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  1. Looks like a spot I'd explore, but stomach isn't big enough to be me
  2. Will somebody please shoot something bigger this year
  3. It didn't do anything the first time or they wouldn't be doing it again. Should buy back drugs and send out illegals before blaming too many guns. Isn't it raciest to have them only in the cities? Wonder how many pieces of evidence that could have solved a murder will be destroyed this time
  4. Little too far for me to go ride there, but did a race or 2 there a year. Good venue. Was taken out by ambulance on the final lap of the series after splitting my head open. Knocked me out of 2nd place into 3rd. Rough drop off at the top of the rock lined switchback trail
  5. White trail in waywayanda? Had a cub running along side my bike there. Not knowing where mom was was a bit scary. Another guy told me he came around a bend on that trail and ran into the side of a bear, knocking him off the bike. Had a bear cross in front of me on cherry ridge rd near the white trail. It came back onto the road and was approaching me. I kept going back and watching it. It went off behind a bank and kept stalking me through the laurels. I just went back to the truck and called it a day. I've seen them walking the old pipe that comes out of the lake. Crazy bear hugger feeds them not far from that area
  6. Wishing them the best. Hope they have many years of success. Have my oldest grandson taking the shooting part on the thirteenth. Gave him my stealth ss. Nothing makes a grandpa feel better than being able to hand down something important to their grandchildren.
  7. I see you checked mine. What did 7,642 posts with a 9,750 rep come out to? Asking for a friend
  8. Been in your situation and feel your pain right now. Hope he goes peacefully in his sleep tonight.
  9. Greybeard

    They're Singing

    Think you're right. I can't hear anymore. There are times that's good, but bad during hunting season.
  10. You can't hide your buck photos, come on man.
  11. You don't know what old is yet. I shot an 11 point'r. Can I get moved up to your status?
  12. Pumpins starting to take off. Few stalks of corn I transplanted from under the bird feeders are doing well in the mulch pile too
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