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  1. Bill from NJ

    America - Is it Dead?

    As long as These United States of America has citizens that feel strongly for our American way of life, just as you do... I sincerely believe nothing will happen to destroy our way of life. Too many young American boys gave their sweat, blood, and sacrificed their lives to continue our way of life. As long as I have a breath left in me, I will fight to keep our traditions and freedoms alive. Political hacks may continue their corruption and lies, but the American citizen will only stand for so much before they revolt. Just my 2 cents.
  2. Very good letter. Simple and direct. Good luck with your presentation.
  3. Bill from NJ

    When the Roles Are Reversed

    Possibly more of a Freudian slip
  4. Bill from NJ

    Anyone getting pop up adds here?

    You are doing a great job running this site. All those goofy pop up ads are now gone. Again, thanks for working as hard as you do for us. Seems the "Problem" was resolved
  5. Bill from NJ

    Anyone getting pop up adds here?

    WTF... I go away salmon fishing for a week, and return to this advertisement bombardment. This advertisement pop up sux.
  6. Just received this e-mail from NJDF&G: Hunters should remember that bear hunting is prohibited on all DEP managed properties including state wildlife management areas, parks, forests and recreation areas as per Governor Murphy’s Executive Order No. 34 and Department of Environmental Protection Commissioner Catherine R. McCabe’s Administrative Order 2018-24. Segment A of New Jersey’s 2018 black bear hunting season will be held October 8 – 13 and Segment B from December 3-8; and 12-15 (if extended). You may hunt bears on municipal, county, or federal land open to bear hunting and any private property for which you have permission. If in doubt about a property’s availability, please call the managing agency for that specific property for information. If you shoot a bear and it runs to state land you should call the Division’s Northern Region Law Enforcement office at (908) 735-8240 before proceeding to pursue or retrieve the bear. If the office is closed, please leave a message on the answering machine that includes your name, CID number, a telephone number where you can be reached and the location where you will be attempting to track and recover the bear. For comprehensive information regarding the 2018 bear hunting season Click Here
  7. Bill from NJ

    Thinking on going trad only

    Or Your LONGBOW!
  8. Bill from NJ

    Salmon Time

    Thank you sir. I understand and appreciate your posted comments fully. The bus loads of crazies that arrive, and wildly swing hooks and lead, is a dangerous thing to be around. Standing shoulder to shoulder for me is considered "Combat Fishing". Just like opening day in the South Jersey put and take ponds. Not a pretty site. Again, Thank you.
  9. Bill from NJ


    I would not be surprised if sometime in the future I hear that ol' Murphy gets caught cruising the highway rest stops for action like the other governor.
  10. Bill from NJ

    Salmon Time

    Headed up at the end of the week, for the annual pilgrimage. We as a small group of friends do pretty good getting our share of SteelHead, Coho, and Kings. As for the "DSR". I personally would never pay that outrageous fee those horse thieves charge. For me, it makes zero sense spending big bucks fishing literally in the same exact hole. One side pays big bucks for "Catch and Release", while a flyrods length apart, the other group standing along the wall do not pay anything other than their license. I like having the freedom of choosing what I want to keep and bring home without supporting Big New York Political Hacks. As for the DSR... Not One Red Cent ... Political scumbags either own the property outright, and/or pay the local property owners to lease their lands. There is plenty of other water and fish available. I have been very fortunate through the years, to have had very positive experiences with friends who know the area well. And how to actually fish for, and actually catch Salmon.
  11. Bill from NJ

    2018 trapper's ED in the books

    mazzgolf, Go for it. I went a few years ago, and I had a great time. The place was located at Estell Manor - Lenape Farms 2 Day course. Very nice group of people, both teaching and attending the class. FYI, I believe you will need some kind of tick spray if I remember correctly. You won't regret attending the Class.
  12. Bill from NJ

    Greetings from Jackson NH

    Relax and enjoy the peace and quiet, before the return trip.
  13. Bill from NJ

    Cory Booker article

    That Turd, disgusts me.....
  14. Bill from NJ

    New hunter in south jersey zone 23 and 25/65

    You Northern boys need to learn how to read....