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  1. MGHunter66

    Anyone ever make their own sushi rolls?

    Yes my daughter makes it for us all the time, she makes salmon and tuna rolls. I love it with a chunk of wasabi to and a bit of heat to it.
  2. MGHunter66

    Still my fave workout - bar none

    Monica specials
  3. MGHunter66

    Long Range CVA™ Optima V2 LR Nitride Rifle

    Can I ask why you’re selling it after only a couple months? Interested in selling without the scope?
  4. MGHunter66

    Wood splitting / firepit party - MARCH 9th

    Okay, can one of you guys pm me where in taylor ham country I am going. Googled Fredon and its over an hour away, don’t want to get lost in deliveranceville. And what time this starts
  5. MGHunter66

    Game Birds

    What kind of birds? I housed quail in a simple crate for two months for training. Bought game bird/quail food right at Tractor Supply. I still have the tiny crate if you want it, i am in somerset county
  6. MGHunter66

    NOMAD ?????

    Ahhh i get it. Thank you for the education
  7. MGHunter66

    NOMAD ?????

    How does backing with deer hide keep it from breaking? Seriously, I have no clue about this process
  8. MGHunter66

    Savage 410 Turkey Gun?!

    SYFH all you want you implied it
  9. MGHunter66

    Savage 410 Turkey Gun?!

    Okaaaay, i must be mistaken to your intent. I thought the challenge of turkey hunting was calling a bird into close range, my bad.
  10. MGHunter66

    Savage 410 Turkey Gun?!

    TSS shot would be an option for a 410 for turkey if it were legal. However the added cost for any larger gauge is really not going to do much more for you, patterns with todays lead ammunition are dense enough. Sure lead is 11g/cc and tss is 18g/cc so it is in fact heavier but there is a caviat. Lead deforms and deformation transfers energy, tss does not deform. So for other types of game such as ducks where you are not doing the typical head shot there is not a huge advantage. Think of it like a expanding bullet vs not expanding, one tranfers energy and the other just penetrates better. TSS loves to boast its penetration into gel as a selling point but penetration and energy transfer are two different things.
  11. MGHunter66

    Taking a bath in the Delaware

    This action was caught from the eagle cam in Duke Farms, silly hawk trying to get some eaglets. Bad move
  12. MGHunter66

    Best compound bow

    Could be a hemaphrodite, invite it to Jays party. Be fun to watch a chick with balls split some wood or throw an axe