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  1. Small browning, special ops I think, black flash. Probably won't put a camera out other than the two old ones i have that I don't care about, if I bother with them anymore at all this year. Thanks for the offer, though. Already glued the piece back on that the mounting bracket attaches to and glued the bracket onto the back. It only takes black and whites anymore, so I'm not concerned about losing it. A bear also opened and ripped my sons camera apart today, totaling it.
  2. Doe and fawn ran to me and stopped to look back. Heard real heavy breathing that sounded like a bear at first. Coyote must of had a deer by the throat for a while before it broke free. Then yote came after doe and fawn and ran by me. Couldn't get a shot at the yote
  3. Bear ripped my camera off the tree before getting 1 pic. 4 weeks shot. Can only hope the big buck is still around. A nice size track in the mud but that could be from any swamp donkey
  4. Go get em and good luck! Nice 38* morning.
  5. I had to go and take pics of one of the 4 doe that was just 10yds away. She heard and saw the camera and blew the place out 50x trying to get my scent. One is still off to my right and she just blew again , still there but 50yds out
  6. Depends on how far back in the bush you go.
  7. Good luck this morning. I have a date with the dentist. See you out there tonight.
  8. scored two tonight. Saw a third at 40yds while stillhunting on the way out, that was very high but only 15-16" wide. Too dark to see the points. 1st one was a small 3pt that came over the hill from behind me. I first saw it as it desended the hill 10yds to my left then crossed in front of me through the valley below. 2nd was a taller spike that came out of the thick marsh and walked along the bottom of the ridge heading straight for me, then followed the same trail across the valley as the 1st. Both heard the camera and stopped to look right at me, then just kept on walking
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