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  1. Im actually buying them to cut up deer, so if the blade is thicker than it will probably work alittle better...I only butcher 2-3 deer a year so these should work just fine ...
  2. Pretty good deal I think, sale starts Monday I'm definitely ordering one of these knife sets....everything in the picture for $20, looks like a copy of the bubba blade but for the price of these vs. a bubba blade I'm going to give it a try.. anyone try these by chance , opinion?
  3. It's a Go Girl! Lmao I got one for my wife a few years ago
  4. Your not kidding, Ive paid more to hunt Ohio and came home empty handed
  5. Gave it a try in zone 2 but after being up for over 48 hours i fell asleep against the tree in minutes so I called it and went home ..I'm off a few days next week so I'll be back at it...and they lied about no power for 2-3 days! Power is back on when I got home so that's great news
  6. Power went out yesterday but came back on in the afternoon and then out again lastnight now I just found out we won't get our power back on for 2-3 days here in Sussex..greatttt It's is beautiful but such a pain in the ass
  7. I just picked one up last week thinking I'm going to need it yesterday and today..this is what I got, never used one and just picked something with good reviews...paid $23 for it and I had a $10 gift card so it actually cost me $13...will try it next week too
  8. Power came back on for a little while then back out again, their saying it won't be back on till around noon tomorrow.. wife's got the generator cranking and I'm still at work since 6 am yesterday, we have the roads opened up but still a few trees down and alittle clean up left so looks like I'll be able to go home at 6 am tomorrow just in time sit sit home all day with the kids since schools closed already.
  9. Got the call an hour ago to be at work for 6 a.m and get salters ready so looks like I'll be working for 24+ hours..won't make the stand on monday but I'll be on stand all day Tuesday ( if I can keep my eyes open haha)
  10. Haha, having the same problem in one spot ...something is eating all the bait out of the dp but not setting it off
  11. Lol I know guys who tried that and never ends well for them. unfortunately it's part of our contract we must be available, we used to not even be able to take vacation time from November to March but they got more lenient with it over the years . plus I'd be crazy to pass up overtime to sit in a stand with still 2 months of hunting left
  12. There goes my opening day, if we get that much snow I'll be called to work for salting/plowing butttt I'm off Tuesday and with fresh snow on the ground and after the storm it should be good ! ( Risk I take every year by taking vacation time this time of the year, o well )
  13. I just said to my wife we should of defrosted some meat and made jerky today too but o well didn't think of it lastnight...waiting and hoping this rain clears out early enough so I can go move a stand , if it don't by like 2:30 then I guess I'll be getting a wet ass because today is the only day I got time to go move that stand before muzzeloader .
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