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  1. LPJR

    Man Caves

    That gorgeous goat is so cool along with the rest!
  2. LPJR

    Man Caves

    Just saw that after you said it..
  3. LPJR

    Man Caves

    Love it Todd. That room looks like Cabela's. Post the pic of your moose upstairs if u could. Huge beast!
  4. LPJR

    Man Caves

    Awesome animals! Looks great
  5. LPJR

    Man Caves

    Awesome bucks John, love it!
  6. How come you are not measuring Brian?
  7. LPJR

    Man Caves

    No judging here. Post anything you want to, I helped out a bit for you above Rusty.... If anyone makes fun, have them see me....
  8. LPJR

    Man Caves

  9. LPJR

    2018 Velvet bucks/Trail cam pics

    He is looking good Hemlock! I am getting dinks on camera only as of recently. Do not want to see this guy on the cam actually though...
  10. LPJR

    Rough day on the Raritan Bay

    Nice job fishing machine!
  11. Great! Thanks for the info Bill
  12. I was told Walden track is not too far from us (Northern NJ) as well as a couple in PA. Not sure if Englishtown closed down, was told it did a few months ago....He loves riding more than anything he does and he has been on machines since he was 4 (90cc quad)….PM sent.
  13. No, a huge property in Sussex..
  14. Jr had a blast tonight and I think I sh@% my pants watching him hit jump after jump. He actually wants to get into racing and I am thinking of taking him to the track in Walden NY in the next month or so...The YZ suspension and motor handled everything well and after getting home he jumped back on the bike and rode again in the back, lol.
  15. Bikes are loaded up and ready to go. Gonna meet a buddy and his son at a farm where he built a track for riding. Fingers crossed, I am going to putt along behind everyone at my own pace haha! Was actually going to take the ATC but decided not to after my son gave me the "really??" look Will post up some pics tonight...