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  1. I have never developed a "pattern" in my mind that tells you when a turkey will be lured in with decoys, and when they won't. Maybe a broad (but not always true statement) would be earlier in the season is more productive than later. I have seen birds come charging into decoys, run away from decoys, and everything in between. I have a video I took with my cell phone a few weeks ago (too large to upload) of a hen attacking my decoy, thumping it, and pecking at it for 3 minutes straight, this happened twice in the same day (different hens). Another "trend" I've seen is a decoy with any type of motion seems more effective, but I just can't bring myself to trying a motorized stand or buying a decoy where you pull a string and make it rock or tail feathers move (but really don't care what others do). I really think that a bird often wants to see motion in a decoy, almost like if a girl calls over to you in a club or bar, you waltz over and all you see is someone who looks like a store mannequin or blowup sex doll...I'd be leaving also. I know guys have all kinds of theories on decoy placement, when to use a jake/gobbler/hen scenario, etc. etc.....but again, I can't see any real pattern. It's a crapshoot most of the times at best.
  2. Nice turkey. Do you need some new gloves, I think I can spare a pair if you need them?
  3. Maybe off topic, but I'm really enjoying this late afternoon hunting; if you can get a gobbler to sound off in the afternoon, it's a pretty safe bet he's coming. Had the same gobbler come in strutting & gobbling twice yesterday evening on public land, smart old bird, he wasn't coming any closer than 75 yards (open field). Will see if I can get him to slip up Saturday.
  4. Just my $.02 for what that may be worth.... Yes, it is a lot like deer hunting. Setup in a spot where they are likely to travel, get nice and comfortable, and wait them out. Nothing wrong with a little calling, but obviously don't want to get carried away. Decoys are optional, they may help, they may hurt, no way of knowing for sure. Good luck, I'll be out a few times before it's all over.
  5. You are definitely on the "X" hunting there. I turkey hunt every year near Albany, there has DEFINITELY been an increase in hogs in that part of the state, at least on the farms I have permission for. I'm afraid they are there to stay now.
  6. The trip is $1,500, plus 20% for the mate. If we get 6, it will be $300 each. Transportation, motel room, food all extra.
  7. I have an opening for one person to fish for haddock, then stripers and whatever else once we get our limit on Saturday 6/15. Boat is Big Fish charters out of Marshfield/Green Harbor marina. 12 hour trip, could possibly carpool & stay with us, or meet up there. PM me if interested, thanks for looking!
  8. Welcome to the site Chef. This whole cat thing keeps going over my head....
  9. You win the internet!!!!! I also like to make breaded turkey breast cutlets Winerschnitzel style, with brown butter, lemon, & capers.
  10. I still have my doubts, I cooked for a living a number of years and ran a processing business and smokehouse (for what that may be worth), so this isn't about "feelings". But if you are wrapping the meat in Saran and drawing juice out of the meat and then surrounding it with the same blood it's not losing as much moisture as I had originally imagined. Almost sounds as if you are lightly aging the meat at the same time you are seasoning it.
  11. Would work on a fatty cut of meat. Salt DRAWS MOISTURE AWAY, so any lean cut is just going to get drier and tougher.
  12. I think the problem is woodchucks are killed when it's hot out and the flys and hornets are swarming....I don't want to deal with one that time of year, it just makes them smell even worse. A turkey that you kill on a warm day isn't a whole lot better.
  13. We ate quite a few when I was a kid. I'll still keep one if it's not in the 90s when I shoot one, not really much different than a squirrel or rabbit, IMO. I've never had possum, I'd try it but no, not picking one up off the road to find out.
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