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  1. You would be amazed what will get picked up on trash day for a hundred bucks
  2. So 28" barrels Mike? I got 250 if nobody takes it. Looks like ringtail may be interested. Let me know by pm. Busy week.
  3. Very simple, without all the March bullshit. Come Christmas, wait for your trash pick up company, and just hand a card, or just with a C- note, never a problem again.
  4. Just got back, finally saw antler's, only problem was he popped out at 530. Not a monster but a 8. Put the scope on him, all I needed was 5 more minutes of shooting time. Great sit!
  5. Have a killer instinct, dead on, great trigger, I am happy with it for sure. No trigger recall, no busted limbs. Be safe, have fun and good luck fellas!
  6. It was a shit show this morning fellas!
  7. Pull it at 137-140 yes, let sit 10 minutes before slicing and you are at the 145-150, medium
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