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  1. I'm planning to slip out of work early this afternoon and sit for the last 1 1/2 hours. The target buck dropped an antler but who knows what might come through.
  2. Ring on the exterior part of the house never the interior based on the video with the hacker spooking a teenage boy in the house. That was creepy.
  3. They did switch over a year ago but I was referring to the Quicksilver card by Cap One as being my main card now.
  4. The Cabelas card used to be my main card but its been a few years since that was the case. I let my daughter hold and use it lightly, I switched to Capital one which offers 1.5% and that allows me the freedom to spend it anywhere and not just an overpriced outdoor store.
  5. Permits are valid for the season while a license is for the calendar year.
  6. nice offer High Guy. Good luck on your move.
  7. Gunsmoke

    New hunting rig

    how long before your hunting stuff is for sale?
  8. I used to go to the one in Hamburg and make it an overnight and take the family and I'd go back the next back the next day too. 1 1/2 hours on my trip to Colorado. It's a shame as I was like a kid on Christmas morning checking out the the mounts etc...
  9. The last year or so I struggle to find things to buy at Cabelas online. I was out last fall at their store in Colorado and walked out without buying anything. That's something that would have been impossible the previous 17 years. The problem was to try and control the spending from being too much. It has lost the WOW! factor for me.
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