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  1. I second 3blades choice to back out
  2. This is not 3blades first rodeo. He made the choice to back out so there must be a good reason. The deer will be fine it’s plenty cold out. First thing in the morning the deer will be found dead.
  3. I have a floater too
  4. I’m not a huge gun guy but, when I started hunting big game animals out west and Canada I was advised to get a 700 ultra mag. I bought a Remington 300 ultra mag and shoot 180 grain Nosler. It’s flat and powerful. It’s not fun to shoot at the range but, in the field you feel nothing.
  5. When I started hunting I hunted from the ground using natural blinds I built then started using treestands for years. Over the last 5 years I have started doing some ground hunting again because it made sense to in certain circumstances. Both times I made the move to the ground I shot 2 very nice deer. I still take all the same precautions as hunting from a stand. I hunt the wind.
  6. Looks awesome congrats. Love ❤️ Kansas
  7. Nice Nick I know this was a lot of fun for you. Congrats brother
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