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  1. YurytheRed

    Local Tax Dollars Not At Work

    Imagine the headlines Friday if it were a Republican administration that oversaw this disaster. it would be called "Snowgate" and there would be cries for investigations etc. This is why a one party state and one minded media are never a good idea. It's not incompetence it was _____________. Anything but my fault.
  2. YurytheRed

    Local Tax Dollars Not At Work

    Agreed. Sadly the reason it becomes so darn politicized and people so cynical is the politics of excessive taxation. Some ( including myself ) work 50 + hours each week and it would seem all we get are diminish services, failed schools and utter corruption. It erodes one sense of community and breeds cynicism.
  3. YurytheRed

    Local Tax Dollars Not At Work

    All that money and still that god awful grin. A true dental martyr.
  4. YurytheRed

    Manly man stuff

    It has that Mad Max look...… I like it
  5. Given the state history of fiscal responsibility and frugal spending I'm surprised at all the cynicism and distrust out there...………………..!
  6. YurytheRed

    Little political humor

    Great stuff.
  7. YurytheRed

    Murphy & more Gun Laws

    It would seem as per CNN the true scourge of America is white males so why then all this concern about guns.
  8. YurytheRed

    Murphy & more Gun Laws

    Gateway guns. Now that's darn funny......
  9. YurytheRed

    My Son Has Learned Well.

    The end result of some fine parenting!!!
  10. YurytheRed

    Murphy & more Gun Laws

    Better to feign concern with new guns laws then address the real problem which would alienate the Democratic base. In a way it speaks volumes of just how racist liberals are. Never mind the folly of guns laws what we should all be concerned about is that if the Democrats do not take control of government Barbara Streisand may move to Canada. I think we can all agree that this would be a true national tragedy...…..!!!!!!!!!
  11. YurytheRed

    The rut is on in New Jersey

    Once a year mating with a perfect stranger(s). Not a bad concept at all. That would give most guys 11 months each year of clear thought and utter freedom. Damn sometimes nature has all the answers.....
  12. YurytheRed

    Look Into My Eyes

    Beautiful shot. Man nature is just plain awesome. Forgive the dramatics but such images remind of all that is right with the world.
  13. YurytheRed

    Good morning from the tree

    Such moments are truly a thing of beauty. Enjoy your day.
  14. YurytheRed

    Is this a good shot or not?

    I'm but a humble amateur but it looks great to me..
  15. YurytheRed


    Your an interesting guy my friend. You clearly hate Trump, did not support Sanders nor Clinton. Hate both parties so exactly what is your answer, a Monarchy. What form of government tickles your fancy?