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  1. Fishman

    Good Morning!

    He comes over every morning.
  2. A few years ago I saw this walking to my tree stand. I was scared for life!
  3. Fishman

    Snapping Turtle Problem

    Thanks Lunatic, were done for the day!
  4. Fishman

    Snapping Turtle Problem

    Caught the first one. Anyone want him contact me.
  5. Fishman

    Snapping Turtle Problem

    That's exactly what is happening here.
  6. Fishman

    Snapping Turtle Problem

    PM sent.
  7. Fishman

    Snapping Turtle Problem

    Toms River.. PM sent.
  8. Fishman

    Rifle purchase advice

    I have a Uberti 1873, 44-40 for sale if your interested.
  9. Fishman

    Snapping Turtle Problem

    I need advise on the best way to catch and kill snapping turtles (No Firearms). The turtles are killing off waterfowl population on the lake. I'm presently using 5/0 long shank hooks, 60 lb. nylon line and hot dogs, chicken and beef for bait. Set out 4 lines last night and in the morning 3 were stripped of bait and one with a wire leader was snapped off.
  10. Fishman


    The Tremor Brothers. Santino age 6 1/2, Rooster age 1, Trouble age 4 months.
  11. Fishman

    Ammo Misfires 22 Cal.

    I bought a case of Winchester 20 ga. shotgun shells and they were defective. I contacted Winchester customer service, sent them pictures of the defect and a copy of my receipt and they reimbursed me for the case.
  12. Fishman

    Favorite Candy