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  1. He is pissing a lot of people off. How do you start a recall?
  2. He's pissing off a lot of people at the rate he's going. How do you start a recall?
  3. Looks like it will be a nice stretch of water when done. I fished the river above 78 for a lot of years before much of it went private and or off limits to fishing..
  4. _X7

    Phillie Phanatic!

    Shot her right between the eyes!
  5. _X7

    Phillie Phanatic!

    He is the best! He puts on quite a show.
  6. _X7

    Gas Plant on the Musky ?

    No way. The river where they are talking about building this plant is somewhat recovered from the impact of the polluting paper mills shuttered there. The dam they are looking to remove is at the site. Doesn't make a world of sense to reclaim the environment only to destroy it again with such a project.
  7. _X7

    Great video on trapping

    Very nice video. There are a lot of misconceptions about trapping. The general public would certainly benefit seeing videos like this. Getting them to watch is the hard part.
  8. Nice catches. Nice of the bear to hang out long enough to take his portrait.
  9. I saw one early in the lane by my place. I never saw them that far away from water unless they were flying. Couldn't get to the camera fast enough
  10. _X7

    Trump/Kim meeting

    I watched the first 5 minutes. Don't know how I made it that long.
  11. _X7

    Trump/Kim meeting

    Shepard Smith is crapping all over any of it. He is nothing more than a (fill in the blanks) _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
  12. _X7

    A Real Focker!

    He's an actor. It shows how hateful he really is with no checks and balance to the real world. It is the only way he is getting applause these days. After all, applause is what they all strive for.
  13. Most likely won't change minds, but he needs to hear your voice on the issue...... http://nj1015.com/nj-governor-signs-more-pointless-dangerous-laws-opinion/
  14. Great snakes that's a hoss!