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  1. _X7

    .40 cal ammo

    If you were closer I'd take it. Good deal right there
  2. Best of luck in your recovery, Jack. Water temps ae heading up
  3. When the Chinese was buying our scrap you had scrapper wars. You did't see anything metal laying around.. You had to wait in line to cash in your beer cans, lol. i always wondered if you were getting 65 cents a pound for aluminum how much was the scrap yard getting?
  4. _X7

    Reel Advice

    There are bad runs of good product out there these days. Not many places have quality control at the manufacturing end anymore. The lean systems most employ rely on all of their parts being up to snuff to fit all of their products in assembly. The trouble is that supply needs have companies sending those specifications to different suppliers. Most times there are no problems. Some times there are.
  5. _X7

    Reel Advice

    i'm the same way. I'll trust reviews from those I know before taking a lot of stock in some I see online. Many times you can see the same 5 star reviews at different websites almost word for word, but you don't see the same bad ones.
  6. _X7

    Reel Advice

    What reel was it so the rest of us don't run into the same issue. The reels mentioned above are smooth reels with a good drag system. I have all three. You really do need to go to the store and test them for yourself. There is no such thing as an honest review these days...is there?
  7. I read stories like this and I want to kick the crap out of somebody, too. These scum prey on the vulnerable and it is quite troubling that they think nothing to ripping people off. The whole country is in a battle with these scum everyday. Always someone trying to punk your wallet. I'm glad she is safe from any harm and on her way home. That is the most important thing. Hold her close.
  8. If it ain't broke why bother to fix it or change it. Marketing 101 Chapter 5 - Shiny Pennies
  9. almost hit a 4 point chasing does Monday night
  10. Just like in Europe where all of these "refugees" invaded. You don't see them settling the country side, but you see them in the big cities. I don't think they'd be as bold otherwise. Like rats.. One can't do much, but a horde of them can be devastating.
  11. _X7

    Jet Boat for sale

    The tunnel jjet boat has an 80" beam with a bottom width of 60"
  12. 2019 G3 18 foot center console jet. 90/65 Yamaha Motor with 4 year Warranty Helix 5 Hummingbird Fish Finder Installed Tachometer 10 gallon inboard gas tank 2 live wells 17/19 gal. 6 rod storage Two pedestal fishing seats Reversing forward/back pilot seat Quick release trolling motor bracket (Trolling motor not included) Upgraded LED waterproof trailer lights $20,000 firm Test Runs Available to Serious Inquiries Only Call Dave 908-619-4345
  13. I'm safe as long as I'm a little buck, no?
  14. Just in case this much ballyhooed event is a bust you can brush off your pants and tuck in your shirt and still make our banquet.....
  15. I used a feeding hen deke and a real jake fan with some good success bringing them in.
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