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  1. WMAs will be closed due to chance of thunderstorms! Lol
  2. Bonefreak

    First casualty

    TR Branches down. Blue skies at 430 Power back on at 6. Plenty of akerns for fall bow!!!
  3. Saw the Montauk hooked up leaving the hardware store in TR.....almost was guna wave u down n say hey!! Going crabbing??!!
  4. When in doubt...squash suspicious bugs!! Bug God will forgive you!!!
  5. Welcome aboard!! Awesome pics!! Good luck huntin n fishin n look forward to your contributions to the site!!
  6. Yikes!!! Another promiscuous cucumber!!!
  7. Luny.....im getting lots of big cukes in the garden n want to try your recipe.....u think I can slice the big cukes for your recipe?
  8. Nice job!! Faulty trailer lights??!!?? Imagine that!!! U wud be a millionaire if u came up w a way to solve this perpetual problem!! I'm almost a half century old n have owned boats n trailers since I was 10.....trailer lights are always a pain in the ass!! Talked to a guy who trailers boats for a living n he rigged a heavy duty outdoor extension cord to run his lights... .. i may one day do the same.
  9. Last say of July garden pic..... Pretty jungle-like!! Due to my limited area.....I try to use my "air space" as effectively as possible.....and let em climb to the sun!!
  10. I agree that we will never again have a huntable population of wild pheasants.....but i think many of our closed landfills .....and we do certainly have enough of them....offer habitat that could sustain wild pheasant populations, if we were to obtain some wild birds from South Dakota or Kansas to start with.....then just maybe once some pheasant communities are established in the closed landfill areas.....some birds can overflow from the core area of the landfills if the surrounding habitat is suitable and spread out a population.
  11. Bonefreak

    Flag Vandalism

    Are there any similar non profits out there that you can brainstorm with so u don't have to reinvent the wheel?
  12. Every day feels like Christmas mornin w a garden!! Reds n greens....Christmas in July!!
  13. Awesome! If those balls could talk.....some great stories to be told!!
  14. We are all chasing the dream with this program.....like we are in South Dakota...or locally here in the 50s n 60s....more effort should be placed on habitat and restoring a population....like pennsy been doing
  15. Tack on the Rockport employee salaries and benefits packages....n buying birds is a savings.
  16. Sad. Maines first ever fatal shark attack. Her daughter was with her at the time of the attack.
  17. Found out why the ol lady been skulkin round the garden more often than normal lately......
  18. Snuffaluffagus!!
  19. Are there @NJDFW employees manning the ramps now at Assunpink now? If so, what hours?
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