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  1. They become more then just family. They are ALWAYS happy to see you. Sorry for your loss
  2. Thanks guys It sure feels good to be 49 Again!
  3. Saw many dead deer in Hackettstown last weekend and black vultures galore. Stench was strong. I've also been smelling the funk around water in Hope (Warren cnty)
  4. No I did not. Never even saw sign. Ryan caught a Bobcat but the Fisher remain elusive.
  5. The NJ Trappers association only has one class a year and it's a good one. Furharvesters are running another class on the last weekend in Oct. at the Hackettstown fish hatchery. I assist in that one also. I believe registration is still open
  6. Just wait till you're gutting a deer and they start circling you and howling. It happened to me once....only once....trapping season opened soon after.
  7. Mother nature's airforce ain't getting though to me. Its Tree time
  8. Good luck to the boys and girls that took the two day trappers ed course at Hackettstown this weekend. The weather was great for the entire course and lots of critters were caught, skinned and stretched. I hope you were able to absorb it all and get a good start on an outdoor activity that is both enjoyable and beneficial to All wildlife. Here's some pics...
  9. I have this site on my turkey gun and love it GLWS
  10. You never cease to amaze me. Your on a roll.
  11. Good stuff right there !
  12. Nice job Jay. Quite the improvement.
  13. 7mm Remington Magnum Is what I've used for Elk and Caribou Love it. The gun shoots better then I can shoot it.
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