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  1. Bill from NJ

    Man Card Check - Poll 3

    Tarhunt, Look at it this way.... At least your MARINE son got the better part of your missing MACHO DNA. I hear sometimes the MANLEY DNA skips generations.
  2. Bill from NJ


    Welcome CD243
  3. Bill from NJ

    Trail cam cougar stalking deer

    Must be the same one stalking my neighborhood.....
  4. Bill from NJ

    Fathers bragging about their children's success

    Very Funny, Thanks for posting.
  5. Bill from NJ

    Fly Fishing Lessons

    Hondo, There are plenty of really great people here that could spit out thousands of minute details regarding Fly fishing and all the many ways to do it. I will begin by giving you the Readers Digest Version of Fly Fishing. 1. What weight outfit would I need to fish for trout? Basically, The weight outfit depends on what size HOOK you will be throwing. (Look up fly weight Rods and hook sizes) 2. Is it difficult to learn to fly fish? No, but like everything worthwhile in life... you need to put a little time and effort into it. Start with very basic and easy flip and roll type casts. 3. My eyes are 50+ years old. how do you tie the flies on the line? There are hundreds of different knots available. Depends on where the knot needs to be used on the location of the Fly Line. (Read a book or look upon line) There are even little gadgets available for those of us with less than perfect eyes, and old fat fingers 4. What kind of flies do you need? How many? Again, depends on what weight size you have for a fly rod, and the type of water you will be fishing. There are floating "Dry" flies, Weighted Sinking Flies, and everything between. To begin catching fish, you don't even need a Fly. Use a hook with a worm on it and have some fun. 5. How much $ can I expect to spend on a decent, not top of the line rod and reel, waders...……. You know everything. Very subjective question. All Prices and Milage vary. Figure between $35 to Literally Thousands $$$$$. Pick something simple and try it out and have some fun. So, I am sure you can grab a decent little 6 weight outfit relatively cheaply. You do not need to use flies for everything. I even use the worm on the hook, a little split shot, and drift for trout. Before you know it you'll be banging Trout, like a sailor on leave banging @#$%&* in the Philippines.
  6. Bill from NJ

    Jeep Brakes - am I getting royally screwed?

    The old saying... "I changed her cars oil & Filter, and her parakeet at home died. So, Obviously the bird dying is totally my fault". (Sarcasm off) For those confused souls from Rio Linda Commiefornia, who don't follow the sarcasm..... It just means the mechanic is getting blamed for something totally unrelated that caused another unrelated problem.
  7. Bill from NJ

    Jeep Brakes - am I getting royally screwed?

    Many years ago I turned wrenched at local Dealerships, Jeep being on of them. Calipers sticking and failing after a break job "Happens". It is a relatively common occurrence. I am sure you were told to either replace the calipers and/or have them rebuilt with new rubber seals, along with the new break job. Many people roll the dice and play the odds that caliper failure will not happen after installing new break pads/shoes. FYI Just to let you know... As the break pads/shoes wear, the caliper piston extends further and further out of the caliper housing. The rubber seals age and deteriorate. With every new break job, the piston is physically forced back into its caliper housing to allow for the new thicker break pads/shoes being installed.. The caliper piston seals being old and made of rubber, deteriorate and can cause the piston to "Cock" and sit crooked in the housing. Now with the piston being cocked in the housing, the break pad/shoes are applied against the rotor/drum, fail to return back into the caliper housing, and stay against the rotor/drum and act as if you're applying the breaks manually. This is how your problem happened.... The cause was not having your calipers rebuilt or replaced with your new break job. Having a booster shield installed has no effect. None, nada... Again... the original break job, and NOT replacing/rebuilding the calipers is the cause! Sorry to tell you, but this is the exact problem. So, no one is to blame here, not the dealer, and not the mechanic that did the break job.
  8. Bill from NJ

    Semper Fi Marine!

    Another 4 years of kicking ass and taking names. God Bless Marine, and may God continue to keep you safe. Semper Fidelis.
  9. Bill from NJ

    Doubled up....

    Looks like you had a great day Semper Fi Marine.
  10. Bill from NJ

    Solo Turkey Success!

    Very nice Turkey ...
  11. Bill from NJ

    Show your boats.

    Nothing fancy here... But it's all mine. Paid for in cash.
  12. Bill from NJ

    Asian Ticks Hunterdon County

    A quick post of information. I am certain you gentlemen know all of this , but just a FYI... The thing I want to stress here is. About 1 out of every 4 people infected with Lyme Disease Never have that "Bulls-Eye" sign. Early Signs and Symptoms (3 to 30 days after tick bite) Erythema migrans (EM) rash: Occurs in approximately 70 to 80 percent of infected persons Begins at the site of a tick bite after a delay of 3 to 30 days (average is about 7 days)
  13. Great job on getting your Bird. Oh, quick question... When did you Join the KISS Army?