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  1. Mark, I told Jack that this rabbit would have his ears pinned to the bottom of the stream if it were next to me. You are correct!
  2. Awesome Jay. Great to get the kids together like this. Well done!
  3. They are the new high protein Reese's fiber eggs.
  4. Agree 100%. The scumbag murderer has the rest of his life behind bars to think about it. He was sentenced to 1st degree murder, life in prison with no chance for parole.
  5. LPJR

    Shad fishing

    Ryan, no excuses. Between you and Johnboy, the shad are ones that are worrying right about now. Similar to the Toms that are settling in for their last sleep in gobblergetter's woods and roost trees right about now......
  6. LPJR

    Be safe/Uber, Lyft etc..

    That, as well, is an issue. Agreed John. I think he would kick someone's ass if they were to mess with him.
  7. For many members on here who have children, nieces, nephews, ANYONE who uses the car service apps like Uber and Lyft, please forward this info to them. Among the specific info necessary to look for is to match the vehicle description etc, like the message below suggests...... At the minimum, always have the person who is using the apps to ask the driver "What is my name?" before entering the vehicle......Many college students going away to school are not permitted to have a vehicle on campus, especially freshmen. Many will be and are using the available ride services. Hopefully future tragedies such as this one in South Carolina will never happen again. **Not sure if this has been posted before on here. (If so, the info is invaluable and the repeated message is worth it in my opinion.) **The link to the incident is attached below. In a message to students, the university encouraged them to use campus shuttles and to “exercise best practices when using services like Uber and Lyft.” The message said a customer should always match the vehicle description and license plate with the information in the app and should ask the driver to say his or her name before entering the vehicle. https://www.washingtonpost.com/crime-law/2019/03/31/she-thought-she-had-gotten-into-her-uber-police-say-hours-later-hunters-found-her-body/?noredirect=on&utm_term=.b39b0b059825
  8. Looks like you had fun. Well done Jack.
  9. Welcome to the site M.O.Man. Lots of good info and people on here who will be glad to give you insight for public land birds. I have not hunted them on public land, only private. Be safe and have fun....
  10. Same! I just caught a peek of something The Easter Bunny got for me rgw.... A 1970 Chevelle SS Wagon....Yes, I love Hot Wheels, am a big baby, and collect them.... I never saw this one!
  11. Awesome day! Great fish and pics. Well done
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