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  1. I probably wouldn’t bother with Tarhunts upgrades but would definitely replace the cheap plastic stock with a glass bedded laminate stock and work the action in any possible way i could because it is crude, no one can deny that. Actually... F that, i will stick with my Beretta
  2. Time well spent Lou, doesn’t get any better than being out there with your son. When I shot my buck Monday i texted my son. We shared the moment of me walking up to my buck via facetime, awesome moment shared due to technology. Cherish the time he is still BESIDE you, sleeping or not
  3. The best way to see if it is the firearm itself is to load an empty shell with a new primer, fire the gun and examine. Without the ignition of powder pushing a projectile there is no set back during firing and you get a realistic view of the firing pin strike.
  4. Same here, I make the does pay for it in January
  5. I know the shooters I am after made it. The rubs he is making 30yrds from where I park the truck tell me HE’S TOYING WITH ME
  6. 99% of guys do not do this... and should
  7. I think the bigger problem will be getting his head through the entrance door
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