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  1. Nothing but doe and little ones Mike, no antler's at all
  2. I'm in Z15, wind still blowing good, good luck all out!
  3. Big thank-you goes out to Chris Sr. and Chris Jr. at World Class Taxidermy in Jackson. Went with the McKenzie 64D to help show the claw and mass.
  4. Good luck guy's, gonna sit this afternoon
  5. I'm gonna go with total pieces of sh*t!
  6. Just reading this now, gotta say I've been from Edison, to Keyport, to Freehold and since 1100 hours it's been raining, hope we hear about a early recovery!
  7. Congrats Liv2....smart move backing out......well done!
  8. I would of let it rip....in a safe direction of course....just to get at least a hello....WTF is wrong with people?
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