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  1. Greybeard


    Nice offer. Even if they didn't work, they make great storage cabinets for hunting clothes.
  2. See you thurs night. My son most likely will want to drive down to get back as quickly as he can. Will have to talk to him, and will drive down with him if he does, freeing up seats with Jack $20 pool is fine with me.
  3. Just make sure he's dead. Good luck!
  4. Grandkids games were changed from this thurs night to wed night, so I can pay you in full for my son and I on thursday night instead of wed, unless I can drop it off sooner to someone that will be home during the day.
  5. Inherited it from my father. Great defensive weapon. Like new condition.
  6. Good luck! Into the final hour.
  7. Call the border, rug. They might be able to find an illegal electrician that wants to work. HAHAHAHAHAHA! Seriously, I feel your pain after finally finding someone that would actually show up to give me an estimate on paving my driveway.
  8. My favorite too. My father, during WWII, was one of 65 men that went through the German lines to meet the Russians, capturing a quarter million Germans on the way. He probably got this when they disarmed them, but never told anyone how. He didn't talk about the war, or show us anything until his 90's.
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