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  1. You just couldn’t resist
  2. I have a load of tomatoes but have been waiting forever for them to color, still green WTF! Also my cucumbers just started where in the past I have had more than I could handle. Weird year so far. Had awesome harvests of garlic,eggplant, squash, potatoes and jalepenos but a lot of other plantings suffered
  3. What???? I was part of the Jack Harris Battalion Death March Fluke Trip then transitioned to fresh water when keyport slowed. This is way early for me to start getting into the hunt groove but...3 days and counting
  4. Just a spypoint, actually had it for a year
  5. MGHunter66

    New Cell cam

    Going to put it out Friday stay tuned.... countdown starts NOW!
  6. Bubba nets are solid, Frabil stowaways are good too. Think about handle length more than hoop size. Consider boats height above water . At the same time you mentioned bluefish, if you are going to net bluefish you will have holes instantly so don’t go expensive, not worth it.
  7. MGHunter66


    Nice Greybeard
  8. Agree, DMV is a mess but a simple phone call about same is a simple task to someone who purchased through them
  9. Ahhhh yes glassing from range brings that old school scouting to light
  10. Great pic! Congrats to the young huntress
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