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  1. Don’t know yet, first year with muzzy but when I let one rip I will let you know
  2. I can see it already... come stop bye Gyps Deliverance Tavern. Kick back and share your stories, teeth and daughters
  3. Have you tried the Aerolites? Fast expanding bullet designed for thin skinned game. Barnes shot good out of my optima as well
  4. Buy the blackhorn 209 breechplug and use CCI or Federal primers. They are the hottest on the brisiance chart. I have no issues and my optima shoots the Aerolites with unbelievable accuracy and they load real easy. The seal creates the optimum ignition not necessarily the tightest fitting bullet. 3 shot @ 100yrds
  5. Nice hustle Mike. Great buck
  6. Well come on Lunatic, how about a pic of you holding him
  7. Buy this and you’ll never look back
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