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  1. Just maxed out on feeding. Life is still good for them at this time.
  2. Nope, I ran into him on Sunday night. PM sent.
  3. Well I for one will not congratulate your friend...not again anyway, since I already did in person. Magnificent buck! What's not completely visible from this solo shot is some junk like nubs and a 2nd kicker. One of the tines has a hole in it too. Lots of character. It's a buck of a lifetime.
  4. Keep those trailcam photos in mind when you walk in or out in the dark and no moon.
  5. Congrats, way to go out in style.
  6. Jesus those yotes must have some wolf genes. Boy are they big.
  7. Squirrels and chipmunks gone wild but no deer movement...yet!
  8. Gunsmoke

    Dig deep

    Those hikes are insane. It's a gang-bang if you drive. First the gas tax goes up for the 3rd time and now the tolls. Murphy is a POS.
  9. tough to judge with the shade on his left side but looks like and old one.
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