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  1. Sadly she is from this planet and there are lots of her around.
  2. A truly lovely post from an obviously great Pop. Job well done.
  3. I wonder if he was one of the "non violent" felons paroled by Obama? Odd how many of those paroled by Lord Obama had gun charges but not a mention of that in our neutral, upstanding media.
  4. Epstein, Clinton and a whole lot of liberal donors. Now there is a bunch of guys with rectal problems. Well maybe not Epstein anymore..... As to Trump, he is doing just fine, naturally my POV.
  5. After that fine showing by Mueller I guess its hard for guys like you to find real hero's.
  6. Should you care to delve into the facts you so righteously claim to hold so dear you'd find that the Texas murderer had more in common with liberal ideology then Trumps. He was/is a byproduct of the environmental loony agenda promoted by the left. But your still working on the Russian Collusion narrative so I understand your limits.
  7. See this article is proof. More gun laws would have stopped this fine citizen from obtaining all that firepower. Just like a soda tax cures obesity and identifying as Kevlar makes you bullet proof.
  8. Cops may enforce the laws but prosecutors undercut them at every turn. This fine fellow had numerous convictions for weapons and many violent acts. He should NEVER have been released. Of course liberal politicians courting the minority vote care little for true law and proper punishment.
  9. Now it seems Gerald Nadler has infiltrated our little web site. Darn nothing is sacred.
  10. Ah come on, Camden, Paterson, Irvington, NJ has it ALL...………….
  11. If there really was a correlation between masturbation and blindness I dare say a fair amount of the population would require dark glasses and walking sticks....! Come to think of it I do wear glasses
  12. YurytheRed

    Vegan Cold Cuts

    I'll take it in a whole new direction ( its Sunday after all ) Vegan pseudo meat is similar to lesbianism in as much as you avoid males but still make use of the apparatus.....
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