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  1. Yep Been there Done that Swam in farm ponds with cows in it and rode in back of pickup trucks too, because we hitch- hiked.
  2. Just wait till you use it to load a deer in the back of your truck bed. All you need is a wide rip of plywood or a section of ladder.
  3. I personally would wait till after the Harrisburg show. Never know what might be there.
  4. Who's the blonde behind him ?
  5. Best thing you can do for yourself AND loved ones Take it one moment at a time...gradually it gets easy.
  6. I put rats and Coyotes on wire. coon, fox,and mink, on wood.
  7. I'm fine Fur is keeping me occupied
  8. Glad to see the both of you getting out there and haveing fun. Comgrats
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