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  1. Gunsmoke

    Youth day 11 pointer success for rayna!

    That's awesome. Congrats!
  2. Gunsmoke

    Tom the butcher

    I've been to both and I will not go on here and criticize either. I will say for the deer I took to Tom this season I found myself in the dilemma of the afternoon hunt when you need to sit tight for 30 minutes, go searching as it gets dark, find it in really thick jungle like area, register it, go out the get the game cart and back in, snap some half-assed pics, field dress the deer, drag it by myself, pull it up on the hitch haul and drive 30 minutes and on two occasions he's taken it in at 10:00pm without mentioning it would be crushing to take it home and back again the next day since I'm over an hour away. There was once when he didn't but that's understandable since these guys are open and work long hours. I can tell you on my behalf that it's certainly appreciated cause it makes for a long day and at that point I just want to drop the deer off and get home, especially after missing dinner which in this case is a good problem to have. All it took was a call from the field letting him know I've found the deer and how long I think it takes to get there. That didn't sound like it was the norm but apparently he knows when to make an exception. I picked it up today and am expecting it to be like the others, no problem. If there is I will give him feedback directly.
  3. Gunsmoke

    Tom the butcher

    Tom is charging $85.00 this year.
  4. Gunsmoke

    Tagged out 09/19

    Congrats on a great day!
  5. Gunsmoke

    All done till permit

    Congrats on a real good one.
  6. Gunsmoke

    How’s the hunting in old bridge ?

    Nice. I've only shot grouse in Black River a long time ago.
  7. Gunsmoke

    How’s the hunting in old bridge ?

    Oh I don't know. Haven't hunted there is 30 years. Used to go off Jake Brown Road and would shoot quail, pheasant and rabbits.
  8. Gunsmoke

    Bushnell Trail cameras.

    I've had Bushnells for years and like everything about them except night time pictures which are always dark & grainy regardless of which model number. Of course this is when most pics are taken. It wasn't until I setup another camera almost directly across from it on the same trail that I realized I couldn't even tell it was some decent bucks passing through. That turned out to be the last straw.
  9. Gunsmoke

    9/15 hunting success!

    Job well done! Congrats to the both of you.
  10. Gunsmoke

    Quick Fall season

    Way to get it done. Congrats. Very good mass on the buck.
  11. Gunsmoke

    Scouted 50 Acres

    Good luck Joe. Keep us posted.
  12. Gunsmoke

    Gloucester County Velvet 10 point

    Congrats, got him just in time.
  13. Gunsmoke

    Brittanys: part two

    Don't take him to the Clinton range. They shoot slug guns and there's always someone there with a bazooka. Much louder than bird shot even at a distance.