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  1. Strike king from Walmart, $12.95 and when I lose them, step on them , or drop them in the water I just pull another pair out
  2. I will be texting you in the morning! After going through 7 cord so far this year I need to stack up for next year and years to follow.
  3. I loved that show lol
  4. If you have any left this weekend I can run up and grab a a truck load or if I happen to get home before dark one night this week ( can you get at it or did it get buried with the snow last night?)
  5. Psehunter

    Woke to 9”

    No wake up here either, been at work since 2 pm yesterday and finally heading home in a few for some sleep.
  6. Looks like a great day! I went and check a lake today too and it had 8"-10" of ice on it. Going to head out on Sunday.
  7. It was crazy! I got called down there to fix a flat on one of the fire trucks
  8. I didn't even get around to buying a permit, been so busy there is no way I'd be able to check traps
  9. I got in around 2, snow was so crunchy and loud that i probably scared everything within 2 miles...o well maybe I'll get lucky, last sit for this season I think
  10. How thick is the ice? Anyone have any reports of what lakes are good? Would like to take my son out
  11. Psehunter

    Monster Jam

    O geeze hope my wife don't see this post, she been bugging me to take our son and I keep forgetting and putting it off
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