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  1. Have you ever tried a jet sled ?
  2. Nice one !!!! Congrats on the video capture too
  3. Well, ain't that just great ! Ya went and shot the last Damn buck in zone 5. 😉
  4. Listen for crows and look for buzzards in the morning
  5. Appears as though there are some stragglers, Found one still emerging and two whole eggs, one was moving
  6. Irish spring covers up human scent... Wd40 masks it. Try it sometime
  7. This spring there was a snapping turtle laying eggs in my sister's yard. So for the past two weeks I've been checking the nest site before mowing her lawn. As I got close I noticed movement, today was the day ! I saw at least 15 and some eggs were still whole. Everyone was heading towards the nearest water !
  8. I have Three, two bushnell and a spartan , I like to place one in the driveway, it lets me know when Brenda comes home and gives me enough time to turn off the porn.
  9. I'm sure it's never an easy day for you my friend, but rest assured, many will be thinking of you today and we shall never forget !
  10. Looks like your cell cam just paid for it self. You may not have gotten the buck but at least you got the poacher. I'm assuming the camera was well hidden
  11. Sounds like it could of been alot worst. I agree with momma....get checked out, just encase
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