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  1. 51smd

    Happy Birthday LPJR

    Happy birthday Lou many more
  2. 51smd

    Swimming Bear and Copperheads

    Where was the jobsite out of state ?
  3. 51smd

    Trump/Kim meeting

  4. I have that one it's a very good and reliable sprayer for occasional use
  5. 51smd

    Happy Birthday 3 Blade

    Happy birthday Mike and many more
  6. 51smd

    1963 Riviera

  7. 51smd

    Fun home project...

    Wow Mike that looks great , when is the wood chopping home brew drinking grand opening...
  8. 51smd


    Happy Birthday Captain Jack Harris the Shad Slayer..... May you have many more happy and healthy birthdays. It may be 47° and raining but we could still hang out and drink beer and smoke cigars ..
  9. Well that rifle looks beatyful but it needs iron sights...and as for the target it looks like your sighting in target......ha
  10. Ya right 5" groups, hardy har har har....
  11. 51smd

    Happy Birthday Bucksnbows!

    Happy Birthday.... Congratulations you made another one....