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  1. He is with the program.....it's called the gravy train. Liberals love him.
  2. A lot of folks say they didn't vote for him. How did he win? Democratic voter fraud?
  3. Batsto

    CZ Over and Under 20 Gauge

    My son in law picked up a cz 20 guage over and under with double triggers. I think it's called a Mallard. Nice gun. I like the looks of their Sharptail sxs.
  4. Get the blinders off!
  5. NY Times is reporting Trump is a Russian agent. It's the SFB syndrome with the Anti-American/Trump/Dems. Where is the accountability for media?
  6. Let's all party in Puerto Rico? https://www.foxnews.com/politics/democrats-fly-to-puerto-rico-amid-ongoing-government-shutdown
  7. Name him Billy after a great Seminole Indian chief....Billy Bowlegs
  8. Batsto

    Your Choice for President !

    I say we should elect 3 women that are stay at home moms. I bet in 2 weeks we have a balanced budget and a wall.
  9. I was in the game! Did it for 36 Yrs. Can't compare undergrad with MBA or post grad work. Grad Schools like Rutgers Law is a fine law school but hands out money to attract students. Camden is a hard sell, but like I said it's a good school. I suggested Rutgers Camden to my son in law to get his MBA. With his work benefits and the reduced tuition cost, he went cheap. Plus, these schools are really making some cash on the online education programs, which has really dumbed down the overall educational standards.
  10. Oh really, and what do you say when the dean of admissions says, I have 2000 other applicant's waiting for a spot. Like I said, get ready for sticker shock.
  11. If you economically deprived you will get loans, scholarships and etc. But if you have a double income and don't match quota numbers you will pay.
  12. A perfect score for math and verbal on SATs is 1600. My daughter scored 1480, involved, Natl Honor Society and etc and received min scholarship money. She was accepted at Penn, Boston College, Nova and Rutgers. She would have got a little more money from Rutgers, but she went to Villanova. Get ready to take a big hi unless you fit the quota system.
  13. Your kids better be poor, foreigners or a minority to obtain any scholarship of any substance.