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  1. Take the split window out John and let the pipes breathe!
  2. Friends of ours said this is an awesome muscle car cruise and meet in Montville tomorrow. Just got done wiping down the Chevelle, hoping for a good day without rain. If it holds off, Jr and I are going with a bunch of friends. Posting this up for anyone that did not know about this event, as I didn't until recently. Will post up pics tomorrow night if we go... https://allevents.in/montville/cruise-to-the-hot-rod-farm-conklins-farm/200019842716814
  3. Was surprised to get a couple pics of coyote pups on the Moultrie! Pretty neat, have never had any yotes the on camera before.... Pics are grainy as they were taken off the laptop with the cell......
  4. Bump up for the cool offer for the weekend.
  5. LPJR

    Flag Vandalism

    You think so Brian?
  6. See what happens when you permanently get off the group text, Jay? Knocking them out now buddy. All look awesome as always!
  7. Awesome! Cool pics Adam. No DNA test needed there!
  8. Welcome to the site! All the best wishes to your wife and family. Beautiful buck indeed! All good here with lots of decent, grounded people. Enjoy it Marine
  9. Like @Live to Hunt said. Rusty is doing well. All good.
  10. Very similar to @Live to Hunt's trophy room. Looks awesome!
  11. Would love to do this with at least one of my cams, but 5 smart phones on one bill is like an Escalade payment per month. Not going to add to the Verizon bill any time soon! Looks good....
  12. Welcome to the site. All good here
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