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  1. This is new Jersey, most guys hunt in and around suburbia... Does hang out and give birth near houses because it offers protection from predators. The smell of dryer vents, means safety. Most backyard hunters can just Tuck a dryer sheet under each armpit and go hunt.
  2. There ya go.. Nice one, now you can concentrate on hanging wire
  3. Brendas son and his wife proud of that man
  4. You come though once again Congrats my friend
  5. I shot a fox with the bow once.....never again... Broadhead opened the pelt up big time and then got destroyed on a rock, six inches underground. Spent almost an hour sewing the $10.00 pelt .
  6. Use the normal turkey frying equipment too. It makes it much easier,quicker, and safe as it can be. Tall narrow pot Propane burner Cradle and detachable handle Long thermometer. For extra yummy...inject with Tony satchez (spelling ) injectable turkey marinade.. Yum
  7. gobblergetter

    Jr's new bike

    That's awesome Good for him
  8. With a rabies outbreak on the verge, I feel a little uneasy about coons slobbering on deer baits..
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