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  1. Great job SY, keep it up. The important thing is that you stay active, the actual program that you do is really not that important.
  2. That's a nice buck Mega!
  3. Rusty


    The worms ate it.
  4. Rusty


    No leaf litter and lots of exposed soil. You got worms.
  5. Good luck to everyone that is out today. Keep us posted.
  6. That's a great buck 420, congratulations.
  7. They are destroying the riverbanks too. I had my classes out working in the Wallkill this week and the sides have been completely destroyed by these worms. The soil has been turned over, loosening it away from the plant roots that hold the banks stable. All that loose soil is going to wash downstream as soon as the water level rises.
  8. Bring beer and I'll stop by with my log splitter.
  9. Rusty

    Couple cam pics

    That is a nice looking buck, best of luck with him Rob.
  10. Welcome to the site Kia, better luck with the rest of your season.
  11. THAT is a nice buck Kilbo, congratulations again.
  12. A teacher that I work with needed sowbugs (pillbugs / isopods) for a lab and was complaining that he couldn't find any. I told him that I'd get him some, no problem. I spent an hour walking the woods flipping over every rock and log that I could find. Under every one it looked like wet coffee grounds, and there were dozens of worms but not a single sowbug, insect, or salamander. I've never seen anything like it. All the normal critters that should be there are gone.
  13. Yes, these worms stay on the surface. They don't burrow deep like other worms.
  14. The leaf litter is extremely important for a healthy forest. These worms completely wipe out the leaf litter.
  15. Yes, they are most likely them. They are everywhere now. Take a look at the soil in your woods and it will look like coffee grounds from their droppings. They have completely altered the soil. The wriggly piss worms are the jumping worms from Asia. We have had several species of them here for many years but a new species of them is spreading like an epidemic.
  16. Rusty

    What's For Lunch ...

    That just proves that I'd eat just about anything.
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