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  1. Congrats! Love that white V patch
  2. He was stiff and still steaming from the cavity after gutting him but I butchered him and everything seemed ok, all the meat is in tubs and in the fridge cooling off.. I'll start packaging and grinding some tommorow.
  3. Did my first sit last night and I seen one deer but it was a shooter. Let a arrow fly and watched the buck take off like a bat out of hell. of course he ran in the direction I didn't want him to he ran right into the cattails. Gave him 45 min, had my wife walk to my stand and we started tracking. Had ok blood at first then just a drop here and there. It was a slight quartering away down from about 22-24 ft. So now we loose blood as soon as we hit the cattails. I've made the mistake in the past of pushing forward but this time I said to my wife let's go have a sleepless night and come back in the morning. This morning I was out here by 7 and started at where we seen last blood. Now I can see the cattails folded over and more blood. 10 min into it I found him, he did crash where I though I heard him last and it was a single lung shot. But now here is my question, he was all bloated by the time I got to him and even his skin is pulling off of the meat it feels like it has air between it...can the meat still be good ? I did get below 45 here last night but he was dead from probably 6:15 lastnight to around 7:30 this morning when I gutted him..he stinks alittle but not different then when you gut shoot a deer and I didn't punkture any guts with my shot...Great way to start the season but I'm not going to be happy if I just waisted the meat.
  4. Congrats! That's a beautiful deer
  5. Wife and I are out in zone 2...she's on the ledge above me in her stand and I'm by the swamp, noting but tree rats so far .anything goes tonight ,kids are home with grandma waiting to hopefully track something tonight.
  6. Psehunter

    Got him!

    That's awesome! Congrats!
  7. Hahaha one of the girls that works with my wife text her that picture a few weeks ago and asked how long before your husband has one of these mounts ...she calls my living room the room of death lol ( ace venture ) I've got just the spot for a mount like that too
  8. I used to pile up the wood and then twice a year I would rent a splitter for $65 for the day. But if you want the exercise swing away haha.
  9. Congrats to jr.! I hunt Vernon too and we have too many of them, glad to see one less
  10. She did indeed , and I caught one!
  11. Yupppp boy have the tables turned at this household. I'm sitting in the yard watching the kids and the wife is out in her stand looking for a doe or buck...she did let me go fishing this morning for a few hours. Hahaha....hope I'm dragging something for her tonight, good luck to everyone out!
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