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  1. Nice truck, good luck with it. The other thread was full of guys with little weenies and big trucks
  2. Pit a bead or bobberstop made of mono on your line up 2” from the hook(snelled octopus size 8) mold the powerbait around the bead. You will hook the fish in the mouth everytime and percentage of hook ups will increase big time
  3. Lamiglas makes some outstanding rods that are very light weight and have a fast action. I prefer 6’6”, better drift control and control leading a fish out of current/cover
  4. Sorry to hear Nick. Totally sucks.
  5. I guess you didn’t notice the emoji
  6. I agree, marine Basin or Wagners is where I go
  7. Which ramp? Wagners? Municipal?
  8. Nice Jack, Although slow by your standards it seems you outfished everyone
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