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  1. Psehunter

    Maine Moose...

    Good luck! Can't wait to see some pictures
  2. Psehunter

    Don't be like me....WARNING, Graphic Pic

    Dammm that hurts to just look at...I too got hit all over my head this year when I moved a branch against the back of my neck to hold it out of my way while I painted my fence and I didnt realize that there was a hornets nest on the branch the size of a soft ball...
  3. Psehunter

    Smoked Deer Ham

    Looks great!!
  4. Psehunter

    Broken to my core

    Very sorry to hear! Stay strong and I hope it all goes well in the end! Sounds exactly like what one of my buddies daughter is going through with her ears too.
  5. Psehunter

    Cranberry or Hopatcong?

    Thanks Jack ! We probably going to cranberry, I would imagine less of a crowed this time of year
  6. Psehunter

    Cranberry or Hopatcong?

    Yea I get that Jack , if I was going alone or with a buddy then yes we definitely would be going to Hopatcong but I'm taking my 4 year old so we will be free lining minnows and worms on a bobber for whatever bites the fish isn't the dilemma ,it's more of dealing with croweds. Both places will have people out just trying to think what lake will have less where I don't have to stand on the trolling motor all day to keep us in place
  7. My son wants to get out on the boat and do alittle fishing this afternoon so I want to stay close to home. It's been a few years since I've been to Hopatcong or cranberry.. anyone been out or past either? Summer crowed should have slowed up but with it being hot today just can't make up my mind what lake to hit , what lake you guys think will have less boat traffic today? I don't think I've ever been to cranberry this late into the session so not sure what it's like with the boats
  8. Psehunter

    Gut shot backing out - all on film

    Very good move! I lost my biggest jersey buck because I didn't leave him overnight and just kept pushing him ..then when I did get a tracking dog I pushed way too far and even the dog couldn't find him....that's a dead deer, you'll find him in the a.m!
  9. Psehunter

    Gloucester County Velvet 10 point

    Congrats, great looking deer
  10. This guy got more posts in a blank topic then guys who have e killed Giants and posted pictures of them! I'm not posting pictures anymore either hahaha
  11. Great looking deer, congrats!!
  12. Psehunter

    If I had some dry firewood....

    I keep my house at 63 all winter anyway so this is nice hahaha...I am itching to try out my new stove though but it can wait till hopefully November
  13. Psehunter

    Damn EAB

    This is another reason why I don't do eab, haha I always say it if I where to go that would be the day a giant buck will walk right in front of me..
  14. Psehunter

    Smoothbore 20 gauge as a good all-around gun?

    I use my wife's 20ga. youth model Mossberg all the time with the smooth bore on it and I've killed plenty of deer with it....I usually take this gun when I go for a walk in the thick shit, it makes it much easier to carry and it's alot lighter then any of my guns....her gun is the combo but I never put the slug barrel on ,it's mostly a buck shot gun ( she has an H&R 20 for slugs) ...I also use this gun for squirrels and rabbits...can tho wrong with a 20 but as far as shooting slugs out of it, if you find a RIFLED slug that shoots good then go for it. Rifled slugs are fairly cheap too so give it a go Don't forget though, you need to have some type of iron sights if you shoot slugs from a smooth bore. The bead on the end of the barrel is not legal for slugs
  15. Psehunter

    Eab down