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  1. Well done Mike! Great buck
  2. So funny you should say this. I know a guy who ALWAYS asks me "What did you get, or what did you shoot?" every single time when he knows I have been out. In my eyes, it is NOT ABOUT WHAT I GOT, SHOT, OR EVEN COULD HAVE TAKEN when I, or my son are in the woods together hunting. This bow season alone, my son and I have passed up over a dozen bucks at 20 yards or under. Some great bucks that anyone twice his age would have taken, which is absolutely fine in my book. If the deer are just not the "one" we are looking for and ready to hang or burn a tag on, they walk. If this means eat
  3. Looks awesome Tom. Send pics of the white belly up facing the blind....
  4. What it's all about to me. Congrats!
  5. Spot on MRMCR. Skis are...........kept....... By my wife, lol.. I came home from work tonight to see that she used them in front of the garages and in the den.
  6. LPJR

    Big Buck Seen

    You think you did Jacko.......I did. Just now! Thanks Joe
  7. Well done Vito. You are a'ight brother!
  8. A friend asked me for a big doe tonight..A perfect (but TINY) 1.5 y/o 8 pointer posed at 11 yards away from the blind for a good 20 minutes. Was cool to watch. Will be a good buck in 3 years- if he makes it that long....
  9. Welcome to the site. Lots of good people and info on here....
  10. LPJR


    Sussex County.
  11. LPJR


    Just texted my daughter. She said the pup is coming out of anesthesia now and is doing well. Good news.
  12. LPJR


    My oldest had work tonight at the veterinary hospital at 1900 hours and walked into this poor pup being brought in.... Took lots of quills with a direct hit!
  13. Was again an awesome experience in the big woods, But as said before, what made it better was that my son was with me this time. TOTALLY different than hunting in NJ. We tracked several times and noticed that deer, maybe bucks, cut our tracks after we walked in on our tracks....behind us! The deer up there are definitely used to surviving, from the yotes to the deep snow to the extreme conditions. Speaking to the CO Chris Egan at the check station, he said that the snowfall in 2018 was so deep that many of the 1.5 y/o deer never made it and that fall and winter definitely impacted
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