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  1. There's always one that can hide, just like a big buck
  2. Everything happens for a reason. No mater how awful it is at the time.
  3. I never made a comment about Obama when he was president. I don't make comments or try to come to my own conclusions about trump without looking at facts. How did you come to your pretty obvious conclusion he's racist? By how the media twisted what he said, brainwashing you with the word racist over a thousand times in less than 2 days? Give me links to what he did against someone of color, because they were of color or of another race, not because they sucked at their jobs or were attacking him for being president and trying to overthrow him. He didn't mention any one's name, or nationality, nor told any one to leave because they aren't white. He told them they could leave if they don't like this country, and straighten out the mess in their own countries before coming back to tell him how to run America. Didn't name anyone, but the media all knew who he was talking about, and immediately turned into a racist statement. Honestly I never followed politics, to the point I didn't even know if I would fall into the dem or rep parties, until I saw the corruption going on with the Clintons, and Obama's changes in government along with the out of control handouts to other countries. When Trump ran, he was different. He was someone that I could finally vote for. Someone that could bring back the America I grew up in. Someone who could stop the corruption in Government and save our freedoms. I'm not going to condemn him for a comment that had no attention of being racist, or any other comment that needs to be said. He's the man that will say it, instead of hiding what he has to say in order to be politically correct. Politicians will not call out other politicians to avoid the backlash. Trump was not a politician and is the only man who can clean up our government. He doesn't accuse anyone without reason to do so, unlike the left who will accuse him of farting in the bathroom after they took a shit.
  4. I avoid them the first two weeks until I get my EAB doe, then it's up to them to avoid me.
  5. Mom looks proud of her son and beers. Looks good!
  6. Don't forget to wear a MAGA hat and video it.
  7. Did you stop to think that maybe Trump actually told deadshot personally that he donates only for write offs, and to people of other races only to make it look like he's not racist. Nah, I know you couldn't have, cause those lies could come from no where else but MSM.
  8. Trout, striper, or bluefish cooked whole, or a salmon fillet. If I had to pick one, salmon.
  9. Not just one in particular. They all seem to be as you described. I've tried avoiding some on occasions when a big buck was following. Usually didn't work out. Other times they get my heart pumping but get a pass. I don't have a lot of trust in trail cams to tell me where my best chances are, and are not, for a big buck. They don't pattern well, change core areas often, walk behind the camera, and don't move in daylight until the rut when they can be anywhere. Best to be where the does are, instead of trying to avoid small bucks. Shoulding be telling you this stuff, after seeing your wall. Keep doing what you're doing.
  10. Would be neat to go to. I don't like crowds, though. Would have to get there 2 days early and have a WW camp out.
  11. Video away! Think this reg is more about taking it out of the water for a pic.
  12. Trump says it like it is. He's not commenting on their race, but on their performances. They have shown hatred toward our president and this countries values, constitution, allies, white christens, jews, and have shown their support for terrorist countries, antifa, and the like. Their total ignorance of their job has become intolerable, and I'm glad we have Trump to say it like it is .
  13. Thanks for blowing it up. I thought it was a doe.
  14. Already mentioned that in my first post. Appropriated for repairs to existing walls only, and to complete projects started under Obama
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