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  1. Snowing up here. Hope there's some accumulation in the morning
  2. What's left of my blind by the cross Getting a cold wind up here. Temps dropping
  3. Big rock behind me that somebody used to sit on. Been a few years since I hunted here and first seen it. Somebody is taking good care of the cross
  4. Seen a lot of deer along the road still feeding on the way out. I'm in a good spot now if the buck that came behind me on Sunday comes along his rub and scrape line again
  5. Good luck to you all. Heading to PA. Warm out.
  6. Congrats stratus and lunatic! Good luck to the rest of ya!
  7. Had a deer come through thick saplings along a rub line and was 40yds behind me for awhile. Vanished. Couldn't see what it was because of the leaves on a pile of tops between us. Moved up to the very top after backtracking to find my coat that fell out of the straps on way in. Got lucky finding it. Big rub up here too. The big old buck I'm after been seen coming up this way
  8. On way to PA. First time hunting a Sunday for me. Good luck to all out there. Full moon
  9. Sorry about that. Didn't know it was your tree.
  10. Are they the super hot, burn your inurds just looking at them, pepper? I only plant bell peppers, and jalapeno a couple times.
  11. Got under a big leaning tree. Sun rain sun rain. Hope it gets deer moving. Found a good spot for tonight, but didn't get in unnoticed. Back against big brier bush
  12. Sun was out. Here comes the rains again. No rocks to hide under on this side of hill.
  13. Nice PA accommodations . Back to stillhunting the cliffs
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