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  1. I love mine Easy to use and everything tastes great I even use it to bake a pizza. The 3 2 1 ribs are yummy.
  2. Excellent workmanship. Great job and congrats once again to Donna, well deserved bear.
  3. gobblergetter

    R.I.P. Elli

    Sorry to hear
  4. NJ did trap and transfers to establish a good population of birds in the early years of restoration. Porkroll birds had issues in the beginning and Bob eriksen thought perhaps it was a lack of minerals in soil, resulting in thin eggshells. I assisted in trapping birds from my hunting property's along with wma's in the northern county's to relocate down in southern areas. Obviously it worked. There is a study being done to determine if West Nile is effecting turkeys in NJ and pa. I donated a gobble for the study last year. Apparently it effects grouse but not turkeys. I not sure if the study is on going or complete
  5. Desensitized by violent video games.
  6. I recently read this one to my grandsons They seemed to like Brenda on the other hand... Not so much
  7. Best part is . my buddy saw a bigger buck , that evening and was very quiet at dinner that night, he had that distant stare. Buck must of been huge because Jim has shot plenty of big deer. We never saw it again.
  8. Most epic would be Caribou , all 3 times was a blast. Float plane, crystal clear lake water, Arctic fox, ptarmigan, northern lights, even saw three musk ox. Filled both tags each time. Most satisfying hunts were in New Mexico Elk with black powder. DIY hunts on national forest and blm with wall tent camps in Sept. Then there was the 160" eight point with the bow on a DIY hunt in Illinois, first time on the property....
  9. gobblergetter

    Never forget

    Those boys had balls... Most were 18, 19, 20 years old. They became Men that day. Crashing gliders behind enemy lines and parachuting in the dark was no walk in the park either.
  10. Everyone's been uptight about letting tradesman in their homes but now things are relaxing a bit and the phones are ringing. Two weeks ago I would of been able to help. I'm actually spackling a kitchen, bath, and two bedrooms that wall paper was removed.
  11. Trained Dogs will get there attention. Turn them loose
  12. Campchef woodwind would be my choice if I didn't get a great deal on the traeger. I like the sear feature and the ash dump. Plus controls
  13. Came out great Love the bow too
  14. Eating 3,2,1, pork ribs at this very moment !
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