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  1. Ya gotta try some 3-2-1 ribs. Goggle it
  2. I don't use them anymore The thought of falling for whatever reason and hitting a couple on the way down scares me alittle.
  3. Agree Everything on my trager comes out juicey without ever injecting anything. I'm sure the pit boss is the same
  4. 28+ days on the ground as an egg is a long time to hide from coons, fox, skunks, opossums, crows, etc.etc. and then ....
  5. Enjoy your independence day. I've got 3-2-1 Ribs on the grill, Yum!
  6. I was thinking about, never went before. With the new Marijuana laws, it should be interesting.
  7. With a name like that, He's destined to be a trapper Congrats once again.
  8. Nope Just a double furrel conectiin
  9. Good eyes Jay That's exactly what it is I slip the loop thru the buckle and over the hooks and I'm set, takes about 2 seconds
  10. Just a scrap piece of aluminum 'J' channel, and a 1/4 - 20 nut.
  11. Well shit, wish I knew this when I saw you earlier , I might of given you a big birthday kiss.
  12. You can still sit in your stand and wait for a deer to walk by. And help turkeys. All you have to do is say Yes when someone asks to trap your land. Let an experienced trapper do the work for you. The number one reason I get denied trapping rights is from hunters not wanting me to interfere with their hunting. You guys do,it to,yourselves. Allow trapping on your land. Don't complain to landowners for allowing trappers on the property I get more hassles from hunters then animal rights fanatics. As a matter of fact, I've never been hassled by animal lovers. BUT I've lost land because of hunters.
  13. gobblergetter


    I made a post but got no response, kinda scary when you think about
  14. Never, ever forget what those men did.
  15. I love the song of the thrushes but their arrival every spring always seems to signal a lull in gobbleing
  16. I worked in the trades for 10 years before I knew there were sawzalls manufactured by any company other then Milwaukee. You just couldn't kill them old metal Sawzalls with the lightning bolts on them
  17. Congrats Sounds like a good season
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