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  1. Either way, it can't be proven or disproven. We don't know and most likely will never know.
  2. Dem backed media will keep downplaying it because they don't want Trump to win again. Hope the studies come out soon.
  3. So when the level of deaths don't reach the catastrophic 2-4 million in the US being reported by the MSM, Murphy can take credit for stopping the spread by implementing these abuses of power, even though he waited until after the brunt of the outbreak to do anything. He didn't close city and town parks in counties where the worst outbreaks are, and what is being done state wide to disinfect public areas or check travelers? Every time i listen to him talk, he's making a pep talk for us to follow his orders and not telling us anything that is going on at the State level to combat the virus.
  4. Good to hear the surgery went well and you guys can relax a little knowing what you know now. Hope she has a speedy recovery.
  5. We should be able to vote for reps in any state since they make decisions that affect us all.
  6. Going tomorrow to shoprite to pick up an order we placed last week. Last week when we picked up another order there were construction workers in the same lot, construction still going on all around the shoprite and only 50ft from where we pick up the food was a porta jon and more steel going up. Lady came out with no gloves or mask, handling the containers that held my bags that were packed by who knows who, or how many people handled the order before it came out to me. got stuff we didn't order and didn't get stuff we ordered. Tell me exactly how this is suppose to be helping anything? We took everything out of the bags and wiped down each item on the tailgate then sterilized ourselves.
  7. I recall reading something about the vinegar not being strong enough. I was using cleaning vinegar @ 6%
  8. Was out looking today for snakes. Passed 2 ladies who said they saw 2, but I couldn't find them.
  9. Beat me to it,HH. You know you're getting old when......
  10. I was wondering how that would work if I was already sitting home with retirement.
  11. I tried that last year on my QP driveway before having it paved. It only browned the leaves on the broadleaf weeds and yellowed the grass. Lasted only two weeks before I had to do it again, and then did it a third time a week later doubling the salt and vinegar. Still didn't kill the weeds and I got weed killer to spray it again a couple days before they came to pave. Still had a dandelion come up through the asphalt before it got hard. Tried a couple different weed and feeds on my lawn with little to no results. Had ground ivy taking over the lawn so I hit it with a spray herbicide in the fall. It killed all the weeds, clover, and grab grass, but I had to reseed a few days ago because it left big bare spots where all the clover and weeds had taken over.
  12. Clowns of the forest. Found where a pair is nesting down in a tree hole. Probably kept everyone of us entertained while sitting on stand.
  13. I haven't seen any big bullfrogs around. Use to see them a lot. Seen one when I was a kid at a farm pond in NY that had a rat half way down it's mouth.
  14. They made it up here too, lunatic. I'll be watching a nest in a tree they were making yesterday, as long as federal lands don't shut down.
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