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  1. Yes. Liberty loop. Got some more pics today, but need to do some post processing first.
  2. Greybeard

    Killdeer Nest

    Thought you had made a nest in a tree to kill a deer out of. Cool bird. Never seen one.
  3. Anything my wife makes. I can make a meal out of her cold salads, but I'm craving for her stuffed peppers by the time the peppers are ready in the garden
  4. Pheasant hunting at flatbrook I had somebody shoot down into the bushes at me from up on a bank, when I crawled under to retrieve a bird. Same as the irresponsible people you see on the highway taking stupid chances that can and do end up killing people. Many people like that who don't think out the consequences of their actions before doing something. No accident, More like the inability to follow direction/order/instruction. Probably would mess up putting a child's toy together because they couldn't be bothered to read the directions. Pisses me off to hear stuff like this.
  5. Cemetery. Have to do it all again just before memorial day.
  6. Was only 36 here this morning. Maybe I can get some more planted after next week if it warms up like they are saying.
  7. I started out wanting to do a grilled cheese, but didn't want to take the time or clean up the griddle. Had more weedwacking to do. Nuked the taylor ham and cheese and nuked the egg in a bowl, on toast. 19 hours of weedwacking in 3 days, I'm hurt'n.
  8. Coons will do that too. They took all but 1 of my chicks when I thought I had closed the door, but didn't. She survived by staying in the back corner under a piece of plywood I put in the pen just high enough so the chicks could go under it to get away from the bigger chickens. Coons couldn't reach her. She was at the bottom of the pecking order and used to hiding in the corner from the other chicks. That probably saved her while the others were running around.
  9. My son just got started with a dozen. He spent a lot on the pen, I spent nothing on my hen house and 10'x20' run. Made it with materials laying around. I still have 8. I don't like having to mix new chicks in with the old. They are still fighting 2 years later, but at least they are all big enough now not to be killed. 40lb bags of pride feed comes out cheaper than the 50lb bags of dumor. They get fed a lot of table scraps so the food lasts a long time. I'll go through about a $10 bag a month and that keeps us and our kids stocked with eggs. I made my own heater out of a cookie ti
  10. 7.5 hour walk yesterday. Never got farther than a minute or two from the truck. 1/2 hour walk so far today after watching ballgame and before it started pouring again. Ate too much for lunch. Tomato/basil soup and a ham egg and cheese sandwich.
  11. time to put him in the freezer
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