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  1. The few spots that we hunt in pines usually have late season Black Ducks, but not this year. I did see one black duck all season. I can be wrong, but I think geese have gone nocturnal. I guess they stay in fields longer with the warm weather.
  2. Can these Sanctuary Liberal Democrats be held accountable as accessories to murder? https://www.nydailynews.com/new-york/queens/ny-queens-elderly-rape-murder-20200114-lpykf5pytzcddjrhns2xk4olhy-story.html
  3. Went out yesterday and didn't see a duck or goose. We saw a ton of Robbins on a beautiful day. Super still waters!
  4. Send them to the cooler! Very progressive? https://pjmedia.com/trending/bombshell-video-shows-bernie-sanders-field-organizer-advocating-for-riots-and-gulags/
  5. 835, 3.5 long beards and a Kicks Choke
  6. Brat! Scary that she wins awards and people listen to a temperature tantrum. She reminds of squad members of the deviant Dems. Adolescent behavior!
  7. Zero! Deviant/liberal media. How about those riots in Iran. Trump is right again.
  8. The guy is everywhere. Crowd gives Trump and Melania a fantastic reception with chants of USA. Sounds and looks like the deviant dems and their articles of impeachment backed fired.
  9. Took a walk at our Turkey spot and found some sign. I guess the warm weather has them on the move.
  10. I order 99% of ammo from Sport man's Guide. Delivery is fast.
  11. I had a similar situation with a refrigerator from a local appliance store, Lakes Appliance in Medford. The new fridge was so loud and I told them to take it back and put my old one back. The dam thing was so loud it sounded like a small plane. They came with 3 others that were dented or scratched. It took me almost 75 days to get a normal refrigerator. Before the last one was delivered, the store Mgr called me to come to store for inspection. I told him my quality control fee was 300 dollars. The guy laughed at me and I told him I will be there in 5 mins. When I got there he was gone.
  12. Pentagon is saying Russian Sur face to Air Missiles were used by mistake to take down Ukrainian jet. Let's have some liberal ass kissing of Moslems. It makes liberals feel good. And deviant democrats want to handcuff the President with new rules on War Powers Act. The single most important thing the Federal Government is responsible for is to protect our citizens and deviant dems want restrictions. Dems have Shit for Brains!
  13. Did you like the new version of 310 to Yuma or the Glen Ford oldie? In a few years we will be cursing all those Eagles. They kill everything.
  14. No me! Voting for a deviant is retarded behavior.
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