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  1. Thanks pal!! Great meeting you as well! Good luck in the woods and waters this season!! Stay safe!!
  2. Yikes! hope you are ok! that’s why I have always rolled with the simple medieval recurve technology of Excalibur good luck w fix!
  3. Nice! I can only afford to keep driving my 2001 w 195k miles on it. And I just bought my 15 yr old my brothers 2000 tundra w 217k miles on it. Specs on the 2022 look impressive!
  4. Costco. if u want to go big box store …but they contract out to smaller companies Great warranty too…..had a spring break bout 8 yrs after installation…they came out n replaced it for no charge.
  5. I havnt sat on stand yet, but info from the NJWW EHD post and family and friends indicate EHD hit really hard. Driving around scouting fields and no deer to be seen in Ocean n Monmouth counties. anyone have field reports about not seeing any deer during this first week of early bow?
  6. Awesome bro!!! I play a bit. Just pick it up as often as you can. Strum some chords…grow some callousness on your fingertips….& google what you wana learn….cuz, u ain’t guna learn what you don’t wana know. Ton of on line instruction out there. And….my musician pal says always hit it like you’re playing it like a king!
  7. We go from a President who built a much needed wall….to a full on border crisis….SMH Biden voters
  8. Somewhere under a bridge in Texas… yet Quid pro Joe vacations at Rohobeth Beach Delaware this weekend… puke
  9. Appears to be a corn husk sir!! Look for it when u go back to spot. optical illusions are just that….we see what we want to see….not what’s actually there….of course it would be more interesting and entertaining if a doe picked up a live bird in its mouth….which is much far fetched than it biting an old corn husk
  10. Bonefreak

    Baby Boy

    Congrats!!! Precious Lil Lucas!!! Good luck fishin in a few yrs!!!
  11. Good points… an 8 AM start…may allow for AM stocking n lower predator mortality…especially by owls who rip a lot of heads off n other nocturnal predators …would mess up guys who hunt early before work tho…maybe keep 1 early day per week for those guys They need to maximize their properties potential by stopping fields being leased to farmers n manage them for wildlife instead of prostituting fields for money….this would absolutely disperse crowds a January February season would also disperse crowds as guys would not be forced to get their time in only during November December
  12. I believe unannounced stocking would result in increased predation mortality…which is a major concern for the Division and stamp buyers
  13. Survey taken… asked for a January n February late season for an additional $40 stamp asked to stop Prostituting our fields out to the farmers for money and let them leave a barren wasteland behind….if they have money from corporate tax fund to pave roads to boat ramps on a WMA they should not need to prostitute our fields out for a few extra buck$….this would disperse crowds offering thousands of more acres to be hunted ….if they have to continue the prostitution of our fields….at least get rid of the sham in-kind services deal they have with farmers n go back to having them leave 10% of their crop for wildlife…& hold em accountable for the 10%, not just the drippings. The in-kind services deal to have farmers mow complete fields leaving no cover in late season when Wildlife needs it most or planting half assed sorghum food plots is a joke Asked to evaluate if birds should be stocked in the AM to limit predation
  14. Puke the 9/11 slogan Never forget could not be more ironic….20 yrs of liberalism ….there is a whole lot of forgetful people
  15. Walk tall….& carry a big stick!!! God Bless the 45th!!!
  16. Picked up a Tomcat from a garage sale for my lil guy! Fella wanted to give it to the boy for free but I still gave him a few buck$ for it. Nice hunters out there always want to pay it forward!
  17. Good luck to all and have a safe and successful season!! Enjoy that special time in the deer woods!!
  18. I think these Kensington videos may be the next Partnership for a drug free America commercial! I may have my 15 yr old watch a bit of em to show the totality of it all! most of us remember these “this is your brain on drugs” commercials….don’t see anti-drug commercials anymore….we just accept it as collateral damage to our society. And, It’s too reasonable to fly a drone over poppy fields of Afghanistan or South America and spray em w Round Up ….someone is getting paid off for making it too easy to grow this crap.
  19. You see this a lot in the videos….a zombie like pose bent over at the hips…. frozen in time so sad these are all someone’s kids, family members, etc. ironically, a friend called me today about her daughter back on the drugs hanging w the old boyfriend after a short stint of living sober and normal….you ain’t guna learn what you don’t wana know…she ain’t learning how live sober and u can’t make someone do something they don’t want to do
  20. Probably had some validity if all the lefty news isn’t covering it i still can’t believe the greatest country in the world was taking orders from tribal Neanderthal Taliban terrorists….you would think we would be calling the shots. God bless those 13 fallen service members and their families and friends
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