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  1. YurytheRed

    New Scam !

    Um. I beginning to question if I should have sent money to that Nigerian prince...……….!!!!
  2. Free money is just another form of enslavement. Democrats are real good at that........
  3. They are beautiful pictures. I find the Jersey shore most pleasant late winter/early spring.
  4. Doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different results is ? 1) Insanity 2) Liberalism 3) There is no difference between 1 and 2
  5. The title of the thread brought to mind a much different website. It was many years ago and it too involved obedience, chains and collars but again it was just a bit "different"
  6. It's like many large city trauma hospitals. Initial care is fantastic, after that your on your own.
  7. Eventually the discussion devolves to the best nursing homes then cremation vs. burial....!
  8. YurytheRed


    Somewhere among the Hindu Kush mountains a young man cries for his lost soul mate.....
  9. I myself fully embracing my love for this fine state and doing my best to limit my carbon footprint stood closer to home this weekend and indulged in some of Jersey's finer sites.....
  10. YurytheRed

    This Hurts

    Thankfully mine were removed upon my nuptials and no longer under my care.
  11. I believe the world wide web / internet turns thirty this month. Given the excellent forum we have with this fine site I thought members should feel obligated to post some kind words to it's creator Al Gore. Not only has he helped expose bovine flatulence for the environmental nightmare it is but without his intrepid insight and electronic genius not only would this site not exist but we would be forced to accompany our spouses as they continued to shop in malls.....!
  12. Hell if I confronted that on one of my rides I'd soil myself for sure! Great work.
  13. Just another one of the sites hidden gems.
  14. Nature hates a vacuum and it would seem it also hates stupidity.
  15. Your right of course but I'll stick with my wager. When ever the Germans are pushed to a nationalistic frenzy they respond and never peacefully. The old man used to always say it was in "their blood"...…
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