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  1. Maybe an hour or so. David Sent from my moto g(6) play using Tapatalk
  2. I live in Edison, Middlesex County. David Sent from my moto g(6) play using Tapatalk
  3. I want to take my 6 yr old daughter out fishing but want to ensure that she catches something; sunnies, bass, anything. I have a boat, trolling motor, and outboard. Any suggestions? David
  4. And some guys just keep acting like an clown... David
  5. GG - you are definitely a turkey killing machine! David
  6. Yeah there's just something amazing about that smell. David Sent from my moto g(6) play using Tapatalk
  7. This is exactly my point. Why in the hell do we pay local taxes which pay for local PD's salaries if the cops just sit around and do nothing. By everything the OP has posted, the local cops haven't done squat. Absolutely disgusting! David Sent from my moto g(6) play using Tapatalk
  8. All the cops need to do is bring this scumbag in, show him the picture of him at the tree messing with the feeder, tell him that he's got a picture of it in his hands, and then tell him that he should just fess up to it. The POS will fall for it... The only difficult part would be finding the thief, if they wanted to do so. David Sent from my moto g(6) play using Tapatalk
  9. yoda4x4

    Great Tires

    ROFLMAO David Sent from my moto g(6) play using Tapatalk
  10. Congrats to your son. David
  11. @Live to Hunt - Todd, I respect cops and all, but your stance on this entire case I find to be pretty pathetic. You seem to provide ample cover for these boys/girls in blue instead of holding them accountable for their lack of actions. Other than your poor taste in pets and drinks aka cats and wine (LOL), you seem to be a good guy. But to see you repeatedly not even remotely try and hold the local police accountable, I find that disappointing. What I find reprehensible is that the OP has stated his facts, has pictures of some guy on his private property, and yet the local police won't do a dang thing. WTH is wrong with the local PD? At a minimum, they've got this POS on trespassing, and should hold this guy accountable for the maximum charge possible. It's no wonder that thieves continue to get away with this type of crap. This makes me sick. David
  12. yoda4x4

    Got One !!!!

    No he didn't... He shot it's head and feathers off, gutted it with the shot, and even packaged it nicely in a form fitting bag. That's some impressive stuff right there Joe! David
  13. I completely agree with you on this. And if the police refuse to do anything, I'd start to take matters into my own hands. David
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