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  1. What is unfortunate is Joe's daughter apparently had that sense of community, but was denied to participate in it because daddy had a bad day along with the rest of the region. He needs to understand the timing of all of this, the week before Thanksgiving and a game many considered bigger than the Sectional playoff for a "shared" state championship. When were they going to postpone the game to or find a clean venue at a moments notice. If there is any bitching to do, bitch to the governor for dropping the ball on the lousy response to the storm which in turn had most DPW cleaning up a more important mess than a football field.
  2. I remember playing in sloppy conditions and it is no picnic. As it is the field conditions are still going to be rough. I'd rather have the community come together and do this kind of thing for the benefit of the kids and not to the benefit of some overpriced contractor to do the work.. Who knows, these people might even be shoveling next to lost old friends while making new ones Nothing wrong with community pride and there is no more community pride than in the town of Phillipsburg and their attending districts for their athletics. I can remember how the people pulled together for the, since outlawed, bonfire before the traditional Easton/Phllipsburg (Longest HS football series in the country). The wood gathering became a competition to see what part of town could bring in the most wood. Over the years it has lost a bit and the blame goes to the transplants who have no understanding to those traditions. If anything this country needs is a sense of community.
  3. _X7

    Illinois shotgun opener

    The timing is perfect for their shotgun hunts most years. It looks like it is again. Good luck Tom!
  4. Here's one of those sharks here. https://www.theblaze.com/news/2018/11/15/watch-illegal-immigrant-charged-with-attempted-murder-after-shootout-with-arkansas-police
  5. LAUGH David Hogg reminded smart people of why they disregard.mp4
  6. I don't drink, but I found that a little cinnamon in my coffee is good for my blood sugar. The little kick helps, too!
  7. _X7

    Jury Duty

    but you look like a grifter in a robe.... nothing personal.
  8. I'm having Fireball in my black coffee trying to figure out what is in that cockroach's hand. At first i thought it was a little Primos deer call.
  9. _X7

    Last Hurrah

    Chalk it up to the experience, Dan. All you can do is put it in your pocket for the next time. I'm sure you'll use the experience to your advantage at some point.
  10. _X7

    Big Buck Down - Whitetail

    Great Kansas buck! Kansas is some kind of special for deer hunting like no other.
  11. _X7

    First Blood: Update - BBD

    Congrats on a nice buck! Way to stay with it!
  12. _X7

    Jury Duty

    There is a lot more to it than just paying taxes.. https://www.reference.com/world-view/civic-responsibility-66a4800099c91789?qo=contentSimilarQuestions
  13. _X7

    11/15 Check In - Pre-Snow Storm Hunt

    Medical obligations gin today. I just might go sit the blind in the storm. It worked once a long time ago when I was young and dumb. Now, I'm old and dumb it just might pay off again.
  14. _X7

    Jury Duty

    It is one of the most important civic duties we have. I was called 4 times in my life. Twice I never had to report. Was only called to be seated once while actually in the courtroom. Never got past the judge on a couple cases where I knew some of the particulars or the family of the accused. The one case involved a guy who beat up his mother in law and stole her car. He looked like the typical punk with a smirk on his face the whole time acting like a tough guy. I looked at him in disgust and shook my head. That was enough for his defense attorney to notice and she sent me packing. Don't know what the outcome was.. Maybe I was wrong in assuming the guy's guilt. I'll never know.