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  1. Too many spooks in there to be hunting at night.
  2. 2 doe 1 half spike came up shoot to my left and 1 doe went to my right around the rootball. 1 doe came across less than 5yds in front of me. Looked right at me and got stiff legged but didn't spook. Doe finally went back down but had to throw sticks out the blind to get the spike to leave so i could get out and pee. Heading to pa now with 100lbs of meat for deer sticks. Check on you all later. Good luck tonight.
  3. Typed up a message and guess I didn't hit send, or one of those advertisements got in the way. Little late but here it comes anyway.
  4. 2 doe way out on the tier below me. 100yds.
  5. Waiting on the big 8. Good luck to all going to work.
  6. I have the same gun. Shot the 250gr TEZ with 100gr pyrodex and 777. Neither gave my gun a good grouping with that bullet. Pyrodex and hornady sst group well. My barrel is very tight and the SST are a little smaller in diameter than the TEZ. Just need the cleaner burning 209 powder because getting a bullet down for a follow up shot is difficult even with the SST, and almost impossible with the TEZ, and impossible with shockwaves.
  7. Congrats on a great season hunting waterfowl!
  8. Resting this afternoon. Haven't been seeing deer in the evening. Want to get out an hour before daylight tomorrow morning, then head from there to the butcher in PA to have deer sticks made for the W&W wood splitting get together. Good luck tonight everyone!
  9. They just got the word and are on their way
  10. There was a doe 40yds behind the blind when i stepped out. A win for her.
  11. Big zero. Going to see if there's better sign in the snow on the backside of this hill then head back to the truck along the opposite slope. Lots of tracks here so they have to be around someplace.
  12. Warming up. Nice out. Now,if there were some deer around.. Sun is finally peaking over to my side of the hill. This is about the time I have seen deer moving.
  13. Back at it. Single didgets up here but still warmer than usual by 10 to 20 degrees . Good luck to anybody else out.
  14. So far I've only seen deer on this ridge in the mornings. Will be back at it early tomorrow. Snow is still powder up there, and it's quiet walking in.
  15. Should see them coming from here jnless they come down behind me.
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