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  1. Psehunter

    NJ rut activity

    Seen 7 does tonight and not a single buck in tow
  2. Psehunter

    Big Illinois Buck Down

    Holy cow! Congrats!
  3. Psehunter

    11/17 check in

    Been in since 1, 3 does so far with noting in tow. Beautiful evening with little wind snow on the ground and not too cold
  4. Psehunter

    Last Youth Day

    Good luck!
  5. Psehunter

    Youth Day Buck Down

    Congrats on a great deer!
  6. Psehunter

    Zone 8 Father and Son Live Hunt

    Good luck! Hope to see some pictures tonight
  7. Psehunter

    Sometimes an arrow needs to fly

    Congrats! You let bucks like that walk?! Dam, I'd shoot bucks like that all day long lol ( in Jersey that is)
  8. Psehunter

    11/17 - Bills Quest for his Buck. Get her done Bill

    Man these animals are tough , with what you have been posting of blood I could of swore that you would be posting a picture by now.....you of grabbed a youth Hunter with a shotgun with you today just in case hahaha
  9. Psehunter

    Son's Target Buck Down

  10. Psehunter

    First Blood: Update - BBD

  11. Psehunter

    2018 Eastern Montana DIY Mule Deer 8x6

    That is great! Beautiful deer, congrats!
  12. Psehunter

    Admit it...Who is addicted to it?

    I agree , this is my facebook( I don't have the real thing) I'm on here non stop all the especially during hunting season seeing what everyone is seeing and getting haha
  13. Psehunter

    To drive, or not to drive

    I love deer drives, look forward to getting together with all my buddies/family and filling the freezer after sitting all bow session...don't see anything wrong with it if done right...if it's legal then why not, it like the old bow or crossbow conversation
  14. Psehunter

    Rut buck down