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  1. I heard there was a protester wearing a vagina hat so he must have been
  2. Yep I don’t remember what motor he had in his but another guy Scott C. had a 350 in his. Mine was a sleeper, all black primer with V6 emblems. Guys would get me off the line because mine would tail dance so i just had to dump the clutch in first then jam into second but when i gassed it in second it would light em up and fly past them like they were standing still. I could bury the speedo in third gear. Only problem was stopping that monster LOL
  3. I had that same poster, man she was the definition of hot
  4. Those guys were in Somerville correct? Owned Reese Speed shop, if that is the same guy they gave me stroker pistons and rods for that motor. The kinda liked the “youth” doing his own build at 17 yrs old and helped me a lot
  5. Blasting this hot album out of my Vega with a 327/365hp vet motor. Man those were the days
  6. Yea sometimes you gotta bite the bullet. You love fishing too much to be beached. Go for the Yamahas and get back in the game
  7. I think she’s gonna kick you in the balls
  8. MGHunter66

    What are these?

    Only from a Taylor Ham’r
  9. Like most fish, the smaller moderate size always taste better. I would rather eat 3llb fluke over 8 lb’ers .
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