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  1. I believe he just wants to sodomize the deer while playing banjo music in the deep woods..... Pix of a commercial version: NOT to confused with the smooth version...... pictured below.
  2. About time the Brits start standing strong for their country.
  3. I think that Rainbow Flag on the bottle says it all.....
  4. Maybe the Turkey is just working his corner.....
  5. And here, I always thought little bath house Barry made his money by providing special bobblehead services in the back of friends limos. * Hint: Those ears didn't get stretched by accident.
  6. That same ass clown has been following me around for years....
  7. You two gentlemen definitely need to stay away from Dawn's Hole
  8. I believe that OSOKILL banned him! The soup NAZI is still at it, no one left over there but those unsuspecting Chineese communists who only speak cantonese.
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