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  1. We took our kids there and now our grandkids. Super clean and perfect for little ones.
  2. Batsto


    Politicians have too much free time to eat with friends.
  3. Agree, but there is not many check in stations. Maybe the local police stations should check turkey tags. They have secretary help and the state will not have to pay outside merchants.
  4. If I was a deviant dem, I head for cover. This John Durham is a pit bull attorney. His resume is superior regarding missteps with crooked law enforcement. He is the guy who got Whitey Bolger in Boston , exposed Mueller and FBI cover ups that sent 4 innocent men to prison. Barr is also pulling in special CIA investigators to go after foreign and domestic individuals who falsified information regarding Trump. The dems wanted collusion to overthrow Trump, but now they have a legal war. Paybacks are a bitch.
  5. Please stop! He put everything in print. Mueller will look like fool if contradicts his own investigation. Really if the dems were smart they drop everything and try to win the election.
  6. Thanks for the replies gentlemen.
  7. I have never hunted D period. Is hunting PM turkeys similar to deer hunting? Hunker down where there is sign and wait for afternoon feeding/heading to roost. Do they respond to some light calling or is silence the best option?
  8. Let's see how the deviant dems and the liberal media take China's side in the trade war.
  9. Trump has totally exposed the swamp.
  10. It's amazing how Barr has the deviant dems going crazy with the so-called constitutional crisis and how about how they protect that Muslim Congressional rep as she promotes racism against Israel and Jewish citizens. Read your History and how the Palestinians worked with Hitler to kill the Jews.
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