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  1. gobblergetter

    Cold weather gear...

    Another vote for the heater body suit. Love it in real cold weather.
  2. gobblergetter

    mouse in my house

    That's what you get for taking the southern class... Us northern instructors teach you EVERYTHING. LOL Maybe, Live to hunt , will let you borrow his cat.
  3. gobblergetter

    tracking dog needed

    Rage ?
  4. gobblergetter

    Guess I made a lot of people's Facebook page yesterday!

    This does it to.... We use to listen to the CB radio on the way home....always entertaining.
  5. gobblergetter

    Wood Duck & Curly Fries for Dinner

    Yum I had moose steaks on the traeger....that was excellent too
  6. gobblergetter

    Dog or coyote?

    Tail was dead give away Knew instantly it was a dog.
  7. gobblergetter

    Coming Home

    Do what you are told so you can get your butt back out there. Good luck
  8. gobblergetter

    Bear size

    Over 300
  9. gobblergetter

    Attention Trail Cam Users

    Good to know
  10. gobblergetter

    Anyone else get 10 feet of rain last night?

    I'm starting to notice some webbing between my toes
  11. gobblergetter

    8 yr old girl find pre Viking sword

    That's pretty cool
  12. gobblergetter

    Mom Shoots Big 8pt!

    Good stuff
  13. gobblergetter

    NJ hunters be like

    When I first started deer hunting , there was archery season which was basically the month of Oct. ( no peak rut ) And shotgun which was one week long and the following Wednesday was doe DAY. Everyone hunted that week. The deer had nowhere to go. If a buck lived to be 2. 1/2 years old he was lucky. Now you can hunt 6 months worth of weekends (sunday now included). So no one has to take off of work for buck week and the deer have room to evade the fewer hunters
  14. gobblergetter

    Leg Position and Shoulder Blade Location

    Whoa...Jay is quite the artist Nice job on the overlay