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  1. Shoot'em with a camera. Wish there was a place like that around me, where there are deer.
  2. Nice buck to hunt for next year. Hope this weather kills the snow
  3. Seen woman do that a lot, even when driving. Breeze must feel good
  4. If I make it to the WW gathering, I'll bring some stuff I don't use
  5. Something solid plugged in the middle of the barrel, too. Just a show piece not worth keeping
  6. Found one hidden on top of the basement wall between the joists when I bought the house 41 years ago. Probably was grandpa's that nobody knew he had, or where he had hid it, when he passed. Pin was rusted in it. Would take a lot of work to get it working. tossed it
  7. Caught a couple blues, but best part was just being there. Lantern was supplied
  8. So, they can't do anything to a 20 year old minor stinking like alcohol with an open beer in the cup holder while driving, but they can arrest a 21 year old for the same thing as an adult and take away his license. This has to be a joke
  9. can you access the pipe that the sink pipe connects to and run the snake down that? snake from the sink may be getting hung up at the connection and not getting to the clog. A smaller diameter 10'snake may make the bend, or an electrical snake if you have either. work it in and out a bit while twisting it
  10. sussex,nj the dump 41 years 1, and a cleaning lady 1/2ac 1800sf colonial built in 1930's, propane, elec, city water/sewer, sagging roof that leaks, generator, snow blower,tiller, chicken coop. Surrounded by 10's of thousands of acres of public lands
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