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  1. Ask 20 people, you will get 20 answers…. When I ran my processing business and now, I go with (by weight) a mix of 3 parts well trimmed venison : 1 part fatty pork trim or fatback. It is still quite lean, but not dry like eating a pencil eraser.
  2. Honestly, when I was going through a stretch with vertigo, I felt shaky climbing into a tree, so I started hunting from the ground. The toughest part about re-learning this was that I felt at a disadvantage not being able to see 100 yards in any direction. But what I discovered is that a good setup will put you at an advantage if you choose wisely. I see just as many (or more) deer now that I stay on the ground. The biggest difference I've noticed is that when deer show up, you don't get a lot of warning, they just seem to "magically" appear, so I make sure to always be ready. In addition, you don't have to deal with lugging a climber in & out or deal with someone stealing your stands. For setup, I usually just bring a camp chair and sit behind a blow-down and try to blend in. Sometimes I will bring one of those small 3 foot high foldable blinds with me to break up my outline. If I am thinking ahead I may build a blind out of brush & limbs & hide behind that. No reason you can't hunt out of a portable pop-up blind either, but it seems deer are a little wary of them until they get used to them being part of the environment. If you have private land and the time & money, you can always build a small shed-type structure, complete with a heater, comfortable chair, sliding windows...the possibilities are endless. Spray your clothes good with Sawyers and wear rubber boots if ticks are a problem. Hope this helps.
  3. Either rifle will work fine, I'd be more concerned with a high quality scope, a rangefinder, and being able to make 400 yard shots on a consistent basis. Good luck!
  4. Throw in a few putanas and I might be interested....
  5. Hell, I am still fall season hunting. When spring season rolls around it will be the same setup as always, Mossberg 835 with a Leupold shotgun scope & 3.5" shells. Only a few Hevi-Shot shells left, when they are all gone I will be trying out Federal TSS #7s. Wish me luck!
  6. Same here. 2 or 3 is plenty for some meals & to make jerky & keilbasi for a select few. I used to kill a bunch more, but got tired of providing deer meat for the workplace & neighborhood.
  7. Isn't every major city in the country liberal?
  8. Grown men chasing a ball doesn't do much for me. But I grew up in the area, a lot of family worked for Leonard Tose before he went off the deep end, I saw a lot of games at the Vet & Franklin Field as a kid, so I have a half-assed connection... Seems to me most of the "haters" and those who dislike the Eagles & their fans are disgruntled Jets & Giants fans. Am I wrong???
  9. There are still 3 weeks left in the Virginia late fall turkey season (in many counties). Weather permitting, I would like to get my pup down a couple times & see if we can find a group or two that wants to play.
  10. I have had great luck with mine, but they were all manufactured pre-2000. Sorry to hear this.
  11. I always have a roll of TP in my backpack or turkey vest, even if I have to steal one from the gas station or Wawa restroom. But in case you can't find that, look for some green leaves first, oaks & beech trees usually drop their leaves last. Choice #2 is a corncob if you can find one. Choice 3 is look for a creek or some snow, drop a deuce, then wipe with your left hand like they do in India, and rinse off in the creek or with some snow; make sure you eat your PB & J & pick your nose with your right hand for the rest of the day, and make sure to get your pants in the washer AS SOON AS YOU GET HOME before anyone takes notice of the mustard stains inside your camo pants.
  12. They clog easily, that's why most people use an electric grinder. Meat has to be cold & plates & chopper knives have to be sharp.
  13. My mother wants to take a stab at Thanksgiving dinner this year, so we decided to humor her. Never had much luck in the wind, so I stayed in this morning & made a meal in advance for deer camp in PA...fried squirrels, biscuits, gravy, greens, & stewed okra. Heading up tomorrow for a last hurrah with my dog for fall turkey, then bright & early Saturday I'll have a rifle in my hands. Good luck to anyone else who is heading out there!!!
  14. Many years ago, when I went to a fancy school to learn how to cook, the majority of the chefs were European, primarily from Germany & France. They ALL used kosher salt, I think their thinking was that it was less "processed" than normal table salt, and because the grains were larger and less "salty" than normal table salt, less chance of over-salting the food. The gourmet salt industry is big business these days, like you said, I don't notice a big difference in taste, but definitely a difference in price.
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