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  1. Well deserved! Congratulations, Mark
  2. _X7


    People in a hurry to nowhere in situations when almost everywhere you go is congested these days. They are very few major thoroughfares where there are not those in a hurry to get ahead of the vehicle ahead of them. Me, me, me attitudes and a population overtaking the already outdated roads that can't handle it.
  3. _X7


    Time to go in and put the boots to this nonsense. We all suffer at the hands of these miscreants.
  4. I posted this video some time ago that tells the story of how cutthroats swooped in and took away the livelihood of a whole town. It is sickening to say the least..... Greed killed Cabela's and it is working on killing off the rest.
  5. _X7

    RIP grandpa

    I never knew my Grandfather, but I've known others who have taught me right along with their grandchildren. Sorry to see them pass. My condolences Kype.
  6. Here's a little video of what the Lopat has to offer.
  7. He's a beaut. Congratulations to you and your wife.
  8. Cameras are an obsession to some. I have quite a few myself and put them in places where you least expect to. Well, I should say I used to. Very rarely, up until I hurt myself and limited my reach, were they over any bait except for the natural bait in the wild or what the farmer might grow in the same type of places Hammer describes. It is nice to be surprised as to what is there in places where many would overlook. Once the season starts things change. The natural world has a way to direct game to their needs. Well, up until baiting became an obsession for some and then the only way for many others. I know guys that travel an hour to bait a spot, take another hour coming home and then going back to sit over it in the evening and most times thinking on the hour ride home they will do it again tomorrow. I'm sorry but to me, that is nuts. Crazy actually. But, whatever floats their boat. No doubt that cameras are fun but that has become an obsession on its own for some who show more pictures of deer on their feet than in the back of the truck. I enjoy seeing what is there, but rarely does it direct the nature of things. And, I liken bait to the drive in theater. The deer know the movie won't start until just after dark. Most times until they get wise to the ruse. You are better off to get them a comin' and a goin' after see n' the nature of things.
  9. Is it not hard to believe it is not another plaque orchestrated by the CCP?
  10. Somewhere, somehow the boots have to be put to this BS. A criminal is a criminal is a criminal regardless of the crime. Make em pay!
  11. Isn't that the Pohatcong? The Lopatcong starts on Fiddlers Elbow well Southwest of Tractor Supply.
  12. Great to see this stream rehabilitation. The native trout that swim there have been a lifelong adventure. Diamond in the rough.
  13. We are getting close to maximum capacity with minimum brain power filling up the place. Every day I ask, "where did these people come from and did they have to take a test."
  14. Yep, that water is hot. It is defeating the cooling process. It is like pouring hot water on a burn. We know that's not good.
  15. I used to catch them on white or green Power Bait paste in an egg sack. Also caught them jigging with Luhr Jensen crippled herring.
  16. I get it, but if the gun range was there before the developments people should expect to hear the noise. Just like moving downwind of a pig or chicken farm you should have checked the wind.
  17. You can only hope. Too bad about the complainers. They must go through hell around the 4th of July. It used to be the country.
  18. I found this article on the Epoch News. Don't know if it is known or not. I don't think you will see it in the main stream. https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_breakingnews/texas-becomes-25th-state-to-urge-supreme-court-to-overturn-new-jerseys-11-plus-gun-magazine-ban_3847543.html
  19. _X7


    It is downright shameful that the history is being suppressed by the very people who men died for. https://taskandpurpose.com/entertainment/saving-private-ryan-d-day-landing-scene/
  20. Played the shore circuit years ago. Didn't much notice a problem then, but reading the thread I most likely wouldn't care for it today. The times have definitely changed.
  21. https://www.animatedknots.com/perfection-loop-knot
  22. That's a bummer no doubt about it.
  23. https://www.theepochtimes.com/mkt_breakingnews/supreme-court-unanimously-rebuffs-biden-administration-on-warrantless-searches-for-handguns_3818753.html?
  24. $80,000 pick ups are ludicrous as well, but whatever makes you happy I'm okay with. Its your money.
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