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  1. Excellent subject line and great video.
  2. Does anyone know how the red sangria is at Seabra's Marisqueira?
  3. With all the threads you start on food and restaurant recommendations I'm surprised you're not a fat bastard!
  4. Could be worse, she could have been kicked down a flight of stairs and purse stolen. If she wasn't physically hurt all it amounts to is one big inconvenience. They'll be able to get a replacement card to her in a day, two tops.
  5. I'm going to try it this season. Pizza with mushrooms and broccoli. It won't be from Domino's, not even animals should eat that crap.
  6. OBJ and Josh Norman were two thugs in a street fight in that game. Coughlin should have managed that. Very poor reflection on the coaching staff. They should have dealt with it early on and they would have had a much more disciplined player. That would never have happened in NE. Belichick had the balls to sit Malcolm Butler in the Super Bowl.
  7. You say that like the Jets are in the playoffs every year. They never even compete for a playoff spot. I agree though that franchise is jinxed. Just like the Mets are but at least the they made it to the WS a few years back although it's a distant memory.
  8. They better get rid of that CEO before he runs them into the ground. Of course the severance for his failure will be a $25,000,000. buyout.
  9. Good riddance bitch. Overrated Diva that drops balls and has never played a full season. In fact, he started his NFL career injured missing the first 4-5 games. Surprised he didn't get injured in the commercial with Eli. What really turned me off for good with him was the dog peeing debacle in the end zone. He'll feel right at home in the Dawg Pound. As far as Jabrill Peppers is concerned the Giants had already passed on him in the draft. It would be cool to watch him play since he went to the same high school my daughters did. I'm hoping it really happens.
  10. Let's get this thread back on track which wasn't all that great to begin with. Negative vibes are not needed. Be happy.
  11. Sounds like premium is the NJH.com of NJ W&W.
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