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  1. Love my wood stove but now way, my rule is no earlier the the week of Halloween but once I start the stove don't stop till I'm out of wood or end of March.
  2. Welcome to north nj hahaha, you bait up here you'll have bears . Noting but bug raccoons, I don't mind them but could definitely do without them.
  3. I'm not the only one that noticed hahaha!? Ton of them in the road ways ,I watched the car in front of me run one over yesterday and today. The other day I was out fishing with my son and had them swimming past us in the middle of the lake. I netted one, brought him to shore and he jumped back in the lake and swam in a different direction . Counted 3 different squirrels swimming that day.
  4. I have no interest in hunting bears anymore but my son has been bugging the shit out of me that he wants to go so if that's what it takes to get him out in the woods then I guess I'm bear hunting this year. Really hope we can hunt state lands because we are over ran I know my odds of getting one are higher
  5. I'll buy one of them hunting spears . Watched videos of guys black bear hunting with them so I'll definitely be able to still deer/bear hunt. This all of course after I'm out of arrows. Snare would be the very last thing on my survival list.
  6. Haha both were just over 5lbs and I know there's bigger in there . Good luck on sunday, I'm fishing a tournament on greenwood lake on Saturday.
  7. These where my buddies biggest at Merrill a few weeks ago. I wouldn't waste my time searching for smallmouth, get in those weeds and look for the large mouth.
  8. Yup , sucks I still have all the fur from this past season, hand no where to sell it. Going to just tan some of it and try to sell it in my own and keep a few for wall hangers . Unfortunately I probably won't be trapping this year because of that. Not in it for the money but not going to waste an animal for for reason.
  9. That property is alittle to small, deer will most likely end up on someone else property. Of you get cool neighbors that don't care and will let you recover your deer then go for it. ...I have just under 3 ac myself and I've hunted it a few time but never pulled the trigger on anything. I'm too worried about where the deer is going to go after the shot. Not worth the headace in my opinion but yet I do I have the option to walk out my front door cross the street and be on legal public hunting land so for me it's a easy discussion.
  10. Damit, these offers are always too far from me and finally there is one in my town and I'm too late to the show ...great offers!
  11. I personally wouldn't do a thing. Find out where they are coming from and a good down wind stand/blind set up and hunt them. I would stay away as much as possible and let the deer feel comfortable walking through that area. I hunt all public land and I'm at the point now that I don't hunt over any bait or run any cameras. I try to stay out of the spots till I'm ready to hunt. I hunt the same areas every year and know there there's always a good buck around, starting to like the you don't know what's going to show up feeling every time you sit.
  12. Good find! I love mushrooms but don't know anything about picking my own out of the woods. Guaranteed that my first attempt would end in me seeing aliens 🤣
  13. It's in the digest in the small game chart they have .
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