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  1. From the Warren Glen Mill Dam down was some very good trout water. Seeing the shad run up there is pretty cool. Rumor has it that kids from the DRSFA's Shad in the Schools program released their project fingerlings in to the river.
  2. NC gobblers were good to us

    Congrats Nice birds! I just had a friend come back from a road trip with his girlfriend. He's wanting to relocate down there after seeing all of the game. Said it looked like NJ used to.
  3. Shad Beat Down

    Nice job 154... Lot of fun from a kayak. They are bangin them up today. One hot day and there they are . There was a report of a boat doing 40 at Rieglesville this morning. A report of 63 from a boat at Easton. I went Steelhead fishing with my buddy and contest manager Eric. I'm going to try and hitch a ride this week. Too much for me to deal with the boat myself .
  4. 99 out of 100....

    I stopped at the mall pizza shop a few years ago already and there were a half dozen people in deep with their phones. They didn't even look up. Went to order and the guy behind the counter was in deep on his phone. Stood there for a bit and not one eye looked my way. The pizza guy finally looked up and apologized telling me he didn't see me....Well, no kiddin'. At the time it was a WTF moment. Now, its SOP for people...Have to make noise to get them to look.....
  5. He’s got the look...

    Like I said before, a new member of the flock being led by another member of the flock who was handing out buttons
  6. but hey, he is going to limit concealed carry laws so good guys can't shoot back.....f'n dimwit! http://newjersey.news12.com/story/37894954/gov-phil-murphy-to-sign-executive-order-on-gun-safety-in-asbury-park
  7. Favorite Shad lure

    I used spoons from shore with a small duolock clip or split ring tied direct to an 8# 2 foot leader attached to a tiny 35# barrel swivel. I used just enough split shot (earless) to feel contact with the bottom without getting hung. Just drifting the spoon I played and adjusted until I found the strike zone and then left well enough alone. Incredible results, but you will lose a spoon or two if you cast above noon or pop the spoon behind the weight on the drift.

    Here are a couple that I found that show what I did to make it fishable out the back for trolling and shad fishing I also included a picture of the transom which had to be raised to accommodate the jet motor for the best performance being level on the water. I can fish three in this boat and have enough separation on the gear. Tight for people though. Fishes two easy.
  9. Turkey Decoys

    My last hunt (probably ever) I used a real jake's tail taped to a Regal Tip 2B for a stake with a feeding Avian X hen. Dam gobbler came in on the wrong side and I bumped the saplings I was trying to turn in.....He left in a hurry and in desperation I shot and rolled him over only to watch him get up and gone... This was him the night before. could not get him to come to calling.
  10. Favorite Shad lure

    Here are some of my first creations. I made hundreds for me, my brother, and his father in law. Someone took the cover off of my boat and helped themselves to all of my shad stuff which included a lot of these original spoons from the mid nineties. Sucked big time. Took everything that was in the boat and put the cover back on....Bastard..
  11. Favorite Shad lure

    I know a few guys who have Flutter Spoon Obsessive Disorder.....I rehabbed from it some time ago, but jump off the wagon every now and then when I see a color combination or the answer to it all creation in a dream.
  12. Favorite Shad lure

    Its all relative. When they are there and things are right it all works. I used to fish with a co worker who used nothing but red and white on dart or spoon. He caught his share every time we were out. He'd say, "red and white is a shad's delight." I used what I called the cream sickle Killer dart. Orange body with a white head and 1 inch twister tail and I'd say, "Put a cream sickle on the list, its the ice cream, they can't resist." It wasn't hard to understand why they worked so well. There was no need to try anything else. If its not broke, well, you know. Then again, if you tie em', try em'
  13. JET BOAT

    A lot the boats out there have a huge deck in the back to make Coast Guard specs for flotation. That can make it difficult to shad fish with the methods used. Many are nothing more than a deck with a little cockpit in the middle for the console.
  14. JET BOAT

    This is my boat that has taken me to a lot of places the most of them can't go. I was torn between a river boat and a reservoir boat so I split the difference. Very happy with its performance and ability to cover it all.
  15. Favorite Shad lure

    I've been using it for quite awhile, Dan. It is a go to color combo, but Like anything else it can run hot and cold. Cloudy days with a gold blade. Sunny days with silver.