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  1. Just a bummer engine, could be any make. I had Fords, always had upkeep and fixes. I had 1994 GMC, no problems, sold it with 194k miles back in 2004. Then a 2004GMC 2500HD, still driving it today with 184k and only upkeep has been rotted brake lines which I blame Morris County for the million tons of salt they spread. Next truck will be another GMC
  2. Ok CZ, ATI and Savage new, or go used Beretta or Browning for a O/U. For semiauto if you can find a Beretta Urika2 used you’ll be very happy and for pump a Winchester model 12 is hard to beat
  3. Awesome, glad you got er going
  4. Does your impeller have a keyway, if it does perhaps missing or slid a bit?
  5. Something caught just inside the intake? Drive rod not engaging?
  6. Really got to put out a price range or suggestions will be all over the map
  7. Social media has its ups and downs. It is the biggest platform for the “ look at me folks” but to others just a pass of time reading and looking. As for the tactics you highlighted... you don’t necessarily “need” that. Some of the biggest fish of the year are caught dragging bait, especially snapper blues. But to many it is not as manly as saying “ we jigged em up” LOL But now that I mentioned snapper blues have a succumbed to “ letting the cat out of the bag” on social media. LOL
  8. Hilarious Booner. But how gay is it to put your camos on and pose with your bow in the living room. Out in the field... ok but in your living room.... gay
  9. I will be there sitting right between the bald guy and dude with an afro
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