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  1. Wow, Looks like the rubber man I saw at a circus one time.
  2. _X7

    Neighbor found dead

    Yep, just stupid to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just like humans I'd imagine
  3. _X7

    Neighbor found dead

    The cops showed up right after I took those images and they called somebody in to take it away. It was gone last night.
  4. _X7

    Neighbor found dead

    I'm beside myself. I came home from the doctor yesterday to find my little neighbor dead in the road........Bucks are notorious for crossing at 90° angles. It was unfortunate for this deer to try to go unnoticed on the curve in the road right near my place. He was a spike last year and was developing into a nice buck. Would have liked to see him in a few years, but life is hard for the Whitetail competing with speeding vehicles on country roads. He could have been a contender. Damn, I hate seeing this. Especially, on my birthday. He was actually laying on the inside of the curve. I moved him off to the side so he wouldn't cause any problems laying on the blind bend. ..
  5. _X7

    First blood....

    Good for her! Congrats!
  6. _X7

    Happy Birthday X7!

    Thanks for the birthday wishes everyone. It was a good day
  7. _X7

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    Still don't get it do you? I can really give a rat's butt to your spin on anything. The whole thing is a farce from the get go as was your POV. Being human? I suppose that's what you are trying to be with all of your participation in the political threads. You talk about moral fortitude while trying to belittle those winning the argument by name calling. Your opinion don't mean squat. You get one vote. Use it wisely. .
  8. _X7

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    Get real and get over yourself. What part of my replies don't you understand. You can write a 20 page review of what you think and its not going to change my mind. Read what I wrote. I can care what you think. Don't assume you know anything of what my politics are because you ARE SO FAR OFF BASE ITS INCREDIBLE. i DON'T WATCH THE VIEW ....GET IT
  9. _X7

    Don't be like me....WARNING, Graphic Pic

    Wow, looks like the hornets won for sure! Hopefully a quick recovery.
  10. _X7

    Hunting the Wind

    A dose of diesel fuel is good after the tractor goes through.
  11. _X7

    Hunting the Wind

    Probably one of the most discussed topics after broadheads. You will never beat it. Play it the best you can. The deer's ability to distinguish a flea fart from a pork roll sandwich is too much to overcome on some days. There are too many variables in different types of terrains to get it just right. Can't count the times getting up the tree in a climber in the "right" wind only to have it change an hour before dark at deer time. Oh well. try again.
  12. _X7

    Bushnell Trail cameras.

    As usual there are a lot of mixed reviews on cameras by every maker. I have always looked at them as throwaways over time. Especially, the cheaper models. There are quite a few who would agree with that statement and then again there are just as many who wouldn't. I'm in the process of sending back a refurbished Aggessor that replaced a new one. An Essential E2 is already on its way to Kansas. for repair or replacement.
  13. _X7

    Brett Kavanaugh Wild Teen

    No, to all of it deadonshot. Not buying the BS. I thought I told you that. You can go on forever formulating what you think you know in your search for the answers..Oh wait. Never mind. You have them all.
  14. _X7

    Smoked An Early Season Doe! On video

    Nice video! Congrats on your doe.
  15. Someone has to do it, Oliver! Have a great trip and a great time.