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  1. Man you brought back memories with this post! I grew up in Garfield and we we used to fish for them all the time in the Passaic River and Dahnerts Lake. We used chicken livers and fished for them at dusk. Now I'm going to have to get my son out hahaha
  2. I got them and all the guys I work with got them too
  3. That's an example of mental illness imo
  4. Sorry for your loss. I know the pain
  5. I would of gotten one going last night too if I didn't already clean my stove and flu
  6. It paid for out of state license. Covered gas and entry plus left me with $100 in my pocket so no not bad.
  7. 1st was 16.95 2nd was 13.34 3rd was 12.04 ( I took 3rd)
  8. Fished a tournament on Lake Lillinonah in CT today and land my first smally over 5lbs.. weight 5.08. No it was not a bed fish either hahaha (before someone said it was) got her dragging a swimbait along the bottom in 27' of water...things are finally starting to heat up, I did see a few beds already but no fish on them. Water temp was at 58. Can't wait for candlewood in the next few weeks. big bags being pulled out of there too.
  9. I wish I could go rabbit hunting. Turkeys for Thanksgiving, why not rabbit for Easter??
  10. Looked like a good day some nice fish you guys got
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