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  1. You're just wasting our time without pictures.
  2. Damn. One for both the front and back door.
  3. Theee Darren Doran...good friend to have. Very knowledgeable and provides great insight. Could to talk to him for hours about deer hunting.
  4. That's what I tell everyone in my family, however, when you have low-life douchebag it might not make the difference as was the case with my daughter's accident last week and you have a Lodi Police Officer that simply writes down the statements of both drivers and does nothing when it's obvious of the two drivers is driving. Even fails to tell my daughter the other drivers said she sideswiped him even though he admitted to her before the cops arrived that it was his fault. And I had instructed my daughter to offer him going outside of insurance so his rates don't go up. One word....KARMA! Glad you didn't get hurt. Once it's established nobody is hurt snap a picture of the other car's plate incase the other driver decides to change his/her mind and get cute and take off. Always call the cops and file a police report. You don't always have to file a claim with the insurance company. Always stay out of harm's way even if in the shoulder stay on the other side of the guardrail because a bad situation can get worse.
  5. Gunsmoke

    Wife Did It Again!!!!

    a boat load more of dinner threads on the way...
  6. Great buck, what state?
  7. too bad the guys running the operation are jerks.
  8. I don't either, still scratching my head on that one. Welcome to the site. Things will quickly settle down and you'll find a great bunch of guys and gals on the site.
  9. It's basically become some weird-ass ritual for this site that catmen come out of the woodwork to greet new members. Let's hope the site doesn't start to take on a Village People type vibe.
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