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  1. Batsto

    Be American Buy American

    This may be a dumb question, but is there a difference in iron quality from USA and other iron producing natons?
  2. Will illegal aliens pay these possible new fees? We don't need no stinken rules amigo.
  3. I guess Murphy hasn't checked the resent surge in our national economy which has been helped the Trump Tax cuts.
  4. Batsto

    Phillie Phanatic!

    Here she is! Very funny...... https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/Flying-Hot-Dog-Phillies-Woman-Injury--486084621.html
  5. Batsto

    Buy Now!

    Gov Murphy is smiling!
  6. Batsto

    Phillie Phanatic!

    Phillies won! They have won 3 series in a row. They have some nice players, but need some power on the corners.
  7. Batsto

    Learn to swim programs?

    Very sad story. I was a lifeguard in my younger days. It doesn't take much. Those sand bar currents can be tricky. Our school district cut spring swim lessons/learn to swim program a few years ago. The Superintendent said it was a loss of instructional time and the cut would save money.
  8. Batsto

    Phillie Phanatic!

    One of the best mascots in all of Pro Sports. At game with my lovely wife and grandchild.
  9. Batsto

    Learn to swim programs?

    Our local schools should offer a learn to swim program the last few weeks of school. Walk or bus over to local swim club for lessons. All lessons can be taught by a certified lifeguard or phy. Ed teachers. Schools waste time at the end of year. Swim lessons would be great excercise and teach a life long skill.
  10. Batsto

    Learn to swim programs?

    Just taking an informal survey.......there seems to be up tick in drownings the last few years. Does your local school offer a learn to swim program for elementary students? Some schools used to take elementary students to local town pools to teach swim basics. The program was used the last few days of schools, which was a cool idea and it may save a life.
  11. Cool information! Gotta love Turtles. The bog turtle is now protected like illegal aliens.
  12. Batsto

    Activist Approaches Fisherman

    He need a 2x4 up his anus. I wonder if he is a liberal democrat?
  13. Batsto

    storm now

    Cool! Maybe Trenton will wash away.
  14. He was a lucky dude they saved him! It's amazing how the Vikings and other past adventurers would travel the high seas.