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  1. Batsto

    A real cute one

    Here is couple of her new pals.
  2. Batsto

    A real cute one

    Nope! She runs like the wind.
  3. Batsto

    A real cute one

    One of our hunting pals picked up a new pup in late spring. She is a lovely French Britany at 6 1/2 months old. Today was her second time out and we were able to get her on point twice and very lucky to put both birds down.
  4. Batsto

    Sorry for my dog

    He is still young. It sounds like he gets over stimulated and loses focus. Try to put your pup in hunting situations with less hunters and dogs. It's difficult, but don't get frustrated, keep it simple, keep reinforcing the basics and maintain Patience and Persistence!
  5. Now all the kids can relax and get to drinking and Juuling Yo!
  6. You are absolutely correct! I bet they don't want to pay overtime or they are under staffed. Some schools use kids for local projects and call it community service. Working kids for cheap.
  7. Batsto

    Snow and Sleet birds

    Wow Bones! 3 stops in one day. Bevan is a mystery this year. Seems like some bad math or releasing areas changed.
  8. Trespasser looks like Bloodline character, Norbert Leo Butz.
  9. Batsto

    Shoulder Injury?

    Sounds like Tendonitis. Take 2 Aleve in morning and 2 more at Dinner for one week. Do some arm/shoulder stretches. If it seems improved, hit the gym and do light hand held bar bells to get full range of motion.
  10. Batsto

    Snow and Sleet birds

    I can't believe we are getting snow, sleet and rain mix down here in S. Jersey before Turkey Day.
  11. Batsto

    CZ supreme field 28 gauge

    Nice! You can carry that gun all day. Woodcock killer!
  12. Maybe it's rolled up Taylor Ham?
  13. Batsto

    Weird Ground Blind Find

    Small game hunter messing with you or the jersey devil was snacking. The poor critter was probably looking for sanctuary to die.
  14. I was thinking a compass, but no one uses them. Maybe GPS device or a camera disk card??? Might be a snack....cheese cracker or carrot.
  15. Looks like he is scouting on his lunch hour. Maybe he was working nearby. What's that thing in his left hand or is that some type of photo reflection?