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  1. Bill from NJ

    Chest Wader Advice

    Do yourself a favor buy the best you can. My rational for this is: You can spend money over and over on cheap leaky waders again and again. Spend the money up front one time for quality top notch equipment. My recommendation... G3 GUIDE WADERS - STOCKINGFOOT. ITEM # PG-12199 Simms is a quality company and waders are made here in theUSA. Call them, they have a size for everyone!
  2. Bill from NJ

    A little humor

  3. Bill from NJ

    A little humor

  4. Bill from NJ

    Bird shot buck

    This is Jersey, people are idiots. Maybe they are new hunters looking for birds/small game with antlers.
  5. Bill from NJ

    This Just Out From F+G

    Thanks for posting archer.
  6. Bill from NJ

    Muzzleloader problems

    These are only a few quick things to look at. There are just too many variables to visit for a brief quick fix.. ONLY USE “FFG” GRANULATED BLACKPOWDER Individual guns will perform differently with the same powder and bullet combinations. Each of the blackpowder substitutes have their own characteristics. You may want to try several powder and bullet combinations to determine which one gives you the best performance. Load and seat the bullet with the same exact way and with the same exact pressure on the ram rod to seat bullet. PowerBelt bullets are recommended for use in your CVA gun. Sabots leave plastic residue that foul the barrel. Magnum loads of loose powder may be shot but are not recommended because of their inefficient and incomplete burning of the powder. Probably due to using a short barrel. Lighter bullets often require heavy powder charges to produce the best accuracy. Moderate powder charges of 90 to 120 grains the heavier bullets generally give better results. Your scope mount may be loose. Scope moving. You will have to put in the range time to find a good powder bullet combination that meets your expectation.
  7. Bill from NJ

    Jury Duty

    Well, you have some options... 1) Write a little letter such as... below. 2) Follow the Duck's advice. Or 3) Wear a Tee Shirt with Kill em' all...
  8. Bill from NJ

    Veterans Day 2018

    Remember those who sacrificed all....
  9. Bill from NJ

    Happy birthday Marines!

    Happy birthday 243 years Semper Fidelis Marines
  10. Bill from NJ

    More theft

  11. Bill from NJ

    America - Is it Dead?

    As long as These United States of America has citizens that feel strongly for our American way of life, just as you do... I sincerely believe nothing will happen to destroy our way of life. Too many young American boys gave their sweat, blood, and sacrificed their lives to continue our way of life. As long as I have a breath left in me, I will fight to keep our traditions and freedoms alive. Political hacks may continue their corruption and lies, but the American citizen will only stand for so much before they revolt. Just my 2 cents.
  12. Very good letter. Simple and direct. Good luck with your presentation.
  13. Bill from NJ

    When the Roles Are Reversed

    Possibly more of a Freudian slip
  14. Bill from NJ

    Anyone getting pop up adds here?

    You are doing a great job running this site. All those goofy pop up ads are now gone. Again, thanks for working as hard as you do for us. Seems the "Problem" was resolved