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  1. Shot this six point that had been shot within the past few days. My shot was straight down between the shoulder blades and the previous shot was a two blade whack to the right shoulder that hit bone and never penetrated
  2. gobblergetter

    Permanent elevated blind

  3. gobblergetter

    Fox Pro Fury 2

    Now for the obvious question.... Location ?
  4. gobblergetter

    Wireless Cams?

    I use a Spartan gocam and two bushnell aggressors The Spartan is a better camera but the bushnell are cheaper and work just fine, as a matter of fact I prefer the bushnell app over the Spartan. If you are looking to buy multiple cameras, go to Harrisburg this winter and make a deal.
  5. gobblergetter

    A couple of bucks from today

    Nice going
  6. gobblergetter

    Pops scores with my assist!

    Gotta love it
  7. gobblergetter

    H&r barked this morning

    That's a good one.... Dead
  8. gobblergetter

    Thanks but No Thanks Apeman Trail Cam Review

    I believe the secret to getting long life out of a trail camera is to wrap them up in spare clothes that are about as cold as the outside temps , before bringing them into the warm house . then let them slowly warm inside the clothes If you bring a cold camera into a warm environment, condensation can form inside the camera and the electronics. Just a thought and something I do.
  9. gobblergetter

    Putting the pieces back together -bear rug

    Nice job Jay Those old foot operated Singers are great machines
  10. gobblergetter

    Knife Sharpening

    Yep Work sharp
  11. gobblergetter

    Jet Sled?

    Got two Love them Also makes loading a deer in the back of a truck a breeze. Place a 5 or 6 foot by 2 foot piece of plywood against the tailgate and shove the jet sled up it and into the bed
  12. gobblergetter

    All day sit

    Exactly Even if undisturbed... Midday is a good time to be in the woods during possible rut activities
  13. gobblergetter

    Scar Face Down With The Muzzy

    Nice !