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  1. Hey Jack glad to hear my favorite fishing dog will be ok...
  2. Congratulations Jack on a great buck ....
  3. Wow glad to hear your ok. What kind of truck was it?
  4. Ouch good luck on the recovery. If you need a hand doing anything give me a call.
  5. I'm interested I don't care how far down in to pork role territory it is. Sunday's may be better for me in October. I went to Stevo's rimfire shoot them went trap shooting with him and some of the other guys in Farmingdale. All of the events that I have gone to for W&W have been great don't miss out..
  6. Going to Oahu for vacation early Wednesday morning. 25th wedding anniversary and wife's 50th birthday. Kids are coming for the first week and the wife and I will be there another week. We will be staying in Honolulu at the Hale Koa service men's hotel. Thinking of going fishing anyone have any suggestions on a charter.
  7. I was downstairs in the basement and the TV went off but came back on and two breakers in the house were thrown . Anyone have experience with this before
  8. What was she using a wiffleball bat
  9. I was 3...šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘
  10. Ouch good luck with the recovery.... Space Dog....
  11. Hey Lou, thanks again for hosting the party it was a great time . It was great seeing everyone and making some new friends .
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