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  1. This state never ceases to maze me with some of the whitetails it can produce. That's a beast and a half, Jack! Way to go!
  2. you never forget your first one. Congrats to your boy!
  3. Helofabuck...Cpngratulayions
  4. They used to hawk deer scent burning punks that were supposed to be effective. Think they had a bucket you could concentrate the smoke from. Deer Scents and Tink's Smoke Bombs.used deer scents??????, but I think you'd be better off burning leaves for cover. Don't burn the woods down...
  5. Awesome! That is quite the challenge. Congrats to your dad.
  6. We could come up with every acceptable regulation to benefit both the hunter and the deer, but the state in their all knowing what's best for everybody will have none of it. A shame the politics get in the way in the name of conservation.
  7. Way to go on anther nice buck, Justin. I like your just hunt style. Not a better thrill.
  8. Not being able to hunt I'm sitting here yelling at my disability. I need to stop seeing these great nucks going down. There are a lot of good ones being taken, but then there are a lot of cell phones taking pictures. I'm also in agreement with two bucks per year any method and end it January 31st. They are just chased into traffic after that anyway.
  9. Nice buck! Great Story
  10. _X7

    Zone 4 Monster!

    Dandy for sure!
  11. _X7

    Buck down

    Way to go, kuz
  12. _X7

    First buck

    Have a feeling it won't be your last...Nice buck
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