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  1. Jet Sled use #999!!! Deeks on top of the deer carrier!!!
  2. This is a trip I could see setting up w 2 other couples that we always tend to vacation with... do u know any info of places that offer guided trips, hotel packages, etc
  3. Hell of a resume for 4 short years for a 1st time politician harassed by relentless liberal media, witch hunt allegations, and fake news! I look at the luxury boat tax he immediately got rid of as an example of his quick success....allowed for more new and used boats purchased, more boating supplies purchased, a variety of boating service and sales businesses employment and marine economy flourished....no wonder why his floating parades amassed tens of thousands while Biden supporters were protesting in canoes!!
  4. Badass!!! Guna miss the No More Bullshit curly wolf!!! for a few years anyway ....maybe for just 2 yrs tho if he takes on a Senate seat somewhere!!
  5. So Quid Pro Joe been in a week and his COVID plan is .....crickets.... Many Libs miss Trump already....like union pipe fitters on the Keystone pipeline & female sports athletes who now have to compete with transmenders
  6. Saw a bunch up of snow mobilers in the Adirondacks last February while snowshoe hare huntin right before the Kung Flu popped off! 2 months later I talked to the guide and he said they all caught it! The restaurants were crowded w snow mobilers!
  7. Just central jersey for me. always wanted to try up north tho. Last time I had the setter up there was 9 yrs ago for an early season woodcock hunt w her parents
  8. We got him!! our pet snake likes to eat rats!!
  9. Nope! Nada! Havnt found left over birds past few yrs since they closed Rockport used to do real well deep into February and also came across em during spring Turkey season! Even taking setter in hard to reach areas via kayak!!
  10. Anyone of you Taylor Hammers see that documentary on Action Park....it’s called Class Action Park and the owner was a real shiester...numerous deaths on the attractions and the owner frauded his insurance so the victim’s families had no means of holding him accountable. I think I went once...but the movie shows how much of a shit show it was....but probably also a blast for a teenager to work there!!
  11. 10s are badass!! if your man enough to handle em!!! GLWS
  12. What a JO!! Puppet Joe!! Another new knickname!! 47 yrs around this stuff and he doesn’t know to salute as Commander in Chief!!!??? Puke
  13. Found it... Day 1 he changed the sanctity of women able to compete fairly .... I bet there is a whole hell of a lot of women involved in sports and not involved in sports who voted for this moron....who now have regrets and wish they voted for GOAT Trump!!!
  14. The Union for plumbers n pipe fitters will be the first of many regrets for supporting this special interest administration. what the hell were they thinking supporting a candidate that was guna kill their jobs on Day 1? Ugh
  15. What happened w women sports? Biden change rules so Hunter can compete against women?
  16. Will “Made in China” Biden continue to put pressure on China for the genocide of a Muslim following culture numbered at approximately 1 million in their Xinjiang province? Prediction...NO https://thefederalist.com/2021/01/22/why-calling-chinas-genocide-what-it-is-really-matters/
  17. Glad I didn’t pay per view this lame fight. McGregor said he got a leg injury that resulted in his first knockout. took forever to find a clip of the knockout....UFC must have strict rights to video of the knockout and don’t even allow sports news or even ESPN show the whole knockout...they show still photos of the action but some Youtuber got it....
  18. Not sure how Virginia inheritance laws work....but in NJ...I believe if there is no will...all property is left to the spouse....so, the guns would actually belong to his widow and she would have to transfer them to your wife...and your wife would need her FID card and the handgun purchasers permit prior to the transfer...but there may be a family member exception that may apply....maybe ask an FFL dealer to assist with any questions. I think transporting the handgun back to NJ is taking a big chance w NJs strict gun laws
  19. Turned it off. F Zuckerfuker!! Censoring free speech w lil Dick big tech friends!!
  20. Quid Pro Joe is jealous Bernie stole his Infrauduation Day!!
  21. Christ!! gota wonder what they think bout all those dumb ass people driving by em...n where the hell they going so fast!!! Lol
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