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  1. Mature tank indeed Ronnie. You definitely earn the bucks on those ridges. I say he is 5.5. Good luck with him.
  2. Awesome boys! You are in Nicky's version of heaven up there indeed. Glad you got on some before the weather tomorrow. Well done
  3. Delete, The nockturnals should be tight with zero movement. Make sure they are the ones made specifically for your arrows....
  4. For the Z7 I use Nockturnals on full metal jackets. For the crossbow, Lumen arrow (bolts) with Lumenocks. Zero issues....
  5. Congrats all the way around! That's what it is ALL ABOUT! Well done indeed Tuck
  6. We waited until last light and the buck he was after didn't show. Great time together, will get out again soon hopefully.
  7. Yep, even on the most uncomfortable stool! Would not be a good hunt without his typical "blind doze off"....I am keeping watch....
  8. Spike is at 16 yards now. Jr is waiting on his cousin or brother. Cell going away y'all...
  9. He likes the facemask Robert! Just saw 1st mosquito. Debating on turning Thermacell on. If we start to get eaten it comes out...
  10. Blue Jay's screaming 80 yards away near bedding area......
  11. Haha! I tactically made sure these stools are NOT comfortable chairs like we usually use!! No chance to doze on this one!
  12. Locked and loaded, ranges checked in advance. Wanted to be in blind at 1540 sharp, 1st mission accomplished.....game on.
  13. Excellent! Great times spent together. Congrats!
  14. Been waiting to get in the woods with Jr this season and today is the day. He has been practicing all summer with both bows, and we shot the other night in the back. He is shooting darts. Good weather, high pressure and cool temps for this evening. I am hoping a hypodermic gets a chance to fly. Deer seen or not, it will be a good time spent with him in the woods. Looking forward to it.... Fingers crossed! 20200913_164103.mp4
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