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    13B40, 31B40, CAO, LEO. Skeet, Sporting Clays, Accurate rifles, Black powder. Upland game, Waterfowl, Deer, Want to start predator, Hoping to Elk hunt some day. Looking for somewhere to hunt deer.

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  1. Good luck any update?
  2. 51smd

    Is it wrong?

    Did you at least give Mako some...
  3. 51smd

    Just ungodly dumping of rain.

    We had a bolt of lightning strike behind the house, shut the TV off downstairs for a moment and made the smoke detector chirp on second floor. Too close for me....
  4. 51smd

    Had to get down 6:45am.....

    Sorry to hear that Jack.
  5. 51smd

    Maine Moose down 2018

    Way to go congratulations
  6. 51smd

    2018 Elk and Mule Deer Wyoming

    Best of luck take pictures
  7. Weidmannsheil... Prost have fun when you can. Wish I were there.. Take a few photos if you can ..
  8. 51smd


    Love it where can I get a clean copy so I can print it out
  9. Wow nice buck congratulations
  10. 51smd


    Way to go Mark can't wait to see it..
  11. 51smd

    Does anyone know this guy

    Call the local PD they may know him. Good luck.
  12. 51smd

    Football Sunday

    Food looks great. Go Montclair State Red Hawks !!!
  13. 51smd

    Mendham Doe Down