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  1. Stan Putz

    Do you Snort Wheeze?

    Only when I eat hot peppers or 5 alarm chili.
  2. Stan Putz

    More sexual allegations.

    Typical Washington stall & delay tactics, which is why nothing ever gets done. Same old, same old, these folks have their own agenda, which isn't representing the people who elected them.
  3. None of this is surprising...of course they are criminals. They break a law to sneak in here, then break all kinds of laws to stay underground and send money back to Central America. Is the wall finished yet?
  4. Stan Putz

    squirrel hunting in PA?

    Everything you probably ever wanted to know about hunting coyotes in PA. https://www.pgc.pa.gov/Wildlife/WildlifeSpecies/EasternCoyote/pages/default.aspx
  5. Stan Putz

    squirrel hunting in PA?

    Almost any patch of woods will hold squirrels, especially if there are beechnuts, acorns, or hickory nuts. Early November should be a decent time, that is when they are most active it seems. Most guys don't hunt them anymore, they are busy bowhunting. I'd suggest Evansburg, French Creek, or Nockamixon in SEPA (state parks) for public land. I've seen and killed them at each place over the course of my life. Just be careful shooting up in the air, a .22 can fly a long way, and this is mostly suburban areas. Send me a PM, and I can give you more specific info.
  6. Stan Putz

    Broken to my core

    I have Meniere's also, but didn't start until I was 45. I'm 90% deaf in my right ear. I got the gentimicin shots a couple years ago that stopped the vertigo (thank God). It really hasn't slowed me down any, I still work, drive, hunt, deep sea fish, but I'm a little shaky going up in anything but a ladder stand at this stage of the game. I'm too vain for a hearing aid, and not sure if it will help much anyway, but I may rethink that at some point. To the OP- glad to see you caught it early. Personally, I wouldn't take the word of just one doctor, shop around a little and see what your options are. Best wishes that your daughter makes a speedy recovery!
  7. Stan Putz

    Would you rather.........

    Early on, I learned that nothing good can happen when you hit a shoulder blade. I always aim a little lower, and behind the shoulder slightly.
  8. Stan Putz

    was I an a-hole?

    I'd tend to think you'd have first rights/control over the situation, because your parents own the property. I'm assuming you have a good relationship with them. Unfortunately, this is the never-ending struggle in the hunting world, finding good property to hunt, and keeping it, in a perfect world, under your rules and restrictions. 50% of the complaints on these forums are over similar situations such as this, and the struggle is real away from the internet also. But I'm sure you know this. And I agree, no landowner, and especially a sick parent, wants or needs to deal with this. Hope this all works out for you. And for all the rest of us dealing with the same basic problem.
  9. Stan Putz

    Captain for hire

    Many years ago, there was a one-legged captain in Cape May that used to run a party boat, and he was a nasty SOB. Naturally, we called him Captain Ahab, but I don't think anyone had the sack to say it to his face. Good luck on your venture!
  10. Stan Putz

    Who uses a dog for fall turkey hunting?

    A good dog wil get them ALL scattered, a lot of times they will just fly 100 yards, land in a tree, and wait for the commotion to die down. Finding the flock CAN be tough, but if you have a general idea of where they go, that's a huge help. Hardest part, IMO, is getting the dog to sit still & motionless for a few hours while you wait for them to regroup. A dog that will climb in a bag is great, but mine won't have anything to do with it, I cover her up with a blanket.
  11. Stan Putz

    Who uses a dog for fall turkey hunting?

    I have a dropper that I trained for fall turkey. Send me a PM if you want any tips.
  12. Stan Putz

    The Non-Pickup Truck

    I curse the day that pickup trucks went mainstream. I get why a fella would want to keep his $50k vehicle spotless, but the idea behind a 4WD truck is to be able to go places and do things a car can't (IMHO). And to haul cargo, branches, dead deer or tuna, help people move, etc. My truck is 4 years old, a couple dings & scratches, bent side rails, mud that can't be removed on the plastic interior, and usually covered in dog hair. I'll clean it up if I'm taking a group on a road trip hunting or fishing or if I have a date, but there's no mistaking what the vehicle's main purpose is.
  13. Stan Putz


    Probably not, this would put them in the same league as a farm animal, at least in my mind. I'd rather eat a farm animal than a deer, so what would be the point?
  14. Stan Putz

    Self Defense Hunt

    Congratulations to the hunter on both animals! I was charged by a moose once in Newfoundland and had to make a quick decision, it's amazing how fast adrenaline kicks in in a situation like this. My knees started shaking AFTER I had it down. I saw my guide hiding behind the tree when it was over, I felt like shooting him next.
  15. Stan Putz

    Help buying an Electric or Propane Smoker

    Electric, easy to regulate temperature and once you have your recipes down pat, just walk away until the meat is done.