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  1. Walked up on 2 doe. Buck has rubs all through the old pines where he came from this morning . The buck making the scrapes where I was sitting was rubbing beech shutes. This one is not.
  2. Wind is blowing hard in all directions. When I get down later I'm going to see if that buck bedded on the hillside before crossing the river then see what's over in the direction he came from. Good stalking weather
  3. Shute! Just had a big buch walk over the hill 50yds away heading down toward the river. Lost sight of him. Was hoping he'd turn and come to these scrapes
  4. I'm out here with you Jack. Wonder where BHC is. Said he'd start today. Perfect weather is right. Hope the big boy back here decides to work his scrapes. Good luck!
  5. Not really early. Usually see it start to take off mid Oct. If a tree falls in the woods, it doesn't make a sound unless someone is there to hear it.
  6. Not worth hunting a full moon. Y'all sitting this season out so far might as well sit out another week or two. Thought there'd be some blood spilled tonight with the rain and temp drop. Tomorrow is going to be my day. I can just feel it. Not sure though if it will be good or bad.
  7. Don't forget to pay the tax to the IRS on that or they'll be taking your guns for a felony
  8. Good luck Nick. How old is that bow that you need to shoot it at 68#? You should be in the best shape of your life at 45. What are you going to do when you really do get old, have someone crank your crossbow for you? Just busting. Good to see you're finally going to go out and hunt before it gets TOO COLD.
  9. Congrats to pop! Who's he having mount that stud?
  10. Had a flock of geese fly over the house at 430. Knew season must have started and hunters were trying to get in early for the best spots
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