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  1. I agree to each his own. I have never loved hunting more then I do at this point in my life. The thrill to hunt only grows stronger. I dream about it at night and daydream about it during the day.
  2. This is the biggest line of shit in this whole thread
  3. Hang in there. We will all go through crazy times stay strong and know it will get better. Good luck with this new chapter in your life.
  4. Great stuff right there
  5. Trump is Trump he has never changed that is for sure. He is the same guy he was as before. I think that’s the appeal to a lot of people. That’s what got him elected. It’s what will get him elected again. Trump being elected president showed one great thing in this country. No matter how corrupt a government can be the people’s votes still counted and that’s a true democracy. God bless this country because though you might not like Trump just imagine if we had the alternative.
  6. Ok again I don’t follow all the bickering you guys have with each other and all administrations have shadiness its politics. Sad but, true. Maybe try and look at some of the good he is doing. I will use the border as an example though you might not agree with what he is doing with the border but, at least he is doing something and addressing it unlike all his predecessors democratic and republican. Trumps shadiness will never compare to what they tried doing to him to not get him elected president. God you have to see that.
  7. Now I’m done. You pricks are not going pull me any further into this debate 🖕🏻
  8. Deadonshot you have to call a spade a spade you know I am not perfect with some of the ways I have voted and the choices I have made. I never liked Donald Trump before he was president maybe cause my wife did but seriously Trump is not perfect but, has done good for this country. He did something that the scumbag politicians never thought he could do and he did it when they tried everything to stop him. The American people spoke and they will again in 2020. When the smoke clears many years from now he will be hailed the greatest president of our time. It’s the perfect imperfections of Trump I like as President. I will vote for him again.
  9. You can say this about anyone the point is he did it. He gave his money to the black community. It was a good thing he did no matter your OPINION of his motivation behind it. You sure can’t say it was racist.
  10. Hey are you talking about me with the property lines hell yea you are I don’t follow to much of politics you guys fight about but trump being a racist is way off base. Go back and do a little research
  11. I think it’s a good thing Jacko I would do the same early season of course during the rut if the ladies are in that same spot I would move into his area. For reasons you know all to well.
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