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  1. Hey Paul glad to see you're doing well down south. If you can you should look into suppressing that rifle that's what the round was designed for. Best of luck with it can't wait for the first range report.
  2. Way to go Jack congratulations
  3. The bloodletting has begun ...
  4. Thanks Haskell that's the ruling we been waiting for should help us out here also ...
  5. Sorry Jack for some reason I thought it was your shoulder, must have confused you with someone else feel better...
  6. Congratulations Jack best of luck with it how is your shoulder doing?
  7. Very cool congrats
  8. FDU wins their first game in March madness ever.
  9. You inspired me for dinner tonight thank you Bowhunter444. Dinner fit for a champion .
  10. 51smd

    New Scam !

    I can't tell you how many people get taken by this phishing scam it's on believable. The next thing they would be asking for Walmart gift cards or Apple gift cards for 500 bucks to reactivate the account. The latest thing is Apple Pay and credit cards stored on your phone the thieves are easily compromising these I don't recommend it doing any of that. Good thing you caught it.
  11. I didn't know Montclair state university was in this year...
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