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  1. Nice Brown Trout

    Very nice pixs, of a very nice fish ...
  2. Trail Camera Check This Morning

    Cool Pix...
  3. Gobbler Down!

    Now go out there and get another one with the Long Bow
  4. Gobbler Down!

    Great job, Congratulations on getting a really nice bird
  5. If you loved R.Lee

    Thanks for posting the clip.... Outstanding. SEMPER FIDELIS MARINE.
  6. Mossberg Fans

    1563621, I have carried a Winchester model 12, Remington M870 MK1, and also carried the Ithaca M32, while serving in the Marines many, many years ago. There is Something sweet when you can hold the trigger back, and rapidly pump those rounds out quickly. A shotgun without a bayonet just somehow seems naked too me.
  7. Mossberg Fans

    Batsto, they are nice, but.... I like the shorter barrels. The 590A1 comes in handy for the bad azz Turkeys that sneak up on ya
  8. Set scope back to zero

    Thanks, I really like that little tip
  9. Can't wait till Saturday morning

    Looks good... knock em' dead
  10. New truck

    Nice truck. Be safe & Enjoy
  11. Attention Bowhunters Don't Do This

    "Jessop was a member of the polygamous Fundamentalist Church" This boy must be a real glutton for punishment. I can barely handle the craziness of having only one woman in the house. He probably jumped to get away from the situation...
  12. New handgun!

    1563621, You got some great toys
  13. Traditional 3 day 3-D shoot/camp

    Bring lots of Apples...