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  1. No, something like in the picture attached. Thanks, that is certainly an option. Looking for something cheaper before buying new. Last one I bought from a member on this site he charged me $25, it had wear & tear but worked out fine.
  2. I'm looking for a corn feeder, not a tree-mounted style, but something I can leave on the ground. Not interested in gravity-fed. Doesn't need to be high-tech. Thanks in advance!
  3. Deep-tuna & shark Inshore-blues, pound for pound porgies are good fighters Stream- shad or smallie
  4. Bud Lite in a 12 oz can. Cheap date.
  5. Helping NJ soybean farmers 2 hogs at time. No rifle permit so hunted w my turkey shotgun. You can see how they ate a circle of beans 20 yards from the hole. My buddy said the farmer is happy.
  6. I'm sorry, but that is one ugly-ass woman. Soccer's version of Colin Kaepernick. She is using her 15 minutes of fame to promote her silly agenda, but I believe 13 minutes have already been used up. I am curious what her teammates really think of her.
  7. Because they are loveable, but dirty animals. They smell each other's privates, lick their own butts, eat goose crap and road kill, drink from toilet bowls, etc. But most of us tolerate them because they truly are man's best friend. That seems to be the general consensus, same as scratching the ground after they poop or twirling around 2 or 3 times before they lay down...old instinctual behavior. I should have taken a picture, my dropper loves the mud, and she's not a pup. She got into a marsh a couple weeks ago at low tide, I made her ride in the bed of the truck until we got to a carwash. I hosed her down there but I couldn't completely get the smell out of her and the truck smelled like low tide for a week. On top of that I stopped at a seafood store to pick up softshells, I only went in for a minute, but it was enough time for her to jump out the truck, and head for the kitchen in the back and look for handouts. Good thing the lady working there had a sense of humor.
  8. I am sorry but getting together with a bunch of men drinking and doing anything that has the word cornhole in it makes me very nervous. I will have to pass. So one day a reporter drove into a small town wanting see what the everyday life of the town was. He walked up to a guy sitting on the porch of a store. He walked up to the man and asked Reporter: So what does the town do as a community for fun? Guy: Well sometimes we go over to Bill's house and let his donkey get lost in town. Then we get drunk and find’em and take turns cornholen it. Reporter: “with a shaken voice” I see. Guy: Oh , and this one time John's son got lost, so we all got drunk and went looking for him and cornholed him. Still disturbed and trying to get off the topic the reporter then asks Reporter: Well at least you found the boy. Could you tell me what the saddest day of your life was? Guy: ...I got lost
  9. WOW. Congratulations, I'm jealous.
  10. I'm having a tough time picking them the last couple years...seems the wildlife is getting them before they have a chance to ripen.
  11. Yes, I've had frozen Dungeness crabs before, and they've been very good. The shells seem to be a lot more brittle than blue crabs, and are easy to pick (unlike blue crabs). I've seen both methods that I described above for blue crabs, I'm just curious if one method is better than the other (or if there is another way that I haven't seen/thought of).
  12. If I were to catch a bushel or so in one day (way too much for us to eat in a few days), what would be the BEST way to freeze those we aren't eating immediately for future meals? What I seem to see is either 1) quick kill, clean them, and freeze them raw or 2).quick boil, shock in ice water, clean & freeze. I'm trying to figure out what would be the better of these 2 options for either eating steamed or cooking in spaghetti sauce later. I can't see them being in the freezer for more than a month or so after I freeze them. I know the option is there to invite the whole neighborhood over and just eat them all at once or to cook all of them, pick the meat, and freeze the picked meat (works well for crabcakes), but I'm looking to try something else. Thanks
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