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  1. I have one of his earlier works ( Civil War ) on DVD. Watch it every so often. Great stuff indeed.
  2. His name is Rusty and he is a slimy bastard for sure..
  3. Nature is amazing. Heck I wish I could do that, Id look 20 years younger....!
  4. Seen that film many times. Paper thin pads and jackets. Amazing men with a whole lot of heart. Different class of player in that period.
  5. Go Pack, Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Confidence is a whisper, ignorance a scream.
  7. All excellent points. Big Pharma is ( I believe ) one of if not the most powerful lobbying group in Washington. That said left out of the argument was lawyers and some sort of medical legal reform. Frivolous lawsuits help drive the cost of healthcare higher as does endless fraud. The country is run by lawyers which is why such reforms will never occur.
  8. Agreed. Unfortunately in the social welfare state that is now America all behavior good or bad is intertwined. We all pay for the poor judgement of others. Insurance rates are not based on the best drivers nor is health insurance based on the healthiest individual. We all take a bite of the shit sandwich we have created.
  9. At least pot has medicinal qualities and builds a healthy appetite...….! I recall stoners enjoying a variety of foods from White Castle to cat litter. Of course on a serious note vaping destroys lung tissue at a more rapid rate then even normal smokes. Seeing a whole lot of adult lung disease in children. Most disturbing.
  10. I thought libs were all about love, peace and pot. Your appear angry, bitter and sober. It seems buying into any hoax Russian or otherwise causes a whole lot of mixed emotions resulting in irrational ramblings. Fear not you are not alone in this lunacy, there are whole networks and multiple publications dedicated to the same obsessive behavior. A deep breath and a vote for Bernie or maybe our favorite Indian Liz and all will be well. True we cannot go back to Obama's time but with a little imagination you can pretend.
  11. Never mind peace talks, send Sly back to Afghanistan...
  12. I'd like to think that we have progressed beyond considering eating ones neighbor and honor...! Although there was a great old flick called Soylent Green which did make cannibalism seem at the very least profitable.
  13. There is a fine Swedish ( I believe ) scientist or maybe politician that feels eating the recently departed will help feed the world. Liberals are mentally ill.
  14. Sanctuary cities, states break the law and endanger Americans EVERYDAY. Only to liberals is defending ones borders to be considered illegal. Pathetic.
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