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  1. Him and I were ' Bib Buddies' Gonna miss the stories he told. Our birthdays were one day apart except he was born the same year as my dad. RIP
  2. Relax The money you make from the pelt will pay for the two rounds you dropped. The one that sealed the deal was on you.
  3. Grim reaper whitetail special, or rocket Buckblasters
  4. Great time as always. It was good to see a youngster that interested in trapping. He asked alot of good questions and paid close attention.
  5. https://photos.app.goo.gl/QL37AFE65vdRrok59 Blitzen won't be pulling his share tonight
  6. I heard there was also a treestand accident yesterday that killed a hunter in Stokes
  7. Dps are coon catching machines, but you need to put them right under their noses.
  8. Only time restriction is opening day of seasons, Nov 15, Jan 1 for wma's etc. And on those dates, no trap or stake (to claim spot) can be set prior to 6:00 a.m. Then there is the check once ever 24 hours regulation which I'm sure you are aware of.
  9. Called fish and Wildlife biologist that sedated it, tagged and collected the normal info. Pic of me tagging one of the ears
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