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  1. Mass-hole murphy posing for pictures in Trenton.
  2. Brief note just sent to the author of the article. mailto: [email protected] The article you penned was one of the most disgusting suck ups I ever read. Be careful, because if the douchebag murphy ever stops abruptly. I believe your head will go right up his ass. Be a man and keep your lips on your mouth, not on Mass-hole murphy's caboose.
  3. Ding, ding, ding... we have a winner. Camden County Freeholders own every Camden County Metro Police Officer. Every single CC Metro officer is related to, or a friend of a political sleaze ball. This is a fact! Politicians broke the Camden City Police Union, then created this bogus power grab of creating Camden County Metro. The Camden County Freeholders laid off over 300 plus County employees to fund their power grab, and create the CC Metro.
  4. 90 plus percent of Southern NJ is "Put & Take" Trout waters. Soon as water warms up, whatever is not caught becomes.... Turtle food.
  5. I live in Camden County. I've taken my son, co-workers, and friends bowfishing years ago. It is really fun and exciting. You only need a minimum of gear, such as a rest to hold the heavy fiberglass arrow, heavy line, and a basic reel to attach to the bow. You can easily find all the gear and kits necessary on the web. Look around it is part of the fun. NOW... for the rest of the story! Beware of where you go. I have had neighbors around the park call the police on me thinking I was shooting ducks while bowfishing. Police arrived threatened to arrest me. I showed my and my sons fishing license. Told the cop we are allowed as per the State Digest. Also showed him the digest which states you are allowed to bowfish. Still no go. Told no weapons allowed in any County parks. I contacted the State regarding my incident. The State said the local towns have the final say if you are allowed to bowfish in their jurisdiction or not. So..... If you have a quiet private place to shoot carp, go for it. It's a load of fun.
  6. What do you expect... Murphy is a total "Masshole".
  7. And Murphy continues his rant.....
  8. Bill from NJ


    My wife was just laughing after I read this to her...
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