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  1. My new toy- kubota

    Couple things I learned on a M59. The bucket can catch the outrigger, and make sure the pocket around the outrigger pin is clear of rocks before lifting the outrigger. Not sure if your model is designed the same, but that's two things to look out for. Have fun with it!
  2. Turkey Tuesday checkin

    Good luck!

    Congrats to you both! Exciting story.
  4. Old aerial photos

    I could look all day at topos. Have one from the turn of the 20th century. Other than the summer homes around lakes, there weren't many homes past the Paterson area.
  5. Asian Ticks Hunterdon County

    Was reading about the longhorn tick yesterday. They are only fooling themselves if they think they can eradicate them. Supposedly, the ticks don't like to feed on humans, only animals. Lets see how that goes. Report it if you find one. They don't need to mate to reproduce, and each lays a thousand eggs.
  6. Hey Tom - you have wings! Fly already!

    Better luck to you tomorrow. Today was for the birds.
  7. Good Opening day gobbler

    Big bird, Congrats!
  8. more turkey action!

    Congrats! Nice dog, too.
  9. Opening morning bird down.

    Happy Birthday, and congrats on the gift you shot for yourself!
  10. Can work, and be funded easily by taking the jobs away from non americans, and eliminating welfare. I'm against anything Booker backs, though. Can't stand the way he shoots his mouth off after the fact.
  11. Glad your son, and Mrs smarty pants, are doing well and out of trouble.
  12. Rotor Rootor wanted $180 just to show up 10 years ago. Cheaper to buy a commercial grade electric snake and do it yourself. A cheaper manually operated heavy duty snake will also work, as long as it isn't more serious than just a clog.
  13. Opening morning bird down

  14. Long beard down

    Congrats! Nice bird.
  15. Nice bird and good story, Congrats!