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  1. Waiting to see who will be the first to mention.
  2. It's CNN. Can we believe it's real ?
  3. Even with the snow, I couldn't find a deer to unleash the smoke pole on. Walked my butt off up and down the mountain for a few hours trying to kick something up in bedding areas. Not a track. Love hunting in the snow, but going back to hunting with the bow tonight in Z2 where there's been scrapes, and deer. .
  4. Ya. Would have been a great venue for decades if they managed it right. Their objective is to eliminate all the deer while making money off of us to do it.
  5. Ready to go. My sons out there waiting in his truck for the rain to turn to snow. I'm going if it does turn over, or when the rain stops. Can't believe they locked the gates to the park on us . They don't want to spend the money to sand the roads if they should get icy, but they have no problem with taking our money to hunt it as a separate zone. Last straw for me, after not seeing but 2 deer in 5 days. One was a buck I could not shoot on opening day because I didn't have a doe down yet.. Finally got a doe on the 3rd day that are shot down to nothing with years of unlimited doe. Haven't seen a tail since, and now they lock us out. Going to have to hunt off the highway. Rant over, so is buying a permit for there. Good luck to anyone else going today.
  6. War paint. Lou still has you beat, though.
  7. Congrats ! Way to get it done Nate.
  8. I'd be doing good if hunting for chipmunks. Haven't seen a darn deer. Thank you to all the Vets for your service.
  9. Happy birthday MGHunter66! Enjoy that dinner, and dessert later.
  10. Congrats! Enjoy every minute with him.
  11. Congrats to your brother! Great score for NJ. Think I missed his thread. Will have to check for it.
  12. They like foam products. Been seeing sows with 3-4 cubs this year, too. Won't take long for the population to explode out of hand again. It's already at the brink on public land. Had a ranger say they're having problems now with Russians poaching them for gallbladders and other parts.
  13. Big Congrats, John! He IS a PIG. Well deserved. Cool rack on him.
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