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  1. Same here , last day of muzzy. Heading out with the orange army.
  2. I don't get why guys are attacking the store . Maybe it's all because of the shit state we all live in. They make enough that it's not worth messing with the little nj people they get. I can't blame them, sucks because I like bass pro and cabela's but on a business end I would waste my time either with nj residents. All I know is the first chance I get I'm getting the hell out of this hell hole state and getting my freedom back. Just my opinion on this.
  3. Passed on today , figured get all the Christmas shit put away and I still had a deer to butcher from Tuesday so got that all done. Now just watching TV with he kids and having a few beers. Deer heart for dinner tonight ( first try haha)
  4. My 12 ga. Won't shoot remingtons but I haven't had a problem with lightfields yet. Out of 10 rounds of remington only one round would go off and lightfields every single one goes off no problem so that's what I've stuck with and no problems in 5 years now.
  5. Didn't want to wait to last minute to get my 2021 license so I went lastnight and as soon as I walked into garden state bow and reel the guy goes sorry guys systems down. Soo don't have my license yet and the kids wanted to togo snow tubing so that's what we did today
  6. Was it with remington round?
  7. Seen two does but not clear shot.
  8. Just got settled in zone 2, see what happens in the last day . If it's brown it's down tonight
  9. Just got settled in in zone 2, finally have a good wind for this spot . This sucks with out te snow hahaha so much harder to see haha
  10. Same here, noting again tonight. With warming temps don't think their going to move too much
  11. Noting moving tonight, at least for me but the wind kept shifting and blowin into the area deer normally come from.
  12. Just got settled in, tracks everywhere including in my foot prints from Saturday. Owls are going nuts hootin already so let's see what moves tonight.
  13. Yup tonight's sit fits the way my years been going , pulled the trigger at 4 on a doe and a dam tree got in the way😵
  14. Just got settled in my spot...seen two doe walking but unfortunately they are 50 yds on the wrong property. Hopefully they come my way before dark, looking to fill the freezer at this point.
  15. Yea I pasted this morning, 2 deg out and 12" of snow I said screw it. I'll probably head out for the afternoon.
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