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  1. Just not designed that way. Many have the same complaint that you have, it doesn’t appear that Ten Point has any plans to do so from what I’ve learned. Shoot a Ten Point and you won’t care
  2. Is that like taking pitures of your wife during that time of the month
  3. Yes, did a write up on the stealth nxt a couple days ago, it’s in the Review threads. No you can’t decock with an accudraw. Never judge the crossbow you buy on whether it decocks... that criteria should be the last thing you consider.
  4. I am out looking for a good buck but I can’t help thinking about shush kabobs everytime i look at this girl
  5. Wow that is tragic, sorry to hear about your friend
  6. Good luck Greybeard, and anyone else out. Hoping work allows me to get out this afternoon
  7. I guess I have been lucky, my son has gun and bow hunted since he was 10. He just visited from college and bow hunted 2 of the 3 days he was here. My daughter has tagged along for rabbit and pheasant since she was 8. Both fish with me every chance they get also. One of my sons friends just completed his hunter safety course, he is 18 years old and just getting into it from tagging along with my son. The majority of my sons friends have no interest.
  8. I , like you am open minded but skeptical of theories myself. In my spare time(after the season/February) will also compare my previous logs. I believe there are many factors and none is a stand alone with the exception of a hot doe. I can’t hunt just when the charts say I should but will now compare them to the charts as best I can to see relativity. Two things I can say for sure though because I’ve noticed this correlation many many times. #1 Early morning hunts during a full moon SUCK! And #2 When the full moon rises an hour or so before the sun sets bucks seem to come from everywhere. These two constants seem to apply to fishing also
  9. Wow and I thought Whoopie Goldberg was fat
  10. As Rusty stated when the moon is overhead/underfoot coincides with early morning or late afternoon hunts the intensity should be best. For the major influence period look at what I circled on the picture. If I am ass backwards maybe Rusty could chime in and say that I am full of sh?? Also click the detail graph under what i circled and you get the full day rating
  11. Add this site to your phone, just added it to mine to track this stuff for the remainder of the year. Fun geeky deer hunter stuff LOL
  12. Interesting, maybe there should be chart on NJWW with overhead/ underfoot times to see if the jump in “buck down” posts coincide with those times or simply increase during those times. Would be interesting to compare with multiple hunters in multiple locations
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