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  1. I never went to Sportsman Center and I'm glad as I would never have tolerated that bullshit. I used to go to Harry's and then Cheyenne during the big event in August but haven't the last 3 years. It's run a run down there, about an hour. Got all my Big Game treestands from them.
  2. Bought my first bow (Hoyt) there a while back. Used to get the NYS hunting there too. Haven't been in a number of years but they used to have quite a bit and kept their shelves stocked.
  3. Just need the snow to melt and it should happen this week with 4 consecutive days in the 40s.
  4. I'm saddened to hear this and am sorry for your loss.
  5. Freshly caught and baked in the oven...delicious!
  6. Just keep your clothes on. You don't want to be one of those freaks caught on trailcams naked.
  7. Looks great. I ran out today and grabbed charcoal for grilling ribeyes tomorrow. Can't wait.
  8. It came up in conversation with a guy from work a few weeks ago. I didn't think anyone did it anymore but he's been doing it for years and says it makes a very big difference. Puts them on in November and off the end of March. For reference he is in his mid-40s.
  9. The larger impact at this point is the massive lack of acorns this season. Hopefully we get some warmer weather soon and melt the snow away.
  10. I think a change of name to MooseStalker420 is in order.
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