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  1. _X7

    Doe Rescue

    Amazing how tough they really are
  2. Its simple. Don't like the set up, don't join. There is more to some clubs than just the hunting. This sounds like it would be a good place just to hang out with like minded individuals year round for a little over a dollar a day. It'd be worth it if you didn't hunt...
  3. I used to go most years, but it got to be the same old, same old with new stuff pretty much like the old stuff. I don't think I'd be able to do the walk these days. Always was a good way to spend some time though. ess.mp4
  4. Looks like he made himself right at home and claimed his spot. Good luck with him.
  5. If the buck in that video is 180# I'm a whale. Anyway, the easiest way to get a deer into a pickup is to take the tailgate off the truck (its not that hard). It takes away the angle shortening the distance you need to move the deer into the bed. You can put the head on the bumper, get in, bend down, and pull it right in. Even easier with a jetsled.
  6. My handle on other sites was Gounblind. There are so many advantages to hunting from the ground without a manufactured blind it is hard to fathom why there are not more hunters practicing it. The best part of it is you can be mobile in areas without climbable trees and only use what is there. Easy in and easy out. No fuss no muss.
  7. All of them. Maybe next year I will check a few. Cherish your health.
  8. Too bad you have to give them up. If anything the antlers bring back memories of those hunts where you recovered them. I find those memories fade when they are out of view. Good Luck on your move, Greg.
  9. Please know the difference between liberals and leftists. They are not the same. The left has corrupted the term liberalism
  10. Pretty cool. I miss my old backyard...
  11. I'm not a mecanic but can tell you they all have their plus's and minus's. They are all good until they break. I'd look for the price of parts and service availability in your area. Note that all dealers are good at selling, but there are those who might not be so great on the service end. When I went looking here (Northwest NJ) I saw that Suzuki dealers and repair were a rare item and Honda was on the high end for everything if you found a place that has them. Mercury seems to be in a lot of places and are good in the small motor category . More and more dealers are going with Yamaha for a reason. Evinrude is still out there as well, but there is little noise about their motors these days. Do a search of brands and dealers along with reviews in the boating forums online and you come to some sort of conclusions to the what and why.
  12. Dandy buck...Hope you find the other side
  13. Its always hit or miss up there. I wonder if the Bushkill Ramp or the access at Eshback are open. A bit farther up the road but both have good fishing
  14. If anything stop the nonsense that exists now
  15. Way to get it done!
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