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  1. Welcome to the site RR. The most important thing with learning to hunt is to enjoy the process. Get out there and make lots of mistakes, that's how you learn. The time spent in the woods and the experiences of being outdoors are more rewarding than the kill.
  2. Yes, ladder stands will be very secure in beech trees. And like Brian pointed out, they provide excellent cover. Throw an extra ratchet strap on there and crank it nice and tight, that thing ain't going anywhere.
  3. I would rather let him go and not see him again than shoot him and regret not letting him go.
  4. Cool looking buck. If you wouldn’t be happy with him this year then let him go. If he shows up next year then decide if he would make you happy then, if not then let him go again.
  5. Rusty

    8 pt down

    Nice buck 777, congratulations!
  6. It’s a “Shoot whatever makes you happy hunt”. We’ve been here for 20+ years so the herd is in check.
  7. The question is, do I bloody the Beauchamp today or save it for someone more significant?
  8. I can't find my cat mask, we may have to postpone today's hunt.
  9. There's a lot of wood in that tree!
  10. Where are the mods when you need them???
  11. They are loaded this year. I was kayaking around Wawayanda Lake Saturday and there was a bear in a Beech tree that was hanging out over the water. We floated right underneath him for 20 minutes, watching him pig out on beech nuts.
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