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  1. Billy Joel can still sing? I saw him back in 1976 at Rider College.
  2. Blame it on March Madness.....another fine individual that is giving us true diversity at so many levels. Give the scholarships to Americans not foreigners. https://www.illegalaliencrimereport.com/senegalese-basketball-player-facing-possible-deportation-after-slapping-woman-threatening-her-with-a-knife/
  3. Get enough bug spray and tick repellent.
  4. No corn syrup in that snow drift! Cool photo.
  5. Here you go..... https://tech.newstatesman.com/business/google-chinese-military-pentagon
  6. I just hesrd all the scum of Camden is migrating northward for free cash. This free cash idea may be good. All crap moves north to the land of milk and honey
  7. I have an idea deviant Dems, let's get some more gun laws on the law abididing taxpayers so criminals can have more firepower. https://patch.com/new-jersey/collingswood/s/gnlkv/ghost-gun-ring-sold-untraceable-ar-15s-in-camden-county-cops?utm_source=alert-breakingnews&utm_medium=email&utm_term=weather&utm_campaign=alert
  8. If a Deviant Democrat wins in 2020 that's what all our nuts will look like.
  9. Pot is coming! Legalization of dope will pay for it. NJ will be a tax free utopia. Pot is coming!!!
  10. OSCAR WILLIAMS NEWS EDITOR BUSINESS Google’s work in China “indirectly benefits” Chinese military, says Pentagon chief 18TH MARCH 2019 One of the Pentagon’s most senior officials has criticised Google’s work in China, warning that the partnership “indirectly benefits” the rising superpower’s military forces. Speaking at a meeting of the Senate Armed Services Committee on Thursday, chair of the joint chiefs of staff, Joseph Dunford, said he watched with “concern when industry partners work in China knowing there is that indirect benefit”. “And frankly, ‘indirect’ may not be a full characterisation of the way it really is,” he added. “It’s more of a direct benefit to the Chinese military.” His remarks came just months after Google pulled out of a Pentagon project after employees resigned in protest over the work. The project, known as Maven, saw Google provide artificial intelligence services to the Pentagon, sparking fears the technology could be used for lethal purposes. The application of AI in the military contexts is a controversial topic, but the US Army is already using the technology to enable tanks to fire autonomously. While many of Google’s services are banned in China, the tech giant has an AI research centre in the country and was reported last year to be working on a censored search engine. The revelation prompted protests around the world (pictured), amid fears the partnership contradicted the company’s original motto, “Do no evil.” Google claimed to have closed down the project, but the Intercept reported earlier this month that rogue employees were investigating whether work was ongoing. Commenting on Google’s work with the US government, chief executive Sundar Pichai told Congress in December: “As an American company, we cherish the values and freedoms that have allowed us to grow and serve so many users. I am proud to say we do work, and we will continue to work, with the government to keep our country safe and secure.”
  11. Read this.......Scary! https://www.gunsamerica.com/digest/hunt365-duck-hunt-turns-fatal/?utm_source=email&utm_medium=20190318_BlogDigest_321&utm_campaign=/digest/hunt365-duck-hunt-turns-fatal/
  12. That really good. What company? Is that for one TV?
  13. Work 4 days get paid for 5! They want keep good employees and attract new ones in a tight market to find workers. Maybe it's time to reduce welfare benefits.
  14. Batsto

    Big East Basketball

    Yes, they should be called the Big East Christian conference that actually does a real nice job of getting their kids to graduate. What a great game last night. Seton Hall may be the fastest team in the nation. Super Quick!!! Villanova plays has defensive schemes and plays total team ball. Jay Wright is a fine coach.
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