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  1. This is just preseason. Wait until they get older.
  2. At the very least you have yourself two great pictures.
  3. what they both said... BTW...welcome to the site.
  4. Fine by me if it took another 10 years
  5. BTW Fester, great picture. Love the way it's setup with everything else added with the woodcock. Impressive.
  6. IMO the Vets perspective has changed at least a few years back. They're in it for the money now. You can't walk into their office without them banging you. Mine wanted to do 3 x-rays this, that and the other thing and she died the same night at 1:00am. Just got the stool tested. She knew because the girl at the desk said to bring her in right away instead of waiting on the preferred Vet the next day when I told her what the symptom was. I wanted to avoid her because it's always a string of tests etc... It's a shame we as pet owners have to manage the care our pet receives not the vet because they'll get you as much as they can.
  7. Woodcock are tough to hit but since they don't usually fly far there is a decent chance at a 2nd flush. Grouse I also find very difficult to hit. They are rocket-powered.
  8. wow and still a ways to go.
  9. Lots of good fish there.
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