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  1. In zone house. Spent the morning setting up spot with my son for his son tomorrow. Good luck to you all tonight.
  2. Being Italian, I'm ok with wop or guido if poll doesn't work.
  3. Fingers get arthritic if it's a cold rain to the point I can't grab my zipper.
  4. Bought 2 packs last year and didn't need them. Getting use out of them this year
  5. I'm on the ground. Not going to risk spooking a deer by moving to get a pic or video. Didn't know if she was the only deer in there and kept the xbow in hand pointing where she came out. Was getting too dark under the canopy to use a camera at that point and don't know how to post a video besides rarely ever taking videos. Rather have a good still shot. I'll take a pic when I can.
  6. A deer just came out of the bedding spot but it was a big doe. Passed at 30yds. Waiting to see if a buck follows
  7. That was hp and didn't see any sign of him last year. Have a smaller 8 and 9 in here but once all zones open I'm going after a few bigger bucks in another zone.
  8. Thermacell. Dress light walk slow. Not going to go another month before hunting. Have to hunt close to the thick stuff now to get a buck moving in daylight. Nice breeze right now. That deer should come out toward the big double white oak I can sit inside of, only the hole is facing the wrong way. Lot of acorns dropping now so I'm in some briers facing the trail that comes from where it's bedded.
  9. Back out after the deer that bedded behind me this morning.
  10. Just had something come into the weeds and bushes 10-15 yds behind me and sounded like it plopped down. Heard hoofs so Don think it was a bear. Too thick to stalk so thinking of sneaking out during this shourer that just started and trying tonight to get it on it's way out. Have to find shelter now
  11. Haven't gone since last Friday. Have to get out before going crazy at home even if it's just an hour or two of stillhunting the swamp and looking for lost flashlight
  12. Heading out to go through the motions. Not motivated this time of year. Good luck to anyone else getting out today
  13. Greybeard


    Both look like white's by the pic. Could tell better by the leaves or tree. Do the leaves have pointed lobes or rounded? Pin oak trees have branches sticking out all around starting low to the ground with small sticks growing out of the trunk between branches like a pin cushion.
  14. Haven't hunted there since the permits were $5. What are they now?
  15. They've been terrible. There was something to do with their pay or benefits a while back and a lot left or retired. Have had lost mail and getting others mail for years now. Worst was when my son used our address while in the process of moving between houses then had his address changed to his new house and we both have the same name. All my mail was getting sent to him and the post office was sending change of address notices back to whoever send me mail plus sending packages back to the sender. They kept doing it after my daughter in law went in a couple times to have it stopped and I went in 3 times just to be told over and over to fill out a card that would then get sent to the main distribution center where the change had to be made. Took months waiting for them to fix it before my daughter in law walked in with her cop uniform on and they fixed it right away right there on the spot. They had a package there that was just about to be sent back for a second time from an e-bay purchase I made. Took a while to straighten out my banking, SS, Medicare etc.
  16. Thinking of doing the same for this afternoon. Just drove by to make sure I could still get off the road there. Used to be a good spot with acorns and big bucks until the private land that was never hunted next to it got sold and the deer got slaughtered. Going in blind to sit someplace where they used to feed heavily on the acorns.
  17. Have a 5gl bag full stored for later. Gathering them as much as I can. This is the first year in 42 years my neighbors big oak dropped full size acorns. Usually they fall every year as 1st year pea size acorns. Will dump them later in the year. Whites are the first to be eaten and the few that aren't will start to germinate right away. Not many reds to fall back on later in the year. Red oaks that dropped should be hot spots for deer later, or where I scatter these acorns.
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