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  1. Before and after Very simple, thaw, inject with Tony So and so's marinated and put in traeger on 300° till done . Internal temp of 165°.
  2. If you are in a tree, hunting for spring Gobblers, you better be looking like a wild turkey because they know EXACTLY where the calls are coming from. If you are just waiting for a gobbler to walk by.....why bother ? You are cheating yourself out of a good time.
  3. My lone wolf sit and climb is the only stand I use. It is 14 years old. I should replace it but lots of great memories were made in that stand.
  4. He will remember that trip long after you are gone. Hopefully he will be able to do it with his son too
  5. I've been hunting a scrape line that also has a cell cam on it. The does and smaller bucks are hitting the scrapes but I've witnessed alot of action with larger bucks that never actually get close enough to get a pic of. Alot of action never gets caught on camera. If I was relieing on Intel from cell cam, I wouldn't even be hunting there
  6. Everything on a pellet grill is awesome. Love my traeger and I'm sure the rec tec is even better.. Have you done 3 2 1 ribs yet ?
  7. Wear what ever you want. Then put on a heater body suit. Toasty warm
  8. Here's my buddy for the day He don't say much.
  9. Sleep in and get to your stand around 9. 10:00 am till 2:00 pm is when you want to be in the woods.
  10. The last trappers ed class for the year has been taken Another good group of students and I wish them many tight chains and full stretchers.
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