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  1. YurytheRed


    Excellent post. Sadly the nations has devolved into a oligarchy and the tax code is merely a means of control.
  2. YurytheRed

    NJ bear meets WV deer.....

    Now there is a meal that you will not see on the menu at the next PETA banquet.......
  3. YurytheRed

    Anyone hunt in that COLD???

    Living large.... and warm.
  4. YurytheRed

    Start Your Vehicles ASAP

    Not necessary mechanically for sure but a warm seat feels damn good......
  5. YurytheRed

    Go Pats!

    Love the old logo. I'm a brown fan so I hate anyone who wins more then 3 games!!! That said Brady will go down as one of, if not the best quarterback in the NFL. Here is a few old logos.
  6. YurytheRed

    $15 Minimum Wage

    I believe Nixon tried such nonsense back in the early 70's without any success. Politicians love to control everyone's spending but their own.
  7. YurytheRed

    Just in case you missed it

    Thanks for posting. Great shots. It was an amazing sight. The woods were so bright I could actually ride without a light.
  8. YurytheRed

    Start Your Vehicles ASAP

    I guess high school teaches everything but common sense. My son left his interior and headlights on last night. Needless to say DEAD. Excellent fiscal lesson given a battery should run him about $100.
  9. YurytheRed

    Check out the moon tonight

    Best to remember that geeky daughter will be selecting your nursing home one day!!!!!
  10. YurytheRed

    Check out the moon tonight

    Heading out for a moonlight night ride in a bit.
  11. YurytheRed


    Ain't love grand.
  12. YurytheRed


    Quickly declare yourself a hostile nation and all types of aide will flow to you.
  13. YurytheRed

    $15 Minimum Wage

    Funny how those who could never own or run a business and have created nothing in their lives always migrate into government and tell others how to run their business. Never mind a living wage how about living taxation.
  14. YurytheRed

    $15 Minimum Wage

    Such overt bigotry from a progressive. Shame on you.....
  15. YurytheRed

    Be Careful Tomorrow

    Remind me again, how did this guy get to be our fearless leader.