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  1. Pancreatic cancer is a real killer. My mom died from pancreatic cancer. Ginsburg should have retired months ago, maybe years ago. She stayed due to hatred. Her selfish actions now have hurt our nation with more unnecessary turmoil. We will need the supreme court in full operation as the deviant dems are advising Biden not to concede when he looses to Trump. Get set for more riots from the deviants!
  2. Joe Biden is sniffing that right now!
  3. Don’t drive yourself crazy. Take it to Winters and he may tell you what is causing problem and you can order part or have him fix it. Those A300s are super guns! My son in law has one.
  4. Slow Joe! https://meaww.com/joe-biden-trolled-plays-despacito-at-hispanic-heritage-month-latino-vote-cringe-luis-fonsi-lyrics
  5. Good luck with everything. Sometimes you have to be aggressive and be your own healthcare advocate
  6. Who is the Lady on the front over? I like her over and under.!
  7. Sad, has anyone worked farm machines? Those harvest machines are loud.
  8. Those replacements are amazing. The hip replacement robots that assist the surgeon are super. They give you your life back to remain active. Good luck with the rehab!!
  9. Good luck with everything!!! What type of hip surgery?
  10. Fun trivia! The Nobel Prizes were created by Alfred Nobel, who happens to be the inventor of dynamite. Where are the prizes in Economic Sciences, Physics, Chemistry, Medicine and Literature awarded? Answer: Stockholm, Sweden The only prize that is not awarded in Stockholm is the Peace Prize, which is awarded in Oslo, Norway. The Nobel Prizes started in 1901, five years after Alfred Nobel's death. Nobel, in his last will, wrote that all his fortune was to be divided in five parts, which would be used for the five categories of the prizes, "for those who, during the prece
  11. The NBA is done. They should move the league to China.
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