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  1. What are these? I planted melons. Melon??
  2. Down to the end. Only have 3 giant pumpkins. They sucked the life out of the rest of them.
  3. Liked playing baseball, but can't watch it either.
  4. Used to like watching football a lot, and never really watched much hockey. Now football is one rule away from being touch football, and political. Can't stand it much anymore. NY/NJ football teams are a joke again this year. Even Steelers aren't good. Going to have to watch more hockey. I root for home teams, Rangers or Devils, but favor the Devils since I got to paint their locker rooms when they first started, while they were in there practicing, and hung wood veneer in their dining area.
  5. Greybeard

    Busy Hot Sunday

    Need to have a w&w wood splitting party. Have you looked into selling the locust to a fence company?
  6. Getting ready to go out now. Getting ready for the morning, actually.
  7. The one I was on that collapsed had been redone a year earlier. Half was anchored to an old retaining wall, and where the retaining wall ended they just put a coffee can amount of cement in the ground to hold the bolt. Didn't replace the old header, and the lolly columns were attached to it with penny nails through the holes in the plate and bent over it. Builder was a teacher making extra money during the summer.
  8. He's not going to be still around the area, so get down and see if you can find blood in the next 50-100yds . Most likely just a meat hit if you only find a spot of red blood here and there, 5-10yds apart
  9. Everybody's going to hit the rack.
  10. Took many deer like this with no failures. Most were heart shots and didn't go 30yds. When I wore a safety belt, I had the tether just long enough so I could lean out and it would hold me from going too far. Same with the harness, I added another tether to the drag loop that would hold me when I leaned forward. Have to practice it so you know where you'll hit at that angle and distance. Don't want to shoot by just lowering your arm, and have to know you won't hit the stand with the bottom limb.
  11. Wait for the left leg to come forward, if possible.
  12. Mine are looking worse, rusty. All about done and dead
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