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  1. Tim, I think Nick said that Bob is younger than you.....
  2. Robert brought a trunk full of awesome seafood to my Summer get together. Was awesome!
  3. I hope I am off for this........... @hunterbob1will bring half of the Atlantic Ocean's seafood if he attends! HUGE CRAB LEGS!!
  4. Agree 100%. We are into the left side quarter at over 40 hours since we are rebuilding from the inside out, crazy how time consuming it is. Right side is next..... If you have pics of the Vette and bikes, post them up. Would love to see them trap......
  5. Geez. You would think that @Bucksnbowsknows a little something about trout and or everything that has to do with one?? Good stuff Brian....
  6. Glad to hear she is OK! Scary close right there! Ice cream and whatever she wants for days!
  7. My buddy and I put in lots of hours on the car the last 2 days. Outer wheel well, trunk entension, etc, all welded in place. After checking and rechecking the body lines and quarter panel and fit at least 25-50 times, it was tack welded tonight. Tons of grinding, sanding, massaging. Very happy how well the project is coming. The rear is basically all new metal and the trunk was sanded down and painted tonight. Seam sealer was used before painting them...Used panel clips to hold the quarter skin as it was tack welded in place. It is cool seeing the Chevelle come together...N
  8. Working on the Chevelle tonight Dragon's Milk on tap! Got a lot done in the quarter. Looking to weld in the quarter skin tomorrow.
  9. Looks like Johnboy used the same exact rig today that he caught tons of fluke with on the W&W Charter couple years ago! Looks close John!
  10. Welcome to the site. Lots of good people and info on here
  11. Literally AMAZED how well this camera has worked the past several years. Zero issues. Only negative-Not able to lock the SD card and door closed. The quality of the pics are great! These are pics I took from the laptop screen with my cell phone from the 17th. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Tasco-8MP-Tan-Trail-Camera-Low-Glow/55614224
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