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  1. Bullet size doesn’t take precedence over the 25 caliber or less since the actual cartridge is 30-06 but is legal for woodchuck
  2. over 4000fps Legal for what Vito... hunting or range?
  3. Maybe you could teach them... oh and give a refresher on turkey baiting while your there
  4. Good then stay away from Clinton... you’re better off.
  5. The subject is 30 caliber, not about mm/inches... keep up sonny
  6. But if the 7.62 is .308 then wouldn’t it be called 30 caliber for reference?
  7. Being hungry makes me eat fast... does that count? I did shout KETO instead of viola’ when i was done
  8. I know your little engineer mind is working in overdrive overthinking this one. A 30 caliber bullet is .308. But is a 7.62 legal to shoot there?
  9. Really? You know I have really trying to be cordial with respect to your questions and answers. However it is really apparent that you are just angry at the world. Good luck with that attitude, it’ll get you far
  10. Not sure what you’re trying to say, each bench accommodates a shooter and his gear whether he is right or left handed. The only way to have more ports would be to have smaller benches with a designation of right or left shooter without any room for spotting scope, ammo, cleaning tools, etc. IMO those are very solid professional looking benches. Can’t wait to unleash my 270 wby mag off one
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