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  1. I'll avoid certain spots until its time. Trail cameras can be both a blessing and a curse. A blessing by showing you what's there but a curse in the sense that it contributes to over hunting a spot. Especially, a baited spot. I pretty much went back to old school and enjoy the hunting quite a bit more without tying myself in knots. If a buck shows up at the door and rings my bell I'll answer it.
  2. lb for lb on light tackle would be a Steelhead followed closely by smallmouth and shad. My best fight on the ocean was a slammer blue tied with a school tuna. Then again a 20 lbAtlantic salmon caught on 12 lb test was quite the fight, as well
  3. _X7

    Goods for sale

    The rifle case and trolling motor have sold. Thank you, John
  4. Freaking vets are like dentists these days
  5. _X7

    Goods for sale

    Due to circumstances beyond my control I am forced to downsize and offer these goods for sale. All are in Excellent, Like New, hardly or never used condition. Pick up only due to the size of the items. The clothes can be shipped for actual shipping charges PM me if interested. Thanks for looking.
  6. Good luck with whatever you use. Those things can be nasty when they are all wound up. I had a few experiences with them and their aggressiveness. Just wished I could have run a little faster,lol.
  7. Unbelievable experience I'm sure. Thanks for sharing, Dan. Great photos
  8. _X7

    Bergen County Brute

    Probably lives in that hedge
  9. Reasonable pricing. A lot depends on how many will be hunting it at a given time. What part of Brown County is the farm? I hunted a property below LaGrange back in the early 2000's
  10. You'll know it if you see it. The difference is startling to what you are used to.
  11. Yes, I know that and its asking a lot. You hope one might slip off of that piece but a lot depends on that border. I hunted a place in Pike on a trespass fee where I watched some giants through my binoculars across a giant field the big bucks never seemed to cross. There's always a chance for sure.
  12. my pup used to do the same thing. Reek to high heaven and have that look on her snout like she was happy....really happy. I'd throw her in the wash tub and she'd get out and make sure she shook off all over me before I could get the towel on her. Then she'd be pissed for a week.
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