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  1. You still look a bit chubby around the waist
  2. Mike is one of the good ones, true stand up guy
  3. Interesting enough Washington is one of the 11 states that have vaccinated more than 1/2 its population but among the 10 highest in case rated over the past week. Meanwhile Tennessee with one of the lowest case rates has less than 1/3 of its residents vaccinated. And these numbers were reported by CNN. So much contradictory information out there it’s not even funny, on both sides of the equation
  4. Cool. It’s nice to have a friend 😁
  5. Interesting enough this is not new to some in the medical field. Below you’ll find comments that were discredited and ultimately suppressed by pro-vaxers over a year ago. Patrick Whelan, Pediatric Rheumatologist.... Warns that rMNA vaccines have the potential cause microvascular injury to the brain, heart, liver and kidneys in ways not being assessed in safety trials Judy Markovits PH.D.... the mRNA is synthetic which the body sees as “nonself” This can trigger production of autoantibodies to attack your own tissue. Side effects of Moderns and Pfizer have included sympto
  6. Remember to also have a high/low rig to dead stick. Sometimes it’s the hottest rod on deck
  7. Laughable. Only a child resists the facts put in front of them and reverts to a tantrum like state. Again proven utterly wrong and not man enough to admit it.
  8. Pro tip.... if you neighbors scout and hunt pick a good corridor, set a stand and leave it alone. Let your neighbors pressure the hell out of their property and the bucks will end up on yours. Pick the right wind, hunt the location and score
  9. Here is your answer^. The sistered joist should run to bearing points. If done as shown to be used like a fitch plate of sorts it should be 3/4” plywood or 3/8” steel bolted in triangular pattern
  10. Bottom line is this whole vaccine roll out has had a one sided approach as to solid information. What I mean by saying that is political control, social censorship and woke culture will not even allow a dissenting voice even when it comes from high ranking physicians and medical professionals. Ask yourself why that is? Are you all comfortable with that? Why the need for indemnification? The USA has given full indemnification and drug companies are fighting with other countries for it in order to send vaccines. I can list various medical professionals and their dissenting reasoning if I must b
  11. You belong in a Carnival. Just look at your own response. You equate what you think as facts. You need help. And like a true libtard when you have no answers... it’s lies. Surprised I haven’t been called racist too LOL
  12. Incoherent well how does anyone address any of your claims when you have no factual info or data to back it up. If you happen to know of something being factual, present it with back up and we can debate it, otherwise it’s a fruitless effort. 1- You claimed the past admin suppressed information. Then put up some evidence of same. 2- You say the vaccine is 100% safe. Then put up evidence to support same Funny thing is, you will do whatever a lib tells you to do. You want to be part of a clinical trial... more power to you. But now answer this simple question.... If the vaccine i
  13. Pffft, another load of total bs. But it is good that the double talk you do daily has made you dribble the words “testing” which is what is still going on. So to get full approval a clinical trial will continue abolishing any liability. With that people like yourself are pushing people to vaccinate, yet at the same time brushing off things like the 300 cases of heart issues in adolescents as “if you got covid it would be worst” which is total BULLSHIT! Funny at the same time remove hy/chlor as a treatment for someone on their deathbed because as they die it would be horrible they may have hear
  14. Don’t be an idiot, i post facts backed up by data you post conjecture and talking points. You act like some type of insider yet can’t verify anything you throw out with factual information. Approved under EAU means ongoing clinical trial yet you try and say others are being deceptive. Being fully approved is a very different story, most of which you are unable to comprehend. So again you are FOS
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