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  1. I put a camera back out to see if there was any sign of this guy surviving. Wouldn't you know the SD card had a problem. Might as well just go out, sit, and watch.
  2. Nice photo... Always wanted to go on an adventure like that. At one time it may have been doable, but serious coin has taken most of the dreams away for not just bighorns.
  3. I actually had to use the tripod like a monopod and keeping the camera tight to my face. I'll have to look into the new style.
  4. I had one of those some years ago. I never hunted out of it, but I used it for some photography. It was a bit confining with the camera on a tripod.
  5. Easily trained every fall
  6. _X7

    Stimulus Checks

    I put the 600 in a tin can and buried it where I can find it if I need bribe money somewhere down the road to get past the gatekeepers or guys with blue helmets......
  7. Some people will ask. Others will ask WHY?
  8. Congrats! Nice buck she has there
  9. Timing is everything. Cool!
  10. I second that, too. I have a number of Fed Ex stories. If I see where Fed Ex is the shipper I will request another even f I have to pay the extra. Either that or cancel the order. It is that bad.
  11. I second that...I'll even 3rd and 4th it.
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