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  1. It looks like the latest Apeman. The ape man while very affordable is in no way up to par with names most recognized in trail cameras. Side by side a comparable in spec Moultrie took 3 times as many images as the top of the line Apeman My own experience is to avoid the knock offs unless they prove their worth otherwise.
  2. _X7


    On a late March turkey hunt in South Carolina is where I first experienced and discovered how invaluable a Thermacell was. The blind was on the edge of a pine plantation and a giant peanut field. We settled in just before daylight and it was obvious that what they say about mosquitoes in SC is true. The blind was loaded with them. It wasn't very long after my friend Leo turned on his Thermacell that the blind was cleared. It was amazing to me. So much so that the first order of business for me when I got back was to purchase one. It has proven it's worth over ans over again throughout the mosquito days of spring through fall in both the woods and water. My friend and renowned fisherman Dave Au was so convinced after seeing the device in action he went and bought one that morning after a night of bite free fishing.. No more mosquito fights in his boat or his deer blind.
  3. _X7


    Deer react to the smell of humans or other predators not the smell of a thermacell. Not yet anyway. Great for all outdoor activity in the skeeter season.
  4. Got to this party late. All I know is that big bucks make people do stupid stuff. Just like train loads of loot motivated Jesse James and banks full of money had people making movies of Bonnie and Clyde the hero complex is a trait of the poacher. It seems a stretch but people will go above and beyond the limits of the law in search of whatever it is that motivates them. Don't let the small stuff like legality get in the way. The key is to show these people the error of their ways. Make em pay.
  5. Disgruntled union worker....sure he is....
  6. Another cave in to the bleeding heart left who after all of the gun laws and nonsense rhetoric does absolutely little to stop EVIL.McMillon elevated himself to being a CEO for God's sake. You'd think he'd have a brain and a far better grasp of common sense..
  7. https://100percentfedup.com/video-nj-councilman-slams-open-borders-radicals-and-dem-nj-governor-in-blistering-statement/
  8. The man is a councilman in Old Bridge. I posted a link in the quote from Matt below
  9. Its a link to an article. You won't actuallt hear him, but then again, it might ruin the day anyway.
  10. I know its a lot to digest, but ........
  11. What was Donald Sutherland's line in "Kelly's Heroes" as the tank commander "Oddball" when the always negative Moriarity opened his mouth. Maybe its time to make a difference with positive waves. All is not lost but should you show a white flag. Never say never is looking at the glass half empty or the glass half full?
  12. A must read that plays right into what is going on in this country today. Click or tap picture for the commentary
  13. This Law Enforcement Officer has it absolutely right. It is time for people to wake up and see just what is going on in this state and the country. If you can't understand what he is saying as the truth there is something seriously amiss in your thinking. No sanctuary.mp4
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