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  1. Good to see you again, Oliver. Thanks again
  2. Terrific day on top of the world.
  3. $100. I'm throwing the Jerky Gun in the deal. Thanks
  4. I have a Cabelas Pro450 Meat Grinder complete with all accessories and an Oster Jerky gun. Like new $1oo takes both. PM if interested.
  5. _X7

    Big Fat MaMa !!!

    Who are you calling fat!
  6. Tom is in the security business and might have a lot more insight on the use of cameras from a simple pin camera to pictures from a satellite flying overhead is all I meant to say. The problem is the 4th Amendment and the way it is written and interpreted to what the government can and cannot do.
  7. I used to use Bass Pro's parking lot and then take their free bus to the Farm Show Arena in Harrisburg for the Sports Show. I think I actually went into the store once and was not impressed at all. Not even close to the first time I went into Cabelas. Now that Cabelas is just a Bass Pro with a Cabelas flag I have no real inclination to go there unless I would really need something that maybe only they would have. To think of how a hedge fund manager changed lives. https://www.foxnews.com/us/paul-singer-sidney-nebraska-cabelas-bass-pro-shops-merger
  8. No, we are not as free as we think we are. Technology as simple as game cameras is only the basic to what the snoopers are capable of. tcook would be able to tell you what is possible.
  9. _X7

    service electric

    Keep hammering them. When I lived on the Stewartsville farm I was going through that same thing. They finally came and checked wiring from the road right to the house and ended up replacing the whole line. Three trucks with equipment and workers showed up. I didn't have any problems at anytime after that. Keep calling.
  10. I guess I'd have to run through the language list and then use the translation option and, and, and...oh forget it.
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