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  1. Bingo, mail in is a huge scam. Reaches out to those that are too lazy to vote, work and obviously will vote Democrat to continue being lazy non working shleps looking for handouts off of the backs of others. Some to lazy to fill out the mail in ballot have it done for them by the Dem machine
  2. O/U 28 gauge or 410 pump. I do not like to eat lead so 12’s & 20’s are reserved for ducks
  3. Awesome, on the fly… outstanding
  4. It was only the northern inbreds that thought it was Taylor Ham anyway. Then again they think it’s ok to marry their sisters so probably won’t believe the article anyway… if they can read that is
  5. Furthermore since I mentioned his name and he has me blocked he is probably crying to a mod as I type
  6. People of Archers ilk can’t see the forest for the trees. Can’t debate someone who doesn’t understand the difference between fact and fiction. Did you notice once cornered or forced to debate a fact he cries the topic should be moved to NMP? Cowardice by definition
  7. Agree, it also forces a steadier hold on lower magnification
  8. Awesome catch on the fly! That Wulff Ambush line is the bees knees
  9. Soooo it looks like you had a boy and he took all your hair plus some😁
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