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  1. Nice, some of the best trips are spur of the moment
  2. I hope so Jack, this will be my first fall bowhunting, bird hunting, waterfowl and steelhead fishing in 10 years without him beside me.
  3. Awesome! What college is your son going to?
  4. Took Friday off to do a couple things with the kids before my son goes off to college this Wednesday. After discussing what we could do both kids looked at me and said they wanted to go back to where it all started. Ever since each one was 3 to 4 years old we would go up to Round Valley,go all the way into the back to a small little spot that we hang out for hours and hours,kids fishing,swimming and me and the and the wife just sitting back relaxing watching them grow. I just love sitting back on the bank and watching these two fish and catch smallmouth and rock bass one after another all day long. After a couple hours on the bank we took the boat out into about 30 feet of water and for the first time I didn’t fish just sat back and watched my kids and my wife do a total beat down on smallmouth for two hours straight. It was awesome to watch them laugh,argue who had the bigger fish and the same big smile’s catching each fish now at 14 and 18 years old as they did at three and four years old. Man where has the time gone
  5. MGHunter66

    NJW&W Blues Fest!

    Looks like it was a hoot
  6. Ya know Mike, now I can’t get it off my mind. Looked at my calendar 7 times, glanced if my corkers were around and what gear was already in the NY fly bag Thanks... just thanks
  7. Oh boy, its about to go off the reservation now... literally
  8. Awesome, good luck with it. You’re going to love it
  9. Sure is, going to be a stinky fall LOL 7wt switch or no?
  10. Agree, i pick and choose too. Got caught in my tin boat in 4-5 footers ONCE and it was definitely a 10 on the pucker factor scale
  11. I agree, a lot of information is provided in the work book and dvd in preparation for the field trial and test. On a side note, don’t let that JHBowhunter guy suck you into private messages where he’ll start sending you pornographic pictures of swollen scrotums from freak deer he and his band of four have been inbreeding with for years j/k
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