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  1. MGHunter66

    Batsto's 2019 Push Up Challenge

    Jack if you did all that in 35 minutes you are working out way to fast and not getting the most out of your workout. Good for cardio but defeating the purpose of the specific machines/ muscle groups. I don’t know if you work out at home or gym but if try 20 minutes on a treadmill, 3degree incline at 4mph to get cardio and sweat going then go slower with your other sets you’ll be surprised how much more you will get out of each workout
  2. MGHunter66

    Introducing myself (pics)

    And I for one will watch my language here with your presence. Just please stay away from political threads, you could become scarred for life
  3. MGHunter66


    Hell I’ll drag it from Kansas to Jersey
  4. MGHunter66

    Introducing myself (pics)

    Welcome Anna You just posted what is probably the best introduction ever on NJW&W
  5. MGHunter66

    Through the eyes of snowflakes

    that’s f’d up Mods
  6. MGHunter66


    If i wasn’t putting out a big nut for college this year I would be all over it
  7. MGHunter66

    KISS Army Radio on Sirius...

    This thread truley enlightened me, i thought you taylor ham boys only listened to Roy Clark, Waylon Jennings and that ever irritating blue grass crap
  8. MGHunter66

    KISS Army Radio on Sirius...

    Brought back a lot of memories with this thread Jack
  9. MGHunter66

    KISS Army Radio on Sirius...

    Do you guys remember the movie Let There Be Rock? Filmed in Paris previously a bootled album known as Bon Scotts Last Oui Oui. Here’s a clip from it
  10. MGHunter66

    KISS Army Radio on Sirius...

    Seen ACDC 17 times LOL Was at the concert where they filmed the video Money Talks, well we believe it was anyway. We saw them four times that year and the one concert had more Angus money fall from the ceiling than any others. But when it comes to old classic metal, nobody survived it longer than Black Sabbath, The End tour was unreal. Ozzy at 70 still kicked ass and Tony Iomey guitars sound has never been duplicated
  11. MGHunter66

    Through the eyes of snowflakes

    They are incapable
  12. MGHunter66

    KISS Army Radio on Sirius...

    I don’t need Sirus, i still listen to kiss today. Part of my gym workout playlist LOL Actually I have seen kiss in concert 11 times and partied with Ace Frehley outside the doors of Lamore in Brooklynn. Yes yes I have had a colorful past
  13. MGHunter66

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    LOL You are ok Haskell
  14. MGHunter66

    Unbelievable Fentanyl Bust

    Yea well here’s my 1A right... you’re a freakin homebrew swilin’, taylor ham eaten with your three teeth, deliverance type fruitcake. So LOL