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  1. Live to Hunt

    Tested Today

    Greek hang in there brother. You’re young and healthy.
  2. Live to Hunt

    Covid or not...

    Roon your kids have a cool ass dad. They are lucky 🍀 girls.
  3. People have moved cones in several state parks and are still enjoying the outdoors. People will push back on this. Being in the outdoors is healthy.
  4. I’m always around. I enjoy the hunting threads most. No so much political stuff but it’s all good.
  5. I agree definitely a good time to ride
  6. I’m just finally glad you agreed with Trump for once
  7. Will help save lives and hopefully get us over the hump
  8. Hawkeye just block his ass it’s that simple. Never have to see his posts again. Problem solved.
  9. RAGE you can’t be serious
  10. On a more serious note . All the moderators are good guys. Their Hearts 💕 are in the right place. Matt well he is Too
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