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  1. Got the flower beds cleaned up today. Scraped enough compost off the frozen pile to top off the raised beds. Wood sides of the raised beds get heaved up from the frost. I stomp them back down each year the best I can. They were 4" deep, now they are just about sitting on top of the ground. Plants are already coming up.
  2. Look up pallet planting also. Lot of articles on raised gardens, hanging tomato plants upside down in buckets too, if you don't have space for a garden.
  3. Mine is still too wet and frozen. Been dumping ashes in it over the winter and have a compost pile to till into it when the time comes. Going to pick up more blueberry bushes, walmart this time when they come in. Bought them at Home depot and lowes 2 years ago, then seen plants at walmart that were 3 times the size. 2 years of growth, and the ones I have still aren't as big as walmarts were. Looked at the plants again in lowes and hd this year, and they are half the size of the plants they sold 2 years ago.
  4. Looks good. I never had it. Doesn't sound far off from my eggs,sausage, peppers, and home fries mix in the morning. My mother is Italian, but I never thought the mix to be Italian.
  5. Well, that's upsetting. I'll go eat a few more pieces for you.
  6. Starved myself today for this moment.
  7. I'm from the 1 doe day on Wednesday after 6 day era. Red and Black plaid woolrich. The era when everybody thought bowhunters were nuts to think they could get close enough to kill a deer with sticks. Bow harvest - 600. Buckshot only, iron sights only, only smooth bores for slugs. Any treestands were homemade. Never saw bear, coyotes, turkey, or bobcats, but there was plenty of farmland with plenty of rabbits.
  8. That looks good. All I had was a couple slices(chunks) of soda bread. Tearing up carpet today trying to work up an appetite. Soda bread is sitting pretty heavy.
  9. Wife's out in the kitchen cooking, and I'm staying clear. It's hard to stay thin with her cooking.
  10. Anybody have pics of what a spike turns into the second year? Should be over 30" of growth then.
  11. Get well, Jack. I had a nurse shave me down below, too, even though the surgery was for my appendix. Think she just wanted to hold it as she asked if I'd dance at her girlfriends bachelorette party. Didn't go over well with my wife right outside the curtain.
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