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  1. Psehunter


    I'm in vernon to was actually going to post about the same thing. Have not seen any yet
  2. Lol 🤣 I did stop scrolling down...it got me ,I feel stupid but now everyone knows how I feel about banning lures ,umbrella rig example. I though that's where that was going lol oops
  3. Yup I do use it and it works good but come on how is it a unfair advantage to anglers that cant use that brand , isn't it part of who's got the better sponsor with better baits. I donno I hate the banning of artificial baits just because they are affective or because their not what others are sponcered by.
  4. I did and they don't do residential anymore but they pasted my info to another company that company came to give me a quote
  5. Haha that's funny you mentioned johnny, he was here and gave me a quote last week...I liked him the most and his quote is at the top of my quote pile right now. He's middle of the pack in price too . Thank you for your input definitely helped me and I will let him know you mentioned him.
  6. Lol no definitely don't but unfortunately sometimes it's only way to find someone when you do t have any direct contacts, that's why I'm on here picking guys brains about who they used or recommend
  7. Wondering why? They seem to have really good reviews .
  8. Cosh is 2 miles up the road from me and I called them 2 weeks ago, no call back as of yet.
  9. No rip out the old and replace with new + some areas I've extended over the years that are still dirt.
  10. Just wondering if any members on here have used them? Guy gave me a price and it's a great price but from some hard lesson learned in the past sometimes the cheapest isn't the best option. The guys $5k-$6k cheaper then most of my other quotes and that had me a little concerned but at the same time it's making my decision to go with someone who's say $5k more then harder to choose since to me $5k is a big nut. I've read some o their reviews and for the most part there good but there is a few negative and those negative seem to be all the same and that he went too thin with the asphalt. Any inp
  11. Selling my minn kota maxxum bow mount motor. 70lb thrust. It works and everything on it is in good shape . Normal wear on it. Asking $400 obo. No trades. Located 07461.
  12. No I'm not, that's all my wood. I'm stocked up about 3 years in advance haha.
  13. That pile is about 6' high hahaha
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