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  1. No doubt laughing from his castle located on his private island....!
  2. That's another great place and memory. My older sister swears they took the Haunted House ride from Palisades Amusement Park and moved it there.
  3. Obviously I'm not a lawyer but given it is New Jersey I think its illegal to lock your car in the first place. After all a locked car gives the impression that your not inclusive, even dare I say, mean spirited. Also a locked car will deny a less fortunate from getting what he/she deserves and what you have acquired through some sort of racial privilege. Open doors, open windows, open borders...….
  4. I use a GoPro when biking. It's a tough little bugger that has survived many a crash but I agree after 20 or so yards it's far from vivid.
  5. Brought my kids their multiple times what seems like a century ago. Nice clean place. Glad you enjoyed it. My animals have graduated to the likes of Hersey Park, Busch Gardens and Six Flags. Thankfully they can drive themselves.....
  6. Always wished to learn the art of fly fishing. Now it seems I have been given more incentive...!
  7. YurytheRed


    King Jerry slayer of the Constitution. Murphy, Cuomo, Nadler, Cortez, Menendez and Booker. New York and New Jersey certainly produce some of America's finer political representatives.
  8. Given the wide variety of beverages available in todays market place there is no need to obediently consume vast quantities of Kool Aid. Try a Coke and a smile.....
  9. The whole Democratic party is a Constitutional crisis. It still amazes me how the media will parrot anything said by these third world thugs and spew it forth as the truth and still tout themselves as a neutral party. Long ago Jews in this country abdicated their history to the disease of liberalism. They are now reaping what they have sowed. History is ignored at ones own risk.
  10. She my friend is a keeper...….
  11. A very nice comment indeed.
  12. Man created crossbows. God created orthopedics...... Of course then the devil came along and created managed care and we have all been screwed since...!
  13. Seems as if we are sterilizing the wrong animals.....
  14. Sadly this is a normal day for many of those who protect and serve. Such acts are rarely reported or acknowledged on a more national level. Unfortunately police work is light flight. It's taken for granted until a crash then their is outrage, investigations and accusations. Of course planes are not painted with the same broad brush as police officers.
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