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  1. I like it alot Same with hanging dead turkey, coyote, pheasants, etc.
  2. Ya just never know. A few days ago, I saw a mink where a mink snare was and I thought I caught him. Suddenly it ran off. I had a mink in the snare and a second one was eating him !!! I followed tracks to a bank hole and set a snare there, came back in the afternoon and had him too !
  3. If your pressure cooker and crock pot got married and had kids... They would be cancookers
  4. Thats the same question I asked the rep. He said "it's the shoulders " " the milk can shape and tight lid" I wasn't really sold on his answer but the sample was great tasting and very simple to use. That's why I made the post....looking for opinions , I'm still not totally convinced
  5. When I was there it was. Kielbasa, baby carrots, small potatoe halves, an onion, cabbage quartered and a can of mountain dew. It was yummy
  6. Ever since I sampled some food from a cancooker at the Harrisburg show, I've been wanting one.... Does anyone have one and if so which model and how do you like it?
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