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  1. As I recall even the downhill parts were uphill.
  2. Many of those you post of vote their pensions. A great many leave the state after retirement. Virginia is yet another victim of wealthy liberal suburbs and legal immigration among other things.
  3. His name is Robert. A unsavory character for sure.
  4. Oddly meteorologists have greater success with the weather then those who preach the end in near.
  5. My Mother in Law is also a born again Christian. According to her sect the Catholic church is evil and will eventually take control of Europe then in her scenario it is a reborn Holy Roman Empire lead by Germany who destroys Iran. Unfortunately, again according to her, God then uses Germany to destroy the United States. When she gets on a role its like a Joel Osteen sermon. Only the bonds of marriage keep me from throwing the old bat out of the house...… Either way its out of our control so I agree, hunt on!
  6. One need only look at California, New Jersey, Virginia, etc to see that the Democrats and liberalism are more of a threat to freedom then Iran.
  7. I personally miss the peace and prosperity of the Obama years...…………..
  8. Congrats. I quite jealous of such skills. Model cars were an effort for me.....
  9. If I'm correct that most likely came from Edgar. I'd just put it back where you found it and walk away. He will be back to claim it and he won't be happy......
  10. It's already considered normal. We ( heterosexuals ) are the abnormal.
  11. Merry Christmas. "Division is of the mind but peace is of the heart and soul " Health, happiness and peace to you all and your families. In the end that's all that will ever matter. Of course should the wife be monitoring this fine site, I'd like a Mini 14....!
  12. I have one of his earlier works ( Civil War ) on DVD. Watch it every so often. Great stuff indeed.
  13. His name is Rusty and he is a slimy bastard for sure..
  14. Nature is amazing. Heck I wish I could do that, Id look 20 years younger....!
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