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  1. Sugar coat his hours of operation and his drop-off procedures? But after giving it some thought, I'd probably not want to bug the guy with a ton of questions until I had a deer to bring to him, so I understand now. Carry on.
  2. Why not call Lou and ask him how this all works?
  3. Don't try this at home kiddies...
  4. They probably can, but they don't seem to mind it. I just tie a string through the vent in the back & hang it to a branch or the rail on a ladder stand.
  5. RID usually does the trick, but these days I stay away from strip clubs & Admiral Wilson Blvd.
  6. Figure in the cost of tags, gear, gas & vehicles to get you there, leases or guide fees if you go that route, taxidermist bill, butcher bill....and it's pretty expensive, it is costing you money more than having value. Yes, you get about 30# of meat from a doe & 50# from a bigger buck, but it's not all that great eating. You have to love the sport, plain & simple.
  7. I think I do.... We've drawn & quartered the poacher here. Gone on his FB business page & smeared him. We all know where he lives & his court date, in case we want to show up & form a lynch mob. In no way do I support the poacher, and the OP did the right thing. Now we let the system take care of him. Some of the comments make me laugh, does anybody think this guy cares about his credibility & reputation in the world of hunters that follow the rules? What he did was wrong, but I was a lot more upset when the guy killed Tonka a couple years ago, that was just plain irresponsible & dangerous, IMO. But I do agree that big buck fever, the FB & internet forum bragging, TV hunters, and the competition to beat their chest the loudest is ruining the sport, just my opinion for what that's worth. I can't even keep a stand in the woods (chained) without another jealous hunter stealing it, probably my own fault for telling people about some of the deer I've killed, but still pretty sad. Takes a lot of the fun out of the whole thing for me, I'm happier these days walking the woods with my dog looking for turkeys or sitting against a tree and hoping to knock a couple squirrels from their limbs. That's my rant for today, enjoy your next 22 pages.
  8. Thanks, I've shot a couple at a preserve years ago, they were actually pretty tasty (liked them better than pheasant). Stan was a good boy today, he learned something new.
  9. Does NJ even have a chukar season? Not trying to be smart, just curious.
  10. I don't know much about hunting stocked birds...are you allowed to shoot the chukars during training?
  11. This guy's name will be mud for a LONG time... I wonder if he hires illegals also? I don't see the motive as being insecurity so much as ego....a guy sets himself up as a guru or "big buck killa", and when the stars don't all line up, he cuts corners to make it happen (Jeff Foiles, Chris Brackett, Bill Busbice). Too bad, so sad.
  12. $200/week is VERY reasonable, considering a cheap motel room is at least $60/night.
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