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  1. Yea samething by me.. freaks me out alittle when it happens right at dark before I climb down and their howling from the trail I have to walk out on hahaha
  2. Psehunter

    Coyote Killed By Dad

    When it comes to protecting a loved one it's amazing what youre capable of doing when it comes to life or death. Adrenaline does some crazy shit to a human body .
  3. My wife makes the same thing..good easy and quick
  4. Looking for a good company in Sussex that does blow in insulation into walls. Anyone know or use any body they can recommend? I found D&D insulation but they seem to have mixed reviews. Looking to have the garage walls done and depending how much it costs maybe a few other walls .
  5. I hang as long as I can. All depends temperature. I always hang with skin on so like others said the meat don't dry out. But I do also hose out/off as much blood as possible and wipe dry the whole inside before hanging.
  6. I have the bass pro card, we use it for everything and just pay off the balance weekly . I save the points all year and use them to restock for fishing season in Feb. I'm actually going to head up to bass pro in CT in a few weeks once I go through my fishing inventory and see what I need for this year.
  7. Psehunter


    Looks like a donkey with small legs
  8. I work for a town and we pick up garbage. Our guys take them ,no reason not to other then if your trash company has a can weight limit and that can was over that limit.
  9. I'm liking it..give it a few years and if it's good more companys will go to it and maybe prices will come down.
  10. The eye bolt above the winch is to guide the cable onto the crank and then yes I put eye bolts into the ceiling joists but then hung small pulleys from that ( tractor supply for the pulleys)
  11. Just make sure you hit all studs when running your pulleys
  12. I used two pulleys and a boat trailer crank with a cable not the strap..screw the crank to the wall out of the way and run the cable through the pulleys. Works great ..may upgrade to one of them electric winches from harbor freight in the future but this works for now.
  13. I can use them In my room of death. Hahaha nice offer pm sent
  14. Funny, I was just thinking of making something like that for tomorrows dinner. Looks good
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