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  1. Gunsmoke

    Special shotgun week buck

    Congrats on a job well done.
  2. Gunsmoke

    Trophy Tree

    Looks good.
  3. Gunsmoke

    Tonight's hunt

    cool video. Not too often you see a fox stationary for that long. Too bad it had mange.
  4. Gunsmoke

    Good 8 down boys!! (and ladies)

  5. Gunsmoke

    Finally got one during six day.....

    Aren't you supposed to have a doe permit specifically for a Toyota to hit one?
  6. Gunsmoke

    Nice Ohio 6 Point

    That's an old beast.
  7. Gunsmoke

    My Brother In Law's PA Buck

    Very nice buck.
  8. Gunsmoke

    RIP Dad 1935-2018

    very sorry for your loss.
  9. Gunsmoke

    Big Buck down

    Very very nice, congrats!
  10. Gunsmoke

    A couple of bucks from today

    very nice.
  11. Gunsmoke

    Loosing my best friend

    It's unbelievably difficult...
  12. They should take a good look at why they grossed nearly 2 billion less than last year's 3rd quarter cause it sure as hell wasn't hunting related. Maybe just a fraction.
  13. Gunsmoke

    Dash Cam

    Nothing to do with you getting older...CLEARLY there are a lot more selfish assholes driving these days.
  14. Gunsmoke

    More Rain !!!

    The weather has sucked the entire year.