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  1. That's a beauty! WTG!
  2. Can always count on you to knock a good one down. Congrats!,
  3. I've taken a few deer with frontal shot. A also lost one after and learned a hard lesson
  4. Should have stayed home. The woods at Merrill Creek were so quiet I could hear people at overlook a distance away talking.
  5. Last night I went for a ride and there were deer all over the place. Tonight I went and sat in a friends old barn and only saw an undernourished doe fawn with its spots still showing through. She looked lost and confused.
  6. Take a ride to the shore and jump in. Take the climbing rope with you. The salt will dry it out.
  7. Going out in a couple and doing a barn sit. At least I'll stay dry with hopes of catching a cruiser.
  8. Fantastic buck! And to think he almost talked himself out of it. Way to be a good son and keep him in the game. His smile says it all...
  9. _X7

    Target buck down

    How did I miss this great buck? WTG on a dandy!
  10. Very nice Texas buck, Will! Congrats
  11. Missed the vitals. Something skinned it. Peeled right off the ribs. A lot of possibilities. Anything is possible. Highly unlikely, but possible. He won't make it. No way, no how.
  12. Rain and an east wind is keeping me in. So much for today and probably tomorrow by the looks of the forecast. 10 years ago I'd have no problem with it. Good luck to all who are out.
  13. _X7

    Deer Down

    Way to go! Nice buck old style!!!
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