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  1. I use a traeger and love it. Just did 3,2,1, ribs on Monday. YUM I f on a tight budget, consider a pitboss with the sliding grate . I also was looking at the camp chef with gas sear box Pellets aren't an issue at all. I get mine at ace hardware or home depot
  2. I run bushnell and Spartans Like them both , Spartans a better camera but I like Bushnells software better
  3. I was out every day of turkey season and not a single tick. Saturday, I parked in a plowed field, walked into the woods about 20 feet and had a tick on me !
  4. The quarantine was nice in the fact that traffic was reduced and road scouting was easier without someone constantly on your ass, and major highways weren't as loud at daybreak. However it also provided a little taste of what NJ turkey season would be like if there wasn't a permit quota in place. I saw more vehicles parked along the roads and encountered more hunters then ever before on my 30 plus years of turkey hunting. It was a crazy season, that's for sure.
  5. Looks like you're shoot'n straight. Congrats my friend.
  6. Atta boy That should feed pebbles, bam-bam, AND Wilma
  7. I've got a paslode and a 20v cordless Dewalt. Always grab the DEWALT. LOVE IT
  8. Saw this on Facebook.pic was taken as fox crossed the road in Blairstown
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