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  1. Greybeard

    Old Stands, cool history and great scouting tools.

    I've taken a lot of pics of old abandoned stands to post in a thread on another sight. The one in your pic kinda looks familiar. You'll have to refresh my memory where it is. They all must have been a good spot at one time for someone to take the time to build a stand there. I've put up a few way back when. IMG_7172c by shot4u2c, on Flickr
  2. Nice bucks! The mature bucks know what's coming, and get the itch early.
  3. Greybeard

    More sexual allegations.

    Ford's story has too many faults to be credible. Along comes Ramirez reeking of leftist propaganda to delay the vote further. Dems are abusing sex allegations so much, nobody will believe a woman with a real case anymore.
  4. Greybeard

    Greetings from Jackson NH

    Kancamagus hwy. Don't miss it on the way home.
  5. Greybeard

    More New Jersey Big Bucks --F-B

    Looks close to qualifying for eab, 154.
  6. Greybeard

    9/22 morning Hunt

    This wind blows. Keeps changing directions
  7. Greybeard

    Lacking fawns

    Been seeing that for many years. Predators are getting too many.
  8. Greybeard

    9/22 morning Hunt

    Congratulations to him. I just had 3 does at 30yds but the wind changed direction on me. Not that I would have shot anyway. Not sure if a buck will come now.
  9. Greybeard

    9/22 morning Hunt

    This weather is great Mid 60s breezy clear. Humidity is down from what its been for the last two weeks.
  10. Greybeard

    9/22 morning hunt

    Good luck all. Wasn't hoping to hear it's still humid. Stepping out now. No hurry for me. Haven't seen much all week, and not until 9am. Sounds windy, so it should be a little better than the dead air we've been having.
  11. Greybeard

    9/22 morning Hunt

    Right behind you.
  12. Greybeard

    Neighbor found dead

    Happy belated birthday! Hope today is a better day for you.
  13. Greybeard

    You guys go ahead

    Would have expected to see him on a refugee boat instead of that one.
  14. Greybeard

    09/20/18 PM Check-in ***BUCK DOWN PIX ADDED***

    Be heading back out in a bit. Had a doe walk out of a swamp this morning with her tail up, looking back, then heard 2 grunts in the swamp behind her, but nothing came out. Hope to drain that swamp tonight.
  15. Greybeard

    Don't be like me....WARNING, Graphic Pic

    Scary stuff. Hope your feeling better. Will have to add that to my list of reasons not to bait.