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  1. I have seen them run through a culvert pipe and under the wheels of a railroad car to escape on deer drives. I am sure going under a 2-3' fence is not a problem if they need to.
  2. Grown men chasing a ball or hitting a hockey puck has never been a big part of my life. But we all need some form of entertainment or something to look forward to I suppose. First the kneeling. Now they want their own separate anthem. When does the craziness stop? Seems to me the NFL & NBA are part of what is wrong with this country, catering to a small fringe group of people so that they quit crying, and trying to influence us who are neutral or who disagree with their cause. I rarely watch a game and would not spend a dime getting a cable upgrade or seeing a game in person after this. It was bittersweet watching the Eagles go all the way a couple years ago, would have been nice to follow the season in happier times.
  3. Sold. Thanks for looking.
  4. Not much you can do. The decoys may be hurting you. If you can't get on private land & get in front of him, all you can do is what others have said, hope he comes back in for a look. Or go look for another bird that wants to play.
  5. Try Preparation H.
  6. Respectfully disagree. Trump is EXACTLY what we need right now. The old Republican party was a joke, 8 years of Bush/Cheney, followed by career politicians McCain and Romney as candidates, no wonder Obama won both times. MAGA!!! 🖒🖒🖒
  7. Both are pretty safe. Downside is that when interest rates are as low as they are now, so are the returns. But if you have other income & want to avoid taxes, munis aren't a bad idea. Personally, I wouldn't dive into anything right now, until after this Corona thing plays out & we see who is president. Nobody truly knows where we are headed at this point in time.
  8. No. Even if he comes of sounding dumb (and I personally don't think he does, maybe because I'm a lil backwards? ), I don't think Joe Biden has even a slim chance of winning all the marbles. He is pro-China, obviously senile, and can't control himself when somebody gets under his skin. But please don't just accept this will be a landslide, get out there & vote this November!!!!
  9. Turkey hunting or deer. I have a good PVC rain suit for fishing, but it's bulky, hot, and will probably shred in briars. I don't mind getting a little drenched if I'm walking, just not much into sitting in the rain. I own pop-up blinds, but they aren't always an option.
  10. Looking for opinions on best lightweight rain gear. Tired of dealing with the nylon suits that rip in the briars or eventually dry rot. Thanks.
  11. Here is a man who knows what he is talking about. Rob Roberts is the best at what he does. You can either deal with the expense & frustration of trying to find the right choke/shell combination, or send it to Rob & be done with it. My spring turkey gun is deadly out to 60 yards, and TSS just makes it sting a little more.
  12. When I was a little kid, my father used to say that you need a telescope to see Mars, but only need a mirror to see Uranus.
  13. Stan Putz

    What Killed NJH?

    Lots of keyboard commandos and cliques when I first joined NJH. It's a lot tamer over here, still a few gurus & wanna-be pro staffers, but that's every internet hunting site.
  14. Screw the money, I've spent more on dumber things in my life. I wouldn't trade days like this for anything.
  15. Don't believe this is truly the Armageddon, but we'll make it here. Some canned vegetables in the pantry, a freezer full of fish, deer, & hog meat, and 50 lbs of rags & drop cloths I can cut for toilet paper, if need be. Hog roast headed for the smoker. Relax, and stay calm folks.
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