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  1. Looks great. Similar way we make them. Only I don't use thyme or bay leaves. Never thought to heat them up!
  2. A buddy makes these each year and they are delicious. I made them the same way with the Hen of the Woods mushrooms tonight.
  3. Time for a live hunt on W&W with @hunter boband @3Blade. Get in the woods Robert. Mike said he will assist you and give you a hand. We all know you can shoot. Knock one down before permit begins...
  4. Love the character on that buck Mark. Will blow up if given another season I think...
  5. Cool sky and pic right now.
  6. Keep laughing when guys you know go to the gym. Use it or lose it NNB. You will be in bad shape by time your my age if you stay sedentary. You can ride without training though, give you that....
  7. I typically put 20-25,000 miles on a year just with my commuter car for work. New tires every couple years for me. I use General Altimax Arctic snows for the front in the winter also....
  8. Putting boots on the ground as always Bob! Enjoy the woods and GL..
  9. LPJR

    Wile E Coyote

    Not easy to get a shot off while deer hunting on a good yote. Well done.
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