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What are some things your dad says?


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He didn't have any sayings that he said frequently, or even joked with us.  Never hit me with any advice, either, unless I asked for it.  One thing I'll probably never forget, though, is something his neighbor(my life long friend) told me he said....

When his neighbor was talking about woman, having just gone through a divorce, and jokingly saying they are only good for one thing, my father looked back at his house and said, some aren't even good at that.

Same neighbor deer hunts all the time in 3 states, hardly ever comes home with deer.  One time when he was away hunting, my father stuck a picture of a deer on his door, and wrote 'just in case you forgot what they look like'.  RIP

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I was adopted and was a polar opposite of my father and brother.  They were both hardcore athletes while all I wanted to do was catch frogs and snakes as a kid.  When I was 8 or 9 my father thought it would be a good bonding experience if he took me on an overnight canoe trip down the Delaware.  In hindsight it was a brave thing for him to do but not so wise.  :rofl:

As we were paddling down the river I saw a large water snake swimming along the edge.  I dove out of the boat and grabbed the snake and tossed it into the boat.  The snake wanted to escape but in the slippery canoe all it could do was thrash around wildly.  My poor father was frozen to his seat with this large thrashing snake at his feet.  

The last few years of his life he had severe dementia and the only thing that he could remember about me was that I was the guy that threw a snake at him.  Every time I walked into a room he would point at me and say, "that's the guy that threw snakes at me".    


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24 minutes ago, gobblergetter said:

"I've killed more deer by accident then you'll ever kill on purpose' c

Maybe you have him on the turkey 🦃 


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