brother!
  8. LPJR

    What would you do with it??

    This would be one of my garages on the Illinois property Joe posted above....
  9. LPJR

    Big public land buck down!

    Tonight is your night Ronnie. Grab a mega ticket. Lines are 15-20 deep though!
  10. LPJR

    What would you do with it??

    MEGA Millions drawing is tonight. Predicted to be 1 Billion+. What would you do with your new found money if you won? I myself, would know what it would feel like to be our very own Matt!
  11. LPJR

    Big public land buck down!

    Congratulations Ronnie, he is a great buck! I knew mature bucks would fall this morning. Well done
  12. LPJR


    Happy birthday buddy! Hope you are enjoying the day with your family Nick!
  13. LPJR

    10/19/18 CHECK IN-Afternoon Time

    I'm out. Not a tail seen. Felt good to be in the tree this morning though.
  14. LPJR

    10/19/18 CHECK IN-Afternoon Time

    On stand ready to rock. Hope the bucks are on their feet this morning.....
  15. Will be on stand by 0615. No bait, no cams, no expectations! In a white oak stand that has produced in the past, especially during the pre-rut. Good luck to all going out!