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  1. Bill from NJ

    Happy people - hardcore outdoor guys

    I just looked it up on Google. Found this little video trailer clip. Happy People: A Year in the Taiga (2010) - Werner Herzog's film about the indigenous people on the Siberian Taiga who live in a village on the river Yenisei. Now on Sundance Doc Club & US Netflix.
  2. Bill from NJ

    My New Work Truck

    Very nice, enjoy
  3. Bill from NJ

    Single or Both Eyes Open to Shoot

    I shoot a Traditional Longbow. Both eyes open, but intensely focused on a small spot.
  4. Bill from NJ

    New Hunter - No experience!

    3, You mean your wife don't do all the butchering in your house? Damn, I guess that I'm extremely fortunate. My wife, quarters, skins, plucks, chops, slices & dices, debones, vacuum seals, puts away in the freezer, and cooks everything. If it flies, walks, crawls, or swims, with or without a shell... she has done it all.
  5. Bill from NJ

    New Hunter - No experience!

    Welcome. There is a slight learning curve which each species you want to pursue. Have fun, try not to be overly frustrated or hard on yourself. In a short time you will be out there like a pro. Geez, up there in North Jersey you actually have deer that are bigger than the Chihuahua's in Southern NJ.
  6. Bill from NJ

    Chicago Violence Problem

    It would also lower the amount of constituent votes wanting to keep the sanctuary city "thang" going... know whats I be meaning.
  7. Bill from NJ


    There is no exact amount of days that I can depend on... Each and every batch varies. I cannot just write down the date and after "X" amount of days, place the batch in the fridge to stop the fermentation process, where everything works out. It does not ever work out this way. I must taste test to confirm the taste. Personally I just taste test each batch of pickles after the "Batch" begins bubbling for a few days from the rim of my crock pot. Tase testing during the actual fermentation process. I find what tastes best for me. After I decide what I like at the time. I place them in jars and place in the fridge. This is the Art of fermentation. I also make "Sauerkraut" in the same fashion. I taste test a few days after the fermentation bubbling process begins. Personally I do not like my Sauerkraut too sour. To answer your question on "Slime" & Time. When making a batch of pickles. It takes a few days before you see and hear the bubbling fermentation process. The actual pickles are absorbing the salt and removing/transferring water from the inside. After a couple days of actual bubbling fermentation, I open the lid of the crock, and taste a pickle. I also slice that individual pickle in half to see how the absorption throughout the inside of the pickle is coming along. I check for taste, firmness, and crunch. Slime floating on top of the batch is nothing to worry about. This happens on occasion. If you want and it seems to bother you. Just scoop off the slime and then add more salted water to raise the level up and over the pickles. Or, just leave it alone. What ever you like.
  8. Bill from NJ


    What do you mean by cook? If by cook, you mean "Fermentation". That depends by just how hot the kitchen gets. (AKA, The ambient air Temperature.) The warmer the ambient air temperature the faster the fermented pickles are done. Which means a week to 10 days. I like mine half-sour NY deli style. Now, for the jar pickles my wife makes using salt and vinegar. She only cooks the salt and vinegar solution to a boil. Then just pours the solution over the pickles and spices that were placed into the jars. Seal the lids. Let the jars cool on the counter. After jars cool down, place into the fridge. The heat which cools down seals the lids tight. Pickles made this way are very crunchy!!! Pickles do not last too long in our home. We eat them relitively quickly. I hope I answered your question.
  9. Bill from NJ


    Little M It has taken me a long, long time to find the correct Brine ratio. I just made a batch on the First of August that fills a 15 liter fermentation crock pot. My ratio is 250 grams of salt to 1 gallon of dechlorinated water. I just thought I would save you some time, expense, and aggravation. The wife is using the rest of the bushel to make many jars of pickles using salt and vinegar method. Add what ever spices you like, have fun and enjoy. FYI: I pack my fermentation Crock full of raw pickles. This probably explains the reason for my elevated salt to water ratio. I have not had any mushy or soft pickles by using this ratio.
  10. Bill from NJ

    Phil’s vacation

    Bus in the urban vote.... The give me, give me, you owe me crowd.
  11. Bill from NJ

    In Her Own Words ~ Gold Star Mother

    Thank you for posting
  12. Bill from NJ

    Just in from Mercer county

    Welcome BucksnBass84 Don't mind those cat people ... they're kinda different, in their own way.
  13. Bill from NJ

    Call me gay...

    Live to Hunt... remember the old saying about "Those who throw stones"
  14. Bill from NJ

    First Time Out Clamming

    To avoid problems with the Game Warden .... I threw these back.
  15. Bill from NJ

    First Time Out Clamming

    Thanks for the complements Oh and to answer some asked questions..., Yes we each do each have a license to catch clams. And Yes, we measured each the clams for over the 1- 1/2". Some clams in the picture were "Chowder" size, which gives the illusion that some may appear to be undersized.