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  1. How old is your boiler? Some offer conversion kits from oil to gas. Saves quite a bit of money if you can
  2. I am in Somerset County but work in Morris County. Sent you a pm
  3. Folks, the above post by Deadonshot is the rantings of a triggered individual that has been taken to task. I need not even reply to the rant at this point... the rant speaks volumes on its own. My work is done here
  4. See Einstein, outsmarted yourself again, as I said... predictable. The numbers posted WERE Covid confirmed cases/fatalities/death rate. I also added a separate deathrate for newborns as an added bonus. How can anyone have a vigorous debate about factual information with you when you can’t even comprehend a simple data chart. Now you imply the numbers are “suppressed “. On what factual basis can you even derive that? Please stop with the “trolling” distraction, no trolling just again refuting your falsehoods. It is very immature on your part to think that is a solid defense to your failure to
  5. Good to hear you enjoyed the efforts of the Park Commission
  6. No I just check in now and then to see what dribble you try to push and or justify. Have had a whole family that has had and lived through covid, my son twice. Stop acting like your some type if authority on the subject, you’re clearly not. You acted like you knew what was going on in India and the reason why in the other thread, when I posted factual info from data charts you squirmed like a liberal worm then tried to switch the conversation. You’re very predictable
  7. What a load of horse pucky, you are the gloom and doom of mankind. You go so far as quoting one single doctor like it’s gospel just because it’s inline with your thought process. Well read Russ’s post and send that to Cheney SMH
  8. I have a feeling this thread will continue on even after covid is being looked at through the rear view mirror. How many times will this thread mutate is the question
  9. I have some Federal Mag primers, can spare a couple hundred should you not find anything
  10. Nice fish... it wouldn’t kill ya to smile ya know
  11. Couldn’t be further from the truth. Herd immunity is why cases are dropping through the floor not vaccinations. Many people previously infected with or without symptoms, those who have spread and unfortunately those who have died all contributed to where we are now. Cases started dropping hard way before enough people received vaccinations to prove that
  12. You guys are being spoon fed and swallowing without chewing, just look at these charts and try to comprehend what the MEDIA is leading you to believe yet hiding whats really there. Why isn’t Mexico being mentioned? Do they not matter or would it be because of the droves of illegals coming here, not being tested and scattered throughout the USA. Interesting, Mexico’s case fatality rate is nearly 9 times that of India’s, nearly the same number of deaths and that from 2 million confirmed cases as opposed to over 20 million. Don’t Mexican lives matter LMAO
  13. Are you for real? YOU brought India into the conversation. You’re reaching and all over the map now... the field has been lost
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