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  1. Yes they are. And there are several of them in this group.
  2. Might have to break out the speedo for a dip in the pond.
  3. Forecast Update: Tee shirt weather, pork roll eaters will need to dress in layers.
  4. Nice gun Nomad, best of luck with it!
  5. Yes you are, and that's why we love you Nick Nack!!
  6. You all complain about Nick Nack but this thread is alive and well without him.
  7. Rusty

    Epic Shed Hunt

    That's crazy. I'm living in the wrong state.
  8. Rusty

    Feral cats?

    OK that was funny!!
  9. Thanks to that group text I've already seen it.
  10. I know he is, it was a joke. You are all blocked and my phone is much happier for it.
  11. Are you a part of that group?
  12. Very cool Tuck, that's a great school.
  13. They are blocked. They can't text or call me.
  14. Phone is muted, that text is "ignored", and everyone in the group is blocked. Before I blocked everyone and it was muted and on ignore I would have 300+ texts when I checked my phone. I'd have to double check my texts every time to make sure there wasn't something important that I needed to see. It got annoying.
  15. You hunt big woods and there are significantly less deer in those areas today because we have allowed our forests to grow to an extremely unhealthy state. There's no food or cover down where deer need it. No habitat means no deer.
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