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  1. This is the epitome of the saying you can't make this sh%$ up! I have no words. Actually I do. He is called job security for anyone in law enforcement........Skell.
  2. LPJR

    Piebald in Sparta

    Cool pic Nick. Rusty has been taking pics of her for a few years now I believe. Amazing how she navigates through the center of town like she does.
  3. That is what it is all about to me....Looks like a great day and event for the kids! Great pics
  4. Great mount by Charlie. What was the story on that slammer again John?
  5. Love it 444! Some slammers, especially the drop tine and split G-2 bucks. The man cave looks great! Priorities indeed
  6. I am sure you will have the streams all to yourself!
  7. Man, she is getting big Nick! That is an awesome pic
  8. Had a couple of yards of QP delivered for Jr's shop this week. He wanted to eliminate the gap from the concrete slab all the way around it and did a great job backfilling it the last couple of days after school. The QP is great for this, as it will not wash away....Plenty is left over for the area leading into the front doors, as well as for any that settles in the next few weeks. Next, we will work on getting lights to it.
  9. Jacko ALWAYS comes through in the clutch!
  10. I was graduating High School when you were born. Rusty will call you a whipper snapper or something like that Kype!
  11. Too funny! Actually when I got the Chevelle, it had an 8 track player in it. Replaced it with a Pioneer Stereo with a cassette player. My buddy ASFTAX has a couple of 8 track players waiting for me that work that Jr wants me to put BACK into the car, lmao!
  12. Rusty set you right up Brian! Too funny!
  13. Nicely done Jay. Great clip showing how much work is entailed in the mount!
  14. Great clips! Love that bean field also
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