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  1. This looks good......the Deplorables are donating Washington Examiner Historic: Trump set to raise record $2 billion for reelection, 4-times 2016 Jul 8, 2019 · Republican donor enthusiasm is reaching new levels more than a year before the presidential ... The amounts will also be high as a result of the joint fundraising by Trump Make America Great ..
  2. If the normal dems were smart, they should abandon the Democratic Party and begin fresh. Call it the patriotic common sense party with a strong platform to protect the constitution and American values.
  3. If true , I want tick reparations for all lyme victims.
  4. Are the members of Antifa anti American? Or how about La Raza? How about Black Lives Matter? Or Bernie Sanders who calls himself a socialist, which is a cover for communism. AOC and her squad are anti american and should removed. Face it, the dems are ill.
  5. How about ms13 illegals arrested in CA. Cutting out hearts of victims. Very cool stuff. Let's see if dems still keep licking illegal alien butt. LA Raza!!
  6. Didn't we hear all this stuff back in the 60s....love it or leave it. I love being a deplorable racist.
  7. Did AOC and me too racist separatists address this violence? https://www.buzzfeednews.com/article/briannasacks/ice-detention-attack-killed-washington-antifa-manifesto
  8. That is a me too squad turd from AOC and her anti American dems.
  9. Permits! Who needs stink'n permits? We are a Santuary state....no rules to follow for our elected officials or aliens.
  10. Old Milwaukee! IPAs are total waste of cash.
  11. I hope the purple hair gal does some porn. Rainbow porn for her with Nike gear on!
  12. Check those hands out on the rainbow flag....nice and soft. I wonder what moisturizer he uses.
  13. Our neighborhood box turtles love them.
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