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  1. Must be on the golf course. Knuckle those dogs, Lou, and show us the pics of the big bucks.
  2. Welcome Marine! Thank you for your service, and wishing the best for your wife and family. Nice buck! Veterans day is a good day for hunting. 40's is young, but it's when my eyes also went. Dealt with blurry pins for 15 years before finding the solution. A scope on a crossbow.
  3. I think some of you guys scared him away. Hope not. We have somethings in common. We're both professional painters and hunt.
  4. Greybeard

    Here comes Fay

    Needed this soaking rain. Everything lately just ran off. Glad I pick up wood yesterday to replace 6 panels on my garage door. Just finished picking blueberries before the rain started, now the weather is perfect and cool enough to work in the garage.
  5. Confidence. I think that is the most important thing you are missing right now, and that only comes with experience. We all try our hardest to be good archers and practice a lot so we're confident with our equipment and able to hit a target in the bullseye, but the confidence needed to be a successful hunter is gained in the field over time. There may be some exceptions, but I think most of us started out with some misses and wounded animals. It's hard for most new hunters to control the shakes, for some experienced hunters too. First thing is to stop worrying you're going to wound an animal, that only can make it worse. Now is the time to shoot some 3D courses and get out often to someplace where you have a good chance of being close to deer. That will help calm the nerves a little when the time comes. Letting deer walk passed you when hunting or just thinking you're going to let it walk can also help to calm the nerves. Shoot everyday. Make sure you're bow is properly tuned. You don't have to shoot a lot of arrows to build up muscle strength. Hold each arrow back as long as you can before releasing. Get comfortable with your anchor points to the point you don't have to think about them. It should feel natural so you can release an arrow as soon as the sight hits the target. Practice shooting 5 arrows as fast as you can this way until you're keeping them in a tight group. Keep your arm in the same perpendicular position when shooting down from a stand, and bend at the hips. Watch the bottom of the bow doesn't hit the stand. You're going to learn by mistakes as you gain experience and confidence. Talk to us on here about you're experiences. Many good guys on here who will listen and give you good advise.
  6. Greybeard

    Flag Vandalism

    Vandalism and a hate crime from a disturbed individual
  7. You can save the leftover mix in the fridge to use it up later.
  8. I use the bagged mix from walmart, forgot the name. I also get a container of the seasoning seeds under the same name, next to the mixes, and add a couple tablespoons to the mix for more flavor. Otherwise they are bland at first, but they will take on more flavor the longer they are stored. I add enough cloves after the mix is boiling so one goes into each jar. Use a 2gl covered pot(teflon coated, not metal) to boil mix in, and another small pot to boil the lids in. Pick up a tong for the glass jars and a funnel while at walmart. You'll be glad you did. And, use a stirring spoon that you don't care if it turns green. The 5gl pot is for the jars, and it's best that it has a cover and a flat bottom if you're heating on a glass top stove, or it may not get hot enough. Even a flat bottom on a glass top will take a while to boil because electric elements will regulate themself so they don't over heat the glass top. The jars should not sit on the bottom of the pot. If it didn't come with a grate like a canning pot has, use a round cake grate that fits or make something out of wire mesh. Plenty on the internet and youtube that will give you the times required, info on cutting the cucumbers, etc.
  9. Bought my PA license today. NR hunting license and archery stamp $128.80. I don't bother with a doe permit there because I don't like shooting doe and I can shoot them all right here. Twice I have to for EAB. Cheap compared to what I pay as a resident to hunt here. If I want to hunt spring and fall turkey, I'll go out there at no extra cost. My only wish is that Pa had a buck tag for archery and another one for rifle.
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