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  1. Fishman

    Dog or coyote?

  2. Anyone have a few pheasant wings in the Toms River area. Charlie 973-634-1389.
  3. Fishman

    Deciding when it's time

    Unfortunately, this is one part of being a responsible dog owner. One thing more be careful of unscrupulous Vets that want you to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars on a 13 year old dog. If you feel the dog has no quality of life left, then put him down.
  4. Fishman

    Just ungodly dumping of rain.

    Can't sleep watching the light show.
  5. Fishman

    Winchester Commemorative.

  6. Fishman

    Winchester Commemorative.

  7. Fishman

    Took the day off

  8. My wife was a Newark school teacher for 33 years. She had a problematic student, he was 14 years old in 5th grade. She gave him final "D" grade. The students mother, a political coordinator marched into the principals office and complained. My wife was instructed to change the grade. She did and also informed the principal she was retiring.
  9. Fishman

    Winchester Commemorative.

  10. Trouble age 5 months training on birds.
  11. Beautiful pup .. Can't wait to see him in the field!
  12. Fishman

    Ford makes new demands.

    Sleazy porn lawyer!
  13. Fishman

    Ford makes new demands.

    Deborah Ramirez announced today she will not testify.