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  1. Damn, poor guy had a spinal stroke that left him paralyzed , survived cancer and then dies in a car accident..rip , I liked his shows
  2. X2 on the watershed...no need for baiting here imo. Plenty of them in there
  3. Psehunter

    deer flies

    I've too have had a shit load of then around this year.. Alot more than past years..it sucks to be in the pool once the sun starts to set and forget about going for a hike. I tried with my son this past weekend and just couldnt do it, turned back around let then a 1/4 mile in.
  4. Pline in 6- 25lb on all my rods from spinning to baitcasters...love the new tactical florocarbon
  5. Bowhunter gave it away for me, I spotted it right away lol
  6. Never been but my wife's birthday is next week so might take her there hmmmm..thanks Rusty, I'll let you know if we go and what we think of it
  7. We got alot of rain in Sussex, I just ran out to drain 10" out if my pool, it was over flowing the sides
  8. Looks like the berry but different type of leaf so not sure
  9. I'll have my wife try one first
  10. I have these growing in my yard and what wondering what kind of bush it is? Can you eat the berries ?? I can't seem to find exactly the same thing online, some look like it but I don't think it is.
  11. That's a good one , I gota remember that lol
  12. My dad don't say much , pretty quite guy all you get every so often is " I gota hit the head "
  13. Psehunter

    Fire stick

    Lol I have 3 of them and my wife did the same shit , when you break them you can stream more movies for free ( kinda like back in the day when you got the box for your cable)
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