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  1. Psehunter

    The boys are back in town.

    Now that's what I would like to see on a deer drive during 6day lol
  2. Psehunter

    NJWW Fluke Trip out of Neptune/Belmar

    I can't make it this time but for next time around if you need a bigger boat check out Capt Dave out of the highlands...he's not bad and thats who I normally use for when I do a trip from work since his boat easily fits groups of 30...we had 38 the one year and that was alittle tights but anything under 30 it's doable ..his boat I believe holds 50..this is all if he's still around ,I haven't done a trip in 3 years.
  3. Psehunter

    Doe still carrying

    I've heard of does being bred as late at Jan so could be
  4. I did the same with a plastic 55gal drum..I cut in half long ways and put two in one of my spots...had deer using it quite a bit
  5. Psehunter

    Thousand Islands Fishing

    Wow those are some great fish! That's why people relay to them as footballs up there haha
  6. Psehunter

    Tomorrow Is My Daughter's 12th Bday

    That place looks awesome, I wanna go ! Hahaha happy birthday to your daughter
  7. Psehunter

    Weed Killer

    I mix viniger and salt with alittle dish soap in my sprayer.. Works good just takes alittle longer to start working compared to round up
  8. Psehunter

    Hunting with Little Ones - Help Needed

    Maybe try small game first...I know with my son he can't sit still or shut up for more then 30 sec. so for now we are just rabbit and squirrel hunting...but when it is time to take him I'm going to put him in a blind with me till he seems to understand the sit still part ...then we have to work on the don't yell ' daddy look the deer is coming!' lol
  9. Psehunter

    Time goes by way too fast.....

    I've been taking my son fishing and small game hunting since he was 2 1/2, then this past year I started trapping and he would go check traps with me most of the time ...my daughter who is 7 months old just had he first fishing trip last week.... definitely alot of fun and I enjoy the time out with them..plus it helps when you have a wife that's into the outdoors too so it's easy to round everyone up and go do some hunting or fishing...
  10. Looks like Hamburg mtn is on fire...I was coming down rt23 N and as you come down just past the parking area the lane is closed off and packed with fire truck, police and Forest service... helicopter with water flew over while I was passing , fire must not be far in because my windshield got wet while they dumped the water .....not sure if anyone cares just figured I'd share lol.
  11. Not sure if it would be legal but look into shotgun poppers..it's basically a blank she'll used to train bird dogs..this way if anyone does come knocking on your door you can show them what you shot and that it wasn't a live round... https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/winchester-field-trial-blank-popper-load-shotshells
  12. Psehunter

    A week in Paradise

    That's awesome! Can't wait to see more pictures
  13. Psehunter

    He's asking for it!

    I have a bear hanging around my house and he's really asking for it this fall..I have had foot prints and missing garbage bags from in side my garage ,he has left foot prints on the hood and dulley fenders of my truck and now this morning my wife calls me outside to show me all the mud and a print on my pool, guess he got hot lastnight...ibknow it was him because o all the hair floating around in my pool....this bear is really starting to become a pain in my a$$...
  14. Psehunter

    Allergies Suck

    Yup same here, my allergies have been horrible the last to weeks
  15. Psehunter

    Got a good one

    Then I guess call me crazy lol but it works for and yes I have lost fish using it but I've also landed plenty to make it worth the gamble...but Ill only use it in open deep water where I have room to tire them out, I won't use it if there is weeds, dock ladders , or anything that I know will break me off quick.