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  1. without question I personally would not consider putting the mounts in a POD. Think along the lines if there's a delay in getting the POD to SC. Mounts are priceless.
  2. Yeah, No I'll pass. I cut my toenails on Thursday nights.
  3. tough to tell. hell of a buck though
  4. I tried Atsko a long time ago and even bought the light from them. It's nonsense and didn't so anything as far as UV killing. Even tried their unscented detergent leftover from the previous season was no longer unscented and couldn't be used and they said it was transferred over from another bottle. Switched to Tide and never looked back. Still have the black light collecting dust
  5. Good looking buck.
  6. The nerve...congestion pricing without the congestion, pathetic.
  7. Awesome fish. Congrats to your son.
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