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  1. She's a cutie. Best of luck with her.
  2. and still in velvet. Congrats on a very nice buck!
  3. Jones was spineless giving all that money to Elliot with 2 years remaining on his contract. We can't piss off these young kids, God forbid.
  4. The Hellrazors leave a 1 1/4"channel through the deer. I've never had one not be a complete pass-through. I've never examined the fur really but once I shot a 3 1/2 year old buck center-punched through both shoulders shooting a 330 fps crossbow at 30 yards.
  5. I've used the Hellrazors which are basically identical to G5 for a number of years and gave them up last year because of lack blood trail. Unbelievably strong and very sharp. Could punch through anything and come out looking like it just came out of a package. Almost always you'll see or hear them drop. Unfortunately if you don't, you're in big trouble because for whatever reason there is virtually no blood trail at all. Unfortunately, yesterday I was reminded of this.
  6. I used to fish off the Manasquan jetty in my 20s and even times off of the very end on those cement castings. Caught a tuna once. It had to be God looking over me...
  7. Best of luck with her. Looks like a classic beagle.
  8. Personally I don't like the full moon. There always seems to be less activity.
  9. Very nice quail video. I was a young lad the last time I busted a covey of quail.
  10. Not judging by any means but personally I wouldn't shoot a crossbow without a device to prevent a dry-fire. At some point it's doing to happen even if the bolt is not seated all the way in next to the string. Glad to hear you weren't seriously hurt.
  11. Weather-wise tomorrow looks to be a banner day to get out if you're a POS poaching scumbag.
  12. Damn big one. Personally I never had any luck baiting a standing cornfield with corn.
  13. Good luck getting after him.
  14. Well then you have no choice...She's gotta go!
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