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  1. Psehunter


    My roof had the same problem and when I had a new roof put on they ran copper on the peaks, so far so good.
  2. I took three down this past winter and put a stump grinder to the stumps in the spring, as of today each spot that had the stump has 5-20 saplings around 3 feet tall
  3. Ouch...back about 15 years ago I worked for a sheet metal guy and we installed duct work and the handlers so I know how to do all that , if I get high prices Ill just swap everything myself and just hire someone to come charge the new system but I rather just have someone do the job from start to finish . ( Haven't talked to or seen the guy I worked for years now and he's moved otherwise I'd be calling him )
  4. Thanks guys I wrote those guys down and will give them a call. My a/c is working now since they fixed it so at the moment I'm in no hurry but want to start shopping around and getting prices. If I can keep this one going I'll look into pulling the trigger in the fall so it's done for next summer
  5. My a/c unit took a shit last night , you know at the right time. 90 deg days and holiday weekend is perfect for this....anyway I got it fixed today but my unit is 11 years old and the repair guy told me that it's on its last leg and I should consider replacing it soon . (Service guy has been telling me the same for the past 2 years) so I'm looking for some quotes and what my options are, I'd like to try and give the work to a member from here if possible or if anyone can recommend someone honest and reliable. I have a 3.5 ton system with r-22 right now , anyone have one replaced recently ? Any idea what price range I should be looking at with anyone who gives me a quote??
  6. I ran my engine today and it ran great, my problem ended up being bad plugs. Definitely put too much fogging oil in the cylinders end of the season and fouled out the plugs when I started it this year .still going to put ring free in the fuel
  7. I just order a 12oz bottle of ring free from Amazon , $24 . Never used it before but I'll give it a try and see if it helps my engine too.
  8. That's funny I'm having the same problem with my Yamaha 150. Rough idle and won't get on plain....I ran it in my drive way and couldn't even rev it up in neutral. Changed all my plugs and now it seems to run better in the driveway and I can rev it too now. Going to take it out this weekend and see what it does in the water. This all started my first time out so I'm pretty sure that I put too much fogging oil in the cylinders this past fall and it fouled out my plugs. Keeping my fingers crossnahe runs good on Sunday.
  9. Psehunter

    R.I.P. Elli

    Very sorry for your loss
  10. Nice!....check harbor freight for a trailer . Brand new and I think under $500
  11. Idaho has been my number 1 spot to move to when I retire so hopefully it stays this way.
  12. I use Residential home funding. I know the owner of the company and he cuts me a break on some of the closing costs.
  13. I'm closing on my refi next week...I've been in my house for 4 years and tried for the 15 year but it would make my monthly payment go up by $500 and that's just too much right for me right now so I went with the 20 year. Nocked off 6 years and went from 4.5 % to 3.1% and my monthly payment is $30 less per month than what I'm paying now . I should add that I also offered to pay for my closing costs . Didn't want to add them to the mortgage.
  14. Not sure what one it is, installed 26 years ago by the original owner of the house.
  15. I agree just didn't have a choice, these decks are 20+ years old and in rough shape so I had to paint to make it look nice and smooth.
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