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  1. Nope Shot a couple 1 5/8" and maybe a dozen 1 1/2 but nothing bigger...1 3/4" is extremely hard to come by, especially with the predator populations being what they are.
  2. Definately Same pair all season
  3. Naaa. These are just right. The torn fabric gives them the leafy wear effect
  4. Found a lonely gobbler that was in a field gobbling on his own. I parked at the farmers house and did a big circle to get in the best location to work him from. First yelps from the trusty old box brought an instant double gobble and I knew he was in trouble. Every time I yelped with the mouth call he was closer. Probably less then 5 minutes from the first call he was standing 30 yards in front of me and the holosite was on his head. 1 5/8" Spurs when measure along the outside curve 20 lbs. 9 3/4 " beard
  5. Good for him Thats awesome
  6. Good times. Days like that are what fuels the fire Congrats
  7. You are so right Jack, No one is guaranteed tomorrow. I enjoy turkey hunting It is seasonal and can only be done for a limited time, so I go every chance I get. If I get a bird , Great. If I don't, it's still good because he is still around to do battle with again. Life is what you make of it
  8. Another favorite is Perforate breast and coat with salt,pepper,and marinate in fridge overnight in ginger ale or beer. Smoke till done with Apple wood Slice thin and make sandwich with fresh garden tomatoes and mayonnaise on hard roll
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