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  1. Psehunter

    Truck undercoating?

    Go the old fashioned way, after a oil change put the oil in a spray bottle and hit the whole underside. Do that a few time and you will never have to worry....that's what I do and I know a few other guys that do it.. one of my buddies has a 1998 ram utility body truck that he did that to for the first few years he has owned it and his frame looks like the day he bought the truck. He has well over 300k on and uses his truck everyday for work ,his frame looks 100 times better then my and my truck is 9 years newer then his ( I started doing it alittle too late) thats who told me about it and got me to start doing it to my truck. just have to watch around any rubber since the oil will make it swell over time.
  2. Psehunter

    Powerbelt Buck

  3. Psehunter

    First Ever Deer Drive

    Always a good time! The group I hunt with we do the same thing...there is no need to hell during a drive and have deer go past the sitters at 100mph..
  4. Psehunter

    Finally caught up with this brute, my best to date

    Great deer! Congrats
  5. Psehunter

    Expensive deer

    glad to see that those two scum alteast got the whole book thrown at them.
  6. Psehunter

    1/4 Check In

    I'll be out in z2 for a final sit with the muzzy this afternoon.
  7. Psehunter

    Muzzleloader bullet selection for USAK

    barns tez 250gr with 100gr of powder...little hard to find this year for some reason but if you can get them it's a great bullet
  8. Psehunter

    Birthday doe

    Congrats and happy birthday!
  9. Psehunter

    So...who here is "fixed"???

    I had it done last January, I was put under so that was easy. I was out for 30min when I woke up I felt great went out to eat with my wife right from the medical center and I was out checking traps the next morning ( had to bring the wife to carry my catch since couldn't pick anything up) ....my doctor only did the snipping on Thursdays so I took Thursday and Friday off from work, had the weekend and I was back to work on Monday full duty with no problems...like others said it's a little uncomfortable the first few days but best advice I can give and I was told by my doctor is get a jock strap and wear it for a the first two weeks. you dont want them babies hanging...I got pain meds and never took one, they went in the toilet...I think it all depends on your pain level..it's one of the best things I ever did....good luck!
  10. Psehunter

    Cheap deer bait?

    I buy apple mash from a local apple orchard..I pay $25 for them to fill my 8ft bed on my dually.( Its messy so be ready to wash your truck after) ...I buy it once I don't see anymore bears around and one load last me from around Dec to April or May .( Of course when I called last week they were out so I hope to get some next week) Picture is from last session, they dig through the snow to get it.
  11. Psehunter

    New Year Resolutions for 2019!!??!!

    Quit my second job! Going to be alittle tough till I adjust without the extra salary but will be nice to finally see what the outside of my house looks like in daylight hours and be home with my kids everyday when they get out of school, not just weekends...I'm burnt out and had enough..ill take some ot at my full time job when I can other then that I'm going home when I get out, time to get my life back this year ..
  12. I got the same thing at wlamrt yesterday, went to grab my license and my wife's but the lady said I can't do that anymore . Luckly my wife was walking around the store so I her come over and grab it.
  13. Psehunter

    First Buck... Finally. So happy.

    Congrats! Big body on him for sure
  14. I put my foot down from the beginning and now my wife knows better then to even attempted to force me to do anything....we had a Christmas party yesterday, guess who went alone with the kids and guess again where I was hahaha ( my wife hunts too so she know better )
  15. Psehunter

    12/29 Check In

    Noting for me ,heard one shot not far from me at dark.