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  1. Go for a v hull with higher sides. I still run a Sylvan deep v in the bay and as others have said it can kick up fast and be dangerous. I have had two rides in where the following sea rose to 5’ and created a pucker factor of 10
  2. Why not customize the Beretta with a stock that’s made exclusively for you? Good chance to get the gun fitted for your build/hold
  3. Stuff goes fast, Fiocchi unskived hulls came back in stock last night, ordered a couple hundred and 2 hours later they were out of stock again. Buy what you can when you can these days
  4. They are indeed filthy birds. Some of our golf greens get completely covered
  5. I would not spend the money on Simms for waterfowl, no way.
  6. You gotta real set saying that aloud in the heart of Sussabama
  7. It’s ok Jack, we don’t judge. What color powerbait did you buy this year
  8. Please don’t get Jack going on trout flex tags, shorter seasons, etc
  9. Well honestly we have no proof of how you are on big game either
  10. MGHunter66


    Say a prayer and hope he’s just busy with the grandkids
  11. Hmmmm caught my biggest NJ stream rainbow by the Firehouse next to the river there
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