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  1. Egads, Saturday looks pretty chilly!!!!! At least the wind doesn't look to be bad.
  2. I'm hunting first 3 days in Allegany county. I sold my camp last year, but I know the public land pretty well, I'd be surprised if a buddy & I don't shoot something.
  3. No, I am saying it looks like your company should probably evaluate their whole hiring process if this is an ongoing problem. Definition of insanity... Anyway, this is nothing new to me. Hating the younger generation because they don't think or act like you is nothing new, and if you want to get played, that's your decision to make. But these are our children and our future, whether you care to like it or not.
  4. Let me see if I understand...a company hires someone ambitious with qualifications , probably promises them they will advance, and after 6 months they realize they are in a dead-end situation & quit. And you have hard feelings? What is wrong with a person leaving if the opportunity isn't there? I'm sure that is how most of us have handled a situation like that, I know it's been going on for as long as I have been in the workforce. Sounds to me like there is more of a problem with the company & the hiring process, not so much with the applicants.
  5. We have and still have people There were people just like this when I was in management, back in my 20's, 35 years ago, many older than me. If anything, WE are the ones to blame for raising entitled children, if that is what you see around you (I don't). Things are no different now, the people running this country just want us hating each other, if we stay divided they keep the status quo. Seems pretty obvious to me.
  6. We have it better in this country than in others, I agree. But it is harder to start out as a young person now that it was when I graduated high school...the factories & union jobs don't exist, skilled tradesman now have to compete with Mexicans & the low wages they are willing to work for, and those who decide to go to college face thousands of dollars in school loans when they graduate with no guarantee of a job when they graduate. I cannot get behind the Millennial Hate I keep reading & hearing about. Growing up in the 60s & 70s, all I can remember is how the older generation hated on us for being pot-smoking, do-nothing hippies. The country was doomed back then, since the older generation deemed us worthless. Funny thing now is that us worthless hippies and slackers are now paying to support these same people, changing their diapers, selecting their nursing homes. This is all just history repeating itself. The generation of millennials I interact with each day (including my own kids) are respectful, hard working, intelligent, & insightful. Those I work with actually work smarter than my generation did, since they understand technology & use it to their advantage. Yes, they want to start out of college making a decent buck (in the white collar world), but considering the proportionate cost of college & school loans now as compared to what is was in the 80s when I graduated college, I see it as understandable. Are there sluggish millennials who have no ambition, play video games all day, and feel the world owes them a living? Sure there are. But there were plenty of people like this when I was a young person also, both my age & older than me, I managed some of them.
  7. If you can scatter them in the fall, they will often gobble while trying to regroup. But they'll gobble just for the heck of it sometimes, I think they know how cool they sound.
  8. I'm waiting for someone to throw a dick out the window
  9. OK, I laughed my way through 11 pages, here's what I got from this... 1). Codaboy is on the internet & doesn't know how to upload a photo 2) Codaboy & his "home boys" believe they own 12 acres on a WMA 3) Coda & his backwoods posse have money for 8 tons of corn but don't have the coin for lockboxes. Somebody peed on some of his corn, we all think it's a Sasquatch that lives near Codaboy's preserve 4). Native is a new member who isn't great with punctuation but probably one of the brighter participants in this fray. He like to kayak near Codaboy's hunting preserve 5). Native is going to stalk deer through Codaboy's preserve, whether they like it or not Did I miss anything?
  10. Look for food source in the fall, don't listen for gobbling
  11. Dog the Bounty Hunter without his makeup
  12. Same story here, hunted hard but no birds seen or found, I didn't even see any in people's yards . Lots of acorns in the woods, maybe they're not coming out? Going to try again later this week.
  13. Me & the pup will be out. NJ fall season is too short.
  14. If you always shoot small bucks, you will probably never get a chance at a big buck. That is just common sense. But if killing a big buck isn't in the plans or wish list, then have a good time & kill them, they are generally better eating. Wasn't that simple?
  15. Sounds like a pretty good problem to have....
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